Quiz Time! Tina’s Blog Candy

Quiz Time! Tina’s Blog Candy

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Carrying on the Tina Cox Celebration weekend, and since she and I will doubtless be indulging in all sorts of sweet things when she arrives, I thought today might be a perfect day for a little virtual blog candy too – a competition! Here’s your chance to win a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher…easy peasy quiz! And much better for you than chocolate!

All you have to do is watch the little step by step youtube below, which I did a while ago, using one of Tina’s little parchlet plates, and answer a few questions…Top tip. You may want to look at the questions first!


  1. I mention an excellent mat. What colour is it? And what’s the product code?
  2. Which Designer Paper Pad do I use?
  3. Fill in the blanks – Pick a ——-, any ——–.
  4. Which quirky graphic expression do I use?
  5. When colouring in, which colour numbers do I use?
  6. Which line on the underground do I refer to?
  7. “Cor. That was a good word!” Which word am I referring to?
  8. What does it say on the black/white box on the shelf behind me?
  9. Which one of Tina’s Parchlet designs did I use? Product code please !

All you have to do is write the answers 1 – 9 in an email and send to me at Barbara@claritystamp.com. I will put all the 9/9 scorers in a hat and pick a lucky winner. Let’s say Tuesday. I’ll announce the winner Tuesday.


On the subject of Youtubes, did you know we post a new Youtube every single week? Been doing YouTube Tuesday for Years! We also have well over 28,000 subscribers now. That’s impressive! If you go to our Youtube Channel page (It’s called Claritystamp Youtube!) and click subscribe, you’ll receive Youtbe notification every time we post a new one. We’ve got some very cool YouTube things in the pipeline, once we’re in the new building, too. Watch this space…

Got to go – we have a guest today – an important guest x

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS Don’t forget! There’s a Tina Cox Appreciation Sale on till Midnight Monday! CLICK HERE

15 thoughts on “Quiz Time! Tina’s Blog Candy

  1. Hope you have a lovely day with your special guest aka Tina. Hope she is gradually coming out of the cave, hugs.x

  2. Have a magic day lovely ladies, with appropriate amounts of chocolate and all things sweet!
    Lots of exciting news to look forward to with the new home for Clarity!
    Now I’m off to YouTube for another Crafty Clarity Competition, just what is needed to cheer me up on a murky damp Sunday!

  3. Oh, the memories… it was this video appearing in my recommendations on YouTube that introduced me to all things Groovi, so thank you both!

  4. Hope you both have lovely time together. I’ve been playing with my new frame stamps this morning – Oh my!!! Love them x

  5. Have a great day with Tina , sure I’m not the only one wishing her well .
    Watched the video and have entered the comp thanks for another great one , keeping my fingers crossed lol lol

  6. Hope you’re having a lovely day. My order is ready to click and my competition entry just sent, now for dinner ! Loved this youtube and thanks for the reminder of it, I must get my daisy plate out, the parchlets plates have been so useful. X

  7. Hi Barb,
    Hope you’re having a lovely time with Tina and that you’re cheering her up. Lovely competition , off to watch the video after this. Hoping to have a play with my new frames and possibly the folk art plates tomorrow – unless the ukulele beckons! Love and hugs to you and Tina, Alison. Xx

  8. I hope you have managed to cheer up Tina as she is a very special lady and highly regarded by everyone for her great skill at designing and producing such beautiful work. Have just done my competition entry. x

  9. Sadly, I could not really take advantage of the special Tina sale, due totally to the fact that I have bought everything she has done as they came out. I love her designs so much. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  10. Hi Barb, well I bet you got some really quick answers to those questions. And I bet you and Tina had a real good catch up. Take care all. Bx

  11. This is a terrific introduction to Groovi, especially for the tips on how to do the white work on the flowers. I love Tina’s designs. She does everything from funky and fun to elegant florals.

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