Day trips are cool

Day trips are cool

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Yep, although today has been a day for paying bills and catching up on personal paperwork, I’m definitely doing day trips on my week off! Tomorrow I’m off to see Mum and Dad, and we’ll be taking a run out through the Kentish countryside in the car, just so they can see something other than their back garden. A change is as good as a rest, and all that! No need to get out of the car, but a little countryside drive will be peachy. We may even take a little picnic…

Stuart and Steve kindly offered to keep the SHAC-Shack going during my absence by organising their own little Daily outings with a little trip down memory lane, and taking a little look at where we’ve all been on our doodle trips.

First stop Japan. That was such a lovely week.

Here’s the link to the Clarity Matters Blog.

One day, when it’s safe to travel again, I think Japan would be a fascinating place to visit. Right now though, I is goin’ nowhere!

Stay safe

Love alway

Barb xxx

29 thoughts on “Day trips are cool

  1. Have a great time with your parents…enjoy your day…relax and have fun. You have earned it…we Willa lol still be here when you get back…happy vacation from Canada.

  2. Enjoy you’re time of. We are missing you already. A lot of us are doing catch up. Will have another go at the Geisha and no.17 smile for today. I was not happy with it so shall have another go. Thank you for the clarity given to us all. Hope Dave gets well soon, and enjoy tomorrow.

  3. She was a day-yay-ay-ay tripper, one way ticket yeah! Oh my goodness, another ear worm for my afternoon at work. I’ve had a lot of them in lockdown – last week for some reason it was “You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille!” Enjoy your drive out tomorrow – we went for a walk on Nairn beach yesterday and dodged most of the showers – it’s nice to finally be able to go more than 5 miles from home.

    Got my club goodies and newsletter today – my heart hurts for you and your lovely Clarity family Barbara. I hope my little card made it’s way to you ok? I could feel your distress last week. We are also navigating uncharted waters with our little business – had almost sold before the lockdown happened and the land registry closed, so we are waiting to find out what happens next and writing all the protocols and changing the way we work in the meantime in preparation for being allowed to open again. Trying just to stay in the moment and do what I have to do today – which is go back to my other job, just now!!! Sending hugs x

  4. Enjoy your day trips and coming home to your own bed at the end of the day. I have to say that I thought Stuart and Steve were actually going to be doing the Shac at 1000hrs every day and giving us all tips on how to draw, colour etc.

  5. Enjoy your time off, got to love a day trip. So sorry to read the updates in your newsletter, this is such an awful time for lots of companies and families. I just hope that as restrictions are lifted people are sensible so we can get back to some resemblance of the daily way of life we all enjoyed (and speaking for myself sometimes took for granted) before this virus appeared. I certainly will try not to take anything as granted after this. Take care xxxxx

  6. Enjoy your day out with your parents tomorrow, as you say just a drive out to give them a change of scene will do them the power of good.
    I got up full of good intentions this morning but got stuck into my family tree & the whole morning has flown by. Retuned the TV as per instructions but for some reason its now got a random date in Nov so nothing has recorded so I am not a happy chappy & in trying to sort it have lost all the freeview channels so will have to wait for the tech guru to come home.
    Off to sort some craft stuff out – I can nearly see the floor & my desks – then I can start playing again.

  7. Barbara thank you for my club members envelope which arrived today. So sad to read the newsletter, little wonder you looked so stressed last week. I hope the measures you have had to take help your business remain successful and wish those affected good luck in finding something else soon. Enjoy your much deserved week off xxx

  8. Enjoy your car trip with your Mum and Dad, nothing like a picnic too. Hope you get some quality down time and really get to recharge those over worked batteries. All the very best to you and Dave xx

  9. Have a lovely time on your day out. If you pass through Charing – the A252 between Charing and Challock – do give us a wave! Will now pop over to the other blog and have another visit to Japan. I hitch-hiked around Honshu for 3 weeks, with a friend back in 1969 -just before expo 70 – and saw them putting up all the buildings. it was a wonderful time with so much to see and do, especially as the people who picked us up were so kind. I’d never recommend it today!!! After that we got a sort of motor launch across to the USSR to catch the Trans Siberian train for the next month!

