Happy Day – Clarity Day!

Happy Day – Clarity Day!

Hi there

Happy friday! In fact Happy Day – Clarity Day! Sitting here, looking out of my SHAC-Shack window, waiting to go live on Facebook and finish our lovely Humming bird postcard, and am thinking about what we should e doing today. Dave wrote a great blog on Wednesday on Clarity Matters, about where we should be and where we are. Today, we should be scurrying around the huge lovely hall in Ditton, welcoming our Clarity guests to our Open Days – the biggest annual event in the Clarity Calendar. It’s such a happy, joyous occasion! Anybody who has ever joined in will know how fabulous our Open Day gatherings are. Brilliant demos, raffles, giveaways, banter, cake – yep really special. Here’s a little gallery of pics from last year…

But that ain’t happening this year. Next year I reckon we will be back in the saddle, but how were we ever going to maintain social distancing when we’re a-huggin and a-kissin everybody!!! Never mind. We do what we can.

And instead – we’re having our CLARITY OPEN DAYS online! Very safe, for sure!! Not quite the same crazy happy vibe, but when Life gives you Lemons, you make lemonade.

This ere blog and the Clarity matters blog will be the hub, if you like. Lots of our DT friends will be posting demos and artworks all over Facebook and on their blogs, I shall be standing on my chair here, and giving away lovely prizes, so do please keep checking in.There will be multiple blogs Friday and Saturday!! Loads of giveaways and fun!

The Claritywebsite has got a blanket 25% sale (plus your club discounts) across all products from today until Midnight Monday. AND we are giving away gifts on any purchase over £30.

Here then, to kick the Happy Day Happy Clarity weekend off, is a card I made early early this morning, to get us in the mood… It set me up for the day ahead for sure.

Bright and Beautiful. Did I doodle it? Well, a few weeks ago, for sure!! But this, my friends, is a stamp. A big beautiful stamp. Perfect for colouring in. We have brought it to you in two different sizes, too. These stamps only came out of the oven yesterday! Fresh as a daisy! I used the large, fabby Happy today. it is mounted on an 8×8 inch white card blank, just so you get how big n beautiful it is! Available as a funky Groovi plate too.

CLICK HERE TO FIND IN THE SALE. Available individually too…

Uses for this design? MANY MANY!!! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary. Happy Wedding Day. Happy Couple. Happy Easter. Happy Christmas. Happy New Year. Don’t worry Be Happy, Happy Days – the list goes on….

Let’s start with a bloggy giveaway then. If you would like to win this card (with a cheeky little £20 Clarity gift voucher inside) then tell me what you like about Clarity below, and you will go into the draw….

Check out all the action on Facebook over the weekend, and add your own artwork too! Just write #happydayclarityday at the top. Then we’ll know you are at our Open Days!

Love and Happy Hugs

Barb xxx

183 thoughts on “Happy Day – Clarity Day!

  1. It’s second to none. The customer service is fantastic. You are incredibly generous with your time, the prizes and offers that you give and there is a real sense of community among the crafters. Integrity is the hallmark of the company. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Hx

  2. There is so much I love about Clarity – people, products, service and so much more. I have been a great fan for many many years. read the blog every day, joined the design clubs and now doing SHAC Shak – learning such a lot, enjoying myself and forgetting the world problams for a least an hour. I could go on for ages but need to stop to look at the fantastic sale. Thank you Clarity – all of you. Maybe Dave could add some music somewhere !!!!

    1. I was so looking forward to the days in Ditton Kent due to living very close hopefully next year x

  3. Love Clarity’s friendly happy reliable service, nothing is too much trouble for them, thank you , xx

  4. I have always liked Clarity and I have been around on the sidelines for years. But during this crisis I don’t know what I would have done without Barbara’s daily doodling and colouring sessions on Facebook. I have learnt so much and I have much more confidence in what I am doing. I have joined the Die club. I just enjoy everything about Clarity. I will be checking out the sale later there is so much I want to buy. Thank you so much for being there and helping. Hugs Jackie T

  5. Happydayclarityday
    What’s not to like about clarity. Love abounds, friendship, support, the dream team at clarity towers. Second to none ethos in clarity service and support. You’ve helped and comforted both us and yourselves all through this terrible time. Our lifeline to sanity. Love’n’hugs everyone xxx

  6. What I love about clarity is the feeling that you are part of a family. Who really cares about you and your crafting needs. Who are always willing to answer what must be questions that you have been asked hundreds of times as it was the first time you have heard it. Keep up the good work stay healthy

  7. Goodness, there’s so much I liked about Clarity, the friendship which comes from the FB pages, blogs and what you’ve done for us over the last how many weeks – 12/13 ? Let alone over the years with your generosity. I’ve only made it to one Open Day so far and met some lovely people there. Now you’ve got Grace doing the same in the USA and even Dave blogging ! Not forgetting all the lovely goodies you and the team design for us, I’m pounds lighter (not weight wise unfortunately) but happy ! The inspiration from everyone is second to none and the help and encouragement too. What more can I say except HAPPY DAY CLARITY DAY! What a great weekend it’s going to be with all the blogs and lessons from the experts. THANK YOU XX

  8. Fun, Friendship and Family. Over the years Clarity has shown me I can be creative and calming in my crafting. Clarity is inspiring, innovative and informative – and let’s be honest every day I craft is a Happy Day, Clarity Day!

  9. What I like best about Clarity is that it’s a British firm that is able to respond really fast to new ideas.

  10. I love Clarity for lots of reasons. The products are top quality, they are inspiring and they are beautiful. I love the family feel of clarity and there service is excellent.

