Daffodilly Doodlilly…

Daffodilly Doodlilly…

Hi there.

Greeting from the SHAC-Shack! In case you’re wondering, SHAC stands for:

Safe – Happy – and – Creative

Stay – Home – and – Craft

I settled down to finish a little piece of artwork I started last week, when we launched Tina’s beautiful Floral Doodle flowers on HOCHANDA TV, and thought I would step it up and blog it for you.

My Mum always calls me her little Daffodil, because I was born in March. How lovely is that?! So this one’s for my Mum. And Dad, of course.

Background’s easy. Dob a few of the little Artistry inkpads onto your blending mat. Spritz the Clarity Card lightly with water – the A5 coated stock that we’ve been using for 25 years and which is superb to stamp on! – Then place the wet side of the card down on the inky blending mat. Lift and voila! Beautiful backgrounds every time. Allow to dry completely before stamping onto.

Stamp the doodle flower – in this case the daff – onto the inky card, using Black Archival ink. Once again, the ink has to be completely dry before you can start adding colour. Worth leaving it overnight if you can. Then when you apply the Perga Colours, the black line art stays firmly in place.

If you look closely at this image, you can see that the black ink moved a little when I buffed the card. If you wait overnight, this doesn’t happen.

Colour in the images with our Perga Colour Pens. Absolutely brilliant on this card!! You can get the most superb shading and drop shadows! And heads up all you fellow doodlers! Check out Tina’s flowers. I am sure she won’t mind if we crib a few for our daily doodle sessions!

See how you can add layers of colour? Looks like a proper bonafide printed poster when it’s done.

When I went to add the grey dropshadow with the Perga Colour pen, I decided to dilute it a little by adding a scribble of the felt tip pen to one of our mix mats, (there’s a deal on the website, where you get the mix mat with the pens), then used a blending pen to apply the lighter ink . Much more subtle.

Trimmed the inky card, mounted the piece on black. Stamped the lovely words into position, then coloured them in with a yellow pen once they were dry. This word stamp says it all, when you love somebody as much as I love my parents. You light up my life Every Day

Mount on a white cardblank, find a matching envelope, and get it in the post to them for Easter. xxxx

Stay safe – Love and Hugs

Must go call them now.

Barb xxx

PS. If you’re joining me tomorrow morning at 10am for our 10am Facebook Live Doodle Session – Woohoo! We have something really cool to do! I am excited to share it with you!! Roll on 10 am!!!

21 thoughts on “Daffodilly Doodlilly…

  1. Beautiful card. Really enjoyed today’s doodle session, and was absolutely amazed and delighted by what I was able to create under your brilliant tuition! Thank you so much for all you are doing to maintain our sanity, it means a lot.

  2. Evening Barbara.
    I’ll be there with my pen in hand. I had to grab my spare one this morning as the one in my kit ran out. I’m not surprised as I use it a lot and even more recently. Good job I have a couple of spares in my drawer.
    I’m impressed with the perga colours working on the clarity card. So many water based pens don’t work that well.
    Have a lovely evening with Dave.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Great step by step – nice reminder of what is achievable as well as the different techniques.

    After a good nights sleep got up this morning to beautiful sunshine and the day got better from there. The problems of yesterday were all sorted out and we decided to have a chill day. OH had put 9 cd’s worth of Enya on a memory chip, plugged it in and off we went, he to the doodling and me to parchment. FIVE HOURS LATER I stopped, so relaxed was I. Her voice and her music are so gentle. I now have a good number of projects on the go and will add this one to my collection when the goods arrive..

    Received the “Boris letter ” today and 2 texts from the NHS. Seems we are grounded for the next 12 weeks. Doesn’t bother us except for shopping but we will cope. It’s a good excuse for crafting ourselves silly.

    Take care all, keep safe and healthy and most of all smile😊
    it really is uplifting and makes you feel good.

