All is calm…

All is calm…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. A week ago today we were at the NEC in Birmingham, pedalling like crazy. Seems like months ago! Was it really only last weekend? I must check….yep.

I was on Bauble Duty, demonstrating the new 2-way overlay baubles, which have proved so popular. Maybe the price offer is irrestible. Maybe you like the illustrations. Maybe both! There’s a 3 for 2 offer on the website, which I will leave there for another week, I think….


I moved from one bauble to the other, doing little demos and showing off lots of trick n tips. How you can overlay the two stamps, how you can use them alone. One which went down well was this one, using the round bauble, the trad one.

Designer Card. Shenandoah. There’s an orange one in particular….

There she is!!

Use the stamp indexing sheet to decide the position of the bauble on the card. TOP TIP: Stay in the light area.

Black Archival to stamp the bauble into position. The 4”sq Megamounts do the job well. We had lots of conversations about Stamp positioners, or stamp platforms as they’re called. Of course our stamps work with these aids. And the day I need one, I shall buy one too.

See the Shepherd underneath? Now to make the bauble more dramatic…

Cover up with a mask which comes with the stampset.

Brush black archival ink from the centre of the bauble out to the lefthand side. A little bit top right, but mostly concentrate on top left.

When you lift off the mask, the bauble really jumps.

Trim the card and edge with a black Sharpie pen.

Mount on a 7×7 Kraftcard blank. We sell beautiful packs of this colour. Perfectly earthy, neutral colour.

Topped off with one of our new Celebrations and Christmas stickers.

Finishing touch: add the little hook at the top with a Micron pen x

Time to go indoors. I’m on Stamp cleaning and bagging duty today! No peace for the wicked!!

But all IS calm.

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

PS. No wonder I did my neck in ! Look ! Nice though !

13 thoughts on “All is calm…

  1. Beautiful. Trested my self to the set and absolutely love them. Just my thing. Haven’t managed to see many demo’s. Thank you for this one, I shall give it a go.

  2. Wow! What a lot of beautiful baubles. You were very busy, no wonder your neck gave up! Just watching Paul and Dee on Hochanda. Loving all the colouring tips that Dee is giving us. Xx

  3. Thank you for another step by step. Really helpful. Have enjoyed watching Dee colouring today between sermonising!! She is another good teacher. I will need to get those pencils one of these days….. Just one day to go now and then I’m on holiday. Lots of time for crafting coming up!! Hope your neck is better and that you and Dave have a good weekend. Take care. Hx

  4. Played with my tree sampler plate today, loved it. Together with the bauble stamps I may start on next years cards.
    Take care of that neck.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  5. I have been playing with my recently purchased set of bauble stamps .They are absolutely fabulous ! Can’t decide which is my favourite yet.Warm regards Carmel

  6. Hello Barb, stamps are fabulous, art work is wonderful, and oh those demo samples are just wonderful. Stamp sets are on my wish list. Take care all. Bx

  7. Hope your neck is getting better . Got the stamps will get to play with them this week . Doing one of Tina’s Christmas embroidery plates at the moment it’s taking ages as can only do it in daylight .

  8. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, who would have thought that bright colour would work fir Christmas, amazing isn’t it. No wonder your neck went funny, that’s a lot of samples, or a lot of Christmas cards if you put a twist on it! Love these stamps but I think the Groovi plates might win this time. Hope you’ve had a good rest as well as stamp cleaning.
    LoveDiane xx

  9. I have one of your mermaid stamps from years ago and have used her many times for little girl’s birthday cards! Love those baubles but have pledged to use all of my existing Christmas stash before I get more. It’s gradually reducing!!! Enjoy the curry x

  10. Bought these last week and have been pondering how I intend using them. Missed the show so Catch Up beckons. Very many thanks. Be careful with your neck, just gentle stretching.

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