  11. There are so many things about Clarity that I love, all the beautiful artwork from Barbara and the design team to the feeling that you have our back and really care about the crafters. I’ve been lucky enough to attend an open day and I know what a wonderful day it was and I made new friends that I still speak to today. The family at Claritystamp are truly amazing and I thank you for making lockdown a ‘Happier’ experience. Love to all Jenny xx

  12. There is SO much to love about Clarity. Barbara to start with! I have enjoyed watching Barbs Demos at the Nec for years and loved her unique stamps and stamp holders. More recently I have loved the stencils and dies and the beautiful papers and have enjoyed being a member of the die club. I love reading Barb’s blog and this year Barb has been my saviour of Lockdown. I have loved watching every live video, they have become an important part of my day. I don’t want them to end. Thank you so very much Barb xxx

  13. Happy Day Clarity Day – this reminds me of our early days in the SHAC shack. Weve all been on such fantastic journeys since then, but in reality gone nowhere. Stay safe

  14. What do I like about Clarity? Everything!!
    Your product is first class, original, beautiful and inspiring.
    The whole team is friendly, supportive, generous and ‘real people’, not just faceless entities behind a company veneer.
    Your attitude is unique, and has led to the building up of the ‘Clarity community’, of which the SHAC-Shack is huge part in these challenging time.
    Last but not least, you’ve helped me find a part of my arty self that I never believed existed.
    Thank you, Claire S x
    p.s. And yes, I’d happily say all of this, every day, with no incentive!

  15. I so love Clarity ,my favorite is stamps and now also the Doodles ,love doing them,would love to go to an open day but we do flowers shows every year and they usely clash,would have been so lost without the shows this year so thank you Barbara for doing the doodle sessions and the postcards
    Pauline xxx

  16. Clarity are just the best. Great customer service. Love the way Barbara is giving us so much of her time and knowledge during these hard times. Love our doodling session. Keep safe everyone and thanks to the whole clarity team xx

  17. Happy Day Clarity Day Love the Shac Shac and checking out everyones work on the blog so inspiring. Found a renewed love of doodling and even colouring. Love it Thanks a lot to all the Clarity team. Su

  18. Too many words to describe what I love about Clarity! So these
    6 little words have to say it all “what’s not to love about Clarity!” Crafty hugs Tina.xx

  19. I just love all things Clarity, great team, great products, great inspiration from YouTube, Face Book, Hochanda, Shac Shack, great customer service, in fact don’t know where I would be without Clarity. Thank You xx

  20. I love many things about Clarity, the sense of community, outstanding customer service, fantastic quality products, the talented crafters that you encourage and grow your business with, the open days Oop Norf (only missed one so far), all the friends that I have made, I just love it all. Thank you xx

  21. #happydayhappyclarityday
    Barbara and all at Clarity Towers……You Rock! From day 1 I have been joining in at the SHAC SHAC, grabbing my chair at the front eager to join in with all the drawing and colouring that Barbara in her calming and gentle way has explained and broken down so well for me to surprise myself with my creations 🙂.
    Clarity is a wonderful company who go the extra mile to ensure their customers have the very best shopping experience, their customer service is second to none!
    Being in the vulnerable category and under house arrest for probably the foreseeable the daily SHAC SHAC has been a godsend and long may it continue. Thank you Barbara xxx

  22. Such a difficult question to start with there are so many good things about Clarity. But as most other points step from it I would chose ‘thinking about the customer’ whether it be in choice of goods, customer service, or as now in these trouble times providing as much help as can.

  23. I love that Clarity has allowed me to enter a world that I didn’t think was open to me.
    A world full of creativity, colour, support and joy.
    A world where you get to know another part of yourself.
    Thank you Clarity

  24. #happydayclarityday
    Clarity is a friendly family orientated business and I feel to be classed as a member. You are never bored as there is always such fantastic projects to play and create with. Such a generous company that can always bring a smile to my face.

  25. Looking forward to the vitual Open Days, never been able to go to a real one as it is too far to travel, so it will be nice to see what you all get up. What do I like about Clarity? practically everything from the service to the freindliness, the tutorials to the competions and the Bloggs.

  26. What I love about Clarity, apart from the wonderful range and quality of the products, is the feeling of being part of a kind, caring community that offers support & inspiration, companionship & consideration.

  27. #happydayclarityday
    Clarity is a friendly family orientated business and I feel proud to be classed as a member. You are never bored as there is always such fantastic projects to play and create with. Such a generous company that can always bring a smile to my face.

  28. What do I like about Clarity?
    The friendliness of everyone.
    The moment you phone to order something or just a general enquiry. Nothing is too much trouble.
    This goes all the way through the company right to the top.
    This goes without saying but thank you Clarity Stamps & long may it continue xxx

  29. If I was godd at poetry, I would write a wee ditty, saying how much I love the products that are so pretty,
    I have made many a card, with inspiration from our Barb,
    But I couldn’t wite a poem that was witty!
    Seriously though, I love the community and friendships that I have made over the last 10 us years I have been shopping with Clarity, and all the inspiration from the design team, all go to keep me sane!

  30. Family. That’s what Clarity means for me. In all my years of crafting I’d never known a company who put their customers above everyone else. That is, until I found Clarity 18 months or so ago. Nothing is too much trouble for anyone. Everyone is treated equally, and immediately welcomed into the family from the moment the first order is placed. And, I love y’all! xoxo

  31. Happy Day – Clarity Day !!! Clarity is one huge crafty family which I feel has grown & come together even more over the last 12 weeks. The SHAC Shack has brought people together for an hour every day from all over the world all for free. 60 hours of doodling & colouring !! The traffic on the Facebook pages has been tremendous – everyone happy to help each other. I am glad to be a part of it – So THANK YOU Barbara & the Clarity team for being there for us all xx

  32. I can say a lot about Clarity, from their quality products, amazing designers, great customer service ……. but what stands out for me is that Clarity have shown how much they Care! You can tell a lot about people when you see how they act in times of difficulty or disasters. Clarity have been dignified, giving, and extremely caring. A class act and I am extremely grateful, particularly, for being there everyday throughout this difficult time. Thank you x

  33. Clarity is one big family. Everybody is so helpful. Barbara you are the star of the ship and so generous in multiple ways. May the company continue to flourish through the good times and the not so good. xx

  34. Happy Clarity day
    Clarity is one big happy family which I am so happy to belong to. Everyone is so HPPY and helpful.

