More than Words..

More than Words..

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Glorious sunny day here in the southeast of little ol’ England. If I write fast, I may even get to sit in the garden for an hour, so forgive the spelling as I whizz across the keyboard!!

Tomorrow we’re back on HOCHANDA at 6pm with a lovely ODS: it’s our Poetry Plates. They are very special. Mel and I drew the frames when we went to France one year with the Design team, and stayed with our good friends Elisabeth and Alain in Bretagne. Dave and I were invited to stay with them in April, but that didn’t happen. Shame. Hey ho. C’est la vie. We will meet up with them one day, I’m sure xx

Anyway, back to the beautiful Poetry Frames! Not only are they available as Groovi Plates – now we have made ALL of them into stamps as well. So if you already have half a dozen Poetry Stamps – the other 6 are on the way!

The collection of verses and poems is second to none. And we’re pushed the boat out with a couple of the new ones, and made them really tiny. That way, they don’t take centre stage – the words still have impact, still pack a punch, but they are so tiny! It is amazing that we were able to get such clarity and quality with words that tiny. Proud moment. Well done Jason! Tune in at 6pm to see just how rinky dink….

In the meantime, here are a couple of demos using the original plates and stamps.

And on the beautiful note, I shall go find Dave and spend a quiet half hour in the garden with my husband.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “More than Words..

  1. Not got any of these but some have been on my wishlist for a while so I’ll definitely be watching…. Enjoy your time in the sunshine! x

  2. It is a beautiful evening, temperature just right now. I have the original stamps so am looking forward to what you come up with tomorrow. xx

  3. Evening Barbara, li e the stamps but will have to put them.on my wishlist for later. Beautiful sunny day in the Southeast (am over here with my boyfriend in lockdown and think it will be quite a while till I will ge back in Germany) and what a lovely evening too. Like you out in the garden right now, enjoying the peace and the beautiful birdsong. Love it!
    Once the sun has gone will take my paper and pencils out and start giving the dream catcher a try. Enjoyed all the sessions last week but find it easier not to craft along but do the project in my own time. I know, this will be a challenge but I will have a go and think this will keep me happy for the rest of the week.😉 Hope you enjoyed your time out in the garden. See you at tomorrow morning at 10. Alles Liebe xx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Oh, I thought it was just Groovi shows tomorrow. Yay, Clarity stamping shows, that’s today’s much needed smile. I was about to walk on past these stamps as they are too big for me, until I read you’d shrunk them… That’s got me very interested!!! I’ll be watching.

    Just a glimpse of sun up here today, just the one!!! Ha, ha. It’s not as cold as it has been though, so that’s an improvement. I had the windows open a wee bit, at the top, too scared to open the bottom still in case Covid gets in… I got stressed out though, noise. It was like a normal, pre lockdown day, out there today, people and vehicles. We’re still supposed to be in full lockdown up here… So, my autistic brain is totally fried and I’m so on edge. I knew this would happen, the peace and quiet outside was such a pleasure for me, and my head got out of getting through the bad day to day noise. It’s like I’m starting from square one again, and it’s sooo hard. My head feels like it is going to explode with the pressure. And the very noisy cars are still going You know those guys who cover their inadequacies with things like noisy exhausts and go blasting at top speed up and down the streets… Aye, I have a couple of those in the neighbourhood! Not a good starting point for messages delivery day tomorrow…

    I hope you managed to chill in your garden with Dave. Love you xxx
    p.s. if you are doing a stamping demo in the 8pm show tomorrow can you put it on yourtube after, or at least show us a step by step here please? For us Freeview viewers. Thanks if you can xx

    Does someone know if the Pentart gel stuff that Clarity sell will stick metal to metal? I’ve got 2 of them, heavy body gel ones I think they are called. (before I go and get in a mess…!!!) It’s just a wee pin badge that the front has come off the back but it’s got a lot of sentimental value to me as i got it when I went to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Thanks if you can help.

    1. Hi Brenda,
      To quote Bob Ross (who was a very laid back artist) “you have to have the occasional bad day in order to appreciate the good ones”. Remember that one day these annoying people will have their bad days too. Take some deep breaths, think nice things, and enjoy some crafting if you can.
      Hugs 🍒

  5. Hope you had a nice relaxing seat in the sun with Dave. Damp here today but sun should be out again tomorrow. Looking forward to that. However, I’ve had a productive day. Although I had all my stamps and stencils in folders, I spent the afternoon listing what was in each folder and sticking that on the outside of each folder. I have been nearly driven made trying to find stamps!!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s show but first our cockerels! Loving that. Did laugh this morning about the sparkling water! Good memories of those few days with all of you at the SEC. Met so many lovely people. Wow. There have been big changes to life since then but as someone keeps saying: This, too, shall pass. Take care, my friend. Hx

  6. I love the groovi plates and use them often and gift them in frames. I love using the original poetry word stamps on inky backgrounds for quick thoughtful cards. Looking forwards to seeing the demos tomorrow.
    Spent today making cheese cake with the remains of a huge 1.6kg tub of phili. This time it’s raspberry and gin. Last week we had a lime one and a salted caramel one. All very yummy.

  7. I have spent a while in the garden this afternoon followed by a video call from our son with the little grandson. He is chatting so much now and blowing us kisses. I have some of the poetry Groovi plates so will have to watch tomorrow. Enjoyed the colouring this morning, thank-you for your time. xx

  8. I definitely have all the plates but do not recall there being stamps. They are not in the Clarity stamp catalogue where I marked off all of the older stamps I purchased so I will have to go hunting.
    Thought I would not have a Clarity spend this week so I went on line and spent some money on the house, prematurely if I find I do not have the stamps. In any case if they are smaller than the plates they will definitely fall into my basket.
    Another beautiful day here today, too warm for housework, so crafted most of the day. Looking forward to the demo’s tomorrow.
    Hope you have a good rest in the cool of the garden this evening.

  9. Bonsoir Barbara !
    And you are invited here whenever it is possible. Looking forward to it !!
    Look after yourselves

  10. Bit cloudy first thing but sun soon came out really warm here. It’s still 24 in bedroom tonight so guess hot days are here. Loved finishing the bird table and did me wings today not quiet got the shading right and light through so few tweeks to do in morning ready for next session hope you enjoyed being out in Garden with Dave enjoying the sunshine night night see you all in morning Joy x

  11. Hi Barb, true beauty in stamps and plates. Hope you and Dave enjoyed your time out in that lovely garden of yours, we sat out last night, it was a lovely evening. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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