Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Another beautiful day in Paradise? Well, it’s certainly sunny in the southeast. And having chased my tail all day again, it’s time to stop and gather my thoughts for the week ahead, make a plan for our daily doodle sessions and just chill out a bit, before the sun disappears….

Woke up anxious this morning. Decided to avoid the news and just be an island for a day. I consider myself to be quite a level-headed person, but these relentless pandemic updates on what is happening here, there and everywhere, coupled with peoples’ angry criticisms and finger-pointing is doing my head in, unravelling me. So I have put the shutters up.

Even the WHO – World Health organisation – has put out a statement that constantly tapping into the news is not good for anxiety levels. Here’s a clip:

Sounds about right to me.

Much better to do something positive, creative, something kind for somebody. Pick up the phone, write a letter to somebody, make a card. Do something nice for somebody else. It will do them and YOU the power of good. That’s how generosity of spirit works.

The way we behave towards one another, the little things we do for each other, the small acts of kindness – they will all add up to something much much bigger than us.

One good deed at a time, one kind gesture at a time, one day at a time.

See you tomorrow at 10am on the Facebook Claritystamp Page, or Groovi Worldwide, or Clarity Worldwide. Bring your Micron pen, a pencil and a piece of paper – and let’s do a doodle together xxx

Stay safe,

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

PS. Don’t forget to tune into HOCHANDA at 6pm. Paul will be showcasing a superb set of brand new, very clever OVERLAY Fresh Cut dies.

28 thoughts on “Cause and Effect

  1. I agree, that news over load is damaging. I am guilty of too much of this sad news.
    It makes you feel ill. I know several people who feel ill….on and off. It’s stress most of the time. must try and
    keep in touch with what is happening, without it….making us ill
    ….with worry!
    Try too keep safe

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow’s doodling . It does my head the world of good just to shut down and doodle along a Barbara. Haven’t watched all the show this afternoon yet but ordered the stamps with the church etc . Well it’s my birthday today so I’m allowed! The doodling is certainly getting my mind going again for card making which I’ve not been doing for ages . Have a nice evening xxx

  3. I have had a day watching Claritystamp on Hochanda and some clips of a lady called Barbara Gray on You Tube. Think I have learnt something doing that

  4. Like you I’m limiting myself to one bit of news per day. Can’t cope with too much news. I’ve spent a very pleasant afternoon in the garden doing one of Tina’s embroidery plates. Very therapeutic. Stay in a safe everyone xxx

  5. All the facebook posts about it, coming into my news feed cause my anxiety to rise. I watch the news once a day then try not to think too much.
    Thanks to you and your generosity I’ve learned to doodle and love it. Really appreciating your daily doodling sessions, they’re sooo relaxing xx

  6. Looking forward to doodling tomorrow.Spent today sewing scrub bags for Chester NHS. very easy and quite relaxing but feels useful. It got me away from the constant feeling that I need to be cleaning or cooking otherwise I am not been useful.

  7. Too true. I allow myself five minutes a day on the BBC website around the time of the daily update. That way I know the rules and nothing much else. My sister was isolated well ahead but has still had Covid 19, so I think we just have to accept we may all have it and distract ourselves elsewhere. I doodled an NHS poster using your letters and stuck it in my window, replied to emails and pottered on. There is a free online jigsaw from Barnsley Museum for those needing doodle replacement Good luck everyone.

  8. Too true. I allow myself five minutes a day on the BBC website around the time of the daily update. That way I know the rules and nothing much else. My sister was isolated well ahead but has still had Covid 19, so I think we just have to accept we may all have it and distract ourselves elsewhere. I doodled an NHS poster using your letters and stuck it in my window, replied to emails and pottered on. There is a free online jigsaw from Barnsley Museum for those needing doodle replacement Good luck everyone.

  9. I haven’t seen the news today. Instead I have made 3 more cards from a Jane Telford blog using the clarity stamp from last month and Sam Crowe’s fab stamps. Very happy thinking of to whom I can send a card saying “someone I love was born today” 🙂
    Then was called by a community hub organiser asking me to walk a disabled lady’s dog which I’ve done and have just got back in time for the ODS. Feeling useful! Really looking forward to 10am tomorrow too. What a lovely family Clarity is #weloveclarity

  10. Beautiful day here in Norfolk.
    Decided to take a chance and see if we could get some shopping in Morrisons. There was a lady standing by the trolleys with disinfectant and a guide to the queue which was quite long, mainly becaue everyone was being good and keeping their distance. Thought we would have a long wait but when they opened the doors there was a man with a clicker counting those who went in and subsequently out. It was very quiet in the store, all keeping their distance and being very polite. What a refreshing change from the usual chaos of weekend shopping. Even the cashier had a smile today.
    Loved your mix and match demos today. Placed an order and made a screed of notesas ideas popped into my head . About to watch Paul now.
    Cheers, 🍒🍒🍒

  11. I will watch the Queen’s broadcast tonight but no other news today. During the week, I limit myself to the government briefing and one local news each day. I have too much to do now, especially as I have a gardener coming in this week to start hacking down the undergrowth to allow me to plant up with food crops. Who would have thought that I am so busy that there are not enough hours in the day? xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  12. I watch the news at 6pm and that is enough for me. No other news during the day, I deleted my news app and try and avoid the radio at the top of the hour. I am not hiding from it but like you I found myself becoming more and more on edge about things I can’t control. I also agree now is not the right time to pointing the finger and trying to lay blame at peoples feet. First we need to survive this awful period, we also need to remember all the good days ahead that we are lucky enough to be able to look forward to…many, many people will not be that lucky. XX