  35. Oh my gosh, where do I start? Clarity is a company for crafters but it really is so much more. The friendship, the support, the inspiration, the clubs, the fantastic service, the blogs, the fun, the retail therapy, the stories, the designs and designers! I could go on forever! Top of the list is the team – the dream team. Every single one of us can say that Clarity has touched our lives and made it better, for some, we can even say it has saved us and that is down to the team; Barb, Dave, Steve and all the other wonderful people that put together and keep together OUR Clarity. Thank you xxx

  36. What’s not to love! Everything about Clarity is fabulous! Products, service, inspiration, mindfulness, amazing staff, everyone of them! Wxx

  37. Happy Day – Clarity Day how lovely, I have never been to your open day but have had the pleasure of meeting you on a couple of occasions at Ally Pally and the Kent county showground craft fairs. Just love your natural enthusiasm and joy, what a special person you are Barbara! Have so enjoyed the Shac Shack over these last weeks. Sending love and virtual hugs xxx

  38. Hi Barbara,
    I love everything about Clarity, crisp clear stamps. Amazing stencils and the new dies. Mostly though I love the integrity of Barbara and her company, compassionate and always fair.
    Thank you for helping us all stay sane(?)
    Linda x

  39. It started with a few stamps and reading articles in Craft Stamper, many years ago. Then I found out about the New Design Club and went to one day of a retreat where I discovered the superb service, family feel and thoughtfulness of a smaller, British, company. Now I’m hooked, open days, retreats will be missed this year, BUT you have been so thoughtful! I have so enjoyed the Shac Shack and now we have Happy Day, Clarity Day. Your consideration for everyone stands out head and shoulders above others.

  40. Happy Day – Clarity Day. How grateful I am that I found Clarity some years ago. Such a friendly company. Everybody is so helpful. Barbara you are the Captain of the ship and keep everything sailing smoothly. Like the swan, we see the graceful glide but never see the frantic paddling below. You are so generous and selfless and give us so much to be grateful for. Thank you to you and all involved in the company xx

  41. Family atmosphere with superb products easy to use inspirational ideas and help and a variety of mediums for all levels of crafter original and time honoured company

  42. Love everything clarity, but most of all it’s the big HUG I feel from all the clarity team and one big crafty family x x

  43. What do I love about clarity?
    Customer service is absolutely top notch and they always go above and beyond to ensure that things are right or on the odd occasion things go wrong they make it right as soon as they possibly can.

    Learning. We learn so much from Barbara, Dave, Linda W and all of the really talented design team. We learn to appreciate the best products that the team bring us and the difference this can make to our art. We learn technique after technique. But the SHAC SHAK is above and beyond everything. To give over 50 hours of free tuition, friendship, reassurance, honesty, love everysingle day, even when Barb has a migraine is more than words can say. I litterally believe it is live saving. Truly. Life. Saving.

    Ability to think out of the box and to run with completely new ideas such as stencils and groovi and make them a worldwide success

    Reality. Barbara never forgets where she started the company and when she was making, cutting, picking,packing and answering the phone. She hires friends who value the Clarity brand and give the excellent service that Barbara requires. They work together really well and the fact they pull together when the doors get blown off with one of the tv shows, is testament to the way they feel both about Barbara and Clarity,

    Inventive and Inventors. They use all original artwork, designed by talented friends and it is lovely to hear them or the design team be credited for their work every time and to hear Barbara, Paul, Linda or Tina be so enthusiastic about their designs

    TV – the best tv demonstrator and retreat leader I have come accross. The demonstrations are always planned to show off all of the products but also to show how we can improve and this is clear from initiatives such as In the Classroom, the Hochanda sunday learning slots and now the SHAC SHAK.

    Yeah! Clarity are the best company and I am sure they will make a success out of anything they turn to. They have even carried on working so that we can keep on crafting using and improving our craft – I have been sending about 10 cards a week to friends and relatives or people I think might need some happy post in a bright envelope. They go above and beyond and then some more……

  44. Clarity for me is sanity. It is good for the soul giving us time to draw breath and appreciate what we have and the talents you encourage us to use. God bless you Barbara you are a Godsend in our hours of need. Coral x

  45. What does Clarity mean to me? A place of safety a place of friendship a place of knowledge a place to be me. I have gained so much over the years and just can’t thank everyone enough.

  46. Words are not enough to say what Clarity means to me. Quite a few years ago, I had a crisis. Gradually I returned to normal with a lot of help from the Clarity family. The captain and crew steered me and brought me back to their wonderful world. Three cheers for Clarity

  47. Wonderful family/ team that has opened up a whole new world to me. Never artistic, I couldn’t even draw stick men so Clarity artwork has enabled me to enjoy being creative and Barb’s doodle sessions have showed me how to produce results I never dreamed of.

  48. Well what is there not to like? I LOVE everything Clarity. From the Top to the bottom, everyone who works at Clarity are second to none. I have never met a company like it, the friendship, camaraderie, advice and demos etc really make me feel valued as a customer, no I feel like a friend. Where do you ever see that in a company normally. It’s so rare to have any form of interaction with staff and certainly not the owner, so for me that means the world. What you have done for so many people over lockdown Barbara you should feel very proud of, I look forward to me daily doodles come virtual holidays every day and begrudge not being able to do it live with you all in the morning but I have the ability to do catch up at a time that suits me better.
    Thank you for everything Claritystamp Rocks!

  49. I think I have said before that Clarity transformed my crafting. I love the stamps, particularly the fine line ones. And the dies…well top notch. Barbara has so many hints and tips and her and the team so much inspiration. Thank you once again Clarity for being there.

  50. Happy Days Clarity Days
    I love the generosity of everyone – the sharing and caring. I love the support and the love.

    P.S. don’t tell the boss I should be working!

  51. Happy days clarity days these words sum up the last few months for me. What do I like about Clarity? What is there not to like. Have never been to an open day too far for traveling but would love too one day. Yesterday I posted a photo of my humming birds was quite pleased with them but what a confidence boost have I had with all your lovely comments even one from Dee. Thank you Barbara and all the clarity family for being there for all of us.

