Brilliant Birdtable!

Brilliant Birdtable!

Hi there.

Thamks for popping in. Lovely weather we’re having here in the Southeast. For those who have a garden, this is a perfect day. Not to hot, not too cold, not too windy, just a slight occasional breeze.

Cannot wait to see my parents this afternoon, and hang out with them in their lovely garden. If the pandemic has taught me one thing (actually it has been a HUGE learning curve for this old bird – at so many different levels), it is to get my priorities straight, and put the important people in my life in pole position. For too many years the people I love have played second fiddle in my orchestra, because Wurka and Hollic had me in their grip. But nowadays I have a crystal clear picture. I may still be very busy, but nothing is more important than taking care of and spending time with my family. NOTHING.

A couple of weeks ago, Mum and Dad had a huge old tree in their garden felled. The tree surgeon said if they didn’t cut it down, a strong wind and a storm would bring it down, right on the house. They’d already had a taste of that when a large scots pine came through the bedroom window during the hurricane in October ‘87. Remember this?

Mmm. Well Mr Fish. That’ll learn ya! Anyway, Mum and Dad didn’t need telling twice, so the tree was cut down, which is sad but safe, and now there is a 6ft stump in the middle of the garden. “A bird table fitted on that stump would be great”, said Dad.

So Dave went off to his man cave – and made one. It is brilliant. I shall take pics when it has been mounted this afternoon. It’s huge, it’s sturdy and it is built to last!

In fact, I shall tune back in later with the pics once it’s in situ….

They LOVED it!! It looks like it grew there. Thanks, Dave. You are one in a million.

We doodled a fab Bird table early on in the SHAC-Shack, didn’t we? Here it is as a stamp set and in Groovi.

Let’s have a bloggy sale ! Can’t resist a bargain! CLICK HERE!


Love and hugs

Barb xxx

40 thoughts on “Brilliant Birdtable!

  1. Oh wow, that bird table is a stunner and I am not surprised your parents loved it. It will bring them untold hours of pleasure. You are so lucky to have a Dave.
    Thanks you for a lovely hour in the SHAC this morning. I was late to the party, so caught up this afternoon. I shall have to do the same tomorrow, as I am meeting an old friend for a walk. Maybe we will walk in the woods and look for inspiration of our own? Have a lovely evening. Hugs. Annette X

  2. Great minds think alike. One of the trees in my garden is under threat, a beautiful cherry with mahogany bark, but it is unhappy for some reason. The tree surgeon has done some work on it recently, but if that does not rejuvenate it, I had decided to cut it off and use the trunk as a base for a bird table. I am having to totally isolate again for a while, until my eyes are sorted out, removal of cataracts. It will be worth it as I will be able to judge my colours properly again. This Covid thing has put a lot of things into the correct perspective. It seems the perfect time to sort out these things. Great bird table, Dave. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  3. An absolutely wonderful gift, thoughtful & made with love…… Thank god for “men in their man caves” 😄
    Peter has made some lovely planters & window boxes for the garden out of old pallets and a bed frame a neighbour was throwing out….we love a bit of re-cycling!
    Take care and enjoy your evening xxx

  4. Bird table looks great, it will give your mum and dad a lot of pleasure. Our son has turned his hand to woodwork and made us a fabulous bird table, really sturdy. He has sold a few as well as some planters. He is in the events industry, lighting technician, so keeping himself busy whilst there is no work. This virus certainly has made us realise just what is important in our lives.

    1. I am on the hunt for a bird table and bird bath. Would he send me some pictured over carol on messenger?

  5. What a great bird table. The birds will love it!! Dave is very clever isn’t he! Your mum and dad look well and happy. in their lovely garden.

  6. What a great bird table,your parents will have hours of pleasure when the birds arrive. Am loving this weeks doodling never thought I’d draw a butterfly from scratch I’ve even managed a squirrel and its all thanks to you Barbara.xx

  7. What a wonderful blog and what a treat for your Mother and father. We had a beech tree come through the house a few year back. Frightening, and scaffolding up for weeks. Kids slept through it all and lucky none of us were hurt. I remember the Red Cross coming out in the middle of night to offer assistance. Later the TV crew asking assanine questions – How do you feel!!!! Still got trees near us all with TPOs on them. Scary when its windy.
    Finally I have a gem who makes bird tables and owl boxes. What a treat to have a man that can.
    Lots of love – had a ball at the Shak shac today. I could actually draw leaves.

  8. Hi Barbara that is an amazing bird table. It just looks so perfect in situ. Your parents must have been so pleased with it. I loved drawing the bird table. Now I am drawing a woodland walk. I can’t believe what I can draw now. Thank you so much. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  9. Fantastic job on the bird table Dave 🙂
    I know your parents will have hours of pleasure watching all the birds come and go.

  10. What a brilliant idea. So organic!
    Your mum and dad are looking well and I bet they love your visits.
    Have a relaxing evening.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  11. Cherish them and every moment you can spend with them – family is so important. You definitely have your priorities right.

    Great birdtable – we have a tree that’s died and needs to come down – not sure whether we’d be able to keep a stump like that, it’s such a good idea turning into a birdtable, but our tree is diseased, apparently, so maybe not suitable.

    Oh, and on a completely different tack – found some fresh turmeric at last, so will be having a go at the Golden Milk! And Mum has found a YouTube tutorial on how to grow your own turmeric and ginger, so maybe we’ll try that too!

