Distraction Therapy of sorts..

Distraction Therapy of sorts..

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. How are you? Safe and well I hope? I woke up very anxious this morning. As soon as my eyes opened, the head started spinning. It darted around from place to place – and settled on New York New York, and – of course – our darling Grace. Didn’t have the 10am Doodle session with my friends to steer me clear of the cave today, and despite every attempt to change the direction of my thoughts, this morning it wasn’t working very well.

I did a little gardening, but that didn’t help. Cleared a lot of leaves out of a drain hole near the kitchen window, but that was vile. So I sat in the shade and called a friend. Temporary relief, but no sooner had I hung up, than the gloom was upon me again. And there was an awful smell where I was sitting, so I thought I’d move away from the drain hole. Went indoors, pottered around the kitchen, peeled a load of apples to make apple compote, but that kitchen drain stench was still pretty ripe.

I decided to do some shading and a little doodle. Came upstairs to the SHAC-Shack, and thought I’d dig out an old stamp which I drew ages ago for the New Design Club. The image speaks volumes to me, and I thought I’d use it as the base image for a little mindful shading.

But there was that awful smell again. You know the expression following me around like a bad smell? Well, it was ! And really vile it was too! Now I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but I did add two and two together, and it dawned on me that I was the common denominator in the Mystery of the Stink. Then it occurred to me. Was there something savoury on the sole of my shoe? Ahhh….

Correctamundo. Cat poo. Lovely. And I had traipsed it all through the kitchen, along the path, up the stairs and through the Shac Shack, just to really spread the love.

And just to rub my nose in it – we don’t even own a blimming cat!

I spent the next 2 hours on my hands and knees working my way backwards, scrubbing down the kitchen floor, the porch, the path, the stairs and the SHAC- Shack. The entire zone has now been blitzed with Dettol. It has been well and truly Dettolated.

Tell you what though. It certainly did the trick with my anxiety! I was so pissed off with the cat that I completely forgot about New York! Then Grace Facetimed us and we had a right old giggle when I told her the shitty shoe story.

So you see, it doesn’t matter WHAT you do to distract your thinking! Doodling is altogether more pleasant than scrubbing catpooshoes and Dettolating the house – but hey!

By the time I got back to blogging, the blues had left me. I did settle down to the little stamp and some shading, and she’s tucked away safely in my little journal diary now….

I guess we have to process our fears. We have to work through them and sit with them a while. But not too long, lest they bring us down.

And now we’re having a Bar-B!! Sausages and burgers on our lovely new Weber Grill, which we bought with our John Lewis Wedding Gift Vouchers a couple of months ago, before they expired! So many, many thanks to all our lovely generous friends who bought us a Weber Grill! It is DELUXE!!!! And it is very very special.

Be safe,

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

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I have just scoured the website and am not finding the Fresh Cut Dies Back Issues, but maybe it’s me. I’ll ask somebody to load them all next week, when we’re back on track.

33 thoughts on “Distraction Therapy of sorts..

  1. Funnily enough I have used Alice on one of my tags recently. Two peas in a pod. I used the gel press petite rectangle to do a reverse image. Great minds. I love this stamp.

  2. What a lovely stamp~ it certainly represents how many of us are feeling right now ( alone 😰).
    I am missing my two daughters terribly. It’s four weeks since we last saw them, they live in supported living with full time 24/7 carers. ( both profoundly disabled). They are starting to show anxiety as to where we are , they can’t talk and are scared of FaceTime so we can’t talk to them. Missing them terribly at the moment 😰😰xx

    1. Sending you a hug Mandy. It may not help, but know that I and many others are thinking of you. With love to you and your daughters. Annette x

    2. My heart goes out to you, Mandy. You must have been very brave and determined to get them into independent living, so we know you have the skills for surviving this despite the terrible upset. I can see you being in a box would be frightening for them, if not understood. Is there something you have sent before or know they are calmed by? Food, a recipe you could send for careworkers to make, your art? Sometimes doing nothing is best, as contact may remind them of your absence, but see it as a positive decision for their wellbeing. I hope this interval is soon over and you can be reunited – though they may be angry with you when you reappear, just to show there is no justice!

  3. Our son’s girlfriend has dual nationality, too. Like Grace she is in New York in a flat in Brooklyn. We worry about her, too . Amused last week when she asked him for a food parcel – Viscount biscuits and prawn cocktail crisps! He then complained about the postage cost!! Luckily she can work from home which is a blessing and she has good friends nearby. Stay safe xx

  4. Sorry Barbara but I had to chuckle at that. Love Alice, not sure I remembered that was her name but the stamp is beautiful . Might get out to play tomorrow xx