  52. Happy day indeed the day I was introduced to Clarity Stamp by Gill Wilding (thanks Gill – you’ve cost me £1000’s since then!!)
    It started with the blog then the products then the videos on how to use them. I next experienced the best customer service ever when I returned a groovi folder and it was replaced immediately, no questions asked – wow. I quickly became a NDC member and look forward to the packet coming through each month with great anticipation.
    And just when I thought nothing better could happen I went on my first 2 day retreat. OMG! I went to heaven and haven’t really returned to earth since.
    We’d definitely reached the pinnacle I thought …… and then came the SHAC shack and I have now genuinely made friends with people who were only names before.
    Clarity is an honest company, wholly there to please its customers with fantastic and reasonably priced products and service and headed up by an honourable, empathic, very talented and friendly founder with a team who make our dreams come true.
    I don’t like Clarity .
    I LOVE Clarity
    Thank you xxxxx

  53. I love the family feel that Claritystamp gives me. I feel I am like one of the family. Barbara and the rest of the clarity family give me confidence to do anything crafty. I love you all. X

  54. Innovation, inspiration, fun, friendly, often thought provoking, more often full of laughter with family and wellbeing at its heart! Add to that the superb service from everyone within Clarity ‘Castle’…nothing is ever too much trouble. Thanks to all for being who you are and what you do to make us all feel special!

  55. Whats not to love about Clarity good all round craft products, excellent customer service and always ahead of the game with innovative ideas and British!!!!!!! Lockdown has been bearable because of SHAC shack and U tube tutorials and they are all free, well done Clarity.

  56. What do I love about Clarity. Well it’s you Barbara and all your staff. I have never been to your open days, too far for me to travel. Last show I managed to get to was in Bristol. I asked you for help and you were so kind, inspite of all the people around browsing. When ever I phone up whoever I speak to they are always helpful. Thank you for your time in the Shac Shack.

  57. Happy day – clarity day..
    what isn’t there to love … everything – the team, products, inspiration, motivation to name but a few … but thanks for the thoughtfulness and company via the shac shac. Doodling and colouring What a better way to clear the mind. Thank you Barbara and the team x

  58. Clarity means so much to me and Barbara’s daily doodling has saved me
    Everything about Clarity and what it stands for is just brilliant in every way
    Thank you Barbara and all the team for making it possible for us crafters to keep going
    Thank you xxx

  59. Have been an avid fan since joining the stamp club several years ago. Always helpful and happy to sort out problems with good products that don’t let you down. Happy days xx

  60. What’s not to love about Clarity. Barbara herself is a wonderful inspiring lady with a kind heart, especially to do the daily doodle in the SHAC SHACK, the time she takes out of her own day to help us crafters is great. The company and team are also wonderful with their service and customer care, can’t be faulted.
    Love it and thank you 💕

  61. My initial acrostic poem seems to have been eaten in the ether so I will try and remember everything it said.

    Clarity. It says it all. Clear stamps, clear direction, clear leadership.

    Learning – this is a huge part of what the design team (real experts in their fields) and Barbara do, just look at the Open Days, the retreats, the amount of technique teaching she and the other Clarity presenters have done on both C and D and Hochanda – Paul, Linda W, Tina and of course Barbara. But the SHAC SHAK tops everything. To give us 50 plus hours of tutoring, friendship, honesty, reassurance, mindfulness, doodle practise, funny drawings, plus all of the prep to prepare where we are off too, how we will progress each day or which booby of birdies we will be colouring in next, in the midst of such a crisis is exceptional. Totally exceptional. I truly believe this has been a life saver. A. Life. Saver. How many company directors can say they have given away their time so freely, seen so many progress, or simply enjoy the process, be inspired by the art of others and give those still learning the confidence to post their work online and be proud.. So L really should be for Life. Saver.

    And a global pandemic hits, wth Grace and her brother in America, and do clarity batten down the hatches and huddle inside, no they look at the risks, asssess them, work out how they can keep people sane by enabling them still to order the products they need to continue their craft for pleasure or to save their sanity. To be there for each one of us. To put all the work into the video demonstrations for Hochanda and to allow their designers to bring their own individual style to the products, it is no wonder they regularly blow the doors off with their sales, and I am sure this is a tough time for the business – they were in the middle of moving premises, getting everything up and running at the new site, yet still they continue to give to us.

    Realising and telling the SHAC SHAK that rubbers pencils from Faber Castell are the biggest selling product for Clarity at the moment ( then realising what this would mean for the Americans who join in), and saying they couldnt use the same system for the Friday Groovi project or they would have the SHAG SHAC!!! Laughter and brilliance are fundamentals of this company

    Inventive Barbara is always reminding us that when she started the Clarity business, she was the maker, cutter outerer, storer, picker, packer, telephone answering service. The company is down to earth, but creatice, they continue to listen to new ideas, like Maria with the seeds of the Groovi system which is now a worldwide success.

    Totally obsessive with detail ensuring that a product is 100% quality before it makes it onto the shelves or tv. I remember Dave researching the material for I think it was the non stick ruler sheets before he was satisfied he had the right product. Their attention to the smallest detail means that in 10 years of ordering I have only ever had one error, a set of bunnies (you’ll know the ones) and instead of 5 different bunnies I had two the same. The missing bunny arrived first thing the next day from me sending a photo to Clarity. Naughty bunnies, but it demonstrates how their attention to perfection makes it so much easier and better for us and that is one reason why they have such a loyal and dedicated customer base, If Cl

    Yeah! It is not because they have won so many awards that we love them, it is because we love them that we all vote for them to win the awards.

    Clarity you are spectacular and you can also now truly say saving lives is something you achieved during lockdown. Amen.

  62. Happy day, Clarity day

    Team , products, customer service, everything you would expect from a good company,which from from Clarity is always excellent.
    Particularly in these difficult times the Shac Snack,led by Barbara, has helped so many of us get focussed on better things and has taught us so much about doodling and colouring and that we can do it.
    A great company.

  63. What do I like about Clarity?
    The Captain of the ship and all who sail with her. They make for, and are, a wonderful company. Long may they continue.

  64. Hi Barb I’m Canadian and I found Clarity a couple of years ago when I discovered parchment craft I watched a utube clip of you and Rosella doing a demonstration on snips…it was a treat..so basically you have sent me down this road which I love..thank you..when I purchase from Clarity I feel like I’m buying from a friend as I see you so much on the Media it’s as if I’m going to your store and even though it’s on line ..I can see the products you demo and I know that I at least will know how to use the products..thank you for that.

  65. Clarity has such a family feel to it and there is a great range of products which work so well together.All styles are catered for .That’s what like about Clarity!

