Checked out for a day

Checked out for a day

Hi there

Thanks for popping in.

Sometimes the pressure builds. It builds over many days, weeks even. The noise gradually gets louder and louder, until you can’t hear yourself think. You think you’ve got it under control, you think you’re doing okay, even with rush hour traffic pouring through your head. You ignore the signs, you keep pushing. One day at a time you just plough on. But then you hit a wall. Woke up this morning and knew I had to park up for a day. Like a computer. Too many windows open and boom. The screen freezes and nothing is working.

Time to check out for a day. Ideally a week, but a day will have to do right now. Just enough time to pull the plug out of the wall, defrag, step away from the coal face. Stop pushing so hard and let go of work.

Kitten play, a little ironing, make a chicken & noodle soup with the leftovers, an afternoon nap, an hour of doodling in readiness for the SHAC tomorrow morning.

Feeling human again. And all is well. It doesn’t take much.

Check out for a day. Then ready to check in again tomorrow morning.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

32 thoughts on “Checked out for a day

  1. Best thing you can do. No one can work 24 /7 and taking a day out recharges your batteries.
    Maybe look in your diary and see when you can take that much needed week off!
    Relax with Dave and the kittens tonight.
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve hit the wall. Take care Barbara and maybe plan your next unplug day now, to stop before you get there again? You give so much to so many – don’t forget to give to yourself x

  3. These walls just loom up at us, don’t they Barb! So very pleased to hear that you shut your computer head down. After today’s much needed ‘re-boot’ I’m sure that tomorrow you will feel so much better. Relax and enjoy playing with those adorable kittens, in the company of ‘your Dave’. Take care – hugs Gilly x

  4. Hello from New Zealand. You are a wonderful inspiration and truly deserve a day off. I read your blog every day. I feel for you with all you are going through in the UK. I am English and feel so privileged to be living in a safe environment. Keep up with your amazing spirit. Hope your family is safe in America! I wonder what their future holds. Be safe, have courage. It seems you have so much support from your craft friends. Kindest regards from Tauranga, North Island, NZ. Diana xx🐝

  5. Yes you need to take some time out for yourself from time to time. Allow yourself a little time to chill and centre yourself. It is allowed xxx

  6. So glad to have my shak homework to take mind away from the worry of waiting to hear Covid result for my pregnant daughter. Tomorrow is another day

  7. Please, please, please take care of yourself.
    Sometimes I feel weary just thinking about all the balls you have in the air and the juggling you have to do.
    Taking time out is good, it recharges the batteries and rests the mind then when we come back to work we are more efficient and get more done with less stress.
    Slowly catching up on YouTube and the Pergamano downloads and feel spoilt for choice. It is such a pleasant way to while away the hours and forget our troubless.
    Stay safe everyone.

  8. Glad you have recharged your batteries Barbara, and have at least taken a day off to rest and recuperate. It doesn’t do any good to get to the point of really burning out, so it’s great you had a day to relax and do some chores and cooking, and have some fun with your little Vikings. x

  9. Time to clear the head is a necessary part of staying in the right head space. Hope tomorrow is a better, clearer day. Xx

  10. Take care of yourself Barbara because a busdriver needs a clear head!
    Take time to rest and playing with the little ones. Hope to hear some stories from them what they are doing for naughty things!
    Have a good sleep tonight.
    Lots of love,
    Trijntje Huppel

    My new mantra from hospital physio. Amazing how we don’t even take time to do that properly cos we’re all rush rush rush. Love to the Squidglets. Xx🥰⚘

  12. Please take care, we all need to switch off sometimes. You have so much going on all the time – new products, tv shows to prepare, the shac shack, daily blog and parents to care for plus running the company. Take time to enjoy those kitties and try to relax xx

  13. We all understand you need to take some time out. A day hardly seems long enough , but you’ve used it wisely and really hope your batteries will be recharged. If not, take some more time off. Please don’t wear yourself out. You are far too precious to keep on giving at the rate you do without some time to yourself, Dave and those adorable kittens.

  14. You had the pressure of TV shows looming all week and then worked most of the weekend. No wonder you hit a wall! Just finished a meeting which was extremely stressful. Had my fill of today! Tired, upset, scunnered! Just hope I sleep tonight but I guess that is some way off! Been backed into a corner! However, at least I will see you in the morning for an hour and hopefully that will help me to unwind! I’m sending a hug your way – purely selfish! – because I need one right now! Lots of love. Hxx

    1. Poor you! Just see it as one small battle in a long war. You have won a lot of others and will continue to do so. It wouldn’t be good for us to always have our way. In that step back is the motivation, learning and energy to get creative about the next win and many others. Shrug it off and sleep well. Whatever it is will pass. And Karma may sort it as early as tomorrow…!

  15. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear that you hit the wall today. I’m not surprised with what you are doing. You had a really long weekend of shows that you get nervous about. Pleased that you took the time out and it’s just a shame that you couldn’t take longer. Playing with those beautiful kittens seems to me like a good plan to de- stress! Hope you feel more relaxed and recharged tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  16. Schedule time off like it was a meeting with the bank manager and make sure you keep the appointment. If a bus driver got as tired as you in the last week of every month, they would be banned from driving. Make a plan and do the same for all the staff at Clarity. Overwork can make you very ill. Today was a polite warning from your mind. Next time the bus may go off a cliff, taking passengers.

  17. Hello Barb, so glad that you did take time out, you need it as much, and if not more than the next person. Please look after yourself. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  18. Hope you are feeling better today Barbara. Take one day at a time and enjoy your time with the kittens and Dave.

    Sending hugs xxx

  19. Hope you are feeling better today Barbara. Take one day at a time and enjoy your time with the kittens and Dave.

    Sending love and hugs xxx

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