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Thanks for popping in. Thursday’s blog is always blue, right? Blue. Do you like the colour blue? There are so many variations of blue though! Our school uniform at Fort Pitt Grammar School was a Royal blue, so I was cured of that colour for a while after wearing it every day for 5 years! Ironically, our Clarity livery is a bright bold blue – just a little darker than our old blazers! If I had to match the old school blazer with a colour below, I’d say it was row 3, 4th one down

…or perhaps admiral below. Either way,

But what does blue symbolize? I looked it up. It’s a primary colour, as we know. It is the colour of the ocean and the sky, as we also know.

It often symbolises serenity, stability, inspiration or wisdom. It is considered to be a calming colour, and symbolises reliability. Mmmmm. I think I prefer the lefthand range to the righthand range below. How about you? The teals and turquoises. That said, those smokey blues are delicious too.

Digging a little deeper into the meaning of blue, I wanted to know why we say we are feeling blue when we mean we are low or sad. Turns out that BLUE is known as one of the SAD colours. Apparently it also creates negative feelings, feelings of melancholy, sadness, self-righteousness, and self-centeredness. Great. Just when I thought it was our calming colour!

I do tend to head for blue a lot when making art. How about you? Blues, greys, teals are everywhere here in the SHAC Shack!

Yet if ever asked “what is your favourite colour?” my auto response has always and without fail been YELLOW.

Just looked up what yellow symbolises. Yep. It’s definitely my favourite colour… HAPPINESS, JOY and CREATIVITY. Much better than sad.

Let’s make sure we use more yellow in our work, eh. But then again, there’s a definite negative side to yellow too. How about cowardice and betrayal? So I guess colours have positive AND negative meanings; we just have to focus on the positives.

Stay safe.

Love and happiness

Barb xx

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  1. I’ve always said that red and green are my favourite colours, yet time and again I gravitate towards blue when I’m crafting!

  2. I love blues as they calm me, and I have a lot of clothes that are blue. It’s probably my “safe” colour. Having said that, I think my favourite colour is purple. The Scout group I grew up in had a purple border on the kneckie, so a lot of my accessories when a teenager were purple so I could identify with my scouts. It’s amazing how we identify with colours, and they can invoke memories too.

  3. Well Barb – blue is my favourite colour. That said, turquoise and duck egg blue especially. I have put silvery grey with them, for colour schemes in my home, and I find it to be very calming.
    My husband’s favourite colour is yellow. He is colour blind, and this is one of the few colours that he can see. We have some interesting conversations about colours, even though he is colour blind he will often disagree when I tell him what colour it is. Funnily enough, sometimes when I look at the colour again, I can see why he would think that. I have to say that he is fantastic on shades of a colour. He can carry a colour in his head and many times he has helped me to choose a great colour match for thread to go with fabric. Hugs, Gilly x

  4. Blue for me or purple. I gravitate towards the teals and turquoise but since being in the Shac I’m loving grey too!!! See you tomorrow

  5. My favourite colour is purple in all hues. We had a purple blazer at Grammar School . Purple blazer and Grey felt hat!

  6. I wore various shades of blue from the time I started school at 5 -in a navy blue serge box-pleat uniform many will remember, through primary school (with a royal blue cotton tunic in summer) and then all of my nursing uniforms were shades of blue, from a mid blue, through royal blue and back to navy as a Sister! But I still like to use shades of blue in my crafting and would say lighter shades of blue/eau de nil/teal/turquoise are my favourite shades. Is the pottery set up yet??

  7. Green for me but saying that I go for blue greens and turquoise is often my go to colour in the summer. Glancing up at the tv as I write the grass is a beautiful green and England are playing in blue …… not sure why they say blue and green shouldn’t be seen as I remember wearing that colour combination quite a lot when I was younger ! X

  8. Blue has been a big part of my life, blue and white check trousers as a chef, blue and a little red for 30 years working for Tesco’s and as a Girl guide leader, open my wardrobe and 3/4 of it’s blue!!
    But the colours I feel on top of the world in and look best in are the autumnal rusts, reds, oranges and yellows, they’re always my ‘safe’ colour for crafting too.

    But my favorite colour and the one I feel

  9. Our school colours were a similar blue with shocking pink, at least the pink was only on the tie & badge !!
    For years I always thought my mothers favourite colours were the autumn ones yellows, oranges, reds & brown but suddenly 2 years ago on her 90th birthday she said it was blue.
    Do we change our minds as time passes or does it depend on how we are feeling at the time ?

