#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 2

#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 2


Back up on the chair at the Open Days, all set for another giveaway… Can anybody remember what the first thing is I usually say, to grab your attention?

So let’s see. How would you like to win a Junior Lightwave, complete with Superfoam and cover? Lovely little giveaway, especially if you’re just starting out on your Groovi journey!

Just tell us below why you need a lightwave in your life below, and you will go into the prize draw.

Hope you’re having a HAPPY DAY CLARITY DAY xxx

Love always

Barb xxx

162 thoughts on “#HappyDayClarityDay Giveaway No. 2

    1. I would love a junior lightwave to light up my work I have just started my journey with groovi and it would improve my learning curve .xx

  1. Hello Barbara
    I would love a junior lightwave to take to all the Retreats, workshops and social groups I am looking forward to attending when things are back to normal.
    Thank you for your generosity.

  2. Clarity helps to shine a light on my crafting, and a Lightwave will help me shine a light on my Clarity crafting!

  3. This would be great as Diabetes is playing havoc with my eyesight. I have a lot of Groovi but am having difficulty in using it.

  4. This would be perfect for taking on holiday so I could parch and groov wherever I am. Not far from home at present but we live in hope.

  5. A junior light wave would allow me to work on groovi in my living room for longer, gets quite dark in there and I have to down tools far too early!
    I could also take it to the East Northants Groovi Group! Yay!

  6. Hi Barbara..I would love to have a light wave..it would make tracing so much easier…the struggle is real when you have to hold things up to the window especially when your using a darker parchment..thanks for a great chance on this great product.

  7. What a lovely kind thing to do. Hope I should be lucky enough to win this. I have just tidied up all my Groovi plates os this would be the perfect addition. Anything that can help and make things easier

  8. If I was lucky enough I’d give this to the current Mrs L, who has embarked on her art journey, due to your inspirational SHAC-shack, and isn’t always over confident about drawing freehand. With a lightwave she can trace the parts she can’t master.

  9. I would pass it on to my friend’s daughter. I gave her the deluxe starter kit for Christmas so this would be perfect but will be happy whoever gets it.

  10. I’d love a lightwave so that I could use it with the residents where I work, to get them in the groove. Being elderly they tend to suffer with poor eyesight

  11. I would like this as easier to carry around and I could use it outside in the garden when sitting on my swing seat ionly do small projects when I am crafting outside .

  12. I would love to have a junior lightwave to take to Retreats and to the monthly meeting of the ENGG. It would easier to transport that my larger version xx

  13. I’d love a lightwave – I have it on my list of wants but keep being distracted by other wants.

  14. I would like to win this so that I can take it with me to workshops and also to work to use in my lunch break xx

  15. What a great prize, I have to keep lending my daughter’s, which she doesn’t mind. So when she needs to use it, I am so lost without it. Good luck to all

  16. Ooh it would light up my Groovi world and help me to improve my parching. Also my granddaughter, who is 10 will love it too, thank you xx

  17. To give to my daughter who has had to do Groovi by taping it to a window and only has a tiny craft room in her flat! X

  18. It would be lovely to actually stop trying to convince myself that I really can see well enough without any help!!! Who am I trying to kid? I bet you are really missing the open days. Such a great crowd of people

    Aha that’s simple. I need a lightwave because I stood on my old one at a workshop and cracked it! It still works remarkably as I am no lightweight but it spirts a lovely crack right down the middle.

  20. I’d keep it safe for my great niece when I get to introduce her to Groovi, reckon will be another year yet. X. P.s. it might also come in handy for hubby now he’s doing his own craft!

  21. Ha, ha, I just need a light, any light, at the end of the tunnel. Preferably one bright enough for me to see clearly to steer me in the right direction…
    (Obviously I’m not asking to be included in the giveaway.)
    I’m just happy that finally there’s something I can feel part of, and from my bed. Thank you Barb xxx

    1. Good to see you on here Brenda, you have been missed.
      Why not join us in the SHAC shack on Facebook every morning – even if you only listen to Barbara’s tales. We are off on our travels on Monday – destination unknown at the moment x

  22. Ooh, I’d love to win a junior lightwave as I currently don’t have one and find it quite tricky to do anything with my Groovi plates with the darker parchment. It would be great to be able to see properly! Thanks for doing such a great giveaway, and thank you to my mum for telling me it was happening as I’m at work and might have missed it otherwise!