  13. I know Maggie. I too seem to be so busy. Finished a card for the weekly challenge my daughter and I have set ourselves. Did some weeding and planting. Cooked lunch. Watched Barbara on Hochanda. Went for a walk and am now doing a second word on the lines of Friday’s doodle while listening to Paul. Suddenly it’s gone six! And hasn’t it been a beautiful day! Xx

  14. Loved watching the shows today.
    Spent time outside today in the garden, but ended up coming back in as hubbie started using jet wash, and then neighbour did too, and stereo jet wash isn’t a relaxing sound!
    I came in and have made bread, which we will have with the lasagne I made too.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s doodle. I even have several of my friends joining in now too!

    1. We are desperate to make bread, but can’t find flour anywhere! I have one bag of plain, but am saving that to make a birthday cake for my granddaughter’s 13th birthday next Monday. It could be the only treat the poor girl gets! X

  15. Have just chilled out today..
    Just watching the 6pm Hochanda show. Couldn’t resist the new dies. Already got loads of ideas for them..
    Stay safe everyone😁

  16. Like so many of the others on here, I limit myself to one news update a day. I’ve had a very good day today – watched the online service our vicar posts each week, cleared the dining room table that was covered in craft stash, went to get some cash out for a friend who is shielded, ate my lunch in the garden, video conferenced with the family, spent an hour and a half catching up on the YouTube doodling videos and planted out my patio pots. Feeling relaxed but productive, and counting my blessings. Back to work tomorrow. Stay safe everyone

  17. Only watch news once per day (usually 6pm) to see whether any change to restrictions etc. Been busy in my craft space..but not yet got around to catching up with ‘doodling along a Barb’ but hopefully will do this once my sewing (necessity) is finished! Did spend five mins or so doing the Clarity Crossword…hope there’s another as it was good fun xx

  18. One dose of news a day is plenty for me. Fred has been advised not to go out even for exercise. If he got Covid 19 he is at very high risk. Never mind he is busy in the garden. I have tidied my craft space so pleasant to be in there. So getting on with being creative. Will be with you at 10am. X

    1. HiBarb,
      I try not to watch the news as it just depresses me. We decided that we would pressure wash the patio today as it was supposed to be a nice day. I was using the pressure wash and Dave doing the swilling with the brush. It took us about two hours in all ( as it was filthy!) and by the time we’d finished, I was absolutely frozen. I haven’t been so cold since I lay on the concrete path for 41/2 hours siting for the ambulance to arrive when I fell and dislocated my knee replacement 3 years ago! It took me about 3 hours to warm through. So much for it being hot ! Still the patio, paths and coping stones all look lovely now. Didnt get to watch the shows but I’ve recorded them to watch tomorrow and am looking forward to the next doodling session. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  19. Sorry you’ve been feeling unsettled Barbara, no matter how level headed we are, it’s difficult to shut off totally from everything. It’s been getting to me today….thinking about family & friends & missing them loads!! Hope you can relax really looking forward to joining you tomorrow…thank you..!! Stay safe, love & Hugs Anne xx

  20. I’ve been doodling today catching up on u tube with the sessions x plan to watch next week live 😊
    I have been colouring and sorting out my colouring pencils all week, putting them into colour families and making colour charts 😅 it keeps me happy!!!
    Take care all xxx

  21. Hi there, Barb (and Dave), Sorry you had an unpleasant start to the day today. It is easy to unravel there’s no joy in that, my friend. Action taken and serenity once again restored. Good for you. I’ve had a good day. Most days are good for me just now. There is the odd blip when I get onto a FB page where colleagues post and I hear what is happening in their world so I ration myself with it, as I do with the news! There are so many nice things to do not that we enjoyed a beautiful day today! It’s really windy now and has been quite cold today but that too will pass and the high will reach us. I have finally got round to posting something on my Church FB page – a bit late in the day but better late than never. I gave a good plug to the SHAC Shack so maybe you will get even more people tomorrow from here and elsewhere! Hope the internet can cope!! Lol. Enjoyed your demos today. (Paul did well, too!) You always make stamping look so easy, which it isn’t, but I succumbed again today and bought the stamps! May as well, life is too short and for living! I really need to get to grips with stamping. Anyway, looking forward to 10 a.m.! Stay safe and upbeat, folks. Lots of love. Hxx

  22. Sorry to hear about the bad start to the day. I try not to watch too much news other than what the current rules are. Loved your demos on Hochanda today and have decided to use the harbour stamps for dad’s birthday card as it will be the closest he gets to the seaside this summer I THink. So now to find my set which may take some time………….

  23. Hello Barb, as you say too much news is really damaging to the mental health, and to be honest I wish that people would share more numbers of people that have survived and gone home than have died, especially on social media. Love the look of the new dies, missed the show, but will try it on catch up. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  24. I am trying to follow your example and avoid the news, but with two other adults in the house, it is difficult, as they are constantly online and seeing updates. I crave a bolt hole!
    When I Skyped my daughter in Vancouver yesterday, I showed her my doodling and said how much it helps. She is going to have a go, as she is home schooling and entertaining 3 children under 8 and I am sure that it will help her to cope. Thank you again.
    I hope you have a positive week. Hugs. Annette X

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