Blog, Bath, Book, Bed.

Blog, Bath, Book, Bed.

Hi there.

thanks for popping in. Day 3 in Glasgow done – and don‘t my feet know it! Until you‘ve worked a 4-day exhibition and demoed like we do, you cannot know how hard they are . Gruelling. Thank heaven for help! Hilda Smith has very kindly been lending a hand, and has been such a blessing !

I go like the clappers pretty much from the minute the doors open each morning. And I keep prattling and rolling from one technique to the next one, jumping from one demo to the next – until about bang on 2.30pm. Then I hit a wall. It‘s almost instant. suddenly, like the flick of a switch, I just cannot go on any longer. and that‘s when I am doubly grateful to Hilda, because she steps into the demo role – and I am off the hook. I get to go for a stroll, switch off, go into my own head for a while, soak up the magnificent needlework and quilting and textile art on display in the hall. Just for half an hour. Heavenly artworks.

Paul? He slopes off for a ciggy sporadically. Dave? He goes on coffee runs or loo runs to have a break. Me? I stick with it till 2.30 non stop, then have all my breaks together.
Whatever works, eh xxx

knackered now . Bath. Book. Bed xx

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

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  1. Aren’t the quilts just amazing? I had so much fun looking at them on Thursday. I was inspired by a few of them to think more about pattern and fabric choices for my next quilt.

  2. Hi Barb, glad you had some help. I’m sure customers would wait for you, and Paul, to resume demos, and Dave to resume the till duties, if they knew you were on a wee break. There wouldn’t be morning breaks and lunch breaks factored into working days if the body didn’t need them, would there?… I hope you had more visitors today. Hope your bath and early night revives you for tomorrow as I know you’ll have a gruelling packing up after a whole day of show. Love you, happy dreams xxxx

  3. You are a dedicated lady giving all your inspiration to us mere mortals that can only dream of creating a piece of artwork like yours
    Last day tomorrow and a long long drive home 🏠 After you break down the display of course you will be sitting up front in the middle seat of your van
    I can picture you all now lol
    Safe journey hugs 🤗

  4. Diet here I come!! Lol. Definitely the better of the two photos, though. Lol. I’ve had a brilliant time and got a few tips along the way. Definitely not auditioning for live demos any time soon!! Enjoy your book. I’ve got my crafting stuff on the bed but haven’t done anything with any of it tonight yet. There’s still time! Lol. Hx

  5. Glad you have some extra help, these events can be gruelling. Sounds like you had more visitors today.
    Linda’s garden plates arrived at lunch time so all my chores went on hold while I had a play. They are gorgeous !!!
    Get Dave to give you a foot massage before bed, it will relax you and help you sleep.
    Hugs, 🍒🍒🍒

  6. It was lovely to meet you yesterday Hilda. What a star you are for offering to help Barbara out. Hope you sleep well ‘Mrs Clarity’ xx

  7. It must be very gruelling for you on your feet all that time, hope after your meal, bath and bed you will be revived and ready for your last day of the show. If Dave isn’t to tired himself plead for a neck and foot massage Barb. Don’t envy you the packing up and the long drive though, but I’m sure all your followers appreciate you travelling all that way from Kent. xxx

  8. Sounds like you deserve that nice comfy bed. Glad the show has gone well and fingers crossed the pack up and travel ho e will go super smoothly. Xx

  9. How kind of Hilda to help out. i hope you made some time to eat in that small break. I always wonder how you keep the pace up at the shows. i expect you have made a lot of people happy north of the border though. x

    1. I had a great time, Jackie, and take my hat off to Barbara, Dave and Paul for what they did over what for them was five days plus two travelling.

  10. Hi Barb,
    Glad you’ve had Hilda to give you a hand – that’s really kind of her. I honestly don’t know how you do it – I’m knackered by the end of the day at Leyburn and I’m just watching, learning, talking and buying! ( not necessarily in that order!) . Hope the last day goes well and that you aren’t too goosed after you’ve dismantled everything. Are you stopping overnight somewhere on the way back to Kent? It’s a very long drive if you’re not. Sending love and hugs,Alison xx
    Ps I did laugh at yesterday’s blog with you having two main courses! I only got to read it this morning.

  11. Hope your bed is nice and comfortable need rafter such a busy time don’t know how you do it but get some rest glad you had Hilda to land a hand and help. Pray your day is good tomorrow and safe travelling home. Xxx

  12. A lovely picture of you both, how nice of Hilda to step in & give you a break. You need a little sign that says back in a few minutes to put on your demo desk so you can escape for a breather every now & again, no one would mind. Hope tomorrow is a good one & have a safe journey home or perhaps you will wait until Monday ?

  13. Hi Barb, what a lovely picture, that is what life should be all about, helping each other in whatever way it works. Hope you had a good rest and the last day goes well. Hope Dave and Paul have weathered the show too. Safe travels home. Take care all. Bx

  14. Was great to see you, Paul and Dave on Saturday. The sample cards were awe inspiring, seeing them in the flesh so to speak! I’d never seen professionally made parchment cards in reality, so wasn’t sure if my attempts were right, but I am now quite pleased with my results. You all did great at the Glasgow Show, and I am so glad I made the trip down. Thank you so much for making the trip up “NORF’, it is appreciated!
    Safe journey home to you all and “Haste Ye Back”.

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