    M x

  23. I’d love a little lightwave to help me see my way to improving my Groovi since my eyes need SO much help 🙂

  24. Wow what a fab giveaway! I’d love a lightwave because my ageing eyesight would be very grateful!! 🤣 xx

  25. My eyesight isn’t brilliant and before lockdown I was diagnosed with catharacts. A junior lightwave would make such a help as I would hate to have to give up Groovi

  26. My Husband has taken over my craft room so that he work safely at home but it has my large day light lamp which I cannot fit anywhere else. The light wave will help me greatly because I could do parchment in the now cramped area I have and be able to see what I am doing!

  27. The smaller lightwave would be great for taking out & about but also so I can show my granddaughters the next steps in their Groovi journey & not have them fight over mine.

  28. I am going to try and set up a Groovi Group once it feels more comfortable to be around people again. It would be great to have another Lightwave for anyone who hasn’t got their own to use.

  29. I would love the light wave so much…. it would really help me with so many projects as my eyes aren’t as good as they were…… this would be perfect….🥰

  30. Well I was hoping a junior light wave would be a prize as I would like one to craft meetings. It would be nice and neat to carry however I think there are probably more worthy winners. Still in it to win it.

  31. This would be great for taking to club meets and would take up less space on my craft, sorry, dining room, table! I use my big one a lot, but it doesn’t make a great place mat! Love Annette X

  32. I was lucky enough to purchase one of the original A4 lightwaves and would like your incredible giveaway to go to someone who really needs it!

  33. This would light up my life …… and making tracing a whole lot easier too! Many thanks for offering such a generous prize.

  34. Just purchased a light wave but unfortunately not a very good one but definitely helps me as I have an eye problem and helps me focus better. I do some parchment work and thought it would come in very use full with the coloured parchment.

  35. Afternoon Barbara,
    Would love a junior lightwave , it would be a memory of the times spent with you in the shac shack and a way of getting me back into the groove! xx

  36. I would love this to take in my camper van, when it’s safe to go journeying again 😄
    I can’t get to the retreats, so this is great, thank you

  37. Would love to have this so I could give to a very dear friend to start her Groovi journey. Then maybe one day she would be able to get off the train at the final stopx

  38. I need the lightwave in my life,
    It really would be great,
    For groovi, drawing, colouring,
    It would illuminate.
    I guess I could have bought one,
    That really would be fine.
    But I spent all of my money,
    At Clarity last time!!

  39. Would love to win so could give to a dear friend to start her Groovi journey . Then fingers crossed I can help her to get on the train and one day get off at the final stop

  40. I am slowly building up my Groovi stash and this would be an ideal addition. I would find this invaluable for colouring the parchment as it’s so easy to ‘miss a bit’ (old eyes etc)

  41. To light my Clarity artwork. Shielding in Wales, in highest risk group. Desperately need to see an option.
    No blooming Dame Edna’s!

  42. I’ve not got a light wave so a junior one would be great to encourage me to get my Groovi stash out again especially after watching Glynis’ helpful video earlier on how to transform a straight border into a round one. So clever and much easier with the light wave maybe?

  43. It would be nice to make more with coloured parchment but can’t see as well with it so I’m sure this would help xx good luck all xx

  44. A junior lightwave would be a great addition to my crafty stash! Would be very useful for the days when I want to do some Groovi but also want to watch clarity on Hochanda! Perfect lap size lightwave, mug of tea, Groovi and tv, easily pleased lol
    Love n hugs xxx

  45. If I were lucky enough to win the generous prize, I would give it to my lovely granddaughters, to help them carry on with their crafting journeys. Good luck everyone. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  46. A light wave would really be helpful for me to see the finer details of projects especially when colouring in projects xx

  47. A few weeks ago after lockdown I posted a photo on Groovi world wide of my grandchildren-6 year old Henry and 4 year old twins James and Felicity all sat at the kitchen table with their Groovi Go that I bought them for Xmas. They would love a light wave!

