Twas meant to be!

Twas meant to be!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Hope you are safe and well? Grace just sent me a message. Here’s what she wrote: “Did you know it was AFRICA DAY yesterday?” Well, no I didn’t, did you?!? What were the chances of us flying off to Africa the very day it’s actually AFRICA DAY!!!

Twas clearly meant to be!! I LOVE IT WHEN THINGS LIKE THAT HAPPEN!! Makes me think that there IS a plan! You see! I told you there were hands unseen delving into our lives….

So to celebrate, I dug out an old piece of art I made years ago, using our Wee Africa stamps. They are so cool!

I remember doing this simple card on TV, and making up a story as I stamped it up. It went something like this:

Once upon a time, there was an elephant called Eddie, who was roaming the African plain looking for water. He had been walking for days but could not find any. So he climbed up the acacia tree, to see what he could see. No water sadly, but he did spot his buddy, Harry the hippo.

“Have you seen any water on your travels?” he asked, from up in the tree. “Nope,” came the reply. So Eddie suggested that Harry climb up the tree and oto his back, so that he might look further. This he did, but to no avail. He still couldn’t see any water.

Just then, George the giraffe turned up. The two others explained what they were up to. “Well, let me get up there. I have such a long neck, surely I will be able to spot water if it’s spottable.”

So up he climbed. But nothing.

A little while later, Leo the Lion saw George above the trees and came bounding along, to see what the fuss was about. The others explained, so he offered to climb to the top, and use his eagle eyes to spy some water. Nothing. By this time, Eddie’s legs were getting tired, but then Fanny the flamingo skipped along and offered to help – having such long legs and all that jazz.

Up she shot, and gazed all around, but no sight of water – not to the north the south the east or the west.

Just as the friends were about to dismantle, along came Maurice the meerkat. “Go on” he said, “let me get right to the top. I bet I will be able to help”.

The friends weren’t convinced that the tiny little meerkat would be able to help, but as is customary in the animal kingdom, they nodded respectfully and allowed him to climb to the top, to see what he could see.

He looked to the left, he looked to the right, and just as he was about to give up, he caught a shimmering in the distance, like sun dancing on water. “By Jove!” exclaimed Maurice, “I think I spy water!! Look!! At 3 o’clock!! Fanny saw it too. Then did Leo!

Happy Days. Hakuna Matata. No troubles…The friends all wandered to the watering hole, and spent a lovely afternoon, soaking up the sun and the water.

I know! Let’s have a bloggy sale on these lovely Wee Stamps. They are magic! We actually have 2 sets: Wee Africa 1 and Wee Africa 2…complete with Maasai Warrior and wife. So much play time and story time here!

So how about we offer both for the price of one? That sounds pretty good to me!

CLICK HERE to investigate. xx


In fact, who says? Let’s make it HAPPY AFRICA WEEK!!

If you’re looking for the African Family download for the SHAC Shack, click here

Oh wonderful synchronicity ….

Love always. Take care –

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Twas meant to be!

  1. Hi Barbara
    Loved your story and your generosity I might just have to pop over to the web site and check them out.
    How weird is it that it was Africa day yesterday.
    Spooky Hugs 🤗

  2. Isn’t that serendipity ? Got to catch up with today as I had to leave after 15 mins – hubby had a blood test. He was out 7 mins before he was due in ! X

  3. Hi Barbara. I discovered your doodle videos the other day and have been doodling like mad ever since. I have put a link on my blog for you and will gradually catch up with your doodles but don’t want to run before I can walk. Thanks for taking the time to make them. You have such a lovely calming way about you.

  4. Amazing how things work out. Its meant to be! I have a friend from South Africa, so I may draw a wee family for her. She has a lot of African art around her house, which fascinates me.

  5. Lovely tale. You cannot believe how much the doodle helped me this morning. I followed you live as I was really stressed about my afternoon motorway trip. It was so calming having your voice encouraging us to do the lovely patterns. I really cannot praise you enough. Trip over, more laser treatment on poor husband. Back again in two weeks. You really should have a 🥇. Lots of love.

