Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Hope you are safe.

Happy Mothers Day to all our mothers and their mothers too.

Well, the latest Downing Street measures are certainly moving to protect our most vulnerable as quickly as possible. Isolating, staying away from others and thereby reducing the chances of infection seems to be the only way forward. SO. We have to do what is advised.

I know for sure that many of our Clarity friends will fall into either the over 70’s age group or the 1.5million At Risk with pre-existing serious medical issues group. Or both. And lots of us are just staying home because we KNOW it makes sense to.

All the more reason at Clarity to double our efforts to rally and keep spirits up. Many of our lovely crafting community are already used to being confined to home, but many of us are not. Many of us have already had to learn to cope with isolation; to others this will be an entirely new way of living. Thing is, TOGETHER we can work our way through this. We have to use what we’ve got at our disposal, what we can safely do to stay upbeat, and help spend the time positively and constructively.

  • If you’re reading this, you have access to the internet. is still going strong. Spoke to our Sam Crowe today, and offered to step in for her this coming Friday. Do you know what she said? “My Paul will drive me there and bring me home, Barb. We have to keep going. What will people at home do or think if we stop?” 8am and 12 noon. Friday 27th April. Sam Crowe.
  • Facebook groups are waiting to welcome you:
  • Groovi Worldwide. Loads of parchers waiting to welcome you
  • Clarity Worldwide. Loads of Stampers waiting to welcome you
  • Live Chat on our website – Jeannine, Louise and Grace at your service
  • Tomorrow I’m going to get one of the lads to teach me how to use Facebook live. Just to keep you company!
  • I bet you’ve got a phone. Use it.
  • If you’re reading this, you’re either my Dad, or you’re a crafter ! And that’s where we can really help! At Clarity we have always strived to be caring and sharing; now we just want to focus even more on you and your well being.

We’ve come up with loads of great ways to make the most of this time which has just been given us. We just need to get our ducks in a row at Clarity, to make sure the team is safe too. It’s quite a challenge running a business even in good times. This pandemic is certainly a massive game changer! But we want to keep going for as long as we can.

I’m getting the camera rig put back in this little artroom at home, so I can film Youtubes solo from home. Sam said she’d do the same thing. Mmm. Best have a tidy up then!! Looks like a Bomzitit in here !!! There may actually be a couple of cameras lurking under this lot…

Enough rambling. Let me get my head round the next week and what has to be done to ensure a safe solution for my staff. Then we can get down to crafty business.

Grace and Mark Facetimed from New York and San Fran to wish me a Happy Mothers Day. I called my Mum to wish her a Happy Mothers Day. Everybody’s smiling and chipper. Huh. I’m the only one who is still free to move about. Surreal.

Anyway. Let’s stay SAFE HAPPY AND CREATIVE. SHAC !!!


Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

PS. We’ll do the How-to Gemstones tomorrow. I know I have some step by steps at the office which we can use. In fact, I may give lovely Tina Cox a gentle nudge; she’s BRILLIANT at these!!!! xxx

32 thoughts on “SHAC UP WITH CLARITY

  1. Just got a mother’s day card from youngest son (still at home) and had calls off both the others. I FaceTimed Mum and Dad earlier. Other than that I haven’t been out today (no need). Except to go to the shed in the garden of course lol. Stay safe everyone.

  2. Hi Barb, thanks again for your uplifting blog and cheery thoughts, received my clarity order yesterday, baby pink parchment, best friend groovi plate, comfy cats collection, nested arch tags & Mels magic moments set, thought seeing as I’m in isolation won’t be spending money in cafes, on petrol visiting friends, clothes etc etc so indulged my Groovi habit, going to have fun, stay safe, looking forward to You tubes etc xx

  3. Thanks Barb for your welcome emails.
    Most of Australia is in lockdown from tomorrow.
    Except for supermarkets, mail, petrol stations and essential services we have been told to stay home and not allowed to go to work.
    Well a perfect opportunity to clean my craft room.
    Thankfully we are having a lovely autumn, so can get into the garden also.
    Looking forward to “How to Gemstone tomorrow”

  4. Hi Barb thanks for being there. I’m feeling very unsettled not sure if I’m meant to go to work or not. Still see what happens tomorrow so keep crafting and chin up.

  5. I had video calls from my family this weekend, not the same as a hug but at least the little ones will remember us. Breaking my heart already not being able to cuddle the babies. I can do gemstones but always looking to improve them. Stay safe. X X

    1. Thank you for keeping us all cheered up Barb. Funny, I have done a gem stone today.

      I’m looking forward to Sam’s shows and the activities you have up your sleeve for everyone x

  6. Hi there, I came away from my Mum today and said it was possibly last time I’d see her for a while, I was ok until I got out in my car. Anyway, she has my sister in the next road (I didn’t see her) who goes in 3 times a day and I have the phone and my sis will take her phone and we can FaceTime then. For various reasons I felt safe to go today. I’d have to go if my sis got sick. I’ve just seen some gems on clarity page and they are lovely, I’ll see if I can have a go tomorrow. Thanks for all you and the team are doing for us! It makes us feel cared for.

