Tina is a real Gem!

Tina is a real Gem!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Pretty manic at work today. Rolling with the punches, I think it’s called! As I said yesterday, it’s a challenge! But we have a plan, and we’re trying to get everything set up soonest.

In the meantime, let’s just step away from the news, the ever mounting reality that is enveloping us, and switch off, shall we? Call me fickle if you will, but other than avoiding people and washing our hands till the skin looks like old boot leather, we really can’t control what is happening. So let’s do something constructive. Let’s learn that new skill. Let’s apply our minds AND HANDS to something other than blimming soap and Dettol !!

Reached out to lovely Tina today. She’s got hell on wheels at home, but still took the time to send me a pdf with instructions on how to create a faux gemstone. Check this out….

Tina also kindly sent us a few samples to show off some of her wonderful gemstones. Aren’t they spectacular?! Thank you so much, Tina.

With all that’s going on, she’s lost her mojo, she said. But when I asked her to help, she dived straight in. That’s how it works I think. Now she is helping us, she will focus on that – and her mojo will hopefully return . In fact, she is going to send us a proper step by step tomorrow! Woohoo!

In this sample, Tina has used one of her Groovi Henna plates:

Check out all the tiny gemstones around the outside!!

You would never believe that the centre gems aren’t actually super glossy glassy, would you?! But they’re not, you know. They are as flat as a tack. Just clever pencilwork

In this sample, I reckon Tina has used one of the Henna plates too. What do you think? Mmmm.

Tina has worked on parchment, and she has used either Polychromos or our Perga Liners. If you’ve got Pergaliners, they work fine and they are a good quality pencil. They would be a VW in the car world. However. Polychromos are the absolute Rolls Royce of the pencil world.

In this beautiful sample, Tina has used one of her plates, but I cannot figure out which one! Do you think is might be one of her parchlets?

If you are thinking about settling in to master your colouring techniques during the impending time which we have all been given to use as we will wisely, then there’s a sweet offer on the Polychromos. (£130 down to £99 plus your discounts). I’ll have a proper count tomorrow, but last time I looked before the Glasgow show, we had about 20 tins left on the shelf.

I am definitely going to do a guided tour of colouring and shading in the coming weeks. Not like we won’t have time, is it?! We have to turn this round. We really do. Let’s make a decision to get really good at certain skills, which we’ve parked and intended to go back to, or which we have decided is beyond us – but actually probably is quite achievable with a little help and application.

Gather the tools, the things you will need, and then get ready for weeks of arty crafty Barby ! You’ll be sick of the sight of me before this is over!!!

I was thinking of giving away that little canvas board I made with the faux Gemstone at the weekend. Shall we have a little blog candy, to cheer us up?

Let’s play a game. I have written her name on the back of the canvas. I have! Honest Guv!!!!

Have a guess, and write your guess below. If anybody gets it right, then the picture’s theirs. If more than one person guesses the same name, it will be the first one in the list of messages. If nobody guesses it, we will pick a random winner. How does that sound?

Time to sort this room out! Cameras are being set up tomorrow!! Wanna see it? It’s pretty bad…

Sod it. Cuppa first. There’s nothing that important that it can‘t wait five minutes here….

Until tomorrow,

Stay safe! Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

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63 thoughts on “Tina is a real Gem!

  1. Hello Barb,
    I have been reading your blog for some weeks now but never left a comment before. You are such an inspiration to everyone whether it be in the crafting world or just everyday life. Thank you for the time you give to us all.
    I think her name just has to be “Clarity”.

  2. Hi folks, I aim to perfect picot cutting while I am housebound for the next 12 weeks….I have tried before but gave up, its time to try again methinks.

  3. Gracie Violet?

    Thanks to you, Tina, and the entire team for helping to keep us all relatively sane! xoxo

  4. I must give these gems a try, they look amazing! I think your lady has to be called Hope. Very apt for these worrying times. Stay safe. Xx

    1. I would say Amethyst as I think the gem maybe that colour……
      Great craft room! You’ve just got to be creative in that space.
      Haven’t done much crafting recently- trying to sort out the online learning for my class and today was the online learning for my own children😂

  5. I’ve just placed a rather large (for me) groovi order to start my groovi journey……think hubby may have a fit when it comes!!!!! X

  6. Would you believe I’ve not done any crafting for about three weeks! My kitchen table usually looks like your art room Barbara. My garden on the other hand is progressing nicely. It’s rather large (200 feet by 40 Feet). I’m out there every moment I can and the weather today has been great for it. I have been reading your blog every day though and just love the things you have brought to us.
    For those of you in total isolation and haven’t got a garden to go into just open a window and listen to the birdsong I’m sure you will hear them talking to you and reassuring you that life goes on and we will get through this.
    I think Clarissa would be an appropriate name.

