Clarity Crossword Puzzle #1

Clarity Crossword Puzzle #1

Hi there,

Welcome to the SHACSHAC-Shack!! It’s getting longer!


What’s with the hail and snow?! Are you getting it too, or is it just the Southeast that’s just turned into Narnia? Well, on a positive note, that’ll slow down the beachcombers at Whitstable!

I do like a crossword don’t you? Not a cross word! A crossword puzzle! The English language is so rich, so full of exceptions to the rule and pitfalls too!

Did you see that one about commas?

My 3 favourite things are eating my family and not using commas.

Brilliant. When I studied linguistics, one of my favourite things to do was go for a walk in a dictionary. And when I was teaching English as a foreign language in Germany, oh how I wish I had written down all the bloopers that the students made.

Language to me is like music to Dave. I am listening to The Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy at the moment. Read by the late Alan Rickman. Or should I say performed? What a voice. Brilliant. Escapism at its very best.

And here is something to keep you company for half an hour. Our dear friend Hazel Edwards is another booky person. Always got her head in a book, has Hazel! She has offered to compile weekly Clarity Crosswords for us all, to keep us connected and distracted. How cool is that?! I may even have a go myself. Compiling one that is!!

So here it is then, Crossword No. 1

We’ve added a Digi-Download for you, so that you can print it and fill it in. We will build a little book of them during the coming weeks, just for fun.

If you struggle with the answer to anything, don’t worry! I’m sure Hazel will furnish us with the answers next Sunday!!!

I think a few WORDSEARCHES would be cool too….Or should that read cool, too? Depends how old you are, I guess.

Download the Clarity Crossword puzzle here

Stay safe, enjoy your Sunday, and don’t forget to join me on the Facebook Clarity Page tomorrow at 10 am. I’m going to try streaming live for the first time from this ’ere SHACSHAC Shack!! All you need to bring to the party is a Micron pen, a pencil or a biro and a sheet of copy paper. Let’s have some fun. And bring the kids too!

I’m no Bob Ross – what a legend – but I bet we can have a little crafty workout together!

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS. Don’t forget to click the ads down the side. There’s one in particular about Resilience that is very interesting .

30 thoughts on “Clarity Crossword Puzzle #1

  1. I love language too. When I am training new starters at work and we put them on proof reading. I am often asked why do we read out punctuation when proof reading. My reply is always “It’s the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit”.

  2. Wwe still are having a fresh sunny day here. Hubbie is outside in the garden, cutting the grass and generally Tidying stuff up. I was having a nice quiet day, watching church on line, until I went through to the kitchen to discover hubbie had moved lots of things as the outside switch had tripped, so I then spent time tidying that up, before starting the dishes in the sink. I had to stop that as son came in having burnt his thumb on the fire grill while burning leaves. I then placed basin on the cooker. The basin then slipped off cooker as I turned back to check on Fraser’s thumb, and before I knew it we had smashed plates and mugs on the floor and a huge puddle of water!!
    At least now I have a lovely clean kitchen floor, tidy corner and eventually got my cup of tea I had originally gone through to get.
    Time to craft now I think!
    Then I will do the crossword, trying hard not to have cross words with hubbie after all the commotion!

  3. Oh we’ve got snow in the North East too…. and it’s flippin’ cold, heating not been kicking in so frequently for a few weeks now. Hey ho at least we’re dry, warm and staying as safe as possible. Just printed off the crossword to help the old grey cells keep moving lol! Have dug out some yarn so I can do a bit of knitting while sitting opposite end of lounge from (high risk) husband while we watch a bit of TV this evening and am currently upstairs trying to decide between parchment, stamping/colouring or cutting out a 3D project with my Cameo…so much time to craft… so many decisions to make lol!

  4. Gee whizz, Hazel! I need to phone a friend – a few times!!!! Lol. Was going great guns but have now drawn a blank, even on one I feel I would be expected to know but the ‘!’ has thrown me completely! I’m definitely not your phone a friend in a quiz or a crossword for that matter!!! That said, appreciate the challenge. Thanks, Hazel and Barb. I took part in an online quiz last night run by the moderator designate. Definitely not posting my score! As a good friend told me once, she can’t believe anyone can be so well educated and know so little! Well, if you don’t ask the right questions…. What can I say! Lol. Re the comma, definitely, 100% – cool, too! I wish you had written down what the students said back in the day. It would have been hilarious. That said, their English was probably still better than our German at the same stage! Hail and snow!!! We have beautiful sunshine here. I was out in the garden for a wee while this afternoon tidying up some plants . It’s beautiful here. Maybe I should post a photo! Looking forward to the craftalongabarbie tomorrow morning although getting online for that time will be a challenge. I didn’t have my lunch till nearly 3 p.m.! My body clock does not adjust that easily and as I am normally a late bedder, it’s going to give me plenty of time to craft tonight!!! Lol. Enjoy your book and the rest of your weekend. Stay safe. Lots of love. Hxx

  5. Very cold here too. Fred is complaining he is cold, heating on. I am a real bookworm too, I was late learning to read when I was young but have never looked back since. Not happy without a good book. Hazel is a wonderful lady, I am lucky enough to be able to go to her workshops. Take care and I shall try to join you tomorrow morning. X

  6. Hi everyone.
    We’ve had blue skies here but it’s chilly.
    Started the crossword but will have to go back to it.Not great at crosswords.
    Had a play with gilding flakes today.. great fun and got very messy😁
    Stay safe everyone..

  7. Printed off the crossword & gave it a go. A few tricky moments but got there in the end. A few cryptic ones in there from Hazel but love how she manages to compile such a topical crossword.
    When I read you had hail & snow I popped outside to check on the washing – there were dark clouds looming on the horizon so brought it in as it was dry. We have had a very windy but sunny morning here but temperature has dropped to what it was earlier in the week.
    See you tomorrow at 10am with my pen & paper.