    1. I think you deserve a medal Anne, for doing all those motorway trips! It is more than I could do and I admire your guts when I know how nervous you are about it. X

  6. Evening Barbara. Strangely I was getting some stamps out today and came across my African set. I thought they may come in handy so put them in my working stamps box which I keep to hand where I craft.
    Looking forward to seeing how our African journey will pan out!
    Enjoy your evening. Love and hugs xxxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    I remember you making that piece of art. I have the larger stamps but not the Wee ones. Might have to change that. Weird that it was Africa Day yesterday. That’s serendipity isn’t it? Been a beautiful afternoon here after a cloudy morning. Thanks for the download too. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  8. Happy Africa day indeed. I love your wee stamps and have them all. I also love the story that goes with the card – you are so clever.
    Tried to buy a new bed today, no luck unless you use the web, but I want to try before I buy as they are so expensive if you want something decent. Looks like it will be September at the earliest before the shop opens then it’s a min 6 week wait for delivery.
    Warm and sunny here today, not conducive to doing housework – well that’s my excuse. Now that the craft room is finished I want to be in there most of the time as it’s one of the cooler rooms in the house.
    Catching up with the doodles slowly but surely but hubby has gone off at a tangent trying his own thing. If the results are as I expect they will be good as he’s quite talented.
    Downloaded Shac no: 6 today but the colour printer needs a service so that’s a job for Ray tomorrow. I’m getting on well with these projects too and building up a file for future reference.
    Hope everyone is keeping well. Take care all.

  9. Hi Barbara,
    Just a quick comment on the SHAC SHACK doodles this week. After a lot of huffing and puffing and wearing out my rubber, I think my family are coming together now. Warrior got calves like Henry eighth but otherwise not bad. Only your expert guidance would have got me anywhere near, so Sante Sana( thank you in Swahili) . Don’t know where are tribes people come from but Swahili will take you some distance in East Africa.
    Used to live in Kenya so thought you might find a little Swahili useful. A very common greeting would be Jambo, Habari? The nearest equivalent perhaps of hi, what’s happening or the Spanish que pasa.
    Habari covers news family , health etc.
    The family are definitely in their Sunday best as at a very rural home they would probably have very little clothing and all would be topless with some decorative beads .
    Kilns are very rare in the country side so they would either be carrying sun baked clay pots or more likely hand woven baskets called a kigapu. They are experts at hand weaving very colourful baskets of all shapes and sizes.
    Swahili pronunciation is quite straightforward, so speak as you see in most cases. Taking it polepole( slowly), but pronounce it poleypoley) we will all get there and make art to make you proud.
    Mount Kilimanjaro has a flat top quite like the Mesa we drew for new Mexico but with a snow line as about 20,000 feet high with scrub and acacia trees at its base.
    Looking forward to seeing what you have for us next.
    Take care and sleep well x

  10. I am loving this doodle Barbara, although as I said yesterday, mine look more like Masai warriors, as they are tall and thin. Most of the African ladies I knew in Jo’burg had those amazing bottoms, which had a life of their own, especially when they were dancing. Oh, how I loved the music and dancing. Lots of memories.
    I am wondering what the background to our doodle is going to be. Please don’t say it will include an Acacia tree!😳 it looks too hard! Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette X

  11. Hello Barbara. Lost my job last week, been with you from the start. Thank you for your’e time and expertise, loving Africa. Think my feet are ok now, used a lot of rubber.
    Will order your’e rubbers tomorrow. Sleep well. See you at 10am Xx.

  12. Loving this doodle and all the lovely patterns. Such a great start to the day visiting the SHAC Shack and spending an hour with a great bunch of friends. Thank you Barbara and all those who make it so enjoyable. xx

  13. Hi Barb, this has taken me right back to my roots, as I was born and lived in South Africa for 37 years, love the story to go with the card, will go do the catch up on the SHAC Shack today if I get an opportunity. Take care all and stay safe. Bx

  14. Good morning. Before I read your brilliant blog I was reading internet news and I saw a little picture relating to the news article. It was dinosaurs running with a bright light behind them. The picture looked just like your wee stamps would be able to create! Little black block dinosaurs. Then here you are posting about your wee Africa stamps. Take care.

  15. I remember that card 🙂 I love the story, I’d forgotten all about that.
    Loving Africa week, thank you

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