Just for Today…

Just for Today…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just for today, I will enjoy today. I had a great morning in the SHAC Shack with my doodling buddies.

Next stop pottery. Got some pots to turn and some pots to titivate before they go in the kiln.

Then head over to my parents with Dave, and take Mum out to MarksnSparks for our first Supermarket excursion since lockdown in March. Got to be done. I can feel it’s time.

I have prepped a delightful bauble for tomorrow, which I know my fellow doodlers will LOVE, and now I am off the Clarity hook.

So. Just for TODAY, I will live through this day only, and have the best day I can. Won’t fret about what the future may bring – fruitless exercise which is also very draining. I will smile and be happy, adjust myself to what is, and not get frustrated if things don’t go the way I want them to.

Yep. And tomorrow I will tackle tomorrow in exactly the same way. But that’s tomorrow.

Stay safe

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “Just for Today…

  1. Have a good one and enjoy pottery. Hope your Mum enjoys her trip out. I’m looking forward to catching up as I’ve had two mornings away, breakfast out yesterday and opticians today – expensive morning and a bit of a shock with a small sign of a cataract and possible start of glaucoma but she wants a second opinion. Not worried but always in my mind as Mum has it. Anyway just got to do something with some blackberries before I get to craft. X

  2. That sounds like a wonderful plan. Did you ever think that just going grocery shopping would be such a big occasion? Enjoy your day.

  3. Sounds like a really good plan to me. I’ve lost count of the number of things I’ve worried about something only to find it didn’t materialise anyway – waste of time and energy. I am so loving what we are doing in the shac shac at the moment so hope you love today as well with your pottery and taking your Mum out. Enjoy xx

  4. Enjoy your day Barbara….my thoughts are stay in the moment cause you can’t change what’s been and you can’t control what’s to come …the only time you have complete say is in the moment that you are in and how you react to that moment ….got me through some rough times….my 2019 year was one of the worse I ever had..taught me a lot of lessons on what’s important and what is not..

  5. Hope you, Dave and your parents have a really good day. Stay in the moment – but don’t forget to sign up for M&S food deliveries as they start really soon now. All that lovely food!

  6. Good plan Barbara, enjoy your pottery and the time with your mum.
    Choosing to be isolated is one thing, no poblem, but now having no choice, and people ringing or texting to tell me what I should or must do, I’m finding it irritating and am starting to get ratty.
    I know the time will come so until then thank goodness for Clarity, the SHAC shack, and the blogs. It keeps me sane.
    Stay safe. 🍒🍒🍒

  7. Enjoy your pottery and outing. I haven’t ventured back to Marks yet still just doing the weekly Aldi shop for now. But we did manage to get our dogs injections done today just a bit late. Very well organised, checked in at open window. Sent back to car, vet collected dog from car took him inside did injections returned dog to car and then I went back to window to pay. Another tiny step back to getting routine jobs done.

  8. Have a good day, Barb. I’m not having a good day but trying to put that right be escaping into crafting. Can I swap yo neighbours, please? Lol. Just stopped crafting for a cuppa! Have a lovely time with your mum this evening. Lots of love. Hxx

  9. Sounds like a good plan, I’m sure you and your Mum will enjoy your trip out try not to worry and try and enjoy it. XX

  10. Hi Barbara, thanks for everything, looking forward to lots more to come.
    Totally agree about the confusion, so many about turns it’s a wonder they are not all dizzy!! Followed the rules in March, over 70s self isolate, has never mentioned our group again! I’m in the same age group as your Mum and Dad. Went out briefly with my daughter on Monday to take my laptop in for repair, under warranty, first time out since March. I’m using my own judgement and won’t be rushing to go out unless there is an actual need. Virus is still out there and I think lockdown eased too soon. PM said had to slow easing lockdown plans as virus still an issue AND on the same day told those shielding ie cancer patients, those with breathing difficulties, immune system issues etc they could go out!!!! Stopped their food packages same day!! What’s that all about! Doesn’t apply to me thank goodness.
    Is it me!!!!! My life, my decision, I don’t trust a word they say!
    Hope you’ve had a good afternoon at pottery and you and Mum enjoy your trip to M&S, my Mum used to enjoy shopping there too!
    Keep up the good work Barbara, always look forward to 10am Shac
    Shack, not missed one! Jean x

  11. Evening Barbara, hope you had a lovely day, doing the pottery and spending time with your Mum & Dad. Hope you and your Mum enjoyed your first shopping since lockdown. Except for food shopping I’ve not been back in the shops. Still a bit daunting. Must admit though that I don’t miss shopping but what I miss is meeting up for coffee and a chat with friends. Oh, hang on but I do – in a way – most mornings at 10 in the Shac Shack. Always get comfy with a mug of coffee, joining you and fellow crafters for an hour of chat, stories, inspiration and fun. An hour when we can forget that crazy workd out there. Oh dear, I’m rambling . So better have another cuppa and get back to some more crafting. Have a lovely evening .
    Alles Liebe Heidi xxx
    PS: In the Shac Shack yesterday you asked if I was in Germany. No, I’m with my boyfriend in Surrey atm and have been since December.

  12. Hi Barbara
    Oh WOW what a very wise and thought provoking blog you have written today.
    It sounds full of mindfulness and total relaxation.
    Enjoy your pottery and spending time with your Family and I look forward to seeing the bauble that you have prepared for tomorrow.
    Take care & stay safe
    Love & Hugs

  13. Hi Barbara
    I hope you had fun at pottery this afternoon and all the pieces turned out as you hoped they would. Did mum enjoy her trip to M&S? She was probably excited to be out and about and able to choose things for herself, I know I was. More importantly, did your dad enjoy being alone in the house for a while? Hope he wasn’t tempted to change the locks again! 😂.
    Love Diane xxx

  14. Hope your day was great. I am sure you find pottery very good for you, such a change. I know your mum would enjoy going to shop. I haven’t been shopping since before lockdown . I am having great trouble walking. Have a slipped disk which is pressing on the sciatic nerve and all they can come up with is tablets , so frustrated. So pleased I have craft to do. And love my hour with you. Did manage my first meal out tonight with two friends. Nice to see beyond my front door. Stay safe xx

    1. Hi Josephine, sorry to hear about your pain. I have a suggestion, because I had severe sciatica, because of my job in IT, and sitting for hours on end. My walking and pain got so bad, that my husband booked me in with a Chiropractor behind my back, and yes I know going privately is expensive, but what a difference, I can walk without needing to stop or lean on something, and the pain has receded substantially. Take care. Bx

  15. Hello Barb, a good outlook on life. Hope you had a pleasant excursion with Mum, and that Dave and Dad put the world to rights. And pottery, well hope that is going well and you got all your pots turned, I love seeing what you create. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. Hope you really enjoyed every aspect of your day. Bet your Mum felt a little apprehensive at first but thoroughly enjoyed her trip to M&S. l
    Looking forward to seeing the latest pottery results and have you sold that Harley yet! X

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