    I had flowers and a plant and two lovely cards from my stepsons and contact by phone. I’m glad you got to facetime Grace and Mark.

    Keep well x x

  7. Thank you Barbara. I always love reading your blogs. We really must keep all our spirits up mustn’t we? I had a walk with one of my daughters today and a wave from the other. I’m trying hard to keep it together and mostly succeeding, by not watching too much news or sad films. But it’s scary and I’m afraid, I don’t mind admitting. Keep safe everyone xxx

  8. We are in self isolation mode as we both fall into the at risk category. However trying to get skimmed milk has proved a problem because there ain’t none in our shops and I cannot tolerate even the semi skimmed. It was very quiet in the town this morning fortunately so we were able to visit 4 food shops but no luck. Looks like it will be black coffee and an Oat so Simple breakfast for the forseeable future.
    We are fortunate that we are both comfortable in our own and each others company and have never had to rely on outside help – so far – although I realise it may change at some future time.
    During the “tidying up” sessions we have both found things we forgot we had and so have even more things to occupy us as well as more room to craft in. Happy days ahead.
    Thank you for keeping us cheerful and chirpy. Your daily blogs are so appreciated as are the email newsletters.
    Take care of you and yours. As always love and hugs.

  9. Hi Barb,
    Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. I’m not fond of the day now as it’s a reminder that my lovely Mam is no longer with me. Even though it’s been eight years since she passed away , I miss her so much every day.
    Thank you for everything that a Clarity is doing for us all. Looking forward to seeing Sam’s shows. Stay safe everyone, love and hugs Alison xx

  10. Would be great to have some Facebook lives. Just watched the lovely Dee while doing a bit of Groovi. Really inspired to get my prisma colours out and try it. It’s all a bit surreal out there and definitely feel more comfortable at home although it’s very worrying when an elder parent who’s in isolation relies solely on you as no food deliveries to be had. Hopefully it will be sorted soon so I can not stress quite so much which isn’t good for my condition…. Say safe all. Back to Groovi now

  11. Thank you for blogging. My daughter came home from Nepal Yesterday and are going to be at our summer House for lockdown for 14 days. I could only talk to her on the phone and not hug her, even though she was 10 meters from me.😂.
    I am ok now. I am going to work for 2 weeks. Then one week of holiday. Then I am staying at home untill primo June unless the firm need me. Crafting will then be a major love In my life everyday. Looking forward to grooviiing , stamping and colouring. Stay safe.

  12. Great blog. You are a godsend. Not to mention Grace. Had a chat with her yesterday and felt happier. Went to my allotment and met my son. We had a little hug but kept our faces away and had gloves on. We just had to hold each other for a second. He is a firefighter and working hard to keep everyone safe. The other son is taking goodies to the vulnerable. I am proud of them. Stay calm and safe everyone. Best wishes

  13. So glad you got to speak to all your family today Barbara. My sons & I had a Skype call with my sister & nieces – its our first Mother’s Day without our Mum who died last year, & we’d planned to spend it together and visit the spot where we’d scattered her ashes. We know that she’ll still be there though when this is all over & we can get out again.
    I lit a candle in our front window this evening at 7pm, as the Archbishop of Canterbury asked people to do. Although we couldn’t go to church this morning, our vicar recorded a short service & posted it on Facebook, which he’ll do every week whilst this all continues
    Must get to bed early tonight, as I’m back to work tomorrow as a senior nurse, after just 3 months of my retirement. I am not looking forward to the alarm going off at 6am!
    Take care everyone and stay safe

  14. Happy Mother’s Day, Barb. Glad the family all managed to get in touch and that you were able to speak to your mum too. It must be so strange for all of you who are unable to have your families around you but for the time being, it is what it is and we have to deal with it in the best way and safest way possible. I have spent a few days helping out a friend who is a florist and works in Ardrishaig, just there miles away from here. She had a hop replacement six weeks ago and has just done Mother’s Day! All I need to do now is learn to arrange flowers because I have done everything else in the last few days! Flower arranging might take a bit longer!! Lol. Had a good time though and decided to treat myself today so ordered flowers for tomorrow. I usually buy them around the 13th in memory of my mum but this year that didn’t happen and as I can’t put them into Church this year, I can have them at home. What is good this year is that I haven’t had too much time to think which is a good thing! The big issue up here is that camper vans are invading the area, presumable to get away from the cities but this area can’t cope with them if they all take ill, nor can the shops. The ferries are apparently going to stop them from heading to the islands unless they have an address! I can understand they might think they will be safer out in the country but they won’t be. We all face the same threat wherever we live. I know you’ll do your best to keep everyone around you safe. You are doing so much to keep everyone else going, so just make sure that you do what you need to do for yourself and Dave too. I am grateful to you as is everyone else for what you are doing to keep us going. I think before long, I will be stuck in the house too. Take care of yourself. Lots of love. Hx

    1. We have much the same problem here in Cornwall as people are coming here to their holiday homes to isolate themselves and we have only one major hospital in the county and they announced today that 5 people have passed away there now. Our supermarkets are looking pretty sorry. If people from the big cities bring the virus with them it could be very difficult x

