Time for a Moment

Time for a Moment

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. 

Wow. What a day! From singing She Loves you yeah yeah yeah, tales of feeding a sheep farmer Romano peppers stuffed with pine nuts, capers and parmesan cheese, and creating havoc whilst skiing in the alps in the SHAC Shac at 10am, to setting up a virtual mini stand at the NEC and pretending we were all hanging out there together at 3pm!

Isn’t it amazing what you can do when you have to? Can’t get to an exhibition? Got to stay safe and at home? Well, let us bring the show and the demo to you!! Hahahaha. Lots of perks for sure! Comfy seating, clear viewing, refreshments, free entry AND free parking!!! Sounds pretty deluxe to me! That would be a pretty epic exhibition, wouldn’t it?!?!?

I do hope you enjoyed our new show, The Moment of Clarity at 3pm. I just put my old demo hat on, the one I have worn at shows for over 30 years, stood standing, and launched myself into the stamps and masks! And didn’t the time fly!!

Fastest set up and break down ever. An hour to set up, and the same to dismantle. Now I know it was only a baby stand, to make believe, but nonetheless, I haven’t handled any grid wall since last March at the SECC in Glasgow!! The reality of an NEC Birmingham set up was usually 9-12 hours the day before, and at least 8 of us working flat out to get it done. Then, after 4 days of 9 hours daily demonstrating and selling, it was all broken down, back in the truck, then home James – And don’t spare the horses!!

Here we see Paul and I, well seasoned on the show circuit, strapping together the grid wall. I wish I’d invented grid wall. And tie-straps. An exhibition is held together with tie-straps!

Many, many thanks to two of my closest friends: Paul Church for steering the show and helping our visitors on the stand, and to dear Dee Paramour for her lovely art samples and support; she always makes our products sing beautifully. Much appreciated. 

So there we have it. Many, many thanks to you for watching and supporting and buying our products if you did. If you missed the gig, no worries. You can always watch it on Youtube later if you like, where we have uploaded it, or just click the link here.

The great introductory prices on the Stamps and Mask set which were showcased today will stay true until next Friday.  

Date for your diary: Next Moment of Clarity is on Friday 19th February at 3pm again. We’ve got something new and fab, which we are already working on! 

But one exhibition, one Moment of Clarity, is just right, if we are to travel gently through this year, don’t you think? 

Stay safe, have a great weekend. 

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

47 thoughts on “Time for a Moment

  1. Hi Barb
    This afternoon was really fun and I thoroughly enjoyed crafting along. Thanks for all the hints and tips and I can’t wait for the next one.
    Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday in the Shac Shack.

  2. Really enjoyed this afternoon it was so much fun. Remembered the first time I did a workshop with you at the Harrogate show. We did A Deer Friend in the morning and then did a shoe in the afternoon session and had a sing a long at the same time. Seems such a long time ago but I remember it well

  3. Yes, what a wonderful show you presented, Barbara; it was a delight to watch and learn – BIG thank you 👍! And I do look very much forward to 19th February – and of course a number of SHAC shacks in between! Have a lovely weekend; ganz herzliche Grüße, Jutta.

  4. I enjoyed today in the Shac and at the show! What a fab job you did and I was sat chuckling away this morning. While at the show I had to help hubby fit our new fire, he only blew a fuse once – literally ! A 13 amp one. I could still hear you in the background when I had to be assistant which wasn’t for long! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and it helped sales. I wonder how many newbies were watching ! Have a good weekend xx

  5. I’m afraid I was exhausted today and slept right through the 3pm show -so sorry. Going for first vaccination in the morning, so might watch with Bea when I get back – if I can stay awake!! Having a bad health week I think!! Only physical health though -mental health fine. Looking forward to doing the background to the bird on Monday -have really enjoyed this one.

  6. You work so hard Barbara to keep us all safe happy and creative, thank you from the bottom of my ❣ it was a tremendous show and I look forward to having a go when the postman brings me the full set. I even went over to NY this afternoon and chatted with Grace. What a lovely young lady she is. The Shac this morning was hilarious, loved your stories. I can really say you’ve made my day today THANK YOU have a great weekend xx

  7. Really enjoyed this afternoon and also much appreciated! – And to have position A sitting down was wonderful! – Unfortunately, bang on 4pm my doggies tummys alarms went off and they kept badgering me for their dinner NOW so I missed the last 15 minutes. The good news is I watched the end when we got back from their walk and did my exhibition shop! One happy lady here! Thank you Barbara! X

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the show this afternoon , didn’t have enough pennies to buy anything but hopefully will for February

  9. Oh Barbara you are brilliant. I have enjoyed today so much. Loving the Shac Shack and A moment of Clarity was fabulous I’m so pleased I got my stamps early so I could follow your lead today.
    Thank you so much have a fabulous weekend, stay safe and see you in the Shac on Monday. Along with all the Shacers. Xx

  10. Loved it so informative and easy to follow and of course the SHAC was fab as ever xx thank you to both you and Paul for all the hard work and your lovely team all so generous xx looking forward to next one in February xx

  11. Absolutely fabulous! Loved the snippet of you both setting up the stand! Shac shack was a great giggle this morning and really cheered me up! Loved the sample cards from Dee Paramour too!

  12. It has been a good day today. Laughing in the Shac Shac this morning and then A Moment of Clarity this afternoon. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did. This is a brilliant idea as we all get to see you demonstrating, front row seat and no interruptions or panning away just as you get to an important or good bit. Love it and the 19th is already in the diary. Thank you so much for all you do and that you and Dave have a good weekend xxx

  13. What a great day. I had such a laugh with you in the SHAC this morning and learned so much, both there and this afternoon. You really are amazing. Thank you so much and have a lovely weekend, seeing your parents too. Hugs. Annette X

  14. So pleased you are putting the Moment of Clarity shows on YouTube as I don’t do facebook. From the comments it looks like I miss out on some fun because of my aversion to most “computery” things. Will catch up tomorrow as it has been a hectic day and I am totally discomnockerated !!!
    Got a phone call today asking if I wanted the covid jab. I said YES and was very lucky to be booked in at a venue within 3 miles of my home for next week.
    I have just put in an order for odds and ends but can see the background stamps shown above jumping into my basket.
    You are such a hard worker keeping things going for all of us and I would dearly like to know where you get all your energy from.
    Try to rest this weekend. Stay safe.

  15. Thank you Barbara in that hour and fifteen minutes you gave so much inspiration and idea for ways of using the stamps and masks. My order arrived today but Benjamin the border collie is having an epilepsy day 13 fits so far. May have to leave it till tomorrow or more likely Sunday. But thank you for the distraction today it was sorely needed.

  16. Really enjoyed both shows. What a great day learned as lot and laughed a lot. You are such a great teacher. We are all very lucky to be able to come on board your bus.xxx

  17. What can I say…..this morning you had us singing and laughing in the Shac with our friends.
    Then this afternoons show was an absolute delight.
    We all had a front row seat while watching you work your magic, I absolutely loved it
    Today has been a good day, and I thank you.

  18. What a busy day you’ve had……. I really enjoyed the Moment of Clarity and actually think it was better than going to a show. No driving, no parking, comfy seat etc etc but more importantly, being able to try out some of the techniques you showed us on the spot as I had bought in advance (thanks for prompt delivery too). Thankyou xx

  19. Barb, I so enjoyed watching the show today. It was excellent. As I live in Canada, I obviously cannot attend the regular shows. So, this gave me a feeling of what all of you have enjoyed for many years. I am anxiously awaiting my set which has been dispatched now. Then I can watch again, and actually be able to follow along. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have been doing during this pandemic for your customers. We surely appreciate everything that you have done. Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

  20. great show this afternoon – thank you so much! Dare I say it was better than then exhibitions, as we all had front row seats with coffee & biscuits! The only downside was not being able to shop immediately, and not getting a quick chat with you. Hope you get some rest this weekend – you’ve earned it

  21. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the show today. I am already looking forward to the next one. I must go shopping soon there are so many things I have seen I want. Have a good weekend. See you on Monday. Take care. Hugs xxx

  22. I loved the exhibition, Barbara – though I missed the opening, as I take part in a Virtual Choir session with my Mum, which is organised by our local Hospice (what wonderful work they do!) and it ran over time.

    I was well-impressed with the set dressing – it really made me smile, to see that you’d created your own exhibition stand backdrop – it felt just like being at Happy Stampers (that’s the only show Mum & I have been to, wonder if it will ever get up and running again)

    The artwork was beautiful, and it was a delight to be able to sit through uninterrupted demos. Looking forward to what you come up with next month

  23. Hello I Loved the colouring in the shac shack, this morning, I think stippling maybe my new favourite thing 😅 Bee Gees staying alive is my stippling tune and I can’t stand liver or brussel sprouts.
    I watched the 3PM
    Clarity live show amazing, the stamps and masks and did I mention the groovi plate too….. have a lovely weekend, take care hugs xxx

  24. Really enjoyed watching you craft this afternoon.
    You make everything seem so easy.
    Will have to catch up with shac shack over weekend
    Thank you for all you and everyone at clarity do for us.

  25. What a brilliant day: Shac Shac at 10 and A Moment of Clarity at 3, a virtual show, what a really great idea! Congratulations, excellent set, great demos that everyone could see in comfort, look forward to 19th February!! Order in, all good.
    Enjoy your weekend with Mum and Dad, pleased they are Ok.
    Had my 1st jab on Tuesday, ((gives my age group away).
    Pleased to hear that A Moment of Clarity will be on You Tube as my friend is loving the Shac Shac and I will suggest she watches. She isn’t a “crafter” but enjoys the Shac on You Tube (doesn’t do FB), hasn’t missed one and is pleased with her doodling and colouring.
    So thank you for letting her find out that she can draw and thank you from me for your company, stories, talent and all the great products.
    Jean xx

  26. Well you were certainly on good form today Barbara in the SHAC Shack and the 1st Moment of Clarity Session. Brilliant!!!👍 Can’t wait for the next instalment!

  27. Brilliant to see you this afternoon, really at your best. Took me back to all the times I watched you at the NEC. , always my first port of call but it was nice to sit comfortably and be able to see everything so clearly. Thank you, Barbara.

  28. Fantastic virtual exhibition and stayed safe and comfy at home all the while 😊
    Great demos, great to be able to see all the products and ask questions and great friendly company for so many people.
    Thank you so much Barbara and Paul ❤❤❤

  29. Dear Barbara (and Paul) I loved watching you today and I probably will buy the groovi plate and perhaps the whole set.

  30. Can only just add similar sentiments, today has been great! Almost like a day out but managed to get some washing and ironing done in between shows! Thoroughly enjoyed A Moment of Clarity – easy parking, front row seat, coffee and cake and no back ache this evening! I must admit I even preferred this format to the HOCHANDA shows.
    Thank you Barbara & Paul for all your inspiration and help.
    Looking forward to the 19th :}
    Take care, keep safe everyone and see you all at 10am on Monday.

  31. Loved the show and did enjoy crafting alongside you. I was a mess my fingers covered in inks, my Love was too dark and I grabbed a background stamp which didn’t quite work. The heart stamp went well after the third attempt! Smile was ok but can’t remove the imprint of the heart stamp off the mask and I also tore it. I was laughing at so much chaos I had achieved and told myself “you need a LOT MORE PRACTICE”. You certainly make it look easy but as you say you’ve had years of practice! A great hour and a bit thanks Barb xx

  32. Thank you Barbara for a wonderful show, I really enjoyed it and fortunately my stamps arrived the day before so I could join in. You are so inspirational and with all of Dees samples and Paul answering questions on Facebook, it was perfect. I have put the February date in my diary already.

    I loved the SHAC Shack as well and sometimes, when I have other things to do and don’t have time to join in, I just listen to you while I work. It is so relaxing and I am not surprised you have such a huge following.

    Thank you and have a lovely weekend. xxx

  33. Thank you so much for a fabulous show – such a great idea to move the exhibition! You’ve resparked my paper crafting enthusiasm and I look forward to the stamps etc. arriving.

  34. Didn’t get chance to watch on Facebook as busy painting walls. But spent a very enjoyable hour sat in bed this morning watching on YouTube whilst it was snowing. Got to get up now as more painting on the cards and I don’t mean the crafty cards. Ha ha.

  35. Hi Barb, I am going to catch up this afternoon, and just could not resist ordering the stamp set and masks. Thank you for once again taking time to do something special for us. It is so appreciated by everyone. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  36. Hi Barbara
    I really enjoyed the show today, loved the demo and the banter. It felt like we were back at a craft show but I missed your wave as you looked up and recognised me and the hug afterwards and then bumping into my good friend Jackie ( although I’d just speed walked past her house as I was late getting back from my walk to see the start! 😂).
    Looking forward to the next show.
    Love Diane xx

  37. Thank you so much Barbara and Paul and to Dee for her fabby samples too. I loved this. I cannot go to shows due to personal and health reasons; this is so much better for me. Again, THANK YOU xxx

  38. Loved the shac shac colouring this wee.
    Thank you for saving me a front row seat for the afternoon show, I loved that I didn’t need to travel, pay for parking and park my car = more ££ to spend in the shop, result!!
    19th in the diary for net month, looking forward to it.

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