  5. Now, how spooky is this, I was just at the point in the blog when you mentioned cats, and who just sauntered in wanting his tea, you’ve guessed it, Bendycat.
    I too have recently put Alice out to make a bookmark (one of MY little tasks during the lock-down is to make ‘best example’ designs using my NDC stamps) Alice just seems right for a bookmark, now I can shade her too. Thank you.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  6. Evening Barbara. Your shitty shoe story did make me smile…. It reminded me of when I was teaching. I had a class first lesson and suddenly there was the most awful smell in my classroom… And it wasn’t raining…..
    Anyway I turned my plug in air freshener on and the air con but it just got worse.
    I couldn’t understand where this awful smell was coming from. Lesson ended and class went and so did the smell. The next lesson I had a free period so I went across to the other classroom to speak to my colleague and the smell had gone from my room to hers…. It was vile.
    Then I realised it was one kid…. Fearing the worst I asked them to step out onto the corridor and then I realised they had stepped in something nasty on the way into school and it was stuck in the tread on their shoes. Needless to say it was dealt with quite quickly and the kid concerned was so grateful.
    I do hope you manage to have a day free from anxiety tomorrow. I managed a whole day today! It helps that the sun is shining and I could sit a while outside and read my book.
    Enjoy your evening with Dave!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  7. Any chance it was a fox? They are known to have a strong aroma….so I’ve heard !!! We get a fox visit, sometimes!
    Sorry, just standing up for cats! lol.

  8. I hope you wake up feeling better tomorrow. I spent an hour this afternoon making ‘tubular’ frames and it helped me to unwind and calm down after a sleepless night and restless day. Now I just have to come up with something to fill them!
    Hugs. Annette X

  9. Hilarious! But you know, sometimes you just need to walk in it for a bit to get out of it! And you did and now you are back on the purrfect track! Couldn’t resist that. Ha! Ha! Ha!
    On a serious note, remember there is a power greater than you who has your girl and your boy in sight. I may be at home but I haven’t completely given up the day job!! Lol.
    While you were on all fours, I started painting one of the walls in my garage! I actually went in to clean a freezer that has been there for a while but not switched on. I only got the outside of it done before I decided I needed to clean round about it and guess what? I found a tin of paint so another change of direction! What a guddle there is in there now but I bet it is the only garage in the country with a wall that is copper blush! Lol. Anyway, it is a work in progress. Hope the remainder of your day is goes well. Hxx

  10. That was so funny and I reckon if you ever see that cat 🐱you should give it a treat to say thank you for getting rid of your blues!
    Love and hugs Patricia x

  11. Love that stamp very thought full young lady often wonder what she is thinking. Did make me laugh about cat poo but didn’t envy you cleaning it all up but did serve it’s purpose though. Glad Grace Is okay one of those times you want children home and safe but at moment we’re ever they are seems long way away if not in your home but least we can face time etc are family’s big hugs haven’t even looked at news today been in a little bubble making crochet hearts to send to are local hospital they are given in to co 19 patents and one to family member to make them feel close though was nice idea xx

    1. I too was out of sorts this morning which I put down to lack of daily doodles. I have pottered about tidying up a bit in the living room and I have also done some sewing. My back and shoulders are now tired, so will do some more tomorrow. Going to sit and doodle while watching Britain’s got talent.

  12. Love that stamp very thought full young lady often wonder what she is thinking. Did make me laugh about cat poo but didn’t envy you cleaning it all up but did serve it’s purpose though. Glad Grace Is okay one of those times you want children home and safe but at moment we’re ever they are seems long way away if not in your home but least we can face time etc are family’s big hugs haven’t even looked at news today been in a little bubble making crochet hearts to send to are local hospital they are given in to co 19 patents and one to family member to make them feel close though was nice idea xx

  13. I understand your anxiety. It is the shopping that is getting to me, or lack of it. I seem to be spending hours trying to find ways of keeping our cupboards stocked and end up back at the beginning relying on our kids being able to get extra. Oh for the days when I just wrote a list and toddled off to the supermarket. Our craft helps to take my mind off it thank goodness. xx

  14. Love your Alice stamp. Would you believe I’ve not used it yet. One of my new year resolutions was to go through all my stamps, stencils, groovi plates and dies and use each one of them at least once. I have managed quite a few this year as I am well ahead on my card making. Love how you have shaded her. Poor you today, after keeping us from thinking all week and then you get the blues. It keeps coming over me worrying about my daughter at work in the hospital, if she doesn’t ring I know she’s been too busy, but I am on the phone after 4 days just to say I only wanted to know you were ok. What a day you’ve had when you could have been doing something nice. Keep smiling Barb, it may well have been a fox, we had poo on the patio from a fox a few weeks back, they do get over the wall into the garden we have seen them. Enjoy your Eastrr weekend with your Dave. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  15. What a hoot, glad the effect was positive in the end.
    Had a bad night last night mainly worrying about Ray, he’s so stubborn and doesn’t take his health issues seriously enough. I was going grey but now my hair is showing some white.
    After seeing the news this morning my heart went out to you as I know how concerned you must be for Grace and Mark. At least you can talk to them on Facebook or whatever. Just think what a grand reunion you will have when this is all over.
    This little girl stamp is gorgeous so I had a look at the back numbers, made a list of those I would like as I don’t go back to the beginning of the collection, then thought I’d better check as I remembered you offered some back numbers before. Already had every one on the list plus a few more !!!
    Saved a few pennies this time.
    Received Tina’s flower bundle today so know what I’ll be doing next week.
    I hope the next few days will be better for you, we will get through this.