  10. Blues and Teals for me! Sea and Sky, always want to bring the out side in. Love Yellow Roses and Gerbras my favourite happy flowers! Strangely yellow was always my fav colour as a child as it is with my great nephew. I wonder if likes and dislikes are in our DNA. So yellow fields and blue skys, or yellow sands and blue sea. Both places I love to be! Happy colours to me let’s not think about the colours negativity. Nature’s beauty its palette is free. Xx

  11. My school uniform was brown, everything was a different shade. Yuk is an understatement.
    In my early years blue was always my ‘go to’ colour in most shades. Now I love all pastel colours, blues, teals, peaches, pinks, lilacs, with the occasional touch of scarlet or burgundy.
    However on my cards I tend to be very adventurous with colour but whatever I choose there has to be some co-ordination, no clashing. Fortunately I have a good eye for colour matching.
    The cards shown above are all calmingly beautiful.
    Stay safe

  12. Blue is a favourite for me, I often choose clothes in the colour. Wish our uniform at school had been blue ours was red and white striped blouses with grey pinafore dresses red blazers oh and red berets . You certainly saw us. Yellow not a colour I go to very often and after working at ASDA for ten years I never choose a bright green. x

  13. I like the turquoise’s and azures in blue but my favourite colour would be lilac not sure why I always find it very calming and serene xx love the information on colours amazing what they mean to people both positive and negative xx

  14. Hi Barbara I don’t really have a favourite colour they are all gorgeous and they change when they are with other colours. It is all so fascinating. I think I have a particular fondness for red. What does that say about me? Take care. Hugs xxx

  15. Blue always makes me feel more calm and I wear it a lot ,yet I always say red is my favourite colour and feel warmer when I wear it !

  16. Burgundy & Grey was my Prep school uniform.
    Mayfield Convent was blue‼️Blue uniform, smokey blue top line 3rd from left. A navy blazer and long navy socks with of course R&B loafers ‼️ Barbara, you blog has kept me going since March. I have serious COPD , hence the vulnerable category. Your blog cheers me up enormously. And I don’t craft, but admire your work ethic and talent, always have. Love to you & Dave & Steve, Grace & Mark and the yummy kittens 🐱. The kittens are too cute. Keep Safe. Love, Rosh xx & Poppy (my little white Westie dog 🐕)

  17. Yellow has always been my favourite colour, but I do tend to gravitate these days towards the purple, mauve and lilac shades. Christmas is always red and green though. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  18. Hi Barbara
    My favourite colour is definitely blue always gravitate to any shade of blue. My school uniform was beige, cream and red lovely 🤮.
    I will always go for blue background.
    Have a good evening.

  19. I like most pastel shades, but saying that blues are my favourites with lilacs close behind. Our uniform was maroon with pale blue blouses I never wear maroon now.

    1. Oh Pam your uniform sounds like mine! Burgundy cardigan with pale blue blouse and grey skirts. Blazers were burgundy too and we had to have a grey gaberdine or duffle coat in the winter!

  20. It would seem a lot of us love blue and I am the same. I love the turquoise and teal blues, but also a nice cobalt as well, and yellow is great with blue. Personally I do like definite stronger colours and am not keen on the what I call wishy washy shades. In the winter I like the hot colours too. I have a jumper which has stripes of mustard, grey and deep red and I like it with grey really lifts my mood when I wear it. x

  21. Hi Barbara. Believe it or not I quite like pink as a colour! But all colours are lovely as long as they are at the brighter end of the spectrum!
    Colin likes his colours too but his favourite is a bright green or orange! Peas and carrots! Haha!
    Let’s make the world a more colourful place!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  22. Blue is a cold color (red is a warm color, as is brown, yellow, orange…)
    Blue does not suit me since I am an autumn type.
    Is is the perfect color for an old friend of mine, one could think the color was invented right for her.
    But I always have blue in the bathroom with white tiles. Blue is the symbol of water so this is the only room where it is allowed.

  23. Traditionally I have always said blue is my favourite colour but since I started dyeing my hair pink about 15 years ago I’ve gravitated towards pinks and purples. Favourite combination? Purple and turquoise – lush!

    1. When I got married in 1971, I decorated our bedroom in purple and turquoise. Our first Christmas tree was white, with purple and turquoise decorations. I still love those colours! X

  24. Hello Barb, what a great blog post, I do love blue, but my favourite colours swing between red and purple, especially the brighter shades of them. That being said, I love combinations like lime and hot pink, or teal and purple, I mean look at peacocks they are just beautiful. I think I feel some colourful crafting coming on. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  25. Purple, turquoise and cobalt blue have been favourites all my life. As I have aged, I have been more drawn to softer shades, but I do still love the vibrancy of my first favourites. Hugs. Annette X

  26. I love various shades of blue but when asked my favourite colour I’m never too sure and would say as long as its bright and bold I like it. My least favourite colours are Maroon, greys and browns, especially in the winter, hence I wear a bold and bright coloured coat. Take a look around at the colours of peoples winter coats; mostly dull, dark and depressing! So I love to wear ‘happy’ colours in the winter! 🤣

  27. I tend to gravitate to the colors I can wear. Blue is my favorite, I look good in almost every shade. I love jewel tones, rich vivid colors. I have noticed that when flipping through papers to choose as a background, I will first go to the blues and then choose something else as the blue are to precious to use. Trying to break myself of that.

  28. Blue is my go to colour, again probably from school day. My birth stone colour is green, but I like yellow also. Of to colour my houses, went for a walk this morning and shopping, and to try one on Barb’s favourite papers Waimea. Will be watching over the weekend.

  29. I like blue but always think of it as a cold colour. I like terracotta but also love lilac/purple which is back to blues. Hx

  30. I love red, but also love many other colours so I can’t say I have a favourite. Depends where it is and what it’s for! Mind, I’ve had a bright yellow, dark blue and lastly a red and white kitchen! The next one will be shades of grey so I’ll have to pick an accent colour to zing it up a bit!!!

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