  15. We will carry on Claritystamp crafting our Barbara!

    Spoke to my mum today, it’s just devastating to think I might not get to see my family for the rest of the year but I’m trying hard not to think about it. My brother is going to see if he can set up my mum for video conferencing for me xx

  16. Had a Video Chat with my Daughter and her family at Breakfast time and a Facetime chat with my Son and his family this evening, so I have been lucky. Not the same as a hug though but the best we can have for the time being. Been out in the garden keeping busy to pass the time, not that I can do much with my back but the fresh air does make us feel better and stops us worrying for a while. Thank you Barbara for your blog and keeping us going with your groups on facebook. It is very worrying when the only thing to help is to stay confined, my daughter has a full on job in the hospital as a consultant and clinical director so I worry about her a lot as she works such long hours . It’s a good job she thrives on it though. At least our craft can take our minds off things but must admit I have lost my mojo for the time being. Wish people wouldn’t congregate together at this time. Wonder what we’ll do for groceries if they lock us down. Still we are all in the same boat so must soldier on and we will get through this together. Stay well and safe Barbara, Dave and family and all the Clarity team and all on this blog. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  17. Thank you for your blog again today. Mothering Sunday was very different this year but we managed a 3 way Facetime chat between my Mom, daughter & granddaughters & me. We had to laugh though as at one stage all we could see was my mom’s finger – she had it over the camera & then she had the screen pointing the wrong way so we were looking at the wall I even tried turning my phone to see if it made any difference – then I realised what I was doing- LOL. This ipad technology is all new to her but I am so thankful that my brother suggested it at Christmas.
    I do hope people heed the instructions to stay at home & not to socialise – to only go out if absolutely necessary for food or essential front line work – Schools are closed & people are being sent home from work for a reason, it is not a time to go out enjoying ourselves as if it is one extra long holiday. I know it is hard but if we don’t follow the guidelines it will take so much longer for the virus to be stopped & it will end up with many more loosing their lives.
    Meanwhile our Clarity family will keep crafting & sharing our projects for others to see . Stay safe & well everyone. xx

  18. Been on of hardest mother’s day not being with bc any of my girls had lots videos chats with Katie through day and other to then family chat teatime found out how to all chat on at same time couple days ago grandchildren did a little quiz do love doing them on special occasions but there all safe thankfully and from tomorrow will be staying home too lots love to are mum of Claritystamp Barbara stay save joy x

  19. Belated Happy Mother’s Day to one and all. Had a chat with Mum today on the phone. Not as good as seeing her but she was very cheerful and loved her card and pressie. Sent her a rose, which she loved and some crafting goodies. Got out for a lovely walk today, lovely to see Spring arrive. Can’t wait for Facebook live sessions, perhaps you can teach us all and we can all share our tips and tricks. Keep safe and well, one and all. Karen xxx

  20. It is great what you and Clarity are doing to keep our spirits up at this time Barbara and we must all try to stay positive although it is difficult at times. Glad you managed to have a chat with Grace and Mark too. Our son only got home today to Australia from a visit here so I am lucky to have had him here prior to Mother’s Day. Unfortunately he now has to self isolate for 14 days but he can work from home so not so bad, it will occupy him catching up on everything. x

  21. Hi Barb, got messages for Mothers Day from all my kids, and WhatsApp video calls too. Belated Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there. Would love to shac up with Clarity, it keeps us going and the blog posts are positive and inspiring. Take care all and stay safe. Bx

  22. Thank you Barbara for all your positive messages. I save my small change and 20ps through the year to spend at Port Sunlight. As that won’t be happening I decided to treat myself for Mother’s Day and buy some Clarity goodies with what I had saved so far. It’s amazing how much you can save over the year but of course I had to add to it! I saw my daughter who brought my card and present over (keeping a safe distance) and she was saying that she was worried that desperate people might start to steal vegetables and fruit from her allotment. My husband piped up and said that she’d be ok as long as she didn’t start growing toilet rolls 😂.

  23. Thanks for your positivity blog Barbara.
    I’ve stopped reading anxious people blogging and found several positive crafting blogs to follow. We definitely need to be as positive as possible in these unprecedented, uncertain times. It’s so good to keep doing what you love, when you can, like crafting. Thanks❣️

  24. Well done Barb for keeping us oldies sane and safe that we are all together with these troubled times thank goodness from Clarity and Groovi stay safe and well done Clarity team

  25. Please please, take care of yourself Barbra. Your no good to anyone if you become ill. To many people love you including your family.😉👍🌹🌷🌺

  26. Loving your positive attitude. Want a chuckle at my expense? So, with all the Mother’s Day greetings I was seeing , I waited all day for my children to call…. no calls. I was so sad. I even sent some emails to my favorite local moms, that I can’t see right now with this isolation thing going on, Happy Mother’s Day greetings. But, this morning, I suddenly realized that I am in America!!!! We don’t celebrate Mother’s Day until May here. Boy, do I feel/look like a ditz, LOL! When I start to spell color with a “u”, I’ll know I am in real trouble! Thanks, friends!

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