Here we go again…

Here we go again…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Just a quickie before we go live on HOCHANDA at 2pm. It’s a busy busy TV day for Clarity today. And I must add, a very busy STAMP day! Although this was actually more coincidence than planning, it does let dear Brother Steve catch up with the Groovi backlog production!

Please bear with us if you are waiting for an order from the Half Price Pergamano sale. We are going like the clappers.

Lucky for us, manufacturing businesses are allowed to keep going despite the National Covid Lockdown, so your orders will be going out as normal. Whilst I totally understand why these measures have been put in place, I feel so sorry for businesses which have to close their doors again this week. Many busineses make most of their whole year’s money during the weeks leading up to Christmas, so this will indeed be a fatal blow to many. What a catastrophe this pandemic is – at so many levels.

It almost seems absurd to pedal away on telly, demonstrating stamps and pretending all is well. But that, my friends, is how I see my job. To keep going, to keep smiling, to keep entertaining and distracting you . To keep motivating YOU to get with your hands and divert your attention away from the reality of our predicament. Because that’s precisely it. Every single one of us is affected by this global crisis. Not just me, not just you – ALL of us.

So my job, one day at a time, apart from keeping Clarity going, is to keep going.

Must dash! It’s time to switch everything on!

See you on 2-4pm and then again at 6pm and 8pm.

Love and Hugs – and stay safe.

Barb xxxx

21 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Really looking forward to sitting glued to the TV for a couple hours. To hear your calming voice and learn so much from you. Feeling emosh today so am going to take this time out to enjoy

    Love to you for a happy successful few hours xx

  2. Already for you on Tv record set to it really will finish some business so sad but best to keep safe we will continue hyphenating as we have last 6 months. Hoping to move by mid December not sure how that will be effected but spent last 7 weeks down sizing craft all the 43 years of collecting small space easier for me to get around open planned near shops when can go out so be good all round hope to get back to drawing very soon at moment me table holds tv as sold old uni it’s awaiting new one to arrive so missing drawing. Better go your on don’t want to miss show love joy x

  3. So glad, Barbara, that you are all able to keep going. Loving the shows today. There is no rush for plates or stamps or anything else, Barb. We are all able to wait. We are going nowhere and we have plenty of craft materials to keep us all going for the next fifty years!! Doesn’t stop me buying more! Lol. You seem far more relaxed on TV today which is lovely to see. Less pressure perhaps because you have two hours and more to come! You’ll be exhausted by the end of this day or rest!!! Lol. Take care. Lots of love. Hxx

    PS. If you run out of toilet rolls, we’ll send emergency supplies!! Lol. Hxx

  4. I am very happy to wait for my order from the sale seeing as you were so generous to us, so please let your brother go home so he can have a rest. Good luck with the Hochanda shows and see you in the Shac Shac tomorrow morning. Ann from Watford.

  5. I’m missing all my stamping stash so much. I keep getting my club goodies, reading the booklets and having to put them away safely until they can be reunited with their extended family currently isolating in the storage unit. Loved the demos today – old school Clarity and still as classy and educational as ever!!!

  6. Barb, thanks for all you and the team do. Thank you for the reassurance that any orders placed will be sent out as soon as possible. I’m sure the team are working as quickly as they can, for which we are all thankful. Looking forward to the shows today.

  7. I expect a lot of orders are going to people with a stash, so there is no pressure to get them out.

    Non-essential businesses are allowed to do click and collect this time, so that may help some selling for Christmas. it’s worth pointing out that change to business owners and potential customers.

    It is grim though. I feel for the people who have just had their weddings cancelled.