  48. My light wave has been amazing but is now a bit wobbly connecting. I’d love another one to replace my old friend.

  49. Oh I would so love to have a small light wave it would be so handy to take to classes and workshops what a generous prize xx

  50. I need a lightwave to see the Light through darkness and with dark parchment papers of course 😊

  51. Good luck to everyone entering …. if I were to win this lovely prize, I would bring it to my workshops for other people to try out for themselves. x

  52. would love this light wave as would mean that could sit and Groovi wherever I am! and actually see what I am trying to do!

  53. Good morning come on in..

    I would Love a light wave to share with my 10yr old granddaughter who is having her first ‘bubble ‘ visit since the start of lockdown.

    Happy day Clarity day

  54. I would need a lightwave to see the Light through darkness and parchment paper of course 😊

  55. I would love a mini light wave to take away with me as much more convenient to pack. I hope that next time I see my young niece I can get her into groovi in which case I would leave it with her. Love all things groovi

    1. I would love a wee light wave so I can do groovi along side my daughter, who is now getting time to do some crafting while she is on furlough and shielding as she is 22 weeks pregnant. (Exciting times!) She is super artistic.

  56. I need it cause mine is old and i need a new one ,my gt granddaughter has her eye on my old one she says her teacher has one at school,so i would give it to her if i had yours ,so need it x

  57. I would love this to give to my friend, I’m in the process of getting some groovi plates and tools together to make a groovi hamper for her, so that when we are able to meet up again after lockdown, for our Friday girls wine, craft and natter nights, we will be able to Groove together. xx

  58. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for all your time spent teaching us in the SHAC Shack.
    I would love to win the junior light wave, so portable to carry when travelling to different events. Also the eyesight is not what it used to be and I don’t have any Dame Edna’s! So a light wave would really help me especially when working on parchment.

  59. I would love to win this, I love Groovi and it would mean I could Groovi Any time, Any place & Anywhere!!!

  60. Been on my wish list since discovering clarity I could use it for my groovi work , paper rafting, drawing colouring pretty much everything would be so much easier with one x

  61. Got loads of other gear I’m waiting to learn how to use air might as well have a light wave to add to my AGNI.

  62. As a teacher I’ve started on my Groovi journey to help me relax after juggling being in school, remote video call teaching as well as home schooling my own children. I’m now ready to try the challenge of perforating. As my eyes are so bad I think I’ll need a light wave to see anything I’m doing 😅 or it might be a complete disaster. Thank you.

  63. I would love a groovi go – then when lockdown is over and we are allowed out I could still craft every day, wherever I happen to be.

  64. Would just love the junior light wave. I have used a large light wave to try when I visit a friend but if I won one then I could take it with me when we have our crafty evenings.

  65. I would use the lightbord certainly for my groovi work? But I think it will help me to with tracing photographs into an outline drawing. I am trying to enhance my drawing and colouring skills with all kinds of techniques. So this lightbord will help me hopefully!

  66. Good to see Brenda is up and about. A small lightwave would be fantastic for taking to my parchment group. X

  67. I would love a junior light wave to take to my craft club and I know my friends would enjoy sharing it,

  68. Good to see Brenda is up and about. A small lightwave would be fantastic for taking to my parchment group.

  69. A lightwave would be fantastic to help me on my Groovi journey. Since lockdown I have been made redundant and struggling to get another job especially as there are so many other people looking but embracing the Groove has helped my head space along with finding my love of stamping again.
    Really missing open days this would have been my 3rd one.

  70. This would be the light at the end of a pandemic, I hope.
    PS. Thank you Barb for everything this past three months. x x x

  71. A junior lightwave would be fabulous to take to my craft group they love seeing all the creations but would be grate so they could have a go as well. Eyesight not as good these days xxx

  72. I just need this a5 lightwave in my life lol, game changer using a lightwave and would be so much easier to take to my parchment classes and retreats.
    Really appreciate everything Clarity has done for us all over the last twelve weeks xx

  73. It would make life easier when doing my groovi which I am new at and is great as it is portable xx

  74. The Lightwave is one tool that no one shouldn’t do without. It not only is invaluable in parchment but also with appliqué and quilting is used to trace out the pattern on to fabric and bondaweb . As Barbara says it’s a game changer.