  66. Hello Barbara
    I love being a member of the large Clarity family. We all know it is a business and you have bills to pay and staff to support but it never feels like that. It really, truly feels like one big happy family where everybody cares for everybody else. I have made some wonderful friends and had some fantastic times, all under the Claritystamp/Groovi banner. Without all of this I would be in a worse place.
    Thank you

  67. What do I like nay love about Clarity , well the products are the best that goes without saying , but for me it’s the people . People I’ve ever met yet they’d bend over backwards for me , nothing is to much bother for them . I feel like one of the family not just a customer ! A brilliant company all round 👏👏👏

  68. What I like about Clarity is the way everyone treats you like a long lost friend. It’s like having a comfort blanket. Something we all need at the moment. We get good value for money, discounts, quality items and customer service that is second to none.

  69. I just love the constant surprises when a new product comes along, knowing that it will be superb quality and so inspirational. X

  70. I like how friendly everyone is, so encouraging and helpful and willing to answer questions and offer advice

  71. I love everything about Clarity from the excellent inspirational products to the wonderful customer service no problems to big or to small . Always going the extra mile thank you

  72. I love everything Clarity and have done for years. It’s all encompassing from the team to the products and in recent times you’ve taken the word caring to a whole new level with the SHAC shack, the projects and the offers. It’s like a safe port in a storm. Thank you all xx

  73. I have always valued your skills, ethics, kindness and quality products, in an area of business which has become the opposite of these things in many companies. You and yours represent my values, never changing over the years. xxxx

  74. I have really loved Barbara’s colouring sessions in the SHAC Shack and have learnt so much. Loved doing the doodling and learning how to put the shade in. Basically spending time with Barbara Gray Makes me so happy!! Thank you.

  75. Just one word can sum up my feelings towards Clarity – FAMILY!
    Everyone and everything to do with Clarity is QUALITY!

  76. I like how helpful and friendly everyone is, offering advice and guidance, encouragement and willing to share ideas and suggestions

  77. I love everything about Clarity, from the people to the products. It must be amazing, as it is the word we hear most often on these lockdown days – ‘all we want is Clarity’ – say no more! Except, of course, how generous they are to give away all these prizes!
    Love Annette X

  78. I love the Clarity family-great quality products, outstanding service, such lovely people, thoughtful, kind, loving and sharing of your time, knowledge and ideas, all round lovely friends.

  79. I love that you feel that you are part of one big family. The clarity and groovi facebook pages are full of lovely people, always ready to help and support you if you need help. The team at Clarity are amazing and nothing is too much trouble, customer service is outstanding x

  80. Honestly there are many things I love about Clarity – the quality, inspiration, tuition, design team. But the best thing about Clarity is you Barbara Gray – your kindness, generosity, talent, honesty, dedication; too many qualities to list, but know how much you are appreciated x

  81. Clarity means to me…

    The world was is crisis
    With a massive virus
    We were told advice
    Stay home, stay safe, save lives.

    So along came clarity
    With a fabulous idea
    To get a pencil and paper
    And we all did a cheer.

    From week one in march
    To now three months later
    You’ve kept us calm, relaxed
    And definitely safer.

    Your like family to me
    So caring and kind
    Your 10 o’clock sessions
    Were so well timed.

    You’ve given us the tools
    For craft and life
    And have given my husband
    A happier wife.

    So thank you clarity
    I cant thank you enough
    Happy day, clarity day and you we love


  82. What I love from Clarity? Well where do I start…..just everything.
    The beautiful materials used to make the stamps and the grooviplates. The very very good and kind customerservice. The way Barbara and all people around here make this company a place where I am sure to get the good things for my crafting
    And that makes me love Clarity!

  83. I love all things Clarity, but when I really needed help due to illness creating havoc with my eyesight you gave me groovi and set me off on my crafting journey again. Then there you are again guiding me through the pandemic. The Clarity family means so much. Thank you

  84. There is so much to love about Clarity. The products are first rate, the company is professional but extremely helpful and friendly. But above all Barbara is an incredible artist, business woman a very special lady. Thank you for everything you have done during lockdown. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next event.

  85. You don’t just sell us products, you teach us how to get the most out of them. You inspire and support us on our crafty journey.
    Thank you to the whole marvellous Clarity team for everything you do for all of us.

  86. Hi Barbara
    What’s not to love about Clarity! I love the way you treat everyone like a friend, the products are always well made, great designs and when you have a sale oh boy it’s a proper sale not things that have been gathering dust and are so last year. If you run out and you can remake then that’s what you do. Enjoy your different open day and mind you don’t fall off the chair!
    Love Diane xxx

  87. Happy Days! Clarity is great especially enjoying the daily SHAC SHAC as gives us something to focus on and forget everything else that is happening for a while!

  88. I love that with Clarity, Barbara, the whole team and the SHAC SHACK are all safe spaces. No idiots just calm, reasoning and fun. Plus the goods are brilliant too xx

  89. Do you know what I love about Clarity ( apart from the high quality products and fabulous designs) ? The fact that you keep it real and about the joy of crafting. Thank you ❤️

  90. Hello everyone!
    I just love Clarity because you make me feel as if I have known you forever, great quality products and so much help and inspiration. It’s a joy and SHAC SHAC is wonderful Thank you all so much. I feel as if I am back home in England even though I am living in Texas hugs Xx

  91. Happy day clarity day. Barbara Gray and Clarity are totally responsible for my crafting journey for the last ten years. You are inspiring and down to earth and your products are top notch. May I take this opportunity to say a heartfelt Thank You to all at Clarity Towers for their help always

  92. I like the personal service, the attention to detail, the quality of all the products and being made to feel special and that I really matter.

  93. Clarity is just so Inclusive! In fact I would say it’s just the best All Inclusive company around. Barbara, my friend Ged, he of the Sharpie markers in the Shac Shac, was wary of posting his artwork but did so on my insistence, and he was so chuffed with the welcome and feedback he received from everyone. I just knew it was safe for him to do that because Clarity is for everyone

  94. What’s not to Love Happy Day
    Clarity Day
    With a community that will blow your mind away.

    Enjoy your virtual weekend you amazing people.

  95. I’ve watched Clarity grow from stalls in Savacentre (Gillingham) through various size craft shows to what it is today -a fantastic online (and soon to be bricks and mortar) shop with all kinds of unique tool, stamps, stencils, Groovi and now Pergamano.
    Nothing is ever too much trouble for the lovely staff, service is excellent and after care second to none. All this is due to the inimitable and lovable Barbara Gray, her family and her true friends. With such a wide network of really special people Claritystamp is just the best there is.

