Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. It’s been a busy but very good day here above the garage in the Clarity SHAC-Shack.

Our daily doodle workouts on Facebook LIVE at 10 am are doing me the power of good actually. And if they’re helping me deal with this self-isolation, then I imagine they’re helping you too.

Every morning, as soon as I open my eyes, I have a direction. I know what I’m doing at 10am and where I have to be. I have to consider what to wear, and I have to make myself presentable. There is no time to dwell on anything, there is no time to get despondent or start worrying about stuff I cannot control. Are you kidding ?!?!? Imagine if YOU had 400 + friends turning up at 10am with a pen and a sheet of copy paper!! YOU’d be hopping about too, right?!?

There are things to do, cameras to check, battery packs to check, live streaming to put in place. All this before 9.30, which gives me half an hour to make any adjustments. And in that half hour, I clear my head, say a prayer, work out which way we are headed with the doodles – and then tick tock – it’s 10am.

Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Well, then let me tell you this from the heart. This is the first time in a while that I feel I’m doing something meaningful. For many people, including myself, it is far more important than just a simple doodle session, isn’t it? Bearing in mind that I am a recovering workaholic (some would argue that I relapse most days) this just feels so right.

When YOU post all your doodle-art all over Facebook, when I can see that it is working for you, and that you are surprised and chuffed with your abilities – that just makes me happy. It’s not ego, it’s not a popularity thing. It’s purely knowing that I am doing something USEFUL.

And YOU motivate me to keep going too. It has absolutely nothing to do with driving sales, nothing to do with the business of Clarity. This goes to the very core of our Clarity Ethos. So the whole process swings both ways, you see. From me to you to me to you to me to you – perfect.

Mind you! Now I am eating my words! Tomorrow I’m going into work to pick all the Postcard Sets you have bought !! But again, I do that gladly, because in a couple of weeks time, we will have such a great artworkout when we’re all in tune and singing from the same hymn sheet!

Now it’s time to switch off, and find Dave. He’s definitely here!!

Be safe. Be Happy. Be creative.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

39 thoughts on “HAPPY

  1. Hello Barbara
    Thoroughly enjoyed this morning. When you showed us what we were doing. I thought I will never be able to do that, but I did and I was brave enough to put it on Facebook. Looking forward to Monday.

  2. You have done a fantastic job this week, Barb, and you have shown us all that with the right teacher, we can learn to draw/doodle and that has been amazing. Please stay safe tomorrow. I know you want to get the postcards out to us, and that we want them, but please stay safe. That is more important than anything. Lots of love. Hxxx

  3. Really enjoying the morning sessions Barb – thank you so much for your time & the encouragement for us all to try things out. Mindfulness really works and it’s great to be able to switch off from the worrying for a bit too. Making yet another order up but waiting to see the little dies at the weekend before sending it…..can’t resist! Sending hugs to everyone out there..keep safe, keep well ….and take care of each other. As Barb says..this too shall pass…everything does!

  4. Thank you SO much Barbara, for the wonderful Facebook sessions, which I am enjoying so much. My daughter is working from home and my granddaughter is doing school lessons all morning, so as we share a space, I cannot watch live. However, I catch up later on You Tube, when I am more relaxed and it is wonderful. As an added bonus, I am managing to produce some half decent drawings! Like many others, I am collecting them in a journal, as a record of this unprecedented time in our lives.
    Next Thursday at 8pm I am including you in the list of people I clap for, as you are doing such a wonderful thing for so many people. Have a good weekend with Dave. Hugs. Annette X

  5. Loving these doodle days Barb. Not able to play at 10am but catching up later in the day. I cant draw or doddle for toffee so this is very helpful and also clearing my head of all the stuff that if I dwell on just overwhelms me.

    Struggling getting ink to flow in the pens. Tried micron, pilot and rollerball. Tried rolling the nib too still no joy.

    Any tips?

    Take care and stay safe you two xx

    1. Are you storing them upright in a pot? If so turn them up the other way, it may rejuvenate them. If not, get a new one and ALWAYS STORE PENS ON THEIR SIDES!!!!!
      Hope this works for you.