  7. Love Tina’s gem stones , had a sit in the sun today , lovely and warm in my sun trap of a garden
    I think her name is Faith , something we all need a bit of at the moment

  8. Brill….PLAYTIME!!
    I think you will have written Grace as the name, ‘cos she’s so pretty (and she looks a bit New York’ey).
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  9. So that’s how you managed to demo in a tiny space in Glasgow! You are used to it!! Lol. Well done, Tina. Love your gem stones and really must give that a go again! This was my day off only it wasn’t as the phone never stopped and emails kept coming! There will be more tonight but thank you for talking about something else. I had a lovely chat with Grace today as well as putting in a second order for this week! I was trying so hard to be good! However, life is too short. Glad you are keeping up beat, at least for us!! Hope you really are doing ok despite rushing around in your head like a headless chicken!! Now what could your lady be called? Clara if it’s not Grace! Have a lovely evening. Going to get some food now and get the fire on!!! Hx

  10. I was going to guess Grace as it’s her birthday, but wondered if that was too obvious so I’m going to change it to Tina ! They are some great examples of gems. Great offer on the pencils but with two cats having their annual injections and one of them having to have a teeth clean – how much ?!! I’m going to stick with the ones I’ve got for now which seems to be plenty ! X

  11. I see several people have had the same thought as me – that she may be called Grace! I’ve just got home after my first day back at the hospital having come out of retirement. It has been completely full on! Thank you all you crafters who are staying home, apart from essential trips, but so many people in London are going out too much. I know it’s really hard being stuck indoors, but the planning that is going on to deal with the peak of the pandemic is scary! My NDC envelope arrived today, so that’s something to look forward to for the weekend when I get some downtime. Take care everyone and stay safe

  12. Right chuffed that you’ll be on Hochanda with Sam Crowe’s mixed media stamp sets on Friday.
    I keep getting them out & gingerly stamping 1 or 2 squiggles here & there but I’m champing at the bit to have a right good go at using more of my box of delights.
    Can’t wait.❣️

  13. I got laid off work today for at least 2 weeks which is a blessing as I have a husband in the high risk category. Earlier this year I was given a Clarity gift card from my work colleagues for my 60th birthday. Guess what I just bought 😂😂😂 Thanks for the offer Barbara. Stay safe & well everyone xxxx

  14. The first name that came into my head was Penelope so I wil go with that. Afraid we will be sticking to the crayons we have, Spectrum Noir, which we have had for a few years, and some Blendable crayons from Tesco.

  15. So lovely gems. Looking forward to the step by step. What I am going to learn is to not only try one time before giving up a new skill. I will practice the gems untill I am able to use it in a Groovi project.

  16. I think she looks really sophisticated so I’m going with Tamara. See how I get on.
    Thanks Barbara for starting off this isolation journey with gems. I’ve downloaded it so will be having a go.
    I can’t wait to see what’s coming. It is really exciting.
    Bless you Barbara & all at Clarity Towers for helping us fellow crafters out.
    Take Care & Stay Safe xxxx

  17. My lap top gave up the ghost recently and this new one has an American keyboard which keeps chucking me to places Idontwannago!!!!!
    Love the artwork at the top of this blog – Tina is so clever.
    Is your lady called Violetta? Probably not but, hey ho, she is very elegant.
    We are both doing well and hope everyone else is too.
    Keep smiling (and crafting!!)

    1. Cherry you should be able to change the ‘keyboard’ to English UK should be in settings under the language bit if I remember correctly. I may be on the wrong track but am assuming by ‘keyboard’ you actually mean ‘language’ ie keep getting americanism. Sorry if I’m trying to ‘steer you down the wrong path’ so to speak but often found this happening where I used to work and it was a simple fix …saved hours of frustration x

  18. I think Amethyst would be a good name. Thank you for keeping us entertained during this totally surreal situation. As a business owner it must be a very worrying time for you. As a mother & daughter it is an even more worrying time but you still keep thinking of your Clarity family. Bless you. Hope everyone is keeping safe & as they say, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON CRAFTING! X

  19. Abigail is my guess.
    Thank you Tina for coming to the rescue. I have printed off the instructions so I will have them by my side.
    More restrictions announced by Boris Johnson tonight – please everybody listen.
    I hope you can keep the business going Barbara, we need you and your company to keep us sane. xx

  20. Beautiful work from Tina and those gems really do look glossy and 3D. I think I will opt for Gemini. The sign of the twins and opposites, so I think it fits with the present situation, bad times at present followed in time by the good. x

  21. Thanks Barbara & Tina for giving us a project to have ago at.
    I think her name is Flora.
    Even more restrictions on movement now but its the only way – hopefully it will mean more people will remain safe & well.
    Looking forward to seeing what you have lined up for us, meanwhile we have the PTC challenge & Gems to master & hopefully Sams shows to watch.