  8. Dear Barb notice you mentioned in your Oct newsletter that you receive flowers each month
    thought I ought to mention that LILIES IN ANY FORM EVEN THE WATER IN THE VASE IS POISONOUS TO CATS We have a Ginge called Ruskin ( little red haired one ) and I had to give away any lilies I had growing in the garden as well.
    Love Jan x

  9. Got myself in a kerfuffle yesterday – was looking for another Pergamano bag but couldn’t find the order I thought I’d placed. Then I went and ordered one from Clarity noting there was bit of a wait. Head started whizzing – not used to ordering on the Pergmano site – so got logged in and lo and behold there was my original order. Had to e-mail to cancel the Clarity one. I am quite willing to wait for my order as I can imagine how busy you are.
    Thought that up to now we had coped well with the Covid situation but I think that it is starting to get to me. We live in a low risk area but usually shop early (before general opening at 10am) as we are in the ‘at risk’ health and age category and there are usually very few people around but today at 09.20 there were queues outside and triple the number of people inside. Some shelves were stripped and people were pushing snd shoving. One of the staff said it was worse on Saturday even before the lockdown was officially announced. I hope that things will calm down soon and people will get more sensible.
    So today I felt frazzled until I sat down to watch your stamping show and now feel more relaxed. I have some of these framer stamps and also the Groovi A6 plates so it was great to get some new ideas, hints and tips. Loving my white Posca pen and will be ordering the Silver and Gold ones shortly.
    Thank you for keeping things going so well for all of us happy crafters – we love your banter as well as the demos – and it is great to have something to look forward to every day.
    Stay positive everyone, we will get over this, stay safe, stay well, keep crafting.

  10. Will watching Hochanda at 6 oćlock your time. I always enjoy your shows,because you have so many ideas for crafting!
    I did an order in my country before our son did my order with Clarity. Still waiting for my order here in the Netherlands so much longer than with Clarity.
    Stay save and healthy and have a peacefull evening.
    lots of love and see you tomorrow in the Shac
    Trijntje Huppel

  11. So glad you are busy and can keep going. I do feel for all those businesses that will be shutting down on Thursday. What an awful predicament we are all in. I know the doodling and colouring will keep me sane. Thank you so much for all you do. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  12. I just don’t know how these stamps jumped into my basket when I was going to call a halt for a while. Some hope with such lovely designs and great demos!

    By the way, in answer to a comment above, I have contacted Freddy’s Flowers to arrange for them to substitute lilies for another flower every time they include lilies in their arrangements – so you may like to ask them to do this too Barb xxx

  13. Enjoy your shows today, will be watching on catch up. Pergmano orders will arrive sometime not in any rush half price sale was awesome stocked up on some tools thank you xxx hugs xxx enjoy your kittens

  14. What a lot of beautiful stamps that have been on your programmes today. I have the Peace and Joy ones from before so I must get them out again after watching your demonstrations.
    Big thanks to you and your hardworking team.
    See you tomorrow at Shac Shak. It’s been a big help.

  15. I feel so sorry for small businesses that have to close when this time of year is when they can expect big sales. But people are the problem. If everyone tried to keep themselves safe we would be better off. Take a bit of personal responsibility. Here in Cornwall we have had a low rate of infection but it is starting to rise. I fear it is due to people from higher risk areas coming down here to get away from the infection but inadvertently bringing it with them.
    I enjoyed all the shows today, lovely demos. As to the Pergamano orders, well when they are ready we will get them. I am sure you have masses of orders after such a generous offer.
    Love your kittens, what big paws they have! I bet they have been racing around today, our cats used to when it was windy
    Take care xx

  16. Barb you are a true inspiration! I am mesmerised watching you create so many beautiful things. You have to be my No 1 favourite crafting person! I admire your work so much and your relaxed style of teaching. You cost me a fortune in goodies and I don’t care! Thankyou and all the team for all you do! Love Val Cox

  17. Hello Barb, great shows yesterday, have not watched them in their entirety yet, so have something to look forward to. So grateful that Clarity can keep going, and that you keep going to keep us entertained and distracted from all the bad news. I feel really sad for all the businesses that are having to close, this is a catastrophe, it has hit so many so hard, mentally, physically and financially. I am sure that everyone understands that things are going to take a bit longer due to reduced staffing. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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