  96. Keeping it short and sweet.

    Clarity and the Clarity team are the best in the craft world.

    No one else comes close.

    Keep rocking Clarity. .

  97. I just love all the clarity products. I still have some of Barbara’s original stamps from her very early days!
    Everything is brilliant quality and very affordable, I love all the papers as well.
    Nothing is ever too much trouble from the clarity team. Thank you Barbara and all your ‘helpers’ 💜

  98. Hello,
    Clarity products are first class, customer service awesome.
    But most of all it is a friendly happy place where I feel safe. Thank you

  99. I like the openness, honesty and decency of Clarity, which allows the company to be truly inclusive, innovative and international. Brilliant products help but they are not what makes you outstanding.

  100. I really enjoy being part of this group and I can really say that today is happy day clarity day because until a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t draw and now I have been able to create two lovely pictures with Barbara. Thank you xx

  101. Love all the clarity products. I still have stamps from Barbara’s very early days.
    Great products, fabulous quality & very affordable. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the clarity team. Thank you Barbara and all your ‘helpers’ 💜

  102. I’ve always been a bargain hunter when it comes to buying crafty goods and have never stuck to one brand, but that was before I saw Barbara on TV, loved her crafty style and personality and so had to buy the Clarity products. OMG I now can’t stop, as they are such good quality, beautiful designs and also a bargain to boot. Definitely my craft heaven x

  103. The other Linda Walker got here before me (I’m the Glasgow one) and I just want to add my comment to the thread – I have been blown away by the commitment Barbara has shown to us all over the last number of weeks – she has inspired and encouraged us all to support one another, to do our best, to create in a new way and I’m so grateful to her for that. I can’t quite believe that it all started out with birds on a telegraph wire! Thank you so much for helping us to challenge ourselves and to realise our potential – and all with grace and good humour, not easy in these difficult times.

  104. Where do I begin. Excellent and innovative products across the entire range. Creativity and wonderful support at all times. Highly professional, knowledgeable and helpful staff. A company and leader who bring enjoyment and fun to us all. Thank you Barbara and Clarity for all you do. xx

  105. Am a relatively new comer to Clarity but am so glad I found you. Am loving the Shac Shack and the warm welcome I got when joining in Clarity Worldwide and Clarity Matters. It’s so lovely these days to find a safe happy place with such a wonderful team at the helm. Thank you for all that you do and let’s enjoy the open weekend.

  106. #HappyDayClarityDay. I’ve got a big ancient stash of Clarity Stamps and an early GROOVI stash too. I look at all those old unused stamps (for horrendous reasons) now and they are as relevant now as they were when I got them. So of course adding and adding (don’t want to take it away) so my stash is vast and covers start to where we are now Shac’in. Love it. Was spied to be at the open day with you there but doing so from a hospital bed after all, wi fi a bit rubbish. Happy Days.

  107. Love all things Clarity, best company around, great quality products, clubs, talented designers, generous discounts, wonderful inspiration, downloads, youtube, blogs. Barbara giving her time everyday with her blog, and the brilliant shac shac. Barbara and her wonderful dream team are
    Simply The Best. Keep Cruising Clarity.

  108. I love so many things about Clarity : beautiful and all types of designs and quality of material. Always something new. So pleasant and helpful people.

  109. Don’t know where to start or stop with the praise for everything you all do to keep us crafters happy. You and everyone at Clarity are the best in the business and your customer focus is top of ANY business of ANY sort. You should be proud of yourselves, you have every right. I keep you all and your families, particularly yours Barbara, in my prayers everyday to stay safe and happy in this turbulent world. Xxx

  110. Happy Days, Clarity Days.
    Top quality products, customer service second to none, talented design team, wonderful camaraderie within all the groups, great television shows on Hochanda and all brought together by the inspirational Barbara Gray. What’s not to like! xx

  111. Happydayclarityday,
    It’s just very simple, Barbara, you and all your company are the best. A fabulous family I am proud to belong too in my small way. You care about your staff and customers a great deal. YOU CARE. The quality of everything you send out is beyond measure. God Bless you and yours. I bet you never realised the huge positive effect you would have on us all, with Shac shack, and how big it’s grown all around the world. You have saved my sanity. Can’t wait until Monday, I have my passport and flip flops packed. Take Care 🥇🍰👏💐 love from Beverley xxx

  112. Happy day, clarity day. I love Claritystamp for its friendliness, approachability and generosity. I have just wandered through 159 pages on the website and found all sorts of things to order that I didn’t know I needed. Thank you Barbara for your Shac Shac doodles and colouring and for giving so much of yourself to us, it’s been much appreciated in these strange times xx

  113. Happy Clarity Day!
    What do I love about Clarity??? Where do I
    start? I feel like I have found another family, I discovered you lot at the beginning of the Shac Shack doodles and joined in for something to take my mind off the shenanigans in the world…OMG I never dreamed that my life would be enriched so much…I have learnt drawing and colouring techniques, joined the Groovi Club, and made lots of new friends. Thank you so much Barb, Dave, Lucy, Stuart, Gracie and all in my new Clarity family xxx

  114. I like Clarity because it makes me feel like I am enough – no criticism, no judging, just support, love and laughter. When watching the Shac, Barbara speaks from the heart, when she cries, I cry – she and Clarity give so much and it is appreciated more than you will ever know.

  115. Clarity is fab. Their customer service is second to none, nothing is too much trouble for them. They seem to have that family feel and during lockdown started regular pod casts to keep us all sane and learning new techniques. Having this ethos in today’s market is very rare. Look forward to supporting Clarity for many years to come.

  116. Clarity has enabled me to improve my crafting to the point that I rarely use any other company. I’ve really enjoyed going on the Groovi train. Clarity stamp is a first class company with amazing customer service and a wonderful community . The shac shack has helped so many people during lockdown and taught us all so much and expanded y own art.