  16. I so love that Alice stamp – probably my favourite ever NDC stamp – she is just so wistful and versatile to use. I think we are all having days like yours at the moment – they seem to come from nowhere, and just catch you out. Well done for finding a way out of your distress creating such beautiful artwork, and enjoy your BBQ. Hoping tomorrow you will find more peace x

  17. Oh my, Barbara! Maggimoo might be right and it could be fox poo, as that absolutely stinks! I’ve had a bit of relaxing day off today. Got the shopping done this morning (including for my friend and my in laws) – incredibly grateful that my NHS ID badge got me straight to the front of the queue at Tesco so I didn’t have to wait. Spent a happy couple of hours on Zoom this afternoon, having a crafting session with my friend. Not quite the same as sitting across the table from each other, but good enough. Planning to catch up on some more doodling tomorrow.

  18. Hi Barb,
    What a day you’ve had! Nothing worse that standing in poo and not realising it! Dave once brought some into the car ( obviously unknowingly!) and it was horrendous! We couldn’t work out what the smell was and where it was coming from. He was blaming me and vice Versa. In the end we both got out of the car and checked our shoes. There was a tiny bit in the tread of his! We had to throw the car mat in the nearest waste bin as we had no way of cleaning it and it would have been horrendous travelling for 2 hours with the smell. You’ve got to laugh about it though in the end. I do feel for you though having to go through the house cleaning it up! The Alice stamp is lovely – so serene- I love her. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.. love Alison xxx

  19. Bad luck with the ‘poo’ Barbara but there is something cathartic with doing something mundane like cleaning. You don’t have to think about what you are doing. Great now you have a gleaming home!!! I am always in trouble with smells because I don’t have a sense of smell.
    Love the Alice stamp, must try to find her.
    I hope you wake with a clear head tomorrow and have a good day with Dave. xx

  20. There is nothing worse than cat or dog poo on your shoes. One day after lunch out a few weeks ago we thought we would go for a walk in some local woods on the way home. The weather was cold and we debated whether to or not but we did, but were not out long because the weather too a turn for the worse. I got back in the car and the stench was dreadful, and on inspection realised it was me that was ponging..lol. I was so pleased to get out of the car at home and deal with the problem cursing and asking myself why we had bothered with the walk at all. Luckily no treading of the problem through the house though. Glad you managed to chat to Grace and had a laugh about it. Hope you feel less unsettled tomorrow Barbara. Take care. x

  21. Hi over there stuck in Sidney since middle off March.
    I look at the blog every day brings a smile to my face.
    I found the YouTube doodling.
    Thank you
    Thank you ☘️

  22. Hi Barbara, on our fifth week of lockdown here in Spain and really enjoy my daily check in with your blog,Grace’s too. What a good idea to get cleaning up cat poo to while away the time,can I get it on eBay?
    Luv and hugs, stay safe
    Angie Morgan

  23. Hi Barb, Happy Easter everyone. Ooh what a thought, got to watch where we plant our feet right? Glad you had facetime with Grace and a BBQ with Dave, we have a leg of lamb on our small rotisserie for Easter Sunday. Just took some balloons and mini eggs to the youngest kids in our little close, and the waves from the doors and shots of thanks made my little heart glad. Once the lamb is on, I intend spending some quality time in my craft space, until the traditional movies this afternoon. Take care all and stay safe. Bx

  24. I have always loved that stamp and the artwork says it all. My son and his family moved to New York in February – I’m worried too. Thank you Barbara the artwork made me smile. Stay safe everyone 😘

  25. Ha ha, been there done that, but have to say it’s usually hubby that treads it in. Happy Easter to you and all the Clarity family had an email this morning from you all wishing me a Happy Easter.

  26. Barbara, I just love the way you share your life with us, so generous of you. The shitty shoe story has made me really laugh, thank you.

  27. I love that stamp! I have signed up for Maria’s online classes and as soon as I know what else I will need, I’ll be on the website and adding Alice to my order!

    What a stunning piece of artwork.

    I woke up from a bad dream in the night. Took me ages to get back to sleep and it’s been a bit of a black cloud hanging over me, but I’m going to go and doodle in a minute!

  28. Animal poo goes a long way. I get splattered with it when my cane goes through it on the pavement and cat is very pungent. What a horrible job to clean up and after clearing a drain too. Still, you won’t be catching a virus in your kitchen etc anytime soon, so maybe we should celebrate your safety. Keep yourself safe, as well as all of us. Time for some of the free theatre offerings? Only the Brave is very good and Flowers for Mrs Harris is a feelgood piece. I love the Alice stamp btw.

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