Who’d have believed it!

Who’d have believed it!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Ventured into Lidl’s on the way home from the office. Put my mask on and went a-shopping for my parents. It’s the first time I’ve been in an actual supermarket since March, unless the Marks n Sparks attached to the petrol station counts. It doesn’t.

The wierdest thing is that I was really excited! Happy even. To be able to walk along an aisle in a shop and select what I wanted from the shelves. Who’d have thought that shopping at Lidl’s would become a highlight! Isn’t it strange how things we absolutely took for granted are now so special? Not a bad thing really. There are millions of poor souls in the world who wouldn’t even know what a supermarket is, and wouldn’t have the money to buy anything even if there were one nearby.

I had headed to Waitrose (posh n pricey), but the queue was round the car park! Sod that, I said to myself, I said! No queue at Lidls (cheap n cheerful) up the road – so Lidls it was.

I am a very grateful old Hector this evening. I got to go to a supermarket and buy my Dad some creamed rice (and one for us!), and my Mum some Emmenthaler cheese (and one for us!). I am actually really chuffed, and looking forward to spending the day with them on Saturday.

It’s baffling isn’t it. I don’t know what to feel about it all really. So I shall crack open a tin of creamed rice and enjoy it. Mmmm… Hot or cold? What think you? I like that simple things give me such pleasure nowadays. I am saddened that it took a pandemic for me to get grateful .

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “Who’d have believed it!

  1. I like Lidl and Aldi, especially when they have typical German delicacies on offer. Pity I am not allowed Mettwurst any more. Enjoy your time at your mum and dad’s.

  2. Hello Barbara
    Such simple pleasures. It makes me feel nearly normal (except for the mask, lol.)
    Enjoy your creamed rice.

  3. Ooh, hot! We might have rice pudding tomorrow, my sister has requested it!
    It is very satisfying to be able to buy special things for special people.

  4. Working in Sainsbury’s I have spent a lot of time in the supermarket lol lol , would be nice to browse through different shops again though ,
    Creamed rice not with a dollop of jam for me Have a good evening

  5. Rice pudding…. Cold out of the tin. Yummy. Although I do like it hot too with a nutmeg skin! Simple pleasures in life.
    Have a lovely evening and only one more day to go til you get to see your mum and dad.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  6. Ice Cream, that is what I missed the most. What a treat to have some in the freezer! I think crafting has been a massive help too, it was the only normal thing we had. Keep yer rice, I’ll have the cheese please.
    Hope you are all well.
    Love, Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) Bendycat is pretty much fully recovered now, judging by the dead birds all over the garden – he is clearly testing the remaining teeth!

  7. Congratulations for braving a supermarket. Lidl and a small city centre Sainsbury’s are my go-tos at the moment, as they’re generally much quieter than the big supermarkets, and have what I need!
    I finally got around to making some face coverings today, with old scraps of material, I had been using scarves, but knew I’d want something easier to use if we’re going to need to wear them for the foreseeable. Rather pleased with the results, even if I do say so myself!
    Oh yes – rice pudding: for me it has to be hot, with a dollop of jam and/or some fresh fruit. Nom Nom, I finished a tin yesterday!

  8. Ooh…..tinned rice with tinned pears…reminds me of my late Mum. She was a dreadful cook (as my brother would say “her cooking took no prisoners!”), mainly because she didn’t enjoy cooking…but she could open a mighty fine tin!

  9. Only go to Lidl at Christmas but our local Aldi has been excellent throughout the COVID period. I go once a week on Thursday morning and it has been stress free throughout. Simple things have kept me sane since March and smaller companies like Clarity and local greengrocers have proved invaluable xx

  10. I haven’t been in a supermarket since my last day at Sainsbury’s (6th April)! I can’t wait to be able to choose my own fresh fruit! Tomorrow is our last day of shielding so we are allowed out and about from Saturday! Freedom at last! I want to take Samuel out somewhere, but can’t decide where! Maybe Chatham Asda’s eh?! 🤣. Love always, R x

  11. I haven’t been to the supermarket since Feb as I do all my shopping online anyway and only go to Sainsburys to look at the magazines and get coffee!! I still have to stay in until the middle of next month, by which time my hair will be long enough to put up! Or sit on LOL. I love to make rice pud in my slow cooker so it gets a nice skin. Also make it with coconut milk sometimes for a change. Enjoy your Barb.

  12. We have shopped all the way through. We have also bought shopping for lots of different people. We still check up on a few people who still need help. It has been good to help where we can. It is a lot easier shopping now than it was a the beginning. Little things do make a big difference. Enjoy your creamed rice. Take care. Hugs xxx

  13. Home made rice pudding with plenty of nutmeg (or mixed spice for a change), stewed apple or tinned cherry fruit filling as a topper, yummy.
    Been doing my shopping at the local Morrisons at the crack of dawn. Nice and quiet. Ventured to Sainsbury’s last weekend, our first trip out, only 12 miles away, horrible experience!!! I did try a home delivery at the beginning of the lockdown, short dates, manky veg, squashed fruit, dented tins and substitutes for some items. NEVER AGAIN. We have an Aldi and a Lidl close by but never been in either. Maybe I should try them.
    Received more Clarity goodies today, so plenty to do tomorrow while hiding from the heat. Cooler days next week thank goodness.
    The only things I’ve really missed during this epidemic are the occasional fish & chips and I really crave a fresh Cromer crab for tea.
    Stay well, stay safe.🍒🍒🍒

  14. Hi Barbara
    Hot rice pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Sounds revolting tastes divine, give it a try xx

  15. Hot with jam for me please xxx I like having a look around Lidl lots of different products on offer to try 😃😋😊
    Take care xxx
    And thank you again for the shack shack your a real star xxx

  16. Have been to Morrison’s once since lock down and that was at 7.30am felt quite safe as it was so early. Love rice pudding hot or cold with nutmeg sprinkled on top.

  17. We went to our Lidl this afternoon. It was really good with everyone distancing and masked. We also prefer Lidl for fruit and veg – good quality and value for money. We had some gorgeous minted lamb steaks on Sunday which were yummy…… I hope you enjoyed your rice pud Barb – my favourite….. Love to your Mum and Dad xxxxx

  18. I have gone to Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s once a week all the way through- Morrison’s bread is better but I do the Smart shop in Sainsbury’s and whizz round. However it is getting a bit scary now as there are so many people holidaying here in Cornwall and there is very little social distancing going on. We have had very low rates of Covid here and I am afraid that may change.
    On another note I love homemade rice pudding but a tinned one is a close second xx

  19. Haven’t had tinned rice pudding for ages, perhaps I will buy some. We have been going to the town centre Sainsbury as it is quicker to get round and usually well stocked. Enjoy your visit with your Mum and Dad. x

  20. I live in N Lancs and from midnight we cannot meet another household indoors or in the garden as the number of Covid 19 cases are increasing rapidly. Enjoy your shopping but take great care

  21. Hello Barb, I do quite a lot of my shopping at Lidl and Aldi, they have really great offers. Mmmm have not had rice pudding for ages as we try steer away from Carbs because Hubby is diabetic, but I would say hot, with a dollop of strawberry jam. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  22. Enjoy the little things, because they are really the big things! Love tinned rice pudding almost as much as my mum’s pressure cooker rice that she used to make with evaporated milk when we were little ❤

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