  75. Oh WOW What a super prize – thank you.
    I’d love to win this as not only would it help my parchment work but it would help hubby too as he is partially sighted. I gave my old lightbox away to a local Brownie pack when I last had a massive clearout. Wish I had kept it now 🙁

  76. Ooo i would love to win this as my Mum has ‘borrowed’ my original, so this will come in very handy. XX

  77. Well, the eyesight is not going to return to the performance of yesteryear so this would be a gateway to better executed projects! Such a generous offer. Thank you. x

  78. I would be very grateful to win this piece of kit. Thank you for the chance. Eyesight is not what it once was!!!

  79. If I had the small light wave I would be able to get in the groove ‘any time, any place, anywhere! 😊

  80. I would like the junior lightsaber to take on holiday so afraid I would damage my big one then I would be lost.

  81. Would love to give to one of my daughters carers, who is wanting to start parchment craft. I have given her my spare tools and some plates to get her started and would love to finish it off with a small light wave….a must have for any crafter 😂😂. Thank you for being so generous xx

  82. Have you tried holding things up to the window to trace! Would be so much easier to see what I was doing on a Table top.

  83. As a newbie there is so much i still need/want but a light wave would come in handy as as soon as night falls my littleboats lights dont give enough “clarity” to work in the evenings . I rely on batteries as i live in a wonderful narrow boat.
    As for what you say to get our attention ,having not been to any gatherings or open days YET i dont know but in the shac shac you say ” come on in”and so the adventure begins

  84. Colored parchment is challenging to see without one, and I just got LOTS of colors! A light wave would be amazing!

  85. I would love a light wave in my life. It would be useful for soooo many things. Parchment first and foremost, but also anything that requires that extra bit of light. Diamond art is another good reason to have a light wave. Xx

  86. I would give the junior lightwave to my friend, who I introduced Groovi to. I have the A3 and a junior and they are fantastic when you’re working with coloured parchment. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  87. Getting on in years. The old eyes not so good, compounded by ingrowing eyelashes. Love colouring on parchment. Light wave would be wonderful

  88. My granddaughter has been so good during the lockdown
    And us desperate to start Groovi which I have helped provide some basic tools fir her but she needs a small lightwave that she can use of her own -it would make her day

    Thankyou Barb!

  89. Ah not just for Groovi, perfect for drawing/tracing the best of your practice scetches into your progressive master piece, as Barb explained many artist/designers have and use them. Dual purpose for those Jack of all trade projects and master of none that I love to attempt. But practice makes perfect with a little light to assist.

  90. Would love to have a little light wave for my grandkids to use when they get to come visit !!!

  91. When we can all meet up and craft again, I can take the Junior light with me. My friends and I have craft nights and this would allow me to introduce them to the world of Clarity and parchment.

  92. I’m posting on behalf of Sue Dakin who is one of our Shackers! Sue is seriously unwell just now and in hospital. She is in extreme pain. She has already bought groovi goods and had asked for advice on FB on how to get started but was admitted to hospital yesterday. She tried to post from her phone today but failed and is really not great just now so is sad she can’t take part. She has kept us all entertained with her stories and her chat and would be a worthy recipient. The lightwave would help her on her way and Clarity will have her details. Hx

    1. Hilda, I am not on facebook so I cannot comment on there, but I can read them. I’ve noticed Sue’s stories and they are so entertaining. As someone said she should have her own blog. I don’t know how she can be so upbeat about things. I expect that behind the scenes there are many tears, but you wouldn’t know it from her posts. Please pass on to her my wishes for her pain to ease and to return home soon. Wish you well Sue.
      From another Sue x

  93. I have the larger one and love it, I would love the smaller one to give to my grandaughter as she is now crafting too.

