Love it when it works!!

Love it when it works!!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in.

My name’s Barbara and I’m a Potterholic!

Just spent the whole morning at the wheel, throwing one pot after another after another after another! After so many months of no pottery, no clay, no wheel, I was convinced I’d have forgotten the skill-drill, and have to start at the very beginning. But not so! I was on a roll! And by the way, ready for some great alliteration? Smearing soap and spit on specs certainly stops steaming ! Yummy…

Once I realised I could still do it, (throw a pot girls, throw a pot), I set myself the task of mastering taller pulls…Oi!! Less of the smutty thinking! Anyway, it worked like a charm. Look! From right to left, in order of pullage….

I find it fascinating that all 4 are using pretty much exactly the same amount of clay. Can’t wait to get back there next Wednesday afternoon and turn them.

See how I nearly missed the tile on the first one below. You forget the simple tricks, like wheel to hand to tile, not wheel to tile!

Then I decided to push the pottery boat out, and go larger. So I doubled up on the clay and used a bat on the wheel, which is just like a wooden plate you place on a chamois leather on the wheel; then you don’t run the risk of wrecking larger pots when transferring from wheel to hand to tile; you just leave your creation on the bat. See?

Now the little one in front was another experiment. If you don’t try things, how will you ever know what you can or can‘t do, or what you enjoy or don’t enjoy? I mean to say, just look at your beautiful artwork on Clarity Worldwide this week!! Fantastic. But I digress…Did you watch the Pottery Throwdown, when they were throwing eggcups? They were throwing off the hump, as it’s called. This means you have a large lump of clay on your bat, but you only work off the top area, and then wire-cut your piece off the top of the lump – or the hump. See?

So the four little ones were thrown off the hump (bit wobbly, but I’ve got the idea, and they’ll turn up lovely). And they used as much clay together as one of the larger pots next door. Cool, innit.

I cannot wait to get back to them. And the coil pot I started on Wednesday. But tomorrow, tomorrow I need to get this SHAC-Shack spit spot, ready for Monday, when you all rock up at 10am! And I’d better practice my owls too! Or I’ll look like a right Twit-tawoo! Oh we shall have a hoot for sure!

When you find something that gives you joy, embrace it with both hands – literally. I have a list of creative things which give me joy: doodling, pottery, colouring, pottery, stamping, pottery, parchment, pottery, sewing, pottery, cooking, pottery, jigsaws – err, did I mention pottery?

Yes, grab it with both hands. Whatever your creative passion, it is a blessing, a gift and a wonderful journey.

Gottago. Off to dream about pottery.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

46 thoughts on “Love it when it works!!

  1. Hello Barbara
    I am so pleased you enjoy your pottery. As it has nothing to do with your day to day life of running Clarity and earning a living it is good. It is just for you.
    Love your pots.

  2. I’d love to try pottery…I’ve always found it fascinating but alas never had the opportunity…maybe some day..enjoy it Barbara…your pots are looking good.

  3. Wow, your pots look brilliant. No wonder you enjoy it so much. Have a great weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  4. I love your posts about pottery, and seeing what you make. I went to Berkswell pottery for lessons, what a wonderful experience. I made bowls, dishes , cake stand, lemon squeezer lots of lovely things. Not perfect, but I still love them. I understand your passion xxxx if you are ever in Berkswell again call and see Kara x she is amazing x

  5. Hi Barbara, lovely to hear about your pottery.
    I am trying to find my Crafty mojo again. I miss it so much. Better not try to hard.

  6. Fantastic results, I love reading about your potty adventures, got to love abit of innuendo lol. Loved watching The Great pottery throw down.

    Glad the soap tip worked with your glasses x

  7. Your enthusiasm for your hobby shines like a neon sign I think that is awesome. Thanks for sharing, see you on Monday for the owls
    Take care hugs xxx

  8. I’m glad you had such a lovely day, I’ve been grooving this week instead of drawing, living in Oxford there would be plenty to choose from but I’m not sure I’d be good at perspective yet ! LOL!! Have a good weekend, hope Dave is improving x x

  9. Wow your pot throwing is amazing. Hope we can see them when you have finished. You sound much more chilled. See you Monday x

  10. Hi Barbara, it’s great to hear you being so happy. How about making a tea set for your mum and dad?

  11. Love what you have created. We can all sense your enthusiasm and the pleasure it gives you. Happy days. Hx

  12. Hi Barbara well you have had a productive pottery day.
    Doing what you love is good for the soul.
    I wonder what it is you love 💕 lol 😆

  13. They look amazing, but then again, anything you create is! But it’s great to hear your excitement xoxo

  14. Wow you are so talented. It’s great that you have something to make you so happy out of your business work. Glad you’ve had a good week I for one have really missed the Shac so looking forward to Monday. Have a great weekend all 💕

  15. No wonder you enjoy it so much when you have such amazing products at the end. I’m just a tad worried the potters wheel will lure you away. Just love your pots x

  16. I’m so glad you have had such a happy day. Hope it is back to every Wednesday now and as many extras as possible.

  17. Well done! I’m still using pots that I threw years ago – like 25 or so – years that is! I love potting. Haven’t done it for ages but you’ve inspired me!