  8. Never mind the commas Barb, what about fronted adverbial. Apparently it has made an appearance in a relatives home schooling work.

  9. We had hailstones earlier as well. Its pretty windy at the moment, but the sun has come out again. Will be at work tomorrow so can’t join you all on FB live, but will hopefully be able to catch up with it when I get home. I do love a good crossword, but always struggle with cryptic clues – will give it a go anyway. Stay safe everyone & keep on crafting

  10. Looking forward to tomorrow morning. Should be fun.
    I am also a bookworm and a member of the apostrophe police. I am always so tempted to walk around the market with a Sharpie, changing all the handbag’s and potato’s 🤪
    Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette X

      1. Every time we sit at the traffic lights in town, I have a little chuckle at the sign above our local Indian, which reads, authentic Indian cusines served here.

        1. The Post Office has a sign saying ‘please pay for envelopes at the stationary counter’. Not the one that moves then? 😂
          Sorry, I must stop this, as I could be here all night. X

  11. Hi Barb,
    The weather has certainly been all over the place today – rain, hail, snow, wind and now some lovely sunshine to end the day! A good old British Spring Day! Hasn’t stopped the birds in the garden going about their courtship and nest building!
    I love a crossword, try and do at least one a day, if not two! Now I shall add the Clarity puzzle to my to do list!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s live cast from the Clarity SHAC-Shack! Good luck with the camera switches but most of all have fun. I have my pen and paper to hand!

  12. Oooo this looks fun. I can’t print at the moment as I have no ink and I’m not going out to buy any. So I might just write the answers down as a list. Hope your FB live goes well tomorrow, I will catch up after work. Xx

  13. Oh Fiona, what turmoil, hope you enjoyed your cuppa!!!
    Overcast this morning,then just as hubby was getting ready to mow the lawn it rained sohe came back indoors and pottered, getting under my feet and scotching any plans I had so decided to do the washing instead. When I went to empty the tumble dryer there was light SNOW competing with the rain. Didn’t last long and it has been sunny for the last few hours.
    Despite the clocks changing I had the best and longest sleep in months. Didn’t stop me having an afternoon kip too.
    Thank you Hazel 👍🤩you are a star.
    Love crosswords, not the cryptic ones so much, but the English language can be a teaser on its own which can make life interesting. Some of our words can have such different meanings depending on the context in which they are used. No wonder your students got confused at times. Would love to hear some of the ‘bloopers’ they made.
    The pens, pencils, paper etc. are all ready for tomorrow, hubby is going to set things up to view on the TV screen and he will craft along too. That’s a first !!!
    Off in a bit to dig out the Bob Ross gear. His half hour video’s are on tape somewhere, were packed away when we moved and haven’t seen the light of day since. It would be lovely if the OH would transfer them to disc for me HINT – HINT so they can be paused while I catch up with the tutorial.
    A friend phoned yesterday and complained she was bored as she couldn’t go out. Her only hobby is gardening. Suggested a few books to read and a few other things to do but no joy. So glad we both have so much to occupy us.
    Perhaps we could have some of Dave’s music to listen to while we do the crosswords. Any chance?
    Take care all. xxx

  14. No snow up here luckily – John and I did our online Spanish tuition and our week 2 walk/jog as part of our couch to 5K training regime. We’re finding it good to have a challenge to keep our spirits up! I did a little crafting yesterday so I’ll put some photos up on the FB page later. I’ll be home working tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with your FB Live after work x

  15. No snow here but blimming cold and windy, thankfully we have had sun as well. Thanks for crossword, hubby does them every day and code words. I’ve made a note with an alert on my phone to join in tomorrow – otherwise I’ll forget ! Just managed my March PTC today, my partner will be pleased ! Well I hope she will, going to keep it and send after all this staying in lark, and just send her a photo for now ! X

  16. Blue skies and sunshine here but blowing a hoolie and cold (for Cornwall). A long time ago a friend had a good definition of a dictionary – not much of a story but it explains every word.
    The wrong use of apostrophes always makes me slightly annoyed.
    I’m so glad I downloaded BorrowBox from my local library as it means I always have a book on the go. I panic at the thought of having nothing to read. Hope everyone is keeping safe and well xx

  17. Thanks for the crossword Hazel. My friend and I finished it between us and look forward to the next one.
    We have Kindles with hundreds of books downloaded, so won’t go short of a read! Am quite enjoying being able to catch up with bits of housework and craftwork with a clear conscience! Looking forward to the craftalong tomorrow but might take a while to work out how to get FB on the TV!!

  18. Hi Barb! Used to think I was okay at crosswords, but two clues here have me stumped completely! I’ll have another go tomorrow… Busy day, making the most of not being at work. Think the Husband is sick of the smell of paint, and once I have a brush in my hand, I forget to stop. Oh well, at least the house will look okay soon, and then, if it gets a little warmer, I can start on the fences! I feel if I stay busy during the day, I can justify playing with all my Clarity goodies in the evenings. Thank goodness I spent the equivalent of a mortgage on groovi plates over the past couple of years – no chance of boredom here!
    With love, Ruth

  19. Thanks to Hazel for the crossword and I must say the one thing that really bugs me is the errant apostrophe. Better without any than too many. I will try to catch you on Facebook tomorrow Barbara. x

  20. Hello Barb, and thanks for the crossword puzzle Hazel, will download it and have a go. My Mom and I used to do them together years ago, So I am sure she will look down on me and give me a nudge to help. Onto FB now Barb, Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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