Life just got sweeter…

Life just got sweeter…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Wednesday’s blog from me to you, right? Well how about we announce the winner of last week’s anagram quiz ? So many of you entered! Thank you. It is always heartening when you join in; makes me feel less isolated, less like I’m just rowing this old boat round and round in circles. Thought it was a river – found out it’s a moat! What a weird old world we live in.


I asked you to see how many words you could find in PERGAMANOANDGROOVI. And the winner, the person who wrote out the most words, …. drumroll…is….

Rosemary Humphris Burley

She found 683 words. That’s amazing! Well done Rosemary! I wonder how long that took you! I found 86 and was pleased with myself! So dear Rosemary, please email me your address and I will send you your prize. What is it? Well, I think that a £50 Clarity Gift Voucher is well deserved. Thanks everybody who joined in.

I am so far behind with prep for the TV this weekend I’m going to meet myself coming back! But I know for sure that it will be alright on the night, as it were. It will all work out in the end. There’s absolutely no point in fretting and pushing – because you just can’t push the river. We’re going like the clappers at Clarity at the moment. But we have to make hay while the sun shines, because we just don’t know what’s round the bend – apart from me!! I’m definitely losing the plot! I enjoyed this afternoon anyway, even if I didn’t get done what I should have. Crafting always takes longer than you think, doesn’t it? Hey! We spent a whole hour colouring in ONE FLOWER in the SHAC-Shack today! I know, I know…but if you joined in, or if you are going to try what we did at some point, then you will know that it was definitely a skill-stretching exercise.

I really enjoy looking beyond what is in front of me. What was it I said this morning? What you see versus what could be…

Anyway, Life just got a lot sweeter here. As you may know, the family just got bigger! And I just couldn’t resist including our little Viking friends in the artwork for telly on Sunday! Ragnar and Erik certainly know how to pose for the camera!

On Sunday, 2-4pm I shall be showcasing some classic Claritystamps. Many of you will be familiar with our O Frames, but many of you won’t. They haven’t been on telly for 5 years! Where does the time go??? I used to love making little landscapes within the O!

Anyway, time to go play with the little warriors.

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

38 thoughts on “Life just got sweeter…

    1. Your little warriors are gorgeous, love the colours, I’m a ginger pussy fan, I would be cuddling them all day long, enjoy them xxx

  1. That picture is just adorable, 5 years – it can’t be that long surely. I have the Groovi plates & some of the stamps. I need to dust them off & have a play with them although I use the extra elements for adding to cards. In fact I was using them last night whilst trying to make a birthday card for OH without him noticing. All will be revealed after the 31st.
    Off to catch up with this mornings SHAC Shack as I had to leave class early today as I was going to Mom’s. Sounds as if our colouring skills are being stretched but that is good because that means we are learning something new.

    1. I forgot to say congratulations to Rosemary, that is a lot of words. I got to just over a hundred & saw the totals that had been posted so decided that I wasn’t going to get anywhere that many without getting the dictionary out.

  2. I forgot to say congratulations to Rosemary, that is a lot of words. I got to just over a hundred & saw the totals that had been posted so decided that I wasn’t going to get anywhere that many without getting the dictionary out.

  3. Evening! Oh I love that photo of the Red ones! So cute.
    You’ll be fine on the weekend. I bet you’ve got plenty prep done.
    Enjoy your evening!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  4. Congratulations Rosemary. Love the photo. I use the Sp0rt stamp a lot for male cards with the wee folk sportsmen. It’s so useful

  5. Congratulations, Rosemary. Well done. The stars of the show on Friday will definitely be the kittens. So sweet. They just look so comfy. Hx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Love the artwork using the big O stamps, your kittens are just so cute. Goodness is it 5 years? I’ve still got the sample you demonstrated for me at the NEC many moons ago. I hope you get your prep done tomorrow, it will be fine at the weekend I’m sure. Many congratulations to Rosemary, that’s a lot of words! Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xx

  7. Congratulations Rosemary must have taken you ages. Ah those wee kitties are smashing Barb! Love cats but so allergic. Love and hugs.xoxo

  8. Always there in Spirit even if it doesn’t always seem like it, working behind the scenes so to speak. I know what you mean about isolation, I didn’t even get dressed today, what was the point? Hey Barbara you could make a demo look good standing on your head whilst swinging a cat (oops sorry) so what you worried about?

  9. Fabulous. Well done Rosemary! I was pleased with my 100 and some words but your total puts me to shame. Your shows will be great Barbara – can’t you redo some of the old demos. It’s always good to be reminded of something you saw or learned a long time ago and 5 years is a long time x

  10. Congratulations Rosemary, love the kittens Barbara, I remember when my children were small and things were not going good one day I said, if yous don’t be good yous will drive me round the bend and my daughter started to cry and said, if your going I’m going with you,. Lol

  11. Hi Barbara, I’m sure you’ll be fine on Telly, you always are and make it look good too – bring the kittens on if you get stuck – which you wont!

