Cat Naps are Essential

Cat Naps are Essential

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. All go here! Still pedalling between the two factory sites at the moment. But we’re getting there. Fighting Fit, that’s what we are! Fighting for breath and fit to drop!! At our age a little cat nap in the afternoon is just what the doctor ordered, eh!

And as if by magic – look what the proverbial cat dragged in !!!! An exquisite collection of brand new beautiful childrens’ illustrations by our Mel.

When Mel first sent me these drawings, I was blown away. They are so lovely, so fresh. The first way forward with them was Groovi – even though we know they will make fantastic stamps too.

So on Wednesday, Maria is all set to work her magic on this unique Groovi art. I bet she does a cracking job too. 6pm and 8pm. Then Thursday 9am, 1pm and 5pm.

Here is a delightful card created by Linda Page. Very pretty and sooo apt!

Linda Page

Just when I really need a little cat nap too. There’s too much on my mind today. Way too much. So the best thing is to simply take myself out of this maelstrom – and have a cat nap. It’ll all be fine, but I think a little nap – just 20-30 minutes – helps the head sieve through all the data it has been fed; helps it digest and sort. Kickstarts it for another session. That’s how it works for me anyway. Longer than half an hour makes me groggy though.

How about you? Do you have little power naps in the afternoon? I think I may have to get a little couch in my new office! Especially if we have to self-isolate! We’ll have to hole up in here if we’re gonna to keep the good ship Clarity afloat through this storm!

Stay safe. Staying at home and avoiding others isn’t selfish; it’s generous.

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

23 thoughts on “Cat Naps are Essential

  1. ‘Stay strong and carry on… what is right and everything will be alright’…..we are taking it one day at a time – currently staying home and I am crafting to my heart’s content…..

  2. Beautiful plates as ever, and please look after yourself. I’m always groggy if I take a nap in bed, no matter how short it is. But if I simply curl up on the couch, I’m refreshed, no matter how long it is

  3. Pretty designs from Mel! Hope you managed to have a cat nap…my OH has one nearly every afternoon, me only if I feel unwell.
    Just doing our best to ‘keep ourselves to ourselves’ and thankful, at the moment, that we don’t have the ‘out and about all the time’ kind of lifestyle so being at home isn’t too much of a ‘chore’ for us. Might get a bit more troublesome though when the decent weather arrives and we do want go places but as OH has a chest complaint we’ll be as sensible as possible. Got plenty of craft stuff to keep me occupied so don’t think I’ll be bored any time soon lol! Hope all at Clarity stay well xx

  4. I love a little cat nap in the afternoon, my dog, Millie and I snuggle up on the sofa with Hochanda on on the background.

  5. Running your business is going to be a challenge, I think, in the coming weeks. There is probably a fair amount that some of you could do from home but that won’t be true of all your team. Whatever you do, just stay safe. I think we all have plenty craft materials if you need to wind down a bit. Safety first. You’re all too important to us for us to want you to take unnecessary risks. Please take care. Hx

  6. I’m not too keen on fairies but I’m a sucker for a cat ! I nearly had a cat nap reading the paper in conservatory this afternoon it was so warm. I’ve got to stop reading and watching too much news as I’m becoming ‘scared’ at times. Worried about everyone and their jobs etc. We had already decided to cancel the two lunches out we had this week and feel it’s been taken out of our hands now in any case. Time for more cat naps perhaps? Que sera etc. xx

  7. Fred having a nap at this moment. Reckon he could sleep on a fence. I rarely nap in the day. Plates look lovely, shall be able to watch , confined to house now. Got plenty to do though. X

  8. To be honest I probably have enough craft stash to keep me occupied for several years if push came to shove not just weeks but I won’t tell OH that !!
    All we can do is follow guidelines & common sense then sit it out until the summer.
    I have a food parcel to take to my elderly mother’s tomorrow then I know she will be ok for a few weeks with what she has in the freezer. I keep that stocked in case of snow which hasn’t happened this year !!Thankfully she is a healthy active 91 year old but who has listened to my advice of staying away from crowds The only other worry is the children & grandchildren with health problems requiring medication for asthma & varying forms of arthritis. All the adults can work from home thankfully but it is not always so easy for some jobs.
    Take care everyone & keep on crafting & following the Facebook pages of Clarity & Groovi Worldwide & of course the blogs !!
    I always say if you find yourself having a nap it was obviously needed & keeps you going to a reasonable bedtime. Otherwise if you wait & go to bed early it throws everything out at least that’s what I find.

  9. Hi Barbara
    A cat nap at any time of day is essential I’m ok till I sit and try to watch tv then one minute I am watching a programme and I nod of and it’s finished lol
    You take care and stay safe. 🤗

  10. Had a happy crafting session with my friend this morning and another planned for tomorrow. We can watch Youtube demos and then try them! It’s rather lovely to have time to do this and not feel guilty about staying in. I always have a nap in the afternoon as my fibromyalgia makes me exhausted by 1 pm, so it’s lunch and a snooze until 3 ish. Like Barbara, I sort out ideas and make plans while lying down. Stay safe everyone!!

