Something very new. For us!

Something very new. For us!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Been in meetings all afternoon, making a plan for this coming Saturday. Paul, Jilly and I are sharing the load on this one, for which I am very grateful! Way too much on my assiette at the moment! You know when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, don’t you. So it‘s good to be able to ask a friend – or two!!

We’ve been working on a new line of stamps for Pergamano, you see. For the first time ever, we have licensed beautiful art from a well known artist : Marina Fedotova, a Russian lady. I fell in love with these little characters the minute I saw them! Look!

I’m not usually a fan of cutsie, but I have to say, these are so gorgeous, how can you not love them?! Just beautiful. On Saturday evening, at 6pm we will be showcasing these little Poppets, as we have called them, on HOCHANDA.

The art samples have been pouring in from the Clarity Design team. Just breathtaking! There were a couple in particular from lovely Carole Panksztelo, which I kept going back to…

When Cute meets mixed media. How wonderful, eh?

I thought we’d have a little bloggy competition. You see, we had great fun at Clarity Towers giving these little poppets names.

Here are the 6 names:







You’ve guessed it! First, write one word below, describing the new Pergamano Poppets. And be nice! They are super sensitive…

Next, match the name with the correct Poppet. Write the answers, 1-6 (the poppets are numbered above) in an email and send to I will put all the correct answers in a hat, and on Saturday at 6pm on live TV we will draw the lucky winner of a £40 Clarity Gift Voucher. Gottabeinittawinnit, right?!

And now it’s time to stop for the day. All set for our SHAC-Shack doodle session at 10 tomorrow too. Are you? xxx

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

53 thoughts on “Something very new. For us!

  1. These are far too nice!! I love them – whatever their names!!
    Hope you are well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  2. Gorgeous. Perfect for my little granddaughter for Christmas card. Like you I don’t do cutsie very often but theses are lovely.

  3. Three lots of good news today then – a launch, a vaccine that produces immunity and half the 25% drop in UK output seen in March/April already recovered. Excellent.

  4. Marvelous – Magical – Cute – Perfection.
    I too could cheat but I won’t. Not fair to others. Will be recording the ODS to watch later. Gorgeous as these stamps are they are not my style. However I may buy the mini’s
    Back gave out on me today, very painful, so currently miserable but it won’t last long I hope. Too much living to be enjoyed.
    Very warm again today, surprisingly, thought it would be cooler. Overcast and muggy is not my thing.
    Stay safe.

  5. These little poppets are stunning, looking forward to seeing the other samples on Saturday.
    Stay safe, Jackie x

  6. I am not a cutsie fan either, but these just could be falling into my basket. I have had some good news today. Having had my eyes tested recently, I decided to push hard to get my cataracts done while there are no real life classes and get togethers. Today, I had my pre-op assessment in a very swish centre in Birmingham, and they have accepted me onto the list. Hopefully, the first one will be done very soon and the second four weeks later. Then, I can get back to crafting and get my colours right. Fingers crossed. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

    1. Oh, Maggie! What wonderful news. I hope it all goes to plan and you recover quickly. I’m told you need two pairs of strength 2 glasses from the pound shop, roughly the same size as your frames, so you can mess about with the lenses until your eyes settle, the drops are no longer needed and you can get prescription ones.

  7. Endearing – right up my street, just adorable. I think I’m going to be on bread and water next week but it will be worth it.

  8. Spectacular
    Love these and will definitely be getting these xx wow clarity and pergamano how do you come up with such fabulous new ideas xx

  9. Beautiful images. Had the original fairies years ago featured in Pergamano stamps and multi grid special 2 magazine.

  10. Hi Barbara
    Aren’t they gorgeous and I think there’s quite a quirky Clarity element to them too. I think they are going to fly. I must have a closer look at them and see if I can guess their names. Did you get all the bottle lids on yesterday? If it was me there would be one missing! 😊😂.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Hm, thinking stamp on to shrink plastic, they would make great tags for crackers, xmas table decorations etc

  12. They are so adorable! I think I would call them Magical, they just make me happy and I am going to have to have them. Love the mixed media creations with them. Thanks for sharing xx

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