Pick a Pic…

Pick a Pic…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Monday’s blog is trees & flowers, so I made two quickie cards, using the same stampset : the Deerscape and Meadowdance. I think the trees in this set are superb. If you use the sides of the tree stamps, they make great hedgrows and busshes too!

One was made using the Mixed Impression Ocean Swirl in the background. I had a few spares kicking around, begging to be stamped on!

…and one was made stamping directly onto a designer card from the Antarctica collection:

Which one do you prefer? Let’s choose a fave. We’ll call them Ocean Swirl

and Antarctica.

Tell me which one you like best. Then the one with the most votes I will make into a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher and send to a random lucky winner who picked the one which won.

Make sense? Gottabeinittowinnit.

Stay safe.

Love and light

Barb xxx

241 thoughts on “Pick a Pic…

  1. Hi Barbara.
    Antarctica for me I love the stunning colours. Really enjoyed the SHAC this morning thank you.
    Stay safe everyone xx

  2. Antarctica as, for me, it has a sort of Northern Lights feel about it and you know we just LURVE the Northern Lights papers, card and parchment.

  3. What lovely cards, both are great, but my preference is Antarctica. Thank you, too, for great Shac Shack this morning … so good of you to share Bank Holiday time as well as Christmas Day time 👍, you are just wonderful! Best wishes for a good 2021 for you all at Clarity Towers (indeed for us all!) – ein recht frohes neues Jahr. Jutta x

  4. Definitely Antarctica, I think I’ve only used one design so far from my pad. Very effective, but then again they both look magical. I’m still laughing to myself about my lines – blaming my pen – you know what they say about a bad workman blaming …..
    Hope you’ve had a good day, did you get any plates on the go ? Hope so. X

  5. Antarctica – wonderful.
    I ordered the Antarctica papers with other amazing products and my order arrived just before Christmas. Very exciting to get to play this week.
    Thank you Barbara – joined the SHAC Shac again today – grateful for you, your amazing story telling, laughter, words of wisdom, creativity, tips and tricks. Thank you for the daily opportunity to join you and “focus” and be creative! Take care.

  6. I love them both but if I have to choose it would be Antartica. What you call a quiki card Barbara would take me ages xxx

  7. Well, it has to be Antarctica for me! I adore the set, it might even top Indian Summer now. Loved watching what you did this morning, I really couldn’t see it to begin with, but as it progressed – I thought wow! This I like. Hugs, Gilly x

    1. Antarctica my favourite the light shining through make as me think of Florance Nightingle and her lamp. Full of hope beautiful card.

  8. This is my favourite stamp set of all time, and was also my first clarity purchase!
    I love it on the Antarctica papers.
    Think I need to get the set out to play again.

  9. For me it has to be Antarctica. It’s so atmospheric and to me says ‘hope’. It looks like the dawning of a new day or would make a fab New Year Card.

  10. they’re both lovely, but the Antarctica one is simply stunning, with the light shining behind the deer. Absolutely love it! Have to say, I think the Antarctica paper is my all time favourite

  11. I like the second – Antarctica. I love the way the light appears to shine in the centre really showing off the lovely black silhouettes. Lovely contrast and really sets the scene.

  12. I prefer the same one as everyone else seems to, but I am not saying the name, so I won’t be included in the draw. I won the FB’s on Clarity Matters blog last week, so have had my turn. Good luck to everyone else.
    Thanks for the SHAC this morning. Loved the company and your pots are brilliant. Hugs. Annette X

  13. Antarctica for me too! Love both the samples, just heading over to the website to check out that stamp set!
    Keep safe everyone.

  14. I love the Antarctica one the best. To me it feels more dramatic and vibrant and has the same impact as the northern lights paper. I do like the other one as well but would be more inclined to go for the more dramatic look.x

  15. Like them both really for different reasons.
    However the silhouettes pop a bit more on the Antarctica one, so it will have to be first choice.

  16. Got to be Antarctic, reminds me of Aurora Borealis!
    Thanks to all for being there for us this past year.
    Heather K xoxo

  17. Both are special but my favourite is Antarctica as it has a air of intrigue as though the moon is lighting the night just for them.

  18. Both are special but my favourite is Antarctica as it has an air of intrigue as though the moon is lighting the night just for them.

  19. I love your background stamps, but I prefer the Antarctica one because of the lighting of the scene. Just beautiful x

  20. Hi Barbara what a lovely stamp set. Oh it is hard to choose a favourite. It will have to be Antarctica. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  21. I like the ocean swirl best. Both lovely but the ocean swirl is a magical background for the silhouette deers. Less is definitely more for me!

  22. The Antarctica one because the light area makes the whole picture so dramatic. It’s as if the clouds have parted to shed light on the scene below.