    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Lovely card, Barb. These stamps will be dropping through my door any day now. Already dispatched! Thank you. I’m a wee bit below par today. I’ve had sinusitis since yesterday, not severely but still a bit uncomfortable. However, as someone once said… this too shall pass! Take care. Stay safe. Hx

  5. Really relaxing doodle session with you. It certainly is a godsend and briefly stops the head spinning. You are a spoonful of sugar. Thank you so much. Thank you also for wishing me happy birthday yesterday. Made my day

  6. We’ll be there. So appreciating the structure you have given to our day. We should have been cruising the Douro this week so Paul has been off work anyway. It has been just lovely to doodle together with you. Xx

  7. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, I missed the launch of these stamps so it’s good to see them in action. I might have a go at creating the backgrounds, that will keep me out of mischief for a while and give me a stash to play with. I’m still catching up with doodling, my friend sent me a picture of hers today and it’s beautiful. Thank you for keeping us entertained.
    Love Diane xxx

  8. I need to catch up with todays doodle session as my Mom phoned just as I had started this morning & although I wasn’t on long I had lost the thread of what you had done. It is now 9pm & still haven’t done it but have had a Facetime doodle session with my granddaughter who had completed day 3 & wanted to show me how she had perfected the drawing of the birds from day 1.
    My new stamps are on their way so I will be able to try this one out for myself soon.
    Definitely not bored with lockdown, too much going on but at least by being busy I haven’t time to think of anything else.

  9. Beautiful, I do love this time of year when the daffodils and other Spring flowering bulbs start to colour the world. Can’t wait for my collection to arrive so I can play too. XX

  10. Hi Barb,
    This is beautiful, what a lovely card for your a Mum and Dad. I had already thought that I would do the daffodils for an Easter card for my sister, so this has definitely given me some inspiration especially the background . I’m hoping the stamps will arrive tomorrow as I know they’ve been dispatched, so hopefully I’ll get the card done too. Missed today’s doodle, I was up most of the night in agony with my knee, so I slept most of the morning away! Sending love and hugs,Alison xx

  11. Lovy card. I love doing inky backgrounds, they are lots of fun and you never know how it will turn out.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s session. X

  12. Braved the ‘vulnerable’ hour at the supermarket this morning, so we’re stocked up again for around ten days or so, then while putting said shopping away something went ‘twang’ in my back so have been in agony all day. So still not managed to join in/catch up with doodlealongs, but hoping a good night’s sleep, once I can get comfy, will help a lot in readiness to begin tomorrow! That said, off upstairs now (it may take a while lol!). ‘Night all! Ooh yes, love the daffodil card too! xx

  13. I have been seeing quite a few wonderfully creative doodles on Facebook from your sessions Barbara. I think I will go back to the first session and do it in my own time. I am not getting my head around things at the moment. I know the doodling is supposed to destress and take one away from the everyday problems but nothing seems to be working for me at the moment. I just can’t settle to anything. These flowers are gorgeous too, such beautiful colouring. x

  14. Must tell you what happened yesterday at the start of your doodles! Picture the scene I’m sitting at the dining table, iPad propped, paper and pencil at the ready and you talking to me. My husband Michael places a cup of tea for me and toast cut up into small pieces, easy to eat while doodling and says”morning Barb, would you like one”? It came out just like that just as though you were actually in the room. I did laugh and a BIG THANK YOU for everything you are doing for us you are SPECIAL xx

  15. Lovely .I just admit I have a lot of Clarity card in my stash but haven’t been using it instead using your stencil card must dig it out. Loving the doodling sessions. My husband says i will walk the dog for exercise while you do your art lesson. You can take him when you do PE This afternoon while I do.My maths and spelling to Countdown this afternoon. We only need a milk monitor and we will be back in school. Trying to make the best of it is all we can do. I am so grateful to you and others in the crafting community for helping us all get through this

  16. Hi Barb, a beautiful step by step, love these stamps and stencils, but am restricted on buying craft stash at the moment due to uncertainty caused by the virus and lockdown. Still playing catchup with the doodling sessions. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bank Holiday weekend coming, we can lie in the garden and pretend we are in Bognor. Bx

  17. Must have a go with these backgrounds, have plenty of Clarity card so no excuse not to. So enjoying the doodling with you In the mornings Barbara. You are a natural teacher, one with a great sense of humour too, you really make me chuckle.xxx

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