It’s all a blur!

It’s all a blur!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. She’s been going at it like a loony since 5am, so that she can go to the Christmas ball tonight! She’s not sure what she’s wearing, she’s not really a glittery, blingy kinda dresser – but there are plenty of dresses to choose from – especially now she’s lost a few pounds!

All caught up, all prepped up – and she’s even made time for pottery. Happy day.

But before she shoots off to glaze her little not-as-little-as-last-year’s pots, that she’s thrown and turned in hopes of making Christmas pressies, she needs to slow the washing machine head down, drink a cup of camomile tea, and breathe. It’s all very well ticking a load of boxes and getting things done, but where’s the joy, if you don’t even stop to appreciate your life?

This blog slows me down, too, you know – in the best possible way! It makes me sit and think. It makes me ponder. It takes me to a different space, with lots of others to consider. Yes. The blog is a definite plus point, never a chore.

I was talking to lovely Jilly Clifton yesterday, who has just recently joined the Clarity Team full time. FANTASTIC NEWS INDEED. Switched on, clever, creative, kind – and an accountant! Let’s hear it for Jilly! Anyway, she’s learning how to navigate the Adobe graphics suite, starting with In Design. (It’s an Apple thing). You can imagine, that might be a trifle daunting, to have to get your head round an entire graphics programme! I told her that I’ve been using In Design since its inception, but that I probably only use 5% of its capability, if that. I have only learned what I need to know to get the job done that I do – no time to press keys and see where it takes me! It likened it to a road map. “If InDesign is the road map of Great Britain, then I’m an expert on the M11! Ask me to explore the M40 and I’m not so good, try me on the M5 – and I will get totally lost. And as for the B-roads – spare me!! But I am mustard on the M11 ! There’s nobody faster!”

I suppose that’s about the sum of it. I do what I do, and I do it frequently, so I do it fast and without question. But when I stray from my designated path, the learning curve kicks in and things just take longer to figure out.

I guess that’s why I love pottery so much, too. It’s stepping off that quite repetitive, polished treadmill and exploring the unknown.

Gotta go!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “It’s all a blur!

  1. Enjoy your pottery! I’ve had a very successful morning, writing all my Christmas cards (112 of them). I was surprised to see that the majority of them were made with Clarity products, dies and Groovi. Thank you Barbara and the Clarity team. Welcome To Jilly!

  2. Hopefully you’re now at your Pottery class, enjoy and party on tonight.
    Welcome Jilly, have met her several times when she has helped at the Northern Open days, lovely lady indeed.

  3. Enjoy your pottery today and your Ball tonight. Big welcome to Jilly, I think we had the pleasure of meeting her at several of your Open Days, lovely person. Been having a play with Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts that I’d not used before, had forgotten I had bought them. Both sets too, what a waste that would have been. Only did a few splatter backgrounds but quite happy that I had a

  4. Hello Cinderella!!
    I think the mermaid who writes the ditties for the Elf hunt has thrown a few red herrings in…..but I’m on it. Clue#1 JUST found today!!! When do the entries have to be in???!!! ha ha.
    Enjoy the pottering and the Strictly this evening. I think I had better get my stamped bauble cards written and in the post. They worked REALLY well on your designer papers with a dangly piece of acetate behind for movement! Ooooooh lovely! xx

  5. Hope you had a good afternoon at pottery. Ive been off work today so finally getting to play with my Gray Friday goodies 😁 Looking forward to retiring at the end of the month – I’ve probably got enough crafty stash to see me through the first 10 years!!

  6. Hi Barb,
    Big welcome to Jilly.
    Hope your pottery went well today and that you’ve had some chilling out time. I’ve been trying to do one of Tina’s Christmas Embroidery designs today to make into a card for my sister ( the last one I’ve got to make), but I haven’t been able to settle at all because of the pain from my knee. Just couldn’t get comfortable at all. I know I’ve just got to get on with things until my op, but on days like today, it’s hard. Still there’s always tomorrow ! Glad to hear you have a bigger selection of dresses to choose from now – that must have cheered you up. Enjoy tonight. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  7. Yay so pleased for our Jilly Clifton. She will be a great asset to the team. I hope you enjoyed pottery this afternoon and relax and have a great evening.
    Love and hugs xx

  8. Slow down Barb. Pottery hopefully has quieted your washing machine head.
    Don’t know Jilly but I am sure she will be a welcome addition to the team.
    Know what you mean about navigating some of the modern graphics programmes. I’m great with maps but sat navs leave me cold. I used to have a lovely simple graphics programme, did all I needed, then the support stopped, they upgraded and it no longer did what I wanted how I wanted. Lost all my work as the new could not cope with the old. I gave up!!!
    You will look lovely whatever you wear to the ball, beauty is in the heart not the clothes. Hope you have a great time tonight.

  9. Have a great time tonight Barb xx
    I love reading about your pottery as I can almost feel you taking a deep breath and exhaling the stress, ready to relax with your beloved hobby 💖
    Welcome to the team Jilly, I am really pleased for you – by coincidence, I have another friend called Jill Clifton 😁 xx

  10. Hi Barb, glad you got to pottery today, I hope your pots are what you wanted them to be. Yep, the busier you are the less you appreciate your life and the things in it, you don’t have the time and head space. The irony is, the less busier you are the more time you have to appreciate your life and the things in it, but then other than being alive, there’s not much else in it to appreciate… Mind you, as you know, my head is still super busy all the time, but I do take time to think about what a gift it is to be alive, and be thankful for what I do have, and knowing that despite the life I have had, I am still a good person trying her best.

    I was thinking your going to a Christmas Ball was an analogy for getting to pottery, but since everyone is saying they hope you enjoy it, I guess it’s for real!!! So, I hope you enjoy your Ball, pleased for you that you have lost a few pounds already, and glad you have a choice of outfits.

    Love Brenda xx
    (I better get my Christmas cards written too for posting, it’s going to take me ages… To write all 12 of them!!! There are some positives in knowing only a few people!!! Ha, ha, just as well I only have 12, otherwise it might have been next Christmas that folk would get them…)

  11. Glad you have managed to fit everything in you wanted to do including your much loved pottery Barbara, and glad to hear you are also making time to enjoy your life not just a never ending treadmill even if it is one you love. Have a lovely evening! x

  12. I’m sure you’ll have fun, no matter what you wear for the ball. Hopefully the time at pottery will have cleared your head so that you can enjoy the party. x

  13. Hope you had a good time at pottery are one strip closer to having your Christmas pressies organised! Hope you are having a great time at the ball – glitz and all! Hx

  14. Hi Barb, another insightful blog post, very true words. Go for it Jilly. Hope you enjoyed the pottery Barb. Take care all. Bx

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