Children through the Seasons…

Children through the Seasons…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Well, you lovely Groovi boys and girls! Have we got something special in store for you! Linda Williams has done it again! On Sunday at 6pm on HOCHANDA, we are launching a wonderful collection of Groovi children plates. Linda has created two sets of Spring Summer Autumn and Winter plates – one for the girls and one for the boys. They are just delightful. Take a look….

And the best news is that Linda herself – the Queen of the parching world in my humble opinion – will be running the whole TV One Day Special. Yep. From start to finish, Linda has prepped and recorded videos for all 5 hours! That is such good news! After all, she designed the plates, so she will know them inside out, right? This is going to be like a 5 hour parching master class! Starts Sunday at 6pm. Not to be missed!

She’s such a good friend to me, you know. There was a lot of glare in her conservatory from the sun when she was filming, so they brought the parasol indoors from the garden. They covered the windows with black card, just to reduce the reflection. The rag n bone man went past while she was recording, so she had to start again. “Then bugger me!” she said, “I was halfway through again – and he came back the same way!” She has worked tirelessly together with Lynne Jackson to completely lift this job off our shoulders. Like I said, good friend.

I have seen the projects she has lined up for you. Absolutely spectacular. These plates are exquisite. Make a note in your diary: HOCHANDA – Sunday 6pm.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “Children through the Seasons…

  1. Love Linda! I’m very very grateful that she’s your mate, Mum. And takes some of the heat & work off your shoulders. That means the world at the moment <3 Grace xo

  2. Good friends are the best! You are lucky to have each other. I am look forward to the show. Thank you both.

  3. Those are super plates. I am so looking forward to Linda’s demos. She is such a fantastic teacher so it will be nice to see her back in the driving seat. Aren’t we the lucky ones? Hx

  4. She is the perfect friend to have and the best Parcher there is. Very much looking forward to seeing these plates and watching Linda work her magic xx

  5. Will certainly be seeing that and recording. Love listening to Linda, a lovely voice and a great friend to have. Enjoyed your visit this morning, haven’t got the cards yet, but have a few copies of the stamp you have so been using those. Got them from a friend who used to have class once a month, she thought a lot of you, and got me interested. Very glad she did. Xxxx

  6. Awesome news that Linda is back. I’m so pleased for her & Clarity….and us too.
    I’ve been waiting for these Groovi plates, having had a sneak peek a while ago I think?
    🎉Roll on Sunday🎊

  7. Whoop whoop! Well done Linda 🙂 I will look forward to the shows very much – especially after she has gone to so much trouble! xx

  8. Only met Linda once but was mesmerised by her teaching and her lovely soft voice. Certainly takes the stress out of parching. I am going to record the programmes to keep. Loving these plates and they are a defo for my basket.
    Glad some of the work has been taken off your shoulders, you do so much for us and at times it must be overwhelming.
    Love and hugs. Stay safe.🍒🍒🍒

  9. Please please please bring out as stamps.I cannot ‘groovy’ as it plays up my arthritis in my thumb and wrist but love my clarity stamps and colouring!!!!

  10. I’ve missed Linda’s tutorials. (Not that your’s and Paul’s aren’t great too) She is so calm and has a way of explaining things that gives me the courage to try out a new technique.

  11. Those plates look wonderful! I don’t normally go much for cute kiddies, but these designs are so appealing – and, forget the girl and boy images, just look at those delightful frames! I do look forward to seeing what Linda makes of them. I’d be very pleased if they turned out to be baby A6 plates – small is beautiful, and certainly less daunting! – but I’m guessing they’re probably A5, if not A4.

  12. So looking forward to Linda’s Sunday tv shows. Her calm voice and easy to follow demos are just great. Missed seeing her she makes it look all so easy! I also enjoy yourself and Paul on tv too but after all Linda is the Pergamano Chief! Xx

  13. Hello Barb, well I think Linda is just so amazing and creative, these plates are beautiful and I know that there will be many happy Parchers and Groovers out there. I love watching Linda work, even though Parching is not really my thing, she inspires. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. Hi Barb,
    These plates look gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what Linda does with them. It’s great for you as well that Linda is taking some of the pressure off you by doing the shows which will definitely be recorded! I also want to say that the new woodland texture plates will be falling into my basket – they are brilliant! Love and hugs,Alison xx

  15. The new plates look wonderful ,what a clever lady Linda is. I have always wanted to do parchment craft ,but never found any one to teach it then up popped Groovi and I started my journey, a bit late in life but I have achieved some lovely pieces, so thank you all for a wonderful craft .x

  16. Haven’t watched yet but recorded so will watch tomorrow look beautiful. Looking forward to drawing tomorrow have no idea so good surprise see you in morning Joyxx

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