  10. Received my club package today, super items as usual.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed the demos with the Garden suite , especially as I was able to watch real time, but recorded them anyway. Just one recording at the moment to watch later.
    I was sorry to read in the newsletter that things are rough at present, no wonder you had a meltdown last week. I guessed something was up as despite your cheery banter you have been looking gaunt. Get David to feed you well, have a few picnics with Mum and Dad, enjoy your day trips and TRY TO RELAX!!!!!
    We, your supporters, will all still be here for you, steadfast and true, while waiting for things get back to normal.
    On a lighter note, if it is raining wherever you are it’s hubby’s fault. He was going to mow the lawn but every time he goes to get the mower out IT RAINS !!! Our grass is nearly as tall as next door’s dandelions – I think there is a conspiracy going on somewhere.
    My hair has always been dead straight, strong and virtually unbendable without a perm but since the lockdown it has grown faster than the weeds and is very, very wavy. Knew there had to be an upside to this pandemic so I may not get a haircut any time soon.
    Stay safe and well everyone 🍒🍒🍒

  11. Hi Barbara I hope you have a good week off. I received my lovely club package today. Your news did make me sad. Things must be so hard for you having to make those sort of decisions. I do hope things turn around. This pandemic has far reaching implications. None of us know what will happen. We just have to take one day at a time. Take care. Big Hugs xxxx

  12. Step back now and take some time out. I am sad to hear your news but your timing is better than doing it too late. No wonder you are grief stricken and Dave is ill. Being the boss is definitely good days and growing days. Let’s hope the good is back soon.

  13. Have a lovely day with your mum and dad. Im sure they’ll love having a drive out with you and maybe enjoy a picnic somewhere. I do hope it’s nice weather for you.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  14. It will be a tonic to spend the day with your mum and dad. I was so sad for you, Dave and the Clarity family when I read the newsletter, but hopefully better times are ahead and you will bounce back. Take care and enjoy a bit of time out. Hugs. Annette. X

  15. Sad news for you and the Clarity team. Try to have some you and Dave time, and see you next week in the Shac Shac. We will be drawing and colouring till then. God bless Xx.

  16. Hi there, Barb. Glad you have some time for yourself. Have a lovely, relaxing day with your mum and dad. Lots of love, Hxx

  17. Hi Barb,
    I received my club envelope and was really sorry to hear your sad news. This pandemic ( or plague as a friend of ours calls it) is certainly leaving its mark in all sorts of ways. I know how hard this must have been for you and Dave and all of the Clarity team. I truly hope that things turn around for you before long. You have a lot of very loyal customers who will do their utmost to help you out. Please stay strong. Have a lovely day with your mum and Dad tomorrow and try to have a relaxing week off. Stay safe and well, sending love and hugs Alison xxx

  18. Hope you’ve had a good day. Thanks for the NDC envelope and my Open Days sale things and the free gift, which all turned up today, I love that paper and used it today. I was sorry to read your sad news and what you’ve had to cope with while still, everyday, sharing an hour with all of us. X

  19. I Really felt for you when I read your newsletter Barbara and especially that you all work so hard and put your heart and soul into everything you do. Just bad timing I guess with all the changes happening and then Covid knocked it all back. I am sure, in time you will bounce back as you still have all your very appreciative and loyal customers. As you say, this too shall pass.
    My husband was born in Japan and we have been there a few times. I can tell a few stories of the strange and funny things that happened to me when out there. One being, that I went and had a lie down because everything felt a bit weird when I was crossing a main junction in Tokyo. Everyone one else seemed Ok, so I assumed it was me, maybe sickening with something. I later found out that it was a small earthquake and it’s just a normal part of daily life out there! – He was actually born during an earthquake! I’ll say no more! 😘 Anyway, enjoy your week and try and get some R & R too with Dave and hope his foot gets better!

  20. Hello. I had already decided to do some more of the early sketches, hoping they would be better now than then, so today have spent time repeating…’this too will pass’ I am not sure my drawing is much better, but think my shading is improving…either way I loved doing it…thanks to you Barbara xxx

  21. I hope you had a good dayout with your parents Barbara, and that the weather behaved itself. Will do you good to get away from the business force few hours. We had a pleasant hour or so seeing our friends in their garden this afternoon. Something else to look forward to is going to see two of our Grandchildren on Friday evening, not seen them since January. Hope Dave’s foot is getting better, you take care and try to stop worrying, things will pan out, try to stay positive. Lots of love Pam xxx

  22. Dear Barbara. Received my lovely envelope today, the groovi is going to be a very useful one. Thank you. Also thank you for your letter, so sorry you are going through all this worry, and yet you have been keeping us smiling through all these weeks. I hope you had a lovely day with your Mum and Dad. Enjoyed the shows at the weekend, will definitely fall for some of Linda’s garden designs. Xxx
    Make sure you get a rest this week. And hope Dave’s foot improves. Xxxxx

  23. Hi Barbara
    I hope you have a lovely week off, spending time with your mum and dad and Dave. I haven’t received my club envelope yet but can imagine your news. Sending you all a big hug.
    Love Diane xxx

  24. Hello Barb, thanks to the guys for keeping things going, hope you have a lovely restful week and enjoy some time with your Mum and Dad. I think a picnic in some quiet pretty spot is a great idea. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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