  6. Gosh Barbara, don’t stress on our account. We’ll wait for you! And if it all goes wrong we’ll catch up later. Your calming voice is wonderful. I got so emotional after the lunchtime news, with the news of the deaths in Spain. I had a go at doodling in the head as per Josie, last night. It certainly worked and I dropped off for another hour til 5. Have a restful weekend! I’m looking forward to my postcard order!! Take care xxx

  7. Brilliant sessions all week, thank you, you have even got my sister and my dear mum of 83 joining in with the doodling every evening! That is a real mean feet so well done. Mum is at my sisters, (she got stuck up there before the lockdown and misses the independence of her bungalow near me) I’m sure she’s in the right place as she has company but she misses her own space. Your doodling is really helping her to calm down and get through each day so thank you on her behalf too.
    Try to switch off completely this weekend cos we need you next week! ( aren’t I selfish!) xx

  8. I really enjoyed this morning. Took a wee bit for my head to calm and then it was amazing and I just got in the zone and everything was fine again.
    You are doing an amazing thing everyday, encouraging us to stop and calm into the zone. It’s good that there are lots of new people joining us too.
    I am thinking I could do personalised name plates for my neices’ birthdays coming up soon.
    Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

  9. Thank you so much for these doodle SHAC-Shacks Barb , I have really enjoyed them all, even though I was very nervous first off, and judging by all the photos of our work on facebook, everyone else has enjoyed them too. I have been making a few Eastrr cards over the last few days and posted them today. I don’t know where I would be without my stamps and Groovi, they are life saver. Take care Barb, Dave and your family stay safe. The same to all at Clarity and on here too, God Bless, love Pam xxx

  10. Hi Barbara and friends,
    Thank you for what you are doing for us, some days i miss the 10.00am show but will catch up at a later stage and sit and review what i can do.
    On Facebook the artwork is amazing , just shows how you make us feel.
    At least i can draw a Rabbit and now draw the birds which i was struggling with for some time.
    Now to more forward and try the other things , i need to do.
    Thanks again, see you on the other side next week .
    Lots of love .
    Lynn xx

    Keep safe to you and all your family.

  11. Crikey! Was my reaction this morning. First time joining in live as my husband does Facebook so he logged in and doodled alongside. We were both so chuffed at what we produced and it was great to do something together. He has always doodled, especially in meetings. 😂 I think he was glad to have some new ideas. Looking forward to next week. Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine in the garden. Xx

  12. Haven’t tried today’s doodle yet, wanted to save it for my lazy Saturday afternoon. It looks intrigueing and I am sure I will enjoy it.
    Found some pre-cut decoupage sheets and 3″x3″ cards in a box and made up 48 as gift cards/notelets this afternoon. It was very relaxing and the clutter is gradually being cleared from the craft room to make more room for my Clarity stash. Hubby offered to put the old stuff in the skip but I hate waste so will keep making odd cards between Groovin’ and stamping.
    Am I odd? I am finding this isolation restful, relaxing, happy making and peaceful. Not stressed at all. And the doodling helps a lot.
    Think I may have the village and harbour stamps as 2 sets, will have to check but the dies are definitely on my list.
    Thank you for all you are doing to keep us crafters happy and relaxed and I will add you to my “clap for” list on Thursday.
    Virtual hugs to all. 🍒🍒🍒

  13. Have just finished your doodle session (8pm) with my friend. Luckily we did it on the table today -I’ve been sitting on the floor all week and it wasn’t doing me much good but I can’t usually let my legs hang down for more than half an hour. I was so lost in ‘Happy’ I forgot my legs until i came to stand up and couldn’t !! Took 10 minutes or so to manage to hobble to the settee but we both REALLY enjoyed it and will be looking out better pencils to tart them up a bit……. Thanks Barb, for being YOU.

  14. Always read your blog but never comment. However just have to say thank you SO much for all you are doing for us. I don’t do Facebook but do catch up on YouTube as soon as possible. Absolutely loving these sessions, and learning so much. Never thought I’d be able to produce these little works of art! Thank you Barbara

  15. Thank you for all your hard work this week. I cannot draw but have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions as has my reluctant husband! It really has helped me. Just watched the YouTube live screening of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcast. Donny Osmond dancing and singing nearly naked. Be still my beating heart 😂😂😂
    Have a lovely weekend everyone xxx

  16. Good evening Barbara
    I just need to say thank you for:-
    1) Thinking of the doodlealong and setting everything off.
    2) Making it easy enough for beginners so we’re not intimidated.
    3) Giving us a laugh along the way.
    4) Being you. xx
    When I saw this morning’s project my first thought was ‘You’ve not got a snowball’s chance in hell there Katy’ but, surprise, surprise I did it and I’m pleased with it. And it’s all down to the teacher. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


  17. Good evening Barbara, Can’t believe it is Friday already. I was late joining in this morning as my computer was playing up so will sit tomorrow morning at 10am & catch up. I have really enjoyed this week, starts the day on a positive note.
    Must put the weekend shows on to record – don’t forget folks the ODS show times have changed Monday is 8am, 12 & 4pm. Hochanda is also showing 2pm till 5pm (3hours)followed by ODS at 6 for Clarity on Sunday.
    Take care everyone x

  18. I’m following your shac videos on YouTube as I’m not usually up and fully functioning at 10:00am. I’m a day behind just now but really enjoying every minute and surprised each day by how my doodles turn out. I’ve ordered my postcards and look forward to the daily doodle.
    Thankyou so much for the calm you bring

  19. Really enjoyed this mornings doodle (I have enjoyed them all) it was something special and for that hour and a bit I forgot about everything else. Was please with the result as well. Like a few others I thought it would be impossible to get something that looked good. Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to the others.

