A Proper Pergamano Place !!

A Proper Pergamano Place !!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. It’s all go here! In between drawing Geishas, and doodling cherry blossoms, we are just about to launch a fab new website. Pergamano.com. Finally. It’s been a while in the construction, but we’re almost there now!

Next Monday is the Big Day. Got a few tests to run, a few links to change and a Gallery to top n tail – but then – we’ll be stood at the door in our best frocks – ready to welcome you!

In the meantime, and in the run up to the launch, today we are opening our Official Pergamano Facebook Page. Linda Williams is our official Greeter; she’s got the kettle on and is ready and waiting ! If you head over there using this LINK, then you’ll know you’re in the right place.

There are a couple of Pergamano Facebook Pages out there, but they aren’t ours, and we don’t have any input in them. I have reached out to the administrators on several occasions, in hopes of a collaboration, but no response. Another good reason to claim my brand back, as it were! It is my company, after all.

You see, when we bought Pergamano a couple of years ago, it just got added to the Mothership, Claritystamp.com. We always knew it needed its own frontdoor – so we’ve painted it a lovely pink, just need to let it dry – and then we are officially OPEN ! ! With all the doom and gloom everywhere, with so many thousands of shops and businesses closing their doors everywhere, we though we’d OPEN ONE!!!

So how does it work ? Can I still buy Pergamano at Claritystamp.com? I hear you ask. Yes, of course, but here’s the thing: unless you KNOW that Clarity bought Pergamano a couple of years ago, unless you know the connection between Groovi and Pergamano – how will you ever find it?

What about my Club Discounts? I hear you ask

Here’s an analogy for all our Claritystamp Club Members, so you get how it will work. Think of Boots the Chemist and Lancome Cosmetics. Let’s pretend Boots is Claritystamp, and Lancome is Pergamano.

When you go to Boots, you can buy Lancome, and get Boots points. In the same way you can shop Pergamano at Claritystamp, and get your members’ discount. However, if you shop directly with Lancome on their website rather than through Boots, you can’t use your Boots card. In the same way, when you shop Pergamano directly at Pergamano, you won’t be able to use your Clarity Club discount. However, I often shop with Lancome.com direct, because they have brilliant offers, and I often save more going that route.

Will Groovi products be available on the Pergamano website? I hear you ask. Oh yes. They go together, don’t they?

And THAT’s why – if you are a Pergamano and Groovi parcher – you ought to head on over to Linda at the Official Pergamano Facebook Page, then LIKE- FOLLOW & SHARE! We will keep you in the loop. Say Hi to her from me!! I’ll be over later!!


Stay safe,

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “A Proper Pergamano Place !!

  1. Oh Barb, no wonder your head has been in a spin, what with moving to new premises, gettiing the NY site up and running, Covid19 lockdown and now a new Pergamano site. Alas, I don’t do facebook so will continue buy through Clarity if anything new comes up that is needed.
    With all that going on DO NOT FORGET TO LOOK AFTER YOU!!!

    Had trouble logging into Clarity today. Post for Matters yesterday comes up OK but still no post for today. Your blog kept telling me the site was not secure and did I want to continue. Naturally I did as I trust Clarity but it was a strange thing to happen. Also, was unable to get to talk to Jeannine on the chat line today.

    Cooler here today but nice and sunny, just right for getting the washing done. Had some calls from people checking we were OK – thankfully we are 😊 Boris is back with a bang, looking well and raring to go. Gives us hope.

    Received a big order today and spent a lovely couple of hours this afternoon playing. Got lots of new ideas for future projects. Thanks Clarity 💕

    Take care everyone, keep smiling. 🍒🍒🍒

  2. Not sure if it’s me or not but when I go to posts on the Pergamano page it tells me I’ve got no internet connection ! I have, honest ! I’ll try later. Great idea! In the meantime I’ve still got to open my NDC envelope been saying I’d do it all day and still haven’t! I got on a bike, first time in 40 years I reckon, hubby’s electric one which he hasn’t used since we got it really. Anyway, it’s a bit heavier than a normal one and once I managed a full turn of the pedal, after taking ages to get confidence again, it whizzes. I only keep it to the garden and still reckon I’ll be lucky to get out of bed in morning !! Even my wrists feel it LOL !! I enjoyed doodle this morning and was impressed with myself. Thank you. X

  3. Not so sure my little addled brain caught up with Boots/Lancôme/Clarity/Pergamano. Will come to in the fullness of time, no doubt.
    Absolutely tremendous doodle this morning. I didn’t run for the hills but concentrated and got a bit of a wobbly geisha. So pleased I stuck it out and felt so much better. Thank you so much to everyone. It has made my day.

  4. Have been over to the new Facebook page and liked & followed. Did notice a couple of other pages of a similar name in my initial search but going direct from your blog got me there without any problems. Look forward to seeing it grow over the coming weeks & months.

  5. Erm, did I not read yesterday that you were slowing down and downsizing?…!!! Makes sense to me splitting it off, but it will give you extra work won’t it as you’ll be pretty much running two companies? I wish you, and Pergamano.com all the best. Hope it generates a lot more sales for you. Can I cut the ribbon?!!! As for a geisha, gulp, but as I’m still on the hot air balloon I’ve got a long way to go. I hope you can have a switch off evening. Love you xxx

  6. Well done, Barb. You got there. The paint should dry quite quickly since it’s still quite warm!! Definitely not as warm as it has been but since I couldn’t weight bear when I finished weeding today, I’ll be glad of a shower of rain to keep me in but really hope the weather is dry again by Friday. I have to work outside twice on Friday so would really prefer the sunshine for everyone’s sake. I was so glad I had a chair to lean on earlier. I had to use it like a zimmer!! Lol. I think my hip has just been asked to do things it hasn’t had to do for a while!! Anyway, enjoy your new website. You have a great driver!! All the best to Linda. Hx

  7. Blooming brilliant! I’ve found the new page and liked and shared it!
    Loved the Geisha girl doodle today! It’s scary when you show us what we’re doing that day but by the time you’ve held out hands and talked us through it we all have a fab picture!
    Enjoy your evening and see you at 10am tomorrow!
    Love and hugs xxx

  8. All good wishes for Pergamano.com….Who better than Linda to be at the door! All the best Linda.
    Had a good giggle at the geishas various expressions…mine has a smile which is probably far from correct. Many of us almost threw in the towel at the thought of today’s drawing but it has caused a lot of fun. Thanks Barbara. X

  9. Hi Barb, wow, I think there are a lot of very excited parchers right now. Good luck with the launch and the FB page. Go Linda. Take care all. Bx

  10. I have to watch your SHAC shack videos on catch up but I am truly loving them, it has given me a huge boost of confidence as well as sometime out, so thank you.

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