  23. Choices, choices both are lovely but Antarctica stands out the most in my mind. Love those papers so that’s probably why. Plan to order the stamp set waiting to see what you showcase next aswell. Oooh the bank will be broken. Happy bank holiday. X

  24. Antarctica because it looks like the northern lights. I do like the ocean swirl as well but it comes in second today. You’ve given me an idea to try tomorrow with my mixed media stamp set, I have the floral one, never sure how to use it.
    I had a go at today’s shac shack but made a bit of a mess, went straight through the e in my word 😬
    Always tomorrow eh xx

  25. Antarctica for me!! I do love them both but the Antarctica one is more atmospheric for me and as I have both paper and stamps, I plan to try it!!

  26. I like the swirls but definitely Antarctica. The light in the middle is very effective. Definitely tempted to get these stamps.

  27. Hello like them both but the
    Antarctica has the edge for me it is very vibrant and shows the stamp off really well
    Hugs xxx

  28. My fav is the Antarctica one looks like a winter moonlight sky! But also like the other one look a bit like Wedgwood porcaline plates.
    Love from a snowy Scotland

  29. Good evening Barbara
    I have to say both cards are beautiful but for me it has to be the Antarctica one it’s so atmospheric and just pops against that background paper
    Hugs Theresa

  30. Antarctica is stunning!!!
    I like this one the most!!!
    Enjoy your pottery and see you on Wednesday in the Shac.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  31. I like them both but Antarctica is my favourite due to the contrasts in the paper giving such a wonderful background.

  32. I think my favourite is Antarctica. It looks perfect to me . I am into atmospheric scenes at the moment. Lovely Barbara.

  33. Antarctica win hands down for me! No contest! Now, if you’d only shown us the other, I’m sure it would have looked perfect – but, when up against Antarctica, it pales into insignificance!

  34. Hi Barb,
    Wow, this is a popular post today! I love both of them but I would have to go with the Northern Lightsesque Antarctica. This has to be my favourite set of designer papers – even better than Indian Summer (& that’s saying something!) . Looking forward to the next shows, the alphabets and grids look intriguing. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  35. Definitely Antartica it looks so ethereal, I love it. Not to say I don’t like the Ocean Swirl one, I do. Hope you have had a relaxing day.

  36. Hi
    I’m going to join most people and say Antarctica the light is great and they look like they have just celebrated Christmas 🎄
    Ruth x

  37. Antarctica – but none of us wants to send out the same card repeatedly, so I’ll try both ideas. If Ocean Swirl works as sky, then it is so useful with many stamps.

  38. Both are equally beautiful but I think the Antarctica one just as it.
    I’m hoping to have a bit of a play tomorrow if my back let’s me. I’ve pulled it trying to lift stuff. That’ll teach me to move things a bit at a time rather than struggling. Got the hot water bottle on the job!
    Love and hugs xxx

  39. It’s gotta be Antarctica for me , it just looks like someone’s switched a search light on in the darkness 👌🏻

  40. Anartica, but was a hard choice, they are both beautiful. Antarctica chosen because it reminds me of the northern lights that I was supposed to be seeing at the the end of January for my 60th birthday. But covid has put that venture on hold (for now).

  41. Love them both – different in their own way – but Antarctica gets my vote as has that early morning mystic quality about it and gives a sense of being there.

  42. Antarctica for me, I love the atmosphere of the whole picture. Just goes to show though how one stamp can look so different by using different backgrounds.

  43. I really like them both, but Antarctica just pipped it to the post because it looks like the moonlight is shining onto the deer 🥰

  44. Morning,
    Definitely the Antarctica paper background for me. The whole thing is set off by the radiance shining into the picture. Love it

  45. Love them both but my favourite is Antartica as I love the light in the middle which makes it look like shadows around the outside.

  46. Antartica looks like the deer are under the aurora borealis, but I think I prefer the subtle colour and pattern of the ocean swirl one. Close call though, they’re both gorgeous!

  47. Do not think you will have to count the votes. Antarctica looks like an out and out winner. It gets my vote too.

  48. For me it is Antarctica, both are lovely cards and show how simplicity can win the day. Thank you for all you do. Mon Shac Shac was just the ticket, my mind set off into ‘what if ‘ mode. Looking forward to Friday.

  49. For me it is Antarctica, both are lovely cards and show how simplicity can win the day. Thank you for all you do. Mon Shac Shac was just the ticket, my mind set off into ‘what if ‘ mode. Looking forward to Friday. Thank you Barbara❤️

  50. I like them both but I think the Antartica one has the edge for me as it makes the foreground pop, best wishes to all at Clarity towers for 2021 xx

  51. Hello Barb, both are lovely but it really has to be Antarctica. It reminds me of photo’s of Alaska, the land of the midnight sun. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  52. I like creating my own backgrounds as they are so individual, so although it won’t win me the prize, I have to say Ocean Swerls. To me the mountain scene stands out more in this one too.

  53. Your artwork is always lovely, but out of these two I prefer Antarctica. The composition is perfect with light and silhouette working together.

  54. Wow. This is popular. I love them both, but again Antarctica. Reminds me of the Northern Lights and at the moment we need the light in our lives. My use them for my Mandela stamps. Thanks for the chance to win, good luck everyone. Xx

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