  22. That will be great to learn how to do the gems, must admit I haven’t tried before. I’d also like to learn the feathering on the bluetit. Too be honest I’d be amazed if I could do it but would live to try. Watched Linda at the open day last year absolutely amazing. Put an order in today for Linda’s garden plates, they are so beautiful. Still thinking about the fairies. I’m going to go with Carmel for the name as she looks so calm and sophisticated. Stay safe everyone, love Pam xxx

  23. Received club goodies today, all lovely, thank you. My suggestion is Rose. Beautiful artwork from Tina, thanks for the download, printed out, and ready for a play tomorrow. xx

  24. I think her name could be Felicity or Fenella.Thanks Barbara for being so caring to us all when you have more than enough on your own plate. I’m sure we all really appreciate your time.

  25. Hmm, I think her name is Lydia, don’t know why that is just the name that came to mind. I think mastering colouring is a fab idea, how about digging out your owls and we can do a colour along. I looked at the owls and thought I could never do that so now is the moment to try, definitely mindful and taking my mind off Mum and Dad who still think it is a good idea to go shopping and to newsagent each day! Both high risk and should be in isolation, both in denial. Maybe now shops shutting they will get message, and will probably get their NHS letter tomorrow or Wednesday. BTW, keep meaning to say, I’ve done a fair amount of lino cutting so will put together a few hints and tips on this for those been meaning to have a go.

  26. I would call her Clarisse. No Idea why… I just like how Anthony Hopkins said her name in Silence of the lambs!
    I’d forgotten how much I love colouring those gems so that’s what I am going to do once I’ve done a few jobs tomorrow. I really need to sort out my crafty stash…. But I reckon I have plenty of time for doing that. So it can wait and I can play.
    I can also feel that I may just start my blog again.
    Anyway I hope you have a good sleep and feel refreshed to face tomorrow’s challenges.
    Love and hugs xxx

  27. Lovely step by step instructions from Tina, must start practicing. I have the Spectrum Noir pencils.
    I’m going to guess Amelia as the beautiful lady’s name. No reason other than my little granddaughter ‘s heroine is Amelia Earhart, she dressed up as her for last years world book day. Today was beautifully sunny and I was able to see her and her little brother playing on their patio as I was having my coffee out on mine. I so miss having a hug or having them run over to say hello. Must be so confusing for the little ones.
    Stay safe everyone xx

  28. Hello Barb, what a treasure Tina is sending the PDF, and very simple to follow. Love all the samples shown. I think the name is Tina, because she prompted the arty piece. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  29. These gemstones are just amazing, thank you for the instructions and the inspiration Tina.
    The first name that sprang to my mind was Hattie
    Thanks for helping to keep us all sane Barb
    Claire x

  30. Hi Barbara,, lm going with naming her Jessica it just came to me looking at her she’s very alluring in that hat

  31. Thank you to all the Clarity team and all crafters who are doing their very best to keep us supplied with craft materials (my NDC order arrived yesyerday), inspiration and education. And more importantly, connecting with us so that we don’t feel so isolated. What an amazing community!
    I think our lady is letting us know ” I’m a gem”, so I’d call her Gemima.

  32. I think her name could be Sophia, she looks very sophisticated, off to see the nurse today, had breathing problems from November, turns out I’m asthmatic,so I’m grounded, when I get back I’m going to have a play with tina’s gems, stay safe all you lovely people, and once again from all the crafters a huge thank you..

  33. Love your craft room makes my area look quite good, love your blogs don’t usually comment but always read them

  34. I would definitely Like to improve my colouring skills so this is really helpful. I’m learning how to crochet and I’ve got plenty of crafty stuff to play with that’s still in the packet. I might finally get chance to play with Tina’s embroidery plates and yes might even get ahead with Christmas cards lol. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
    Take care all xx

  35. Ooooo I guess Grace might be too obvious lol so I will go with Greta as in Greta Garbo for your lady, very chic 🙂

  36. I think her name could be Victoria or Charlotte, as she looks very poised. I am a bit biased as my daughter is called Victoria.
    Keep safe everyone and a big clap to Barb!

  37. I think her name is Gemima. An anagram of I’m a gem.

    Stay safe everyone and thanks to all at Clarity for keeping us in touch and providing us with crafty inspiration and know how.

  38. I think her name is Petula, very elegant and very serene looking. Gorgeous colour.
    Hugs and keep safe and well everyone

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