  12. Fabulous bird table, it looks great, a 5* table.
    Isn’t life full of coincidences – a large parcel arrived today and I thought it was something my husband had ordered for the business so I took what I thought was the invoice off the front and it was a message from our grandsons and their mum enclosing a bird table, a gift for his 70th birthday on Thursday! Bet it won’t be as posh as yours xx

  13. A lovely picture of your Mum&Dad!💝
    Dave did a great job with this birdhouse feeder- it’s beautiful and sturdy!
    There will be a lot of birds who come to visit and your parents will enjoy watching them.
    See you tomorrow-love every day your Shac and stories too!🌹
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  14. Great Job Dave – perfect on that stump. The birds will love it.
    I remember that ’87 storm. Got a right telling off for being late for work. MD didn’t believe a tree was right across the dual carriageway, no way to turn around or get past, then I showed him the photos. He still doubted me until it came on the news.
    Hope you had a good afternoon with your parents, they do look well and happy in their lovely garden.
    Been going through my stash and working with items not used for a while. Mojo working overtime now so plenty to be getting on with.
    Venturing out tomorrow for the first time since January (apart from shopping) as we have some essentials to deal with. I am terrified 😷🥺 as hubby insists on coming with me but he should still be shielding. Fortunately we have all the PPE needed, just hope it s enough to avert the hazards.
    Stay safe. 🍒🍒🍒

  15. What a wonderful Bird House Dave made, i guess not only birds will come for dinner….i would like to have a seat in the front row… Greetings 🙋‍♀️

  16. That’s just brilliant – so inspired to make a Bird table for the tree stump. What a creative crafting family you all are! I’m sure there will be many hours of pleasure from it

  17. What a wonderful bird table. Your Mum and Dad must be thrilled. Watching the birds at a feeder is far better than watching TV.

  18. Wonderful bird table, I do admire people like your Dave who can turn their hand to making things like this.
    Lovely stamp too x

  19. Barbara,
    Loving the toadstool drawing. In answer to your question would we like the stamp separate or together, my personal answer is to be separate. This would enable us to build our own scenes.
    You are right to treasure your parents, don’t have any regrets, to ponder on. I lost both of mine within 5 months of each other, 3 years ago. There isn’t a day when I don’t think about them, especially my Mum. I keep thinking I should have treasured them more when they were both well. It is easy sometimes to think people will always be there, unfortunately nobody is here forever.

  20. Hi Barbara
    Ohh how lovely that bird table is and it is perfect on that old stump your parent are so looking well.
    Your right to treasure them.
    I remember the storms of 87 we had just moved to Claiton On Sea we were in a flat while we were house hunting god the devastation the storm caused was unbelievable.
    Anyway have a lovely evening. 🤗

  21. Beautiful stamps. Lovely photos of your parents Barbara, yes treasure them while you’ve got them, you are are great family. Great sturdy bird house that Dave’s made, hours of fun for your parents watching the birds in their garden. Loved the Shac Shack this

  22. Glad Wurka and Hollic have been kicked into touch. You don’t get the time back, Barb, so you are quite right to spend as much of it as you can with your parents and the others whom you love. Great bird table. It’s also lovely to see your parents looking so well in the light of al that is going on. That’s a lovely photo of them. Hope you have a lovely time at pottery tomorrow, too. Life is for living. Hxx

  23. Great job with the bird table Dave, no wonder your mum and dad are happy with it.
    Really enjoying the walk in the woods, looking forward to seeing what else we’re going to draw.

  24. What a magnificent bird table Barbara and looks perfect on its, such a great idea and the birds will love it too…your Dave is a marvel. I love the photo of your Mum and Dad too and so right to see them whenever you can. x

  25. Hi Barb, wow Dave is so clever and creative, the Bird Table looks great on the stump. And your Mum and Dad are just a lovely couple, full of smiles. Love the stamps from the doodles. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  26. I always knew Dave was amazing !! Now…tell your Mum and Dad about my bird food mix – no seeds (‘cos the spall will just grow) peanut bits, mealworms and suet pellets in any old proportion. My northern birds love it (so do the hedgehogs – but not too many mealworms for them please).
    Speaking of wildlife, poor Bendycat had to have 7 teeth extracted yesterday. He’s still a bit groggy this morning and hiding under the bed, but he’s eating and bright-eyed… there’s hope.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  27. We have about 4 neighbors cutting out trees this summer for the same reasons. Two of which could have gone done on our bedroom. We were thankful and contributed to it as soon as we saw what they had done and thanked them.

    Dave’s bird feeder is great. From the sound of some of the stories you tell of Dave’s doings he sounds like a keeper. (I.e. Vacuuming wasps.😉

  28. That’s what I call a bird table! I can tell it was made by a farmer, will not blow over and made to last! My husband was a farmer and would have produced something sturdy just like that! Well done Dave, brilliant job! Hope your foot is better too. Happy days!

  29. As soon as I saw the first picture I thought SHAC Shack =did Dave use our doodles for his plans. It looks brilliant in your parents garden & once the birds know its there they will have frequent visitors. My mom loves her bird feeder station – the birds line up along the fence & take it in turns to have a feed. Should she be late filling it up they sit & squark until she goes & does it. Had a busy week this week catching up with essential visits to dentist, opticians etc so have caught up in the evenings with our walk through the woods.

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