    Well done Rosemary, I got to the 100s and the gave up when I saw the bigger totals ! I was even doing them on a spread sheet to make it easier to count ! Have a good evening with the fur babes ! X

  12. Oh boy Barbara again your art work is stunning. I do love those sweet little kittens with their oh so cool names. Didn’t Rosemary do well. I hope your prep goes well. I did catch up on the Shac Shack today and my flowers didn’t go well. My head wasn’t quite in the right place. Oh well I will have another go. Take care. Hugs xxx

  13. Love the vikings. Looking forward to all the coming hochanda shows. I’m on catch up with Shac today. Congratulations to Rosemary 😘

  14. Wow! Thank you Barbara. I don’t normally win anything so am really really happy. I have sent in three separate orders in the Pergamano sale so will have to think really hard what to buy with the voucher. My late mum and I used to love word games so have had plenty of practise searching for words.
    I found the flowers quite difficult in the SHAC today so will take my time colouring the remainder if them. Looking forward to the branch on Friday. I love your little kittens I used to have a gorgeous black cat but have not replaced her. Thank you once again. x

    1. Well done, Rosemary – these word search games really are addictive, aren’t they? I don’t think it matters how many words you find, when you come back to it some more jump out at you – did you end up thinking of them in your sleep?! (that’s the voice of experience – I ended up with a pen and paper by the bed to capture those midnight thoughts!)

  15. How can you be doing prep with the beautiful viking 😸 😸 ‘s in the house lol! Such cutie pies they are. Looking forward to the weekend shows though, I’m sure you will be well prepped. Congrats to the winner xx

  16. Well done Rosemary – I bet there are a lot of words you could make just from all your name too!!
    Hochanda is still not very reliable up ‘ere, but I will try and watch, since I think I have nearly all the O’s, and I like to be reminded how useful they are.
    I think all kittens and cats are adorable.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  17. Well done that was certainly a lot of words!! Your new putty tats are so cute, bet they are a fluffy handful at times. Xx

  18. Love your little kitties…they just seem so happy and fitted in as though they have always been there.
    Hope you will put them on the blog lots, they are so beautiful and cheer us up. Look like proper little cat models.

  19. I think the only “O” missing from my collection is sport, will have to check. I do like the fact that you are re-visiting some of the older stamps (and plates) and giving us new ideas.
    I still have to catch up on the Shac – been a bit busy the last week. If this keeps up I will be joining you round the bend !!!

    Those kittens look very cute and would make a lovely Christmas card.

    Congratulations Rosemary, well done. I didn’t enter but did get to 342. With the new things coming through in November
    I am sure you will find spending your voucher a joyful experience.
    Stay safe everyone.

  20. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations to Rosemary. Gosh, I don’t know how long you must have been working on finding them! The framer stamps are great, I have to admit though I haven’t used them for ages. Now might be a good time to get them out again. The two little Vikings are definitely photogenic! I’ve been making some Christmas cards this morning using the 2 way baubles – I finally managed to get them lined up properly! Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

  21. Well done Rosemary that’s a lot of words. So glad you show us pictures in the shac shac you must be able to hear us saying they are so cute.

  22. Oh my thats a lot of words well done xxx
    The cats are beautiful they look so fluffly and soft.
    Loved the shac shack
    this morning colouring is so relaxing when you get in the zone 😊 i was so chuffed when i could see the pleats in my.flower thanks again your a star.

  23. Well done Rosemary and we’ll done beautiful kittens for posing so beautifully for the photo! Barbara you don’t need to prep! Just turn up and have fun and you’ll create fab pieces of artwork as always. I could NOT get the flowers to stop looking like striped daisies today by the way – but it was good fun anyway! Xx

  24. Oh Barb, that is just so cute, and what a perfect matching paper for their quilt colours. Love the O frames, have not used mine in a while, so looking forward to the shows, and as always they will be filled with laughter and inspiration. Well done Rosemary, that is a really big list of words, you really have earned that voucher, so enjoy spending it. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  25. They are so adorable lol xx I am sure you will get prepped for the weekend and have some fabulous demos for us as always can’t wait xx looking forward to seeing these again and ideas to use xx love the SHAC SHAC and enjoy the mindfulness and fun xx

  26. Well done Rosemary. I got to 120 then got stuck. LOVE the kittens. You will be ok on friday, you always are. I will have to look for my O stamp, have one in my stash some were. See you in the Shack tomorrow at 10.30. Of to have another go at my flowers, not looking to bad, looking 3d when I stand back. Thanks again for you’re time. Xx

  27. Congratulations to Rosemary-that are a lot of words you have found!!!
    Love those little ginger Vikings in the O.
    Is it already 5 years ago I saw you demonstrate with this letter???
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

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