  20. Hi Barb,
    Haven’t watched today’s doodling session but it looks really good – reminds me of the dangle plates. I’m going to give it a go tomorrow and then try to catch your 10am session. I’m really pleased that these sessions are helping you as much as us. I got lost in my white work today – I seemed to have lost an hour somehow! I was just lost in my own little world. Keep safe tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  21. Hi Barbara, I just wanted to say you have been amazing this week…..& a massive thank you for giving us something positive to focus on through all this madness!!! Just like you my children live & work away…one in Australia, & you must miss them so much…I know I do. Speaking of your children, They must both make you so proud…Grace is doing a brilliant job, just like her Mum!! Stay safe, Love & Hugs Anne xx

  22. Absolutely loving our week of doodling relaxation. It’s just what I needed to relieve some of the stress & anxiety of the current situation & find a quiet 5 minutes to gather my thoughts & enjoy doodling. Barbara, you are an absolute tonic and I thank you, for giving up your time, to share your expertise with us. Really looking forward to Monday but will enjoy spending time this weekend colouring in the ‘happy’ from today x

  23. Liebe Barbara…vielen Dank für diese Doodlewoche… deine Mühe und positive Energie hilf mir sehr…es ist schwer für mich das alles so zu akzeptieren..ich meine das Zu Hause bleiben, meine Enkelkinder und meine Kinder nicht zu knuddeln, aber ich verstehe das es natürlich notwendig ist, damit wir gesund bleiben. Ich doodle fleissig weiter mit dir und freu mich schon auf deine Ideen… passt gut auf euch auf..bleibt gesund… glG Gaby

  24. Hi Barbara
    Well when you showed us all the doodle for today I thought to myself. Noooo. Never going to be able to do that .
    But after doing a catch up on FB I had a go and surprised myself it’s not up to your masterpiece But I like it I posted it because you said you like to see what we do.
    So have a good weekend with your Dave .
    Ohh and a big Thank You 😊

  25. Thank you for these great sessions Barbara, have been loving joining in and seeing everyone’s work. Set the recorder up for the weekends shows just in case I miss them somehow.
    A chap in the radio said something that struck me. He is having bass guitar lessons, to use this time to learn something because we will not have this precious gift of time again.. So thank you again for helping me spend this gift of time learning something new and also enabling me to share that time with others, albeit at a distance. It is a very special thing.

  26. Thank you for these sessions Barb, today I felt like I am starting to get the hang of doodling. After the video finished I coloured my HAPPY and then did another little doodle! Couldn’t tear myself away! Can’t wait for Monday! Have a good weekend and thank you again xx

  27. I have enjoyed this week at 10 in the morning seeing what you are showing and it cheers us up a lot I am not good at drawing at all but am improving each day thanks so muck and will turn in every day to see what next stay safe everyone janice xx

  28. really enjoying the doodle sessions.Made it to live show yesterday and it was great. Looking forward to Monday, but will have to watch on u Tube later as have Zoom app at 10. Keep safe and positive thoughts.xxxx

  29. Hi Barb, need to watch the last few shows as a catch up, because it has been redoing the house and tidying the garage time, but they are brilliant, so going to take some time out today to go over the ones I have missed. It is really fabulous of you to do this and it is certainly popular. Take care all and stay safe. Bx

  30. I passed this on to Bec who passed it to a very stressed friend. The friend came back to her to say how much she enjoyed it and she really relaxed just listening to your voice. The power of the doodle is spreading. I am loving it too, and I have never really doodled ever. We got into too much trouble if we doodled on our books at school and even had to cover all our exercise books with brown paper. Looking forward to next week’s installments. xxx Maggie

  31. Hi Barbara I am really enjoying the daily doodling. When I saw what we were going to draw on Friday I thought I will never be able to do that. But I was so pleased with my effort. I am even thinking of doing something like this for a wedding card. Thank you so much for giving up your time to do this. I so appreciate it so much. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  32. Hi Barbara and all the doodling gang,
    I am so enjoying our daily calming sessions. So grateful to you for helping keep us grounded at this time. It would be so easy just to sit and cry or stay under the duvet but not with such a lovely thing to look forward to each day.
    Thanks again.
    Linda x

  33. I love the daily doodle, I watch them on You Tube later so I am usually a day behind, nothing new there! I even opened my new journal to doodle into. Thank you for the sessions they are relaxing to watch and to listen to. XX

  34. Hello Barbara and all, Just wanted to say thank you for the “Gemma” prize which has just arrived. Its really lovelyand sits in pride of place. Trust that everyone is staying at home and keeping well Love the doodling !

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