Time to get comfy!

Time to get comfy!

Hi everyone, Paul here standing in for Barb for this evening.

I thought I would share a step-by-step demo I did on Hochanda on Saturday. If you missed the shows, you can watch on Rewind via the Hochanda website: 11am HERE and 2pm HERE

As you know we have been running around like crazy at Clarity Towers, so the lovely Karen Jackson prepped this demo for me.

As I often say on TV, one of the great things I love about the Groovi system, is having the flexibility to be able to pick and choose different parts of a Groovi plate.

The project below uses 2 of the Comfy Cat A6sq. Baby Plates. Can you tell where each plate starts and finish?

If you are new to the Groovi system, then don’t think that you can’t achieve something like this. As Barbara always says being on the Groovi journey is like being on a bus or a train. You can get off at any stage of the journey!

Let me guide you through the various stages

Attach a piece of A5 parchment on the Picot Rectangles Groovi Plate using Groovi Tabs. Place the Comfy Cat A6sq Groovi plate on the top so that you know which size rectangle you need to emboss.

Emboss the double lines, but don’t go right to the end

Place your Cats on a Comfy Chair A6sq Groovi plate in the Groovi Inset within the Plate Mate from the Starter kit and then line up the double lines on the parchment with the frame on the plate. Emboss the design, ignoring the vertical line on the left of the design.

Replace the Cats on a Comfy Chair with the Cats on a Retro Chair and line up your parchment so that it joins up with the design. Use the double lines to line up with the straight line on the plate.

When you have embossed the design, reposition your parchment on the Picot Rectangles Groovi plate and complete the frame.

Can you see the join? Nope!

Time to add some colour. I love using Pergaliner Pencils to colour in the parchment, especially if you combine it with the magic of the Dorso Oil and Pergamano Blending Pen. Lightly scribble the colour on the back of your parchment and then blend and smooth out using the Blending Pen and Dorso Oil. Don’t forget if you use too much Dorso Oil, it will remove the colour!!!

I loved what Karen did with the carpet! She used the Diagonal Basic Grid to create a flower pattern. Remember to work on the back of the parchment and use the No.2 tool from the Starter Kit or the Pergamano 1.5mm Embossing Tool

Adding a decorative border around the outside frame is easy if you have the right tools! and the right tool for this job is the large Picot V tool. Use the same Diagonal Basic Grid to infill the perforations.

If you have mastered the art of Picot cutting, then you can Picot cut the outer frame and if you are feeling brave, why not Picot cut the windows!

Finally, mount on a piece of Indian Summer 12×12 Designer Paper using Pergamano Brads.

Comfy Cats HERE
Man’s Best Friend HERE
Room with a View HERE
Complete Collection HERE

If you like these designs, but not into Groovi then they are also available as Fresh Cut Aperture dies:

Comfy Cats HERE
Man’s Best Friend HERE
Room with a View HERE

Enjoy your evening whatever you are doing.

Take care and stay safe.

Paul xxx

13 thoughts on “Time to get comfy!

  1. Thanks Paul for this step by step, I have had an email to say that my plates are on their way so hopefully I will be able to play soon & try this design out. As you say with the Groovi system we can pick & choose which bits we use a lot easier than when we are stamping or die cutting so I wonder how many different scenes we will be able to make from these plates.
    Looking forward to Maria’s shows tomorrow & Thursday.

  2. Lovely project. Although I don’t like cats (due to allergies and been scratched as a child) I do love these plates as they make me want to just courie in on a comfy chair.
    I think we will all be courieing in with our craft stuff to keep us busy over the next few weeks so it’s good to have step by step stuff here to try out.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Hope Barb, Dave and the team are all OK.
    Thanks for this step by step. I have some of these designs with more on the way and it is good to have some inspiration to start.
    I am sure you demonstrated on Hochanda and subsequently blogged how to make a box from one sheet of paper where the lid just folds forward over the base to close. I think you also gave measurements for different sizes. As Ive misplaced my notes made at the time I hope you can help.
    Had a text from our GP today to inform us that we are in the high risk group and should definitely be in lockdown. We are both feeling well, have plenty of food and essentials, so no panic – yet !! Our lovely butcher will deliver and pick up some milk, fresh veg and fruit for us. We have Clarity and our other hobbies to keep us occupied, and I stocked up on books so neither of us will be bored.
    The important thing for us all is to keep occupied, keep cheerful, take it day by day, and support each other any way we can.
    Really looking forward to the “magical” shows tomorrow. Maria really is a trooper and I will be watching all the shows.
    Best wishes and thanks to all the team for carrying on in these trying times.
    Love and hugs, 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Hi Paul, thank you for standing in for Barbara and for this step by step. Did watch on Hochanda and really liked this one. Haven’t got the plates as yet as I have so many Clarity products I’ve not yet used. Wont be long before I do use them now we are self isolating though. Keep safe and take care Paul xx

    1. Hi Paul enjoyed your shows. It got interrupted in the middle of both of them, but luckily had recorded, so will catch up. The chairs look very comfortable. And I love cats, but can’t have them due to being very allergic to them, so may have to buy a couple.
      So glad I have several hobbies, during this time. Thankfully never bored.
      Great to have these blogs and all the things Clarity on Facebook. Keep safe all of you xx

  5. Hi there, Paul, Hope Barb is ok. I love those cat plates and dies. They have been in my basket for a day or two as I keep telling myself I have enough for the time being but I can see my resistance is going to weaken before too long. Hope you are all ok after your trip north and haven’t taken any bugs back down with you. I developed a cold last Tuesday but it was definitely a cold so it must have come from down south!! Lol. Anyway, life is a bit different up here now. Church services are cancelled as of now which means I’m going to have to find a way of entertaining myself. Shouldn’t be too difficult!! I look forward to all things Clarity in the coming weeks. Stay safe and well. Hx

  6. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for filling in for Barb. Saw you do this demo on tv and really liked it so I’m pleased for the step by steps. The cats are my favourites of these plates although I do like the countryside ones too. I had word today that some goodies that I ordered are winging their way to me ,so that’s some more that I’ll have to play with. I’m not sure if I’m in a vulnerable group as I have asthma and one person said yes and someone else said no! However, if I am, I will have lots to keep me occupied. Stay safe everyone, love and hugs,Alison xxx

  7. Hi Paul ,just want to send good wishes to all the Clarity gang .Its a scary time and I so appreciate you keeping the crafty spirit thriving and do take care of yourselves.
    I’m also thinking of you Brenda and hope some support is on the way to you .It is St Patricks day here in Ireland one that will never be forgotton.
    My wish for you.
    “May the road rise to meet you,may the wind be always at your back ” Clarity actually have this prayer as a stamp .

  8. I don’t know why but computer didn’t allow me write any further in the box .Maybe its just as well ,when words aren’t enough ,say no more .Warmest wishes Carmel

  9. Hi Paul, such brilliant designs that they can be used together and match up so perfectly. Love the images and your sample. Take care all. Bx

  10. hi Paul
    I don’t do Groovi, but this design is just gorgeous. The cat dies are definitely on my wishing/shopping list, though. Hope everyone at Clarity Towers is staying well – I think we’re in this for the long haul now

  11. Dear Paul enjoyed your shows but got interrupted in the middle of both, luckily had recorded them, will have to cachup. The chairs look so comfy, and I love cats, but can’t have them due to being very allergic to them. So may put some on my birthday list.
    It’s great to have these blogs. And all the things to see on clarity worldwide. So glad I have a few hobbies during this awful time.
    Keep safe all of you xx

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