Under the Sea with Dee!

Under the Sea with Dee!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Finally, what so many of you have been waiting for! Dee Fitzsimmons has made some new friends, and they’re coming out to play at 6pm this evening on HOCHANDA!

Dee will be inspiring you with wonderful colouring techniques and real art from the soul, and my dear friend Paul will be holding Dee’s hand throughout the 5 hours, adding his own flavour to her art, too.

The stamps are being made as we speak, in various sizes. I particularly like the little ones….

But we musn’t forget Dee’s old friends! They are so lovely! Here’s a step by step I did with the mermaid called Faith.

If you missed out on the original collection, you can find the complete A5 Collection HERE They are also available individually Hope, Brave, Joy & Faith

There’s so much potential when stamping on our designer parchment. And that goes for all the pads: Northern Lights, Indian Summer, Shenandoah and Rainbow River. Are the new pads Waimea Falls and Toscana coming out as parchment? What do you think?!?

Anyway, I hope you tune in this evening at 6pm, to be inspired by lovely Dee and Paul. Hochanda.com.

Love & hugs
Barb xx

10 thoughts on “Under the Sea with Dee!

  1. I am sure the stamps will be a great success especially as there are different sizes. I need to use more of the designer parchment, it is lovely. Hope that neck of yours is slowly easing. X X

  2. Hi Barbara, I hope you are feeling better.
    Just watched the last recording of the Tree plate shows. So pleased I ordered it yesterday. Wasn’t going to but Paul is so persuasive – ha ha. The design team did you proud once again.
    Dee’s stamps look lovely and I am sure Dee and Paul will do you proud on the ODS. Possibly another sell out?
    Wondered how long it would be before the new parchment came out, hopefully it will be soon. I have made good use of the existing designs and have had many compliments on the cards made with them. Who knows – I may have converted a few crafters to Clarity !!!
    Miserable and wet in Norfolk today. Didn’t help that the dishwasher broke down last evening. Oh well, Hubby will just have to help, he is very good with pots and pans !!!
    Have a good day and REST THAT NECK.

  3. I love the stamping on parchment technique. Your sample is stunning. Looking forward to seeing more.

    As someone with neck and upper back issues, I can highly recommend Myofascial release massage. I get it from my physical therapist. It’s not always pleasant, but it really works.

  4. Great step by step, looking forward to the shows. Hope your neck is improving, and you are managing to relax and rest. xx

  5. I particularly like the “Dream Big Little One” artwork, as it is me and my daughter. I’m a brunette and she is a blonde, but she is taller than me!
    Hope your neck improves soon, take care.

  6. Ouch! Nothing worse than a stiff neck. It can be very exhausting. I hope it improves quickly for you! Love the new tree plate, I got mine quickly! – I am clock watching until Dee’s show comes on later. Love all the Clarity shows, they are always packed with fabulous inspiration and gorgeous products.
    Look after yourself Barbara. X😘

  7. Nice images on these stamps and I don’t wish to be a kill-joy, but on the “Let it go…..and breath??? Surely it is spelt breathe!” Sorry, mis-spelling is a bug bear of mine! ……perhaps I should let it go and breathe!!!😉

  8. Hello Barb, have just watched the repeat of Dee’s show, the new sets are superb, as were the original collections, love your arty play with the Mermaid. So much inspiration, so little time. Take care all. Bx

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