What a Welcome!

What a Welcome!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in.
What a wonderful welcome we were given here on DAY 1 at the SEC in Glasgow! It has been 8 years since I was last here. SO many old friends came to say hi! SO many familiar faces gathered around the Clarity stand! I was headdown and demming from the minute the doors opened – in between hugs and cuddles and kisses! So much for no contact ! Impossible with crafters – especially the Scottish variety.
We were concerned that nobody would come; What with the Corona virus spreading across the border. But we were rammed at Clarity! It was just like the good old days.
Thank you so much if you came and visited The show, and visited us at the show!
Great day, Great people. Next stop Burger n chips, then Elvis Costello.
Should we attend concerts? Should we go to crowded places?
At this point, I think we try to live our lives as normally as possible. And wash our hands X

until tomorrow xx

Love and hugs


24 thoughts on “What a Welcome!

  1. Aww, I’m so pleased. Thank you my fellow crafty tartan army… I was there with you in spirit! And I think I’ll have a wee spend on the Clarity website at the weekend to make up for it, show my support that way too. And because I have to miss out on my other special good time I was meant to have this weekend, deemed too risky for my health, sadly, in case I catch this new coronavirus.

    I hope you enjoy your concert this evening. And aye, make the most of it as very soon you’ll all be restricted, the outbreak has passed the point of no return now in the UK, i.e. the containment phase. Just remember, proper hand washing for two rounds of happy birthday, and doing the same with hand sanitiser gel when it’s not practical to do a soap and water hand wash. The sanitiser gel needs to have at least 60% alcohol in it to work, so check the labels. No touching your face either. Have a great evening, looking forward to hearing all about it. Love you xxx
    Thank you everyone for your kind words yesterday. And for accepting me, and my autism differences. I know my thought processes can be so very different from the non autistic world. And I know I use language differently too, I do try my best, always, to translate my words into what may be a more acceptable way of saying whatever it is in the non autistic world, but I don’t always get that right, nor know what that is.
    p.s. Barb was too kind and generous with her words about me yesterday… And, sorry, no photos yet, I hate getting my photo taken, never mind shown in public, but we’ll work on that, so maybe next time.

    1. Brenda, there are so many nice things on the Clarity site, that you will find something nice to treat yourself. I was spoilt for choice at the Stand this morning, but I did manage to choose a couple from my wish list. I am glad that you have had time with Barbara this week. Treasure the memories x

    2. Brenda, anyone who does not accept you happily is not worth thinking about. Every human on this earth of ours is unique and totally different. It is those differences that make our lives interesting. Even identical twins are not truly identical. I know this is easy for me to write, but please believe that we all cherish your common sense and wise words. Glad you finally got to meet Barbara. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

    3. Hi Brenda, I nearly asked about a photo yesterday but then thought you’d probably not. Perhaps one day. Thanks for that bit about the gel I knew they’d said a percentage for the alcohol and I’d forgotten what it was! Just checked my two little ones I picked up before we knew about the virus and they’re ok. Haven’t used any of it yet! I’m glad you got the chance to meet Barbara, and yes, treat yourself, why not? X

      1. Sound advice on the hand washing and sanitising. As you say I reckon we will get restricted soon so at the moment I am getting on with life as normal. Glad you got to meet up with Barbara and spend some time with her. You can look forward to the next time in October now. xx

  2. It was lovely to say hello to you today. I did try to say goodbye but you were just so busy. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so busy but us lot up here are quite hardy and don’t let things like viruses get us down.

  3. Hi Barb,
    Glad to hear that you had a good welcome North of the border – I knew you would. It must be lovely for your Scottish followers like Fiona, Ruth, Emma (& of course Brenda) not to have to make the long trek down to Leyburn to get their Clarity fix. Pleased to hear that you’ve had a busy day. Enjoy the concert tonight. Maria did really well on the Pergamano shows and I’m looking forward to trying out the new embroidery sampler. Love and hugs,Alison xxxxx

  4. So pleased the show went well . Stayed in today watching Maria brilliant shows . Benn absolutely tipping down here in Edenbridge all day . Enjoy burger chips and Elvis

  5. Pleased the first day went well, certainly a big commitment to travel up there. I am sure all your Scottish fans were pleased to see you and the team. xx

  6. So glad you had a great day! I did wonder if you would be busy or not. Just as long as people are sensible and keep washing their hands!
    Stay safe everyone.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  7. Glad you were busy, lots of crafty people have obviously been waiting for your Scottish return. Hope the concert is a good one tonight. Xx

  8. So glad you have made the journey up to Scotland for the show. I’m travelling down on Saturday and will be making a b-line for the Claritystamp stand!!

  9. Glad you had a busy day at the show both demoing & meeting old friends. A burger supper & a concert so a great way to fill an evening. Just hoping that things stabilise & the NEC show still goes ahead in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed that following the guidelines the virus will be contained.
    Caught up with Maria’s shows from today, great samples from the design team as always. Now to check out the website & the extra special offers for Mothers Day.

  10. I felt the same about a concert – should we go or not but so pleased we did. Nearly 9,000 fans all having a good time and enjoying Michael Ball & Alfie Boe. Fingers crossed now.
    Wished I lived near Glasgow. Stand looks excellent.

  11. Hi Barb, so glad it all went well and that you had visitors aplenty. We are all concerned about the virus, but life has to go on. Take care all. Bx

  12. So pleased all went well on your first day in Scotland. I did think that attendance might be reduced due to the worry about the coronavirus but we crafters are hardy folk. Not a lot gets between us and our love of creativity.
    Hubby has a 40% reduction in lung capacity so we are very careful with contacts and hygiene as he cannot risk any chest infection. Friends have always said I am over fussy but now they are doing the same as us.
    Brenda, we are all different, the important thing is that we accept each other for what we are and make the best of each day as it comes.
    I love the look of the new 3 way overlay stamps and have set the programmes to record.
    Have a good day.

  13. so glad you had a good first day. It’s important to carry on with life at the moment, but be sensible with precautions. Keep washing your hands regularly! hope you enjoyed the concert last night – all work & no play makes Jack (& Barbara & Dave) a dull boy! we can’t have that – we need your inspiration in our lives 🙂

  14. Hi Barbara (new to Clarity (virgin clarity crafter but totally in love and bank manager flashing me warning glaput on your blognces.) I have tried (unsuccessfully) to link up to your blog, but keep getting redirected to older sites. Been watching craftalong’s on Hochanda. The things you don’t get time to finish you say you will put on your blog, and I miss em coz I can’t find the blog. Hopefully, I can now find them and stay ‘in the loop’. Just bought the dandelion set with the tessellating thingys and couldn’t find the craft a long programme where you shaded the blocks. Have you blogged it, and if so where? You are fast becoming my crafting hero Barbara, your skills, ideas, but most of all, your humour and personality. Thank you for taking me on a new crafty journey.

  15. Glad you were treated to a great Scottish welcome Barbara and that the stand was so busy, who would have thought otherwise, and hope you enjoy your Elvis Costello concert. x

  16. Sorry, first few lines appear utter gibberish…..not looking while typing, and 2 lines merged…..basically, virgin Clarity crafter, and bank manager glaring glances etc etc. Note to self, read what you have written before submitting!!!!

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