  117. I had never heard of Clarity before lockdown. One of my blogging friends put me onto the SHAC shack. OMG, I have learned so much, have kept sane and feel like I know Barbara so well. My grandaughter who is 4 loves “doing Barbara” with me, and my sister has now started too. Clarity facebook has found me a whole bunch of new and likeminded, kind and caring people. Grace was so helpful with answering my query about inks (Thank you Grace). The Clarity website is so easy to use, has great products and at great prices. Super P&P too. It’s become my “go to” place for purchases (and I made quite a few but don’t tell hubby lol). A big thank you to all the team 🙂

  118. What is there not to like?? The variety of high quality goods…. Tp notch after sales help if needed…. Inspiration… Inspiration… Inspiration. Oh and the SHAC shack which I hope will continue in some form permanently. Will miss the open days.

  119. I started watching clarity on c and c and was totally hooked and enjoyed all the stamping lessons she did on Saturdays since then I’ve been hooked on groovi and die cutting. I love everything about clarity and have enjoyed joining in with the daily doodles and colouring for the past 12 weeks. Thankyou Barbara and team xx

  120. There is no one thing that’s great about Clarity, of course there are the fabulous stamps. When I first found stamping I couldn’t do it, no matter how hard I tried then I saw clarity on TV, a revelation! I could stamp. I loved these stamps. I loved this company who shared knowledge and encouraged me so much. I love the northern open days, and I’ll really miss this years. I love Sam Crowes messy monthly Saturdays in Wolviston. Clarity gave me a hobby I love, developed my skills and actually gave me friends for life from the workshops. Life changing and fabulous thats Clarity!

  121. Where do I begin. I love the quality of clarity products, the customer service, which cannot be beaten, the feeling of being part of a family and last but not least the way Barbara has kept us all sane during lockdown. She is a wonderful inspiration to us all.

  122. I have been a fan of Barbara and all things Clarity since the days when she exhibited at the Commonwealth Institute Stamping show. I still have the coloured pencils and stamps I bought and use them often. Clarity trades with positivity, integrity, compassion, realism and fairness. And many other affirmative words! Thank you team Clarity. x

  123. What I like about Clarity is the chance to share something I love with my mum. We often text each other about the latest things going on, such as when we’re both doodling along in the SHAC Shack, or like today, when she messaged me so I would know about these competitions! We’ve been to the open days together, we’ve been to a class with you Barbara back when you used to come to the show in Newbury (and thoroughly enjoyed it!) and, if all goes to plan, this year will be the first time I get to join mum at one of the retreats! So, I enjoy the creativity, the ideas, and the products, but most of all I enjoy the chance to enjoy all of these things with mum and feel closer to her. Thanks for all that you do Barbara.

    M x

  124. I am loving the new chat button – I had the pleasure of talking to Grace a few weeks ago. She had just posted the most apt blog post and we talked about how it had really hit the spot for me!

  125. So glad I found your site years ago as I live in Canada. Buy all my Clarity goods directly from you. Love the customer service and follow Barb’s blog every day. Of course, now I visit the SHAC Schack every day

  126. I only found Clarity at the Hobby Craft Show @the NEC in November, had always admired the parchment work but never tried it. At the show my cousin and I came across Clarity and apparently my eyes lite up , I was so interested in the Groovi products, while I was looking round my cousin went off and came back with a ‘come on your doing a workshop’. I did the workshop with Paul and was completely hooked (so much so when my cousin came to sit by me I didn’t notice). I bought the starter kit which is brilliant, have now joined the groovi group, my collection of plates is growing. During the last 12 weeks I have been joining the Shac Shac each morning, I can’t tell you how much it has helped me through a very difficult time. 6 weeks into all this I lost my 100 year old dad, he was just worn out, but it was so emotional. All I can say is Thank You Barbara for your fun drawing and colouring, conversation and laughs. Long Live Clarity and all who work for you.

  127. Always something New and interesting on the horizon.Never get bored just have to stop watching as I spend to much.

  128. I love everything clarity. I enjoy all the products, and I love love love the open days. More recently I’m absolutely loving the doodle sessions, keeping me sane.
    Thank you.

  129. Clarity means good quality products, fantastic customer service, education, sharing of ideas, tips and tricks, fun, family company, a blog every day, Barbara Gray, inclusivity, Groovi, stamps, stencils and Fresh Cut dies, fantastically talented design team and friendly get togethers. I love Clarity.

  130. I only found clarity or should i say groovi in dec. With a limited budget i found it an accessible and fun way of creating beautiful art and create something special without breaking the bank.
    As for shac shac its been a life saver. Ive been off work for almost 3 months and i dont know what i would have done with out clarity and Barbara to start my day off and i know there is another 500 or so of us who feel the same. Also love that youre a family run global business.
    You have been the light in my dark world ,thank you x

  131. My first clarity love was a stamp. Let heaven and nature sing. I love it as much today as the first day I purchased it. Clarity stamps are original different and beautiful.
    Now I love clarity for how you have helped me keep it together over the last few months. Given me confidence to do my own thing. Made it ok to spend over two hours colouring one hummingbird..
    I can draw. Who knew. Life will never be quiet the same again all thanks to Barbara and Clarity.
    Thank you.

  132. What’s not to like!?! The Shac-shac is inspirational, the products are innovative and high quality; I’m full of admiration for the company ethos which is one of the most honourable I’ve ever come across (excellent customer service, brilliant teamwork, a corporate social responsibility that clearly comes from the heart – Barbara’s heart) – in fact, I wish I could work there!

  133. Everything about clarity is just great from when you phone up for an order to actually using what you ordered and being totally chuffed with result…well that says it all doesn’t it 😊

  134. Love the feeling that Clarity gives me….like I am part of a big family from all over the world.
    I was hooked the first time I saw Barbara at Create and Craft many years ago. Love the way she is enthousiast when showing how to make a card or now our doodling or coloring together.
    Good morning everyone, do come in….
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  135. I love the clarity team, they are always happy to give you so much information on how to make a card and what you need with a big smile, especially at the nec. Just received my parcel in the post today, which I ordered a few days before, ready now with my new colouring pencils for the shac shac and new stamp. Thank you

  136. I’m just looking to start parchment craft, so don’t have any experience yet, but from what I have seen, the team at Clarity are unbelievably friendly and helpful. I’m hoping to win so I can start learning a new skill 😊

  137. Clarity is like a big family all happy and loving so friendly keeping me company and Barbara is just brilliant

  138. Groovi pulled me into Clarity and has changed my crafting life. So yes I love Groove and like your stamps and papers and…probably most things if I knew how to fully use them. Which leads me to your demos, I love that you want us to use the goods and make lots of efforts to show us how. Your customer service is second to no-one and your efforts during this pandemic is brilliant.
    I thought the main thing I liked about Clarity could be summed up by the phrase ‘thinking of the customer’ since that covers all the above. However I have realised that really the main thing I love about Clarity is Barbara Grey as everything stems from her way of seeing matters.