  18. Lovely to hear you so happy Barbara, and they look fantastic. So glad you enjoyed yourself today. xx

  19. Oh, brilliant. You do make me smile and laugh out loud. You sound wonderfully rested. A break was just what you needed. Enjoy the weekend, and see you late on Monday. ( back at work 🙁 sadly) x

  20. Oh wow, you sound really happy. So pleased you have had a good time, with such expert results…has it made a mess if your lovely nails which you had grown? Who cares when you have so much fumln. Me, I can’t stop drawing flowers…tonight around a circle!! See you Monday! Xxx

  21. Wow those pots look fantastic & I can feel the excitement in your words. So glad that you have had a good day, a great way to end the week.
    Looking forward to the owls on Monday – another landscape. I found some frames with 3 apertures the size of the postcards so if we can do another landscape one then I can fill 2 frames & hang 1 vertical & 1 horizontal.

  22. Well, it had to happen eventually and now it has, You’ve gone potty Barbara! So glad you had such fun and your pots and egg cups look amazing. Can’t wait to see them finished. x

  23. Listening to you talk about your pottery brings a real wide smile to my face. I can feel the joy in your heart and that makes me very happy xxx

  24. It’s wonderful to hear the joy in your blog when you talk about your pottery. The joy you experience with pottery is the same joy you enable others to achieve with their paper craft be it stamping, doodling, stencils, groovi etc. Have a wonderful evening.

  25. Loved watching the pottery throw down glad you had a good time and your pots look great. You are such a talented lady. Looking forward for Monday and the owls my granddaughter adores them and has already asked if she can have the finished item so I will have to try my best to do a good job. Enjoy your weekend hope Dave is much better.

  26. Hi Barbara
    Glad to our back at pottery Jackie says she knows how you feel she has missed it as well. We packed up the house last August for a move to Somerset didn’t get here until January then lockdown happened and couldn’t get anyone to build the new pottery shed so did it ourselves she finally managed to throw a few pots this week so she’s happy again. So next time your at Glastonbury pop in and you can have a go. You do sound very upbeat so enjoy yourself and I hope Dave is feeling better
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  27. Your pottery went really well, super pots, you should feel very proud of them. You sound very happy and hopefully are very relaxed. Have a great weekend, the weather looks to be better so you may be able to have a lovely walk if Dave’s foot is better, hope it

  28. What a load of wonderful pots Barbara and you definitely haven’t lost your knack that’s for sure. I must have missed somewhere that Dave is a bit under the weather and hope he is feeling a lot better now. x

  29. Wow you sound so upbeat and happy today! No faking just pot making 😀 They look terrific and sound such fun to make.
    Hope Dave’s foot is better. See you Monday xx

  30. Your pots look fantastic and so glad you had a great time throwing them! Have a good weekend with Dave ( hope his foots getting better) and see you Monday with the owls. Stay safe, Jackie

  31. Aawww you really do sound as though the pottery has been a real tonic for you! – Love the pots! – It certainly must be a welcome change in your world right now. I cant help but imagine you with your glasses on with soap suds rising into white soapy volcanoes if it hadn’t worked! I can see it now and hear the language!, I’m in hysterics thinking about it! 🤣🤣🤣 – See you Monday! X

  32. It’s a delight to see you so happy and enjoying your pottery. You reminded me of Tom and Barbara in the Good Life, my favourite sitcom. Have a lovely weekend.

  33. Oh WOW Barbara, looks like you’ve had a fabby time. What marvellous makes. I hope you’ve relaxed and de-stressed and I hope Dave is better. Can’t wait for Monday – my polychromos arrived yesterday thank you – OMG now I know why you all rave about them!!!!!!

  34. Glad you have enjoyed your pottery again!!!
    Didn’t you made a mug some years ago that you used with pencils or so in a show of C&C???
    Love your pots you have made this week.
    Have a peacefull weekend-stay save and healthy.
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  35. Barbara. So pleased to hear you’ve got back in the pottery studio. The joy in your ‘voice’ is so clear to hear. Good times.
    All the best, Claire

  36. It’s so lovely to hear the joy in your voice again! Pottery must be good for the soul, and it’s great when you can see progress like that. It’s how we all feel when we come to one of your workshops – except when it all goes Pete Tong, of course!!! x

  37. So glad you had a great time doing the pottery – I can hear the joy and happiness in your voice as you are telling us all about it. Just what the doctor ordered. Hope you and Dave have a lovely weekend and that Dave’s foot is getting better. Looking forward to Monday although I don’t have the postcards or the book but it doesn’t mean I can’t learn anything does it. Take care xx

  38. Barbara, Your pottery is lovely and coming along wonderfully. Our hobbies are remarkably similar. I’ve been doing pottery for about 3 years after a 20 year hiatus. I love playing in mud and getting my hands dirty. My favorite is Raku. I’m working on getting those vibrant colors that I see others getting. I love the reds and blues. I haven’t succeeded…yet. I’ve missed you this week but have been catching up on my coloring since I just received my post cards. I so enjoy your SHAC shack time and greatly appreciate the time you put into it. Take care…

  39. Hello Barb, so good to hear you happy and enthusiastic. Love the look of all the pots, really looking forward to seeing the finished articles. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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