  11. Hi Barb,
    I rather like a cat nap in the afternoon, especially if I’ve been up since 6 am! Like Linda’s card, my cat nap usually involves Scamp lying on top of me purring away! Went to the supermarket today and it was horrendous, busier than Christmas but not a lot on the shelves. Still I got what I wanted which will keep us going for a while. I have plenty to keep me occupied with all my Clarity goodies , knitting and reading. I might even think about starting a quilt! I do worry about Dave though as he is just an outdoor person and is like a bear with a sore head if he has to stay indoors for any length of time. I’ve made sure he has plenty of Wasgij puzzles to do though! Hope everyone at Clarity and on the blog stays safe in these worrying times. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  12. I occasionally have a catnap about 11am if I’ve been to work 4am to 9 am not many hours but do the picking for on line customers so on feet rushing round the store for the whole shift . Won’t be able to do that from home 😂😂😂😂 take care and stay safe every one x

  13. I occasionally have a catnap about 11am if I’ve been to work 4am to 9 am not many hours but do the picking for on line customers so on feet rushing round the store for the whole shift . Won’t be able to do that from home 😂😂😂😂 take care and stay safe every one x

  14. Hi Barbara ,
    Well I do have a power nap some days, just depends on what I am doing.
    Love the new Groovi plates, waiting to see them in action and then I will be putting in an order for a few things I need.
    You take care and look after yourselves, and your staff.
    To all on your blog, please all take care and look after yourselves.
    Thinking of you all.
    Lynn xx

  15. With hubby’s health problems and my advanced age we have decided to self isolate and not take risks. Today has been a busy one, but we both have lined up our crafting projects for the next 10 days. The new magical fairy plates are a must have and will keep me occupied for a good while when they arrive.
    Hubby can sleep on a clothesline and nods off at the drop of a hat It is specially annoying when there is a particular TV programme he wants to watch (and I don’t) and 5 minutes in he’s snoring !!! Funny though, as soon as I pick up the remote to change the channel he’s wide awake again.
    Unless I am fully occupIed I tend to nod off just after lunch for about 15 minutes and again late afternoon but this does make sleep elusive at bed time.
    It is good that we have this Clarity community so we are never completely alone or out of touch. I am sure it will sustain us all through these trying times.
    Stay safe and well everyone. 🍒🍒🍒

  16. I am in a situation
    like you Ailmecca,
    My Dave also is bored already at the thought of staying in, needs to play golf!!!
    but I am really worried due to being low immune with a couple of complaints plus we are both in our 70’s. OH is 75.
    I am very happy to be home and do some craft….it helps to feel that way, will not be bored! Need to keep safe.
    Hope you all will keep safe too!

  17. Lovely new fairy plates by Mel. No I daren’t have a nap in the day as I can’t sleep very well at night now so it would make it even worse. Sometimes I don’t know how I manage to keep going on the sleep that I do get. I don’t think we’ll have much choice about going out soon as they are talking about the over 70’s self isolating. If it’s going to help keep the numbers down of this awful virus all well and good. I have lots of Clarity stamps, stencils and groovi that I haven’t yet used so will be good for me to use them. Will miss seeing my friends though, whom I meet on different days each week, they’ll be in the same boat though as we are all over 70. Just have to have phone chats. Worry about shopping though as have nobody close by. I know you can have it delivered but our son was telling us on the phone last night how many substitutes they had in their order yesterday, so don’t think that would work for me as there are so many things I cannot eat. Never mind, keep calm and carry on. Keep safe Barbara & Dave and all your team, also all you lovely people on

  18. There isn’t much chance of hubby and I going out because all the things we normally go out and do have been cancelled for the foreseeable future and I think that it is unlikely we will be doing anything until September when our new years of these things start again. I don’t generally catnap but hubby does most days if we are not doing a lot but it is good if you can just have 30 minutes and wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go. x

  19. So much admiration for all the groovi samples Linda Page provides, such an inspiration for me to get to grips with colouring, blending and pricking.

  20. Gorgeous plates, and I’m sure demos will be the usual amazing standard.
    Everyone take care and stay safe and well. If anyone is suffering wishing you better soon.

  21. Hello Barb, oh there is so much going on, and I really feel for a lot of people who’s lives are in jeopardy or jobs are at risk. I can only pray that this stops soon. I would love to take catnaps, but my work is so frantic at the moment, that even though I work from home, I start early and finish late quite often. These plates and designs are really beautiful, Mel certainly got the designs perfect, love the more modern look of the fairies. Take care all and stay safe. Bx

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