  139. What’s not to like about Clarity, you provide good quality items friendly customer service, loads of inspiration and learning, great days out, a members sale where you are always guaranteed to get what you want, you are all just amazing people in my opinion. I could go on and on as there is just so much good that you all do 🙂

  140. I love Clarity for several reasons:-you tell it like it is; you don’t compromise on quality; you do what you say you will do; you give more than you take; you care and share. I could go on but you’d get bored reading how much I value even the blog. Overall Thank you so much.

  141. Clarity has given me a new lease on life with new ideas, friends and an inspirational Barbara to keep us all going you make me want to get up and see every day your smiling cheery face

  142. Clarity is a company that cares about its customers. The after sale/ customer service is the best I have ever known.Even though the company has grown it still has the family feel about it and Barbara always has time for her customers/who feel like friends whether it’s at open days, NEC shows , blogs and SHAC SHACK.
    Thank you.

  143. Clarity is so many things but here is a quick summary ! Glad to have joined the Clarity Family and although a virtual open day is great, I look forward to taking part face to face next year!

    Yummy – ok this one was hard!!!

    Thankyou for the support of Barbara in the Shac Shack during this difficult time – you have gained many more fans I’m sure!!! I’m one for sure! ♥️

  144. What I love about Clarity is that I’m finally finding myself, feeling happy and actually wanting to face each day now.x

  145. Everything! Been reading the blog since day 1. When everything is done for the day I can take a few minutes and read, cool down, maybe have a chuckle, does me good. Love Open Days and Retreats when able to go.
    Thank you for everything.

  146. I’m a bit late to the party, but will be up bright & early tomorrow clutching my ticket! Clarity is a company filled with joy. The signs and logos say it’s a crafting company, but really it’s all about the people, and that’s what makes it special – Barbara, Dave, Grace and the crew at Clarity Towers, the amazing design team, and the ever growing community of crafters that gather together around the Clarity star. Thank you for all you are doing to support us all through this time – keep on shining!

  147. Hi

    Thais is what clarity means to me
    C means community
    L means loving
    A means always there
    R means rarity
    I means inspirational
    T means togetherness
    Y means you Barbara who we would be lost without.

    Hope you have a good weekend
    Ruth XX

  148. What I like about Clarity is the genuine, caring, friendly community that surrounds the many helpful and talented People that make the wheels turn at Clarity Towers. ❤️xx

  149. Easier to say what I don’t like and that’s… Nothing!!
    ❤️ Clarity, Barbra and all they stand for 🥰

  150. I love the simple, honest and ethical approach that Barbara and everything Clarity brings to us.You never fail to offer excellent value, service and products across so many crafting genres. The inspiration and education that you generate is priceless and I can’t get enough of it all!

  151. I love that Clarity is a true family business, and everybody is always so helpful. Clarity worldwide and groovi worldwide have also turned into our own little family especially throughout the lockdown. Always manages to put a smile on my face when I read your blog and see the fantastic artwork on the Facebook groups.

  152. I am truly sorry that there will be no Open Day this year. It has always been such a happy place, to be. So joyous and friendly with everyone smiling, staff and visitors alike. But this is Clarity! A big Happy Family with an amazing lady at the helm. I thank you you all for just being you and sharing the love and expertise with all of us.

  153. It’s just the best craft company in the world. Your products are amazing for both inspiration and quality. I can just feel the company ethos through everything- you truly put the customer first despite these troubling times.

  154. I love everything about Clarity. The style, the elegance, the vibrancy, the simplicity, the detail, the love, the energy, the inspiration, the originality, the creativity, the calmness, the inclusion, the encouragement, the SHAC SHAC…..and of course, the lovely lady herself, Barbara!
    You’re creative and loving energy is infectious.

  155. Dear Barb,
    Well, to start with, the very fact that I don’t feel disrespectful in starting a message to the CEO of the company that way is a very good indication of why I like Clarity! It would be quicker to say why I DON’T like Clarity… There, that didn’t take long, did it?!

    Seriously, and truly, in my seventy-odd years I have never encountered a commercial organisation more committed to the service of its clientèle and so keen to ensure that we are HAPPY with everything you offer in the way of goods, ideas, inspiration and support. I really feel like we are more part of a family than customers anyway, especially when i read your daily blog & watch the SHACshack. I could go on, but you get the idea!

  156. Clarity is a family! Their customer service is second to none and the quality of the products is sensational

  157. I love that your products are such good quality and that they last, over the many years I’ve stamped the only clear stamps that have lasted have been my Clarity stamps and I’ve owned some of them over 20 years and they still stamp beautifully and perfectly!!!

    I love that you are innovative with new designs and new products.

    I love that you make me feel like part of the Clarity team and even more than that part of the Clarity family.

    I love that teach me new things and have helped me go from an okay maker to a good maker.

    I love that you value us and include us, that you encourage us and do all you can so that we will succeed too.

    Let me know if you need more as I could write an essay about Claritystamp and how good they are xx

  158. Claritystamp is simply my favorite craft company. You have amazing quality, great selection of products, and your customer service is the best ever.

    You also care about your customers and the whole world. The two blogs are always uplifting and fun. You are always thinking ahead about how to innovate and improve.

    I also love that this is a family company that thinks about what your customers want. Instead of making decisions on what is trending at the moment, your products are timeless.

  159. ‘Clarity’ a great name for a great company with a family feel and open hearted approach, a community of artists. The Shac Shac popped up on YouTube as a recommendation for me at the beginning of lockdown….and I haven’t looked back. What a joy to get absorbed in Barbara’s calm voice, humour and artistry skills….I’ve learned loads and escaped from the blues! Thank you all for the inspiration.

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