From me to you…

From me to you…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Wednesday’s blog is from me to you, right? How about a little blog candy? Perhaps a little piece of artwork?

I’ve got a little piece of artwork here. It’s a simple piece. I walked the brayer over white stencil card with a selection of acrylic paints, then stamped a row of wonderful trees over the top. Mel drew these ; they are so lovely to use! Proper doodle trees!

click here to find. They come with masks , which is Handy Harry! I’ve dropped the price for you too, from £19.99 to £14.99 – just in case you like them and you want them! xxx

I’ve also stamped a word underneath the trees…what could it be?

Have a think and write a word below. Let’s see how many of you get it right! That aside, everybody who leaves a guess – ANY guess – below, will be included in the random draw. I’ll turn this little card into a £20 gift voucher and pick a lucky winner.

So you get the card and the voucher. Got to be worth a guess, right?

Guessing ends at midnight tomorrow and a winner will be called on Friday.

Love always

Barb xxx

181 thoughts on “From me to you…

  1. Love the background effect. My guess is PEACE -as that’s the word I’m currently stamping to use a whitework doodle in the C ! I love the wee houses and wanted to sue them for cards. can’t manage the present doodle very well, as hands keep seizing, but I like the idea of the houses.

  2. My guess is Gratitude. Gratitude for all things in Nature, for Friends and Family, for Health and Happiness and in these times, Gratitude for Barbara and the ShackShac! Xx

  3. That is a lovely image, I think the word you stamped was Hope.
    Hope that we can soon see our friends and family again in person.

  4. Lovely art, and so simple, beautiful. I think, given the date, my guess is Remember (second choice, if I had one, which I don’t! would be Gratitude). Knowing me both will be incorrect!

  5. I was going to say Autumn but then saw that Hilda Smith had already picked it, so my word is going to be Woodland.
    Lovely card today too xx

  6. They say trees are the longs of the planet so my word would be — breathe
    Can’t wait to see the season trees three way stamps on Saturday

  7. Lovely simple card Barbara! – I think you could have stamped REMEMBER from the the word chain stamps as its poignant right now! X

  8. I have a word which is screaming at me to use….but I won’t !! Hope it’s not the right one!
    Instead I shall say
    UNITED. (as in we will stand together).

  9. I think it’s PEACE because you mentioned the word piece twice in your blog different spelling, same sound, so could be a clue, and today is remembrance day.

  10. This is beautiful – I love the colours. I’ve got these stamps, so must get them out for a play. I would guess that you’ve put ‘Remember ‘ below them

  11. lovely work as per usual. I was thinking of a few words but they’ve all been posted. I then thought of strength, strong and endurance but I think I’m going to go for majestic. whenever I see an old tree I look and think how noble and majestic they are.
    best of luck everyone x

  12. Well, my first and second choices (#1 Inspire, #2 Unity) have gone, so I’m going with plan 3 = Family 😁
    I love the bottom ones of the stamp set. It looks like they are swaying to a good tune!

  13. My first thoughts when I saw this lovely piece was Northern lights and then Autumn Glory but if I had to use one word it would be BEAUTY.
    The tree stamps areon my list to order.

  14. Hi Barbara,
    I love this little piece of art. My first thought, as it is today, was “remember” but “peace” or “ harmony” would also be good.
    Then again “Grace” never goes wrong.
    Linda x

  15. I love this and it takes me back to watching you do something similar at Port Sunlight Happy Stampers show. It’s so effective!
    The word I would put under there is Friendship and that is what I’ve got with you! And I’m very grateful that I have!
    Hope you have a relaxing evening.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    From the SHAC shack. I was wondering about those people who do not have a Light Wave. There is a product called Tracedown which is like carbon paper but with graphite to enable you to trace brilliantly. It’s just a thought

  17. So many words are appropriate… I would choose ‘Together’
    we are all together, as are the trees.

    Love to you all xx

  18. Love the card you always have lovely ideas for us am loving the shac shac making things I never thought I could do thanks to you I think the word is JOY

  19. Given the day that it is I would also guess “Remember” . Beautiful piece of art. (I wanted to say “Never Forget” but one word too many 😀)

  20. There are some wonderful words being suggested, and perhaps the most apt for today is Remembrance, but the word that immediately came to mind for me was PEACE.

    I’m sure any of the words being suggested would work well and it’s a lovely little piece of art.

    Thanks for your generosity

  21. It’s a beautiful piece you have made Barbara.
    I think the word will be — FRIENDSHIP
    Stay save and healthy!!
    Trijntje Huppel

  22. Why word is ‘Rainbow ‘ which reminds me of the promise the rainbow reminds us of. Also a sign of hope in this difficult time to look forward to better days ahead.

  23. Hi Barbara

    My guess is FUTURE to remember the times gone and rejoice in those to come.
    I like the guess of Kittens very apt. Have a good evening

  24. Hi Barb,
    Love these stamps and have used them so many times. This was the stamp I used for your glass tray if I remember correctly. It is such a useful stamp and I love the background you’ve created, the colours are gorgeous. My guess for this time of year would be Nature as the colours of the leaves are simply stunning and show Mother Nature at her best. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  25. Love the background, the red reminds me of poppies in a field on a sunny day. I think the word you have used is peace.

  26. Hope. I have just read about New York and so hope Grace is safe, along with her Mark. I wish you deep peace. This is not an entry for the draw – I’m sure it is great but I can’t see it.

  27. Hello Barb, what a beautiful piece of art, love the colours on the background. I think the word has to be Nature, because of all the beautiful colours you see in nature. Good luck everyone. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  28. Lovely card Barbara. I have two words that have come to my mind Strength and Courage.
    I will choose Courage .Wishing you well. XX

  29. My guess would be Grace because of the grace of these wonderful trees and because I’m sure Grace is always in your thoughts

  30. Beautiful art Barbra.
    I’d like the word to be HOPE
    Hope makes all the difference in the world.
    Without Hope we have nothing ❤

  31. Beautiful background colours, my guess for the word would be CALM, as this is what you feel when you walk through the woods.

  32. Beautiful artwork, such fabulous colours. I’ve just noticed that these trees are the same shape and pattern as the leaves in the toucan picture.
    Anyway.. My word is breathe

  33. Beautiful image, the word I think it may be is ‘Joy’ something I hope your new fur babies bring you in these diificult times.
    Stay safe and well

  34. Oh Barbara I would love to know how you keep coming up with such wonderful ideas and how they turn out so beautiful. I stamp something and it never looks as good as yours. I hope that the word is peace as that is what I need at the moment. Bless you for everything xxx

  35. My word would be creation. Trees play such an important part in our lives providing and creating our atmosphere as a filter system.

  36. Hi Barbara, As soon as I saw your wonderful art work the thought ‘Serenity’ popped into my head. Keep well and safe x

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