Make a Wish

Make a Wish

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Friday’s blog a private peek, right?

Lovely sunny day here in Kent. How about your neck of the woods? We went for our New Year’s Day walk on the 1st as planned, but just over to the Ashdown Forest. It was rather foggy that day, and definitely welly weather, very muddy underfoot. My feet always get cold in wellies, so before we set off I thought I’d put on a second pair of socks.

“Take a pair of those new ones on the table there that my sister gave me for Christmas,” said Dave, “ they’re cheap.” Ouch, I thought. That was a bit harsh, and so out of character from Dave, who adores his Big Sis. I couldn’t let it go. “That’s a bit ungracious, isn’t it?” said I. “What is?” said he. “Well, if your sister buys you socks for Christmas, it’s hardly kind to call them cheap!” “Jeep! They’re really good JEEP socks!”. Another Porsche moment….

Anyway, MAKE A WISH for 2020. Come on. Write it down on a piece of paper, fold it up and hide it somewhere. In a book, in your knicker draw, in an old sock. (Doesn’t have to be a Jeep sock!) I believe we move towards what we picture in our minds. So. Make a wish. But don’t tell a soul; if you do, it won’t come true.

Here’s a simple Make a Wish Groovi picture of a happy couple. I drew this one a while ago. Here’s the link to the plate if you fancy it. MAKE A WISH

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “Make a Wish

  1. Hi Barbara
    Your blog just made me laugh. Cheap/Jeep. Ha ha
    I hope they lived up to their name and kept your feet cozy.
    Beautiful make and I have this plate just need to make time to get in the groove
    Will have to have a think on my wish
    Take care my friend 🤗

  2. I bet they were cosy socks!!!
    I live in hopes that my wish will come true, I will have to be patient.
    Has anyone made a NewYear Resolution? Couldn’t make up my mind as I wanted to do something special. Finally decided. For the first time in years I put on weight over Christmas so my resolution is to lose what I put on and lose another 1/2 stone. It will be hard as I enjoy my food but nothing worthwhile comes without effort. I will craft more to take my mind off hunger. So good there are many Clarity goodies to occupy me.
    Pleased there are to be a straight 2 hours on the ODS as the demos are the best part of the shows. It is good you will be sharing the work with Paul to ease the pressure.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Spent New Years Day at Wisley with my sister for the GLOW event. As he has mobility problems I borrowed a wheelchair and took a blanket and hot water bottle for her. We spent a couple of hours there and their timed tickets worked well, no crush of people.
    I will have to think of what I wish for as there are a few things I would like to improve. xx

  4. I wished I could have the set of background stamps but couldn’t afford them. It’s my birthday on Monday and my husband, everyone needs a Nigel, has given me money so that I can now afford them. What a lovely present. So excited as I’m not very good, well hopeless really, at doing backgrounds

  5. The tale of the socks made us laugh & helped to alleviate OH’s grumpiness as he had just unpacked an order of chrome 90 deg bends from Screwfix to find they were copper. He was not a happy chappie to say the least. Good job he hadn’t dismantled the old radiators other wise there could have been 2 unhappy chappies as the temperature drops tonight.
    Make a wish – there are several things I could think of at the moment so will sit & have a think of which has top priority !!

  6. Looking forward to the shows . Will have to watch some on record as clashes with football . Made my wish 😅😅 fingers crossed it comes true .

  7. Wish made…now just need to wait and see! Love the socks ‘incident’ lol. My OH often cracks me up with similar things, nothing like a good laugh is there?!

  8. I bet those toes were well cosy too! I have done as you asked but don’t hold out much hope lol! There are just two things that I wish for and if just one came true I would be chuffed! xx

  9. Oh your blog did make me giggle!
    Those socks sound good ones and bet your toes were very cosy!
    I’ve made my wish…
    Have a great evening.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  10. Cheap socks 🙂 We have plenty of those moments in my family, my favourite is when we were all watching the film ‘Signs’ and a character says “Vami dos” to which my Mum said “What did he say…furry dogs?” we were all on the floor! XX

  11. Hi Barb, never heard of Jeep socks, guess they must be posh ones, hope they were super cosy. It has been a sunny day here, but the cloud has come rolling in, at least that means there shouldn’t be a frost tonight… I love your make a wish design, I have the stamps. I’ll do the writing down a wish thing, I don’t see how it’s going to happen though… I hope you enjoy your Saturday before heading to Hochanda. Love you xxx

  12. Hi Barb,
    Oh, that did make me chuckle! I have to admit that I haven’t heard of Jeep but like Brenda, I imagine they are expensive ones! Been a lovely day up here although it started to get very cold again about 3 pm. I don’t do resolutions (as I never keep them!) , but I have promised myself that I will attempt to do some mixed media stuff. I did make a card today that I’m really pleased with, so that’s a beginning. Hoping to be able to get the stamps this weekend. Have a safe journey up to a Hochanda, love and hugs, Alison xx

  13. Haha hope those socks were cosy and warm with a heater like a Jeep🤣🤣 It’s not been bad started wet here warmed up and dried cold wind and believe going to -0 tonight so going to be cold but few red.clouds this afternoon so hopefully Shepard’s delight as saying says so hopefully a nice day tomorrow love Joy x

  14. I’m afraid like Brenda I have never heard of Jeep socks either Barbara. The only jeeps I know have four Anyway hope they kept your feet nice and warm and that you had a good walk. x

  15. I read the beginning of your blog about the socks and thought… and you’ve posted it on your blog!!!! Lol. It did make me laugh. True to form we had different weather every couple of miles today. I met up with the couple I stayed with in Barnsley when I went down to the groovi workshop run by Gill Askam. They are up in Argyll for a few days. Met them in Inveraray where it was dry but as they followed me back to Lochgilphead, we had sleet, blinding sunshine, rain, the lot, all in the space of a few minutes. When they left me a wee while ago, the wind was howling and the on and off there has been torrential rain! We do weather well ink Argyll. You don’t get time to get bored of anything! You really need to come up this way. It is just beautiful in all seasons. Very atmospheric when it is misty. We get very little snow, although twenty minutes from here, they can get quite a lot if it does snow. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed your walk with your ‘porsche’ socks! Hx

  16. Hello Barb, well that certainly elicited a very loud laugh from me. Talk about hearing things. Love the groovi sample, well Easter is not that far away is it. Take care all. Bx

  17. In recent years I’ve been making a one-word intention for the year, rather than making new year’s resolutions, and it works for me. May all your secret wishes come true, although sometimes you may need to do something differently or make changes to enable that to happen!

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