Elf Hunt 2019. Let the games begin!

Elf Hunt 2019. Let the games begin!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in. While Paul and I trundle back up to Peterborough, to the HOCHANDA studios, please allow me to introduce you to the newest cutest addition to the Clarity team: Misself!

Last year, there was himself, Elvis. Remember him? Hiding behind a different product on the website every day until the 24th? Well this year, I drew a little girlfriend for him – Misself!

In case you are new to the fold, this is a game we set up last year, a competition. It went down so well last December, we decided to do it again this year!

Daily clues to her whereabouts will be revealed via email, Facebook & the homepage banner. Help us track her down. Make a note of each product that you spot her with, and then send us your complete list via email, by the 28th Dec, to:  

If you get all 24 products correct, we’ll enter you into our prize draw for a £200 Clarity gift hamper. Results of which will be announced on 2nd Jan 2020! Happy hunting!

Here’s your first clue:

It’s really easy, this one. Well, I think so – I wrote the clues! Hahaha.

Anyway, here is the little Groovi plate of Misself.

Misself A6 Square Groovi Plate (NEW)

£4.99  £4.00

And here she is as a stamp. Just like Elvis her pal, I drew the back to fit the front – which makes her perfect for shrink plastic, or Christmas paper chains!

Misself Unmounted Stamp Set (NEW)

£12.99  £10.39

For a limited time only, both Misself and Elvis can be had at 20% off until the 24th December.

Shop Misself & Elvis here

Got to be in it to win it. And a £200 Clarity hamper will be worth having!!

Got to go to work xx

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “Elf Hunt 2019. Let the games begin!

  1. Misself ordered. First clue solved. Tree going up today. It’s beginning to feel a lot like CHRISTMAS, 🎅
    Safe journey this morning.

  2. I love this little competition, the prize is fabulous but it is fun each day trying to find the little scamp. Got today’s quite easily but I bet you have been very clever with some of the clues. Safe travels,will be watching later. X

  3. Hi Barb, oh how great, I enjoyed it last year even though I did not win, it was great fun to do. Let the games begin. Hope the shows are a roaring success today. Have a good day everyone. Bx

  4. wow I have found the first clue, never thought I could do it. So I am in it to win it.

    Hope everything is well with everyone.

    hugs Pen x

  5. Oow! Lots of fun looking for misself. Ha ha ha! Love the name. Have lots of sell outs. Can’t wait to watch and as usual I have all the shows recorded to watch later for inspiration. Have great shows and a safe journey. Lots of craft hugs. Bev xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Safe journey to the studio , I’m looking forward to the shows later. Ooooooh exciting times ahead, I love finding the elf and this years Misself is really cute. Off to start my hunt.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Hi Barb, I hope you got up safely to the studios. It looks like it’s been snowing here, the frost is that thick. Looking forward to seeing you and Paul. Better get on with chores then… All my plans went out the window so far today. Been trying to sort out a bit of the messes I got into yesterday… No helped by someone banging on my door at 10.40pm last night, incessant banging, for well over 5 minutes, getting more aggressive each time they did it. Sooooooo scary, I was shaking, didn’t know what to do. Still shaken up and feeling extra vulnerable and jumpy today. Thankfully they went away. No idea who it was. So, Barb, some nice calming Mindfulness vibes from you on your shows would be very welcome, please.

    Yay, I’d forgotten the fun of elf hunting last year. I’m up for it, found the first clue quite quickly the other day, bet there’s some hard ones to come… I think I’ll buy both those elf stamps, been eyeing up the Elvis one since last year. It needs to be a tinsel, shiny, tree, delicate baubles etc. free zone here as my cat not only steals everything as toys, but she eats christmas!!! So it’s paper, fabric, and soft toy type stuff here!!! I’m gradually making stuff. In saying that, Cherry, I need some of your Christmas cheer please, I seem to be running in the opposite direction from Christmas this year!

    See you soon Barb and Paul. Love you xxx

    1. Bless you Brenda – so sorry to hear about your bad experience last night. Thank goodness you have got the Clarity goodness to enjoy today – that will help you I’m sure. Take care, Gilly

  8. Hi Barb – I am hoping that I can watch you this afternoon. I have missed the earlier programmes, as I have been helping to look after my sister’s very cute puppy. It will be wonderful to see you and Paul together crafting. We are in for much fun and laughter I am sure. Hugs, Gilly x

  9. Misself is cute and I’m sure she and Elvis will get up to some mischief! Nice and cosy on the sofa ready to watch your 2 – 4pm TV shows…have fun! Oh yes, found the first Misself of the hunt…xx

  10. Watching Paul doing a groovi demo whilst I have a cuppa and a break from Christmas preparations. It feels really early, but this was the only day I had free to put up the tree so it’s up! Just have to put all the boxes back in the loft and hammer in a nail for the wreath. Enjoying the shows – hope you are too x

  11. Had a rare Sunday afternoon to myself so retired to craft room watched the shows and found misself , love this game .

  12. And she had time to write 24 clues as well!! Loved the elf hunt last year and so far, off to a good start! Enjoyed the shows this afternoon and as 6 p.m. is about to strike, you will already be standing in the studio. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the stamps tonight. Have a good night and a good day tomorrow. Hx

  13. LOVE the elf hunt (found no 1). Doesn’t matter if I don’t win (well of course I’d love to, but…) I enjoy the hunt.
    BTW Really enjoyed the afternoon shows -Paula was so good with you and Paul and the shows flew by. Glad to see the three of you together again this evening. Have already got my order in for the new stuff (already have the older stamps etc) using my Clarity discount they are a real bargain.

  14. Do love an elve hunt soon found her looking forward to playing everyday. Love shows today looking forward to tomorrow’s shows xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Shows really good today, although I have been very good and not ordered this time ( Gilly, I hope you’re suitably impressed). The two layer masks are a clever idea. Glad the elf hunt is back – really enjoyed it last year. I managed the first clue but I bet you’ve got some tricky ones for us! Love and hugs,Alison. Xxx

    1. Yes Alison – I am super impressed!
      I really enjoy the elf hunt too and I also found today’s clue. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

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