  94. I have jut bought the Grovi startdkit, and justpurchased 2 new plate from the garden set. Would love alightwave to help me a I craft at night, not sleeping well due to all that’s going on, and at home after working for 14 years. Of to finish my black colouring. Thanks for your free time and patience with us shackers Xx

  95. My goodness this would have so many great uses in the craft room but it would also be wonderful for transferring patterns onto material for embroidery which is another lovely relaxing hobby to do 😊

  96. I really want to learn parchment craft – the results are just beautiful!!!! A lightwave would help me learn the skill, and I could also use it to help with my Cross-Stitch 😉

  97. After being introduced to Groovi by one of the group members a few weeks ago I have become addicted. I also have my 12 year old son joing in and when I finally get to see my daughter she can’t wait to have a go. I would love to win not only to add to my growing collection of wonderful items, but to enhance our tracing on a lovely family Groovi day. Thank you for sharing and teaching this amazing talent keeping me grounded on my good days and bad.❤

  98. Hi Barbara
    I would love the light wave but not for groovi
    you have taught me to draw in the SHAC SHAC and I cant say just how much I’m enjoying it
    I have to draw things many times eg lips carrot people oh and feet 🤣 and when you showed us with the little elephant how you used your light wave it was fantastic I struggle with my eyesight anyway due to a thyroid problem you think your dame edna’s are strong you wanna see my everydayers they’d blow you mind 🤣
    So that’s why to help my artwork xx

    1. I would like it so that both i and my wonderful 8 year old grandaughter can sit and do groovi together .

  99. I have the bigger lightwave enjoy using it,I would give the junior to my granddaughter then we could use them together.
    Jacqueline Tutill

  100. I’d love a small lightwave for my Mum, trying to get her to do Groovi as she has been finding it hard being locked away at home. This would help as she would be able to see it better.

  101. Wow! What a generous prize! I’d love one of these so I could craft on the go. It’d be great to take to classes when we can get together again.

  102. I’m not sure I do ‘need’ a lightwave – but when has that ever been a reason for a crafter not to have something…??

  103. To add to new groovi starter set ive got out of the pkt during lock down. And to put into practice the infomation given to us to enhance our journey and in anticipation of some more shac shac doodling plates. X

  104. Would love the smaller light wave I have the bigger one which I love but the smaller one would be more portable

  105. it would make a great early birthday present and would be able to take it on my holidays to Germany, when I get o go again for the Christmas markets. me and my friends have been going for 20years and love the people and the country.

  106. To help me shine a light on the wonderful world of crafting as I introduce all my grandchildren to it all, opening their eyes to all it can offer them.


  108. I would use it to trace my doodles from the Shac Shac on a nice clean bit of paper – my originals have soooo much rubbing outs on!

  109. My eyesight isn’t quite as good as it used to be. Winning one of these would certainly light up my life and enable me to see more clearly all those happy mistakes I keep making!

  110. Since my light bix stopped working 2 years ago, apart from the groovi retreats, i have not been able to do any groovi at all due to my eyesight being so poor. I havent been able to improve my picot cutting which i am desperate to master or make cards for family and friends including a wedding of a desr friend which would have been this weekend. I really dont want to let linda w down after all the time she has given over to teaching us / me to arrive at another groovi retreat not having mastered the skill. I know linda w would be rrally pleased that i had taken the time and trouble to master this skill as she is such a beautiful person inside and out. I am also desperate to work with her tool sheets, they are like mini books and must have taken her hours. The first one is a total revelation to me as a non parcher with everything i could attempt with this little half star. Truly amazing. It would be so great to have mastered picot cutting by the time i next see linda so she can truly see how much i value her expert teaching. It would also be a goal to get me through the weekend once my weekday shac shak doodling is done. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Helen

  111. Well I used to work away from home a lot and light in hotel rooms is always poor. A mini lightwave would be just the thing to allow a little light grooving at the end of the day!

  112. I would love to win this as it would make my crafting life so much easier and my eyes would be very thankful

  113. The front window isn’t that clean and taping artwork to it might not be the best thing to do! 🙂

  114. i love groovi! i come to the NEC craft shows with my mum and nan and i’m always mesmerised because of how cool it is!
    might give me the motivation to start it again! you know us teens always lazing around 😂

  115. I would love to win it. I have just started after being recommended to you by a friend. I am 79 and looking after my husband who is 80, with the lockdown in place and having to self isolate, I have found it hard and having difficulty keeping my spirits up. However the few episodes I have watched have given me a new lease of life. My eyesight is also deteriorating so it would help a great deal. I have just ordered a set of Micron pens and a eraser pencil. Looking forward to future sessions, have worked my way up to Episode 10.

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