My how they’ve grown…

My how they’ve grown…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Was watching our little Vikings just now, roaming around the kitchen like Bengal tigers. On the prowl, looking for something to play with, grapple with and conquer…Boy oh boy, how they’ve grown!!

They’ve also both developed personalities, so whilst I still cannot tell them apart to look at, apart from their tails, I only have to pick one up to know whether I’m holding Erik or Ragnar!

Ragnar Lothbrok, contrary to popular opinion, is a real softy, loves a cuddle, and is completely at ease with both Dave and myself. Erik the Red, on the other hand, doesn’t like being held so much. He loves being stroked, but not held. That said, guess which one this is: Yep. Erik! So I guess he just has to be in the mood.

But look at the size of them now!

compared with when they landed….

They are absolutely inseparable. Find one, and the other one will always be close by.

Getting bigger by the day. They love the wicker chair in the kitchen!

It’s a climbing frame and a bed and a launch pad !

Nothing’s safe anymore!!

They like the garden. It’s as though they KNOW that this will be their new playground. They are casing the joint, watching the birds and the squirrels intently. I do wish they were vegans…

They love Dave’s bag too. Maybe they are planning a stowaway getaway!

Not even my old Mulberry bag is safe. Still, you’ve got to admit – they’ve got taste.

Oh. On the subject of taste, did I mention they’re both right old scroungers! Cheese, cold baked beans, ANYTHING except vegetables. Sorry birdies… no Vegans in this house. Clam chowder lunch, and I thought they were both going to dive in!

It’s amazing to watch them together, you know. The fur really flies one minute, and the next, they are kissing and cuddling each other, preening and cleaning.

It’s fascinating; they instinctively know how to clean and preen. Nobody showed them. They were so young when their Mum left them.

Anyway. Tuesday’s blog rolls back the hours, and I thought I’d spend a happy half hour looking back at the 4 months since our little orphans came to live with us. I love them so much. They are a handful, and pretty mad, but I love them. Their innocence and fun loving energy, their mischievous, daring stunts. It’s all part of being a mum, isn’t it.

Stay safe,

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

37 thoughts on “My how they’ve grown…

  1. They really do wind themselves around your heart strings. They certainly know how to twang them too. My youngest is missing since yesterday and even his big brother (who can’t be doing with him normally) cannot settle. Keeps hunting all over for him.

  2. They are gorgeous. One of our 15 year olds has just been diagnosed with diabetes and is really poorly. Keeping our fingers crossed we can get it under control with twice daily insulin injections

  3. How lovely to see there progress. Scamps, but loveable scamps. Definitely cuddles on there terms. My son has a kitten similar age and he is letting them know he is boss.
    I hope it is a good day for you.

  4. They are so gorgeous and I love there cute expressions awake and asleep, that would steel anyones heart I’m sure.
    I love how our fur babies give so much joy with out realising and bring out the best in us human kind too.

  5. They are beauties and so knowing. Lovely to see all the pics.

    As you say it’s all part of being a Mum and I took our boy off to Cat Clinic this morning for a teeth clean and an extraction, I still keep looking over to his usual spot to talk to him and then go in to worry mode. It was heart wrenching to see him sat by his feeding station this morning. Sally hid upstairs because she knew something was afoot when she spotted the carrier. He went in as good as gold. The cat from along the road came in as usual for breakfast and I made him wait as well ! Only fair I thought. Now waiting for the vet to phone to say we can pick him up. Fingers crossed. Enjoy your lunch x x

  6. They really have grown. We have always had cats and they really are part of the family. Guaranteed to calm and cheer you.

  7. Oh boy haven’t they grown. They will love it when they can get outside. Thank you for sharing the pictures of them. I keep telling my hubby about them he thinks I am nuts. Our daughter and son-in-law got a rescue dog just before Christmas. He is called Murphy and has turned their lives upside down but they are all loving it. We do get lots of pictures of him. What a lot of joy animals bring us. Enjoy the rest of the day. I am looking forward to colouring tomorrow. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  8. They look like a wonderful handful.
    I zoomed in on what I thought was a painting on your wall with its beautiful blue green light tones, but realised it was your window, it reminded me of your lovely designer papers.

  9. We have looked after both our son and daughter’s kittens when they went on holiday. It was easier to have them here for the week, they soon ruled our house made it their own. Even Fred who is not keen on cats took to them. That was ages ago and sometimes I think I would like my own especially at the moment. Your two have certainly grown and it looks as if they are the masters in your house. So cute,such gorgeous faces. Xx

  10. What an upliftingblog – those kittens are charming. Yes they have grown but their little faces are still kittenish and not quite adult. I can see why you love them so much.
    Stay safe 🍒

  11. What beautiful pics. Your little Vikings certainly landed on their paws when you adopted them. I was wondering when we might get to see them again and now we have a bumper collection to look through. Thank you so much for sharing with us. It’s heartwarming to see them and they lift our spirits during such an awful start to 2021.
    Take care and keep well, safe and sane

  12. Hello,
    They are beautiful cats stunning colours, we have a few cats near me but unfortunately the dog Ruby doesn’t like cats 😅 they tease her by coming into the garden when she is looking through the window, what a laugh she goes potty. Enjoy hugs xxxx

  13. Oh….WOW…what beautiful photos of your little Vikings, luv them so much.
    I can see they would be fantastic on a lovely Calendar…perfect.
    Thank you for showing us….best thing that has happened today!
    Happy now!

  14. They are adorable Barbara, but you only have to look at their faces to see that they are up for lots of mischief all the time…you can see they are looking around intently, apart from when they are asleep. x

  15. There looks to be lots of hidy-holes in your garden, they will love it – is it reasonably safe? Nice to see Yorkshire Tea on the worktop!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  16. Oh my goodness Barbara they are real beauties 😍! Once this lockdown is gone for good got to get a pair of rescues for us, we miss having pets, especially cats. Thank you for the photographs they’ve really cheered me up xx

  17. Lovely little glimpse into the land of the Vikings. And did I spy some cockerel doodling on the wall over the aga? Fantastic!

  18. they are so cute! My son’s two cats came to live with me at the beginning of lockdown one – so lovely to have them around again after our two old ladies died in the last couple of years (at the grand old ages of 19 and 21!) Benji & Tom are both male – very different having young cats after elderly sedate ladies. Tom has a rare brain disorder affecting his cerebellum, so is very unsteady when walking & falls over a lot. He doesn’t know he’s disabled though and is very determined when he wants to do something – he even manages to get up and down stairs when he puts his mind to it!

  19. I am not a cat person, but I can appreciate their beauty and your two are gorgeous. I am not surprised that you love them so much.
    The clam chowder looks good and brings back happy memories of lunch at Pier 39. Hugs. Annette X

  20. Thank you for sharing your little bundles of joy with us. I just love to see them and watch them grow up. I too wish my two were vegetarian or vegan, but alas they love fish and sometimes their cat food.

  21. What a tonic that blog post has been! These two little chappies are so adorable – but I bet they’re a right handful! And no doubt they’ll be going stir crazy by now – ours used to literally climb the wall!
    Thank you for sharing – and please do so again, I’m sure we’re all keen to be kept up to date with their antics!

  22. How the vikings have grown but with still with butter wouldn’t melt looks on their faces !!
    Thanks for sharing them with us today x

  23. Hi
    Great to see pictures of the boys, it’s lovely to see the smile they put on both your faces. Our two Stiggi and Solo both rescue boys are always fighting one minute then sleeping together the next. Since we moved last year they haven’t ventured out much fortunately they are too slow to catch the birds the mind is willing but the movement isn’t. I think lockdown has got to them as well as they go to the back door look out and the turn around again. Great pictures it is lovely to see how they have grown ours like a bag as well especially when you are unpacking the shopping.
    Ruth x

  24. Hello Barb, what lovely photos of your gorgeous pair of fur babies, thank you for sharing. Erik looks like he is really enjoying that belly tickle. I bet they are a real handful, but so delightful. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  25. Hi Barb,
    Thank you for these gorgeous photos. The two Vikings have certainly grown and are absolutely adorable. It looks as though Erik has got Dave wrapped around his paw! Bundles of fun and mischief. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  26. So adorable – we have two scroungers two but a whippet (Jason) and a greyhound (Eddie), one goes under the dining table and the other can rest his chin on it lol – love them to bits tho.


  27. They are so lovely!All cats are! Since I was 7 years we always have had cats and I can’t imagine living without cats. They are warm, fluffy, gorgeous to see, curious and always doing what they want and not listening. Quite the opposite of dogs. When you want the best place in the house? Find the cat. She/He is always on the warmest and the best viewing place. Our latest cat “Wolletje” (means little jumper/sweater) is the only cat we have at the moment and she doesn’t like sharing our love with another cat, otherwise we would have had a few more cats in the house. But we get so much love of her, we can’t live without her. She is like a child for us. I love to see your two Vikings! They are so curious and really lovely with each other. I hope they can come out of the house and do what cats are suppose to do, catch a mouse or a bird (pour animals but it is the nature of a cat to catch them)

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