Oh the colours!!

Oh the colours!!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. I was driving home this afternoon, the sun was shining down on the fields and meadows – and I was suddenly overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of it all. There is a stretch along the country road where the trees on either side reach up over us and join hands, creating the most spectacular tree tunnel along the way. Stretches for a good mile or so, and the colours today – with the sun peeping through – were unreal. Just glorious. How lucky am I to be able to enjoy that. On Thursday, if the weather’s similar, I shall take the day off and go gather up my parents, and take them for a drive through the country, so they too can sit back and take in the wonderful colours. Mind you, their garden is pretty epic. But I bet they’d enjoy a country drive and a spot of lunch. That’s a date then. Best let them know!

The New Designer Petite Cards and Papers I designed, the Toscana range, really captures these warm, autumnal hues. You’ve only got to look at the front cover to see the flavour.

Toscana Paper
Toscana petite card

…and here’s an old stamp set which I love too. The trees are great, and the rope frame is very useful!

The Lone Ranger? Tonto??

So what happens when you cross the Wild West stamps with the Italian Toscana background papers?

Before you know it, you’re slap bang in the middle of the Ashdown Forest.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS Mermaid Limericks are a hoot! Fabuloso!! Go and check them out in yesterday’s blog. Will pick a worthy winner tomorrow, so there’s still time to join in!

15 thoughts on “Oh the colours!!

  1. Fabulous colours. I learnt from David Attenborough that the colours are caused by trees putting toxins they need to lose into the leaves they shed, so it is a beauty routine for them. Nature is so clever.

  2. It sounds as if you drove right past my place!! I live on top of the north Kent Downs and the road going past (A252) is a tunnel of multi-coloured trees for well over a mile, and the whole 2 mile length between our village and the next is a riot of colours. I live backing onto ancient woodland and it is carpeted with an amazing spread of all kinds of leaves -only trouble is the mud they conceal, so the dogs and I come back with mud up to our ankles (or higher for the dogs). Worth it though -it’s heaven out there with just bird song and me cussing when I tread in extra-deep mud! Collected some leave to try the Nov calendar technique.

  3. Beautiful, there’s a stretch here between us and Mum’s, i.e. Wolvercote to Whytham where I always say look at the view, where would you ever see that, it’s always different too because of the colour of the sky, the trees are fabulous and they remind me of some of the stamps. We are so lucky to live in a rich tapestry ! Xx

  4. Love the colours in this collection . I always love the view on my way home from work , just as you come round the top of Ide Hill and look down over Bough Beech reservoir never the same, always beautiful .

  5. You definitely can’t beat nature for colour…especially in Autumn. Sadly the glorious display is just about over in my neck of the woods due to the incessant rain and winds but that’s just how the cookie crumbles isn’t it. Love the mermaid verses but can’t quite get my brain into gear to join in. Will look forward to seeing who’s the winner. Xx

  6. There once was a Mermaid from Rye,
    Who decided she wanted to fly,
    Then she met a Merman
    With a FAR better plan …..
    And the rest I’ll relate by and by …..

  7. Sorry haven’t been on here much last few weeks been bit of hard time. I think this time If year is my best just love the colours of the trees so beautiful I was listen to some one giving a talk the others day about trees how must trees there branches are praising God with arms stretched up never noticed TIL then see even more Beautiful amazing isnt it xx

  8. Autumn is a beautiful time of year. This country is a riot of colour and nature does us proud. I especially remember travelling in the Wye valley going through an avenue of trees on a lovely sunny day and as we turned a corner it was like the trees were sparkling with fire as the sun shone through the leaves. The colours of autumn add warmth to any greeting card and there are lots of choices in Clarity paper pads.
    I love spring too when the trees and bushes are shaking out their pale green petticoats in anticipation of the summer to come.
    Forgive me for waxing lyrical – I’m just a batty old bird in a bit of a sentimental mood at the moment.
    Read more of the limericks today – what a hoot !!! Off to bed now as it has been a hectic day.
    Night night. 🍒🍒🍒

  9. We are extremely lucky to live adjacent to the Quantock Hills and just a few miles from Exmoor and like you we go out into the countryside and wonder at the beauty of nature all around us, especially this time of year when the colours are so bright and pretty. We have in the past visited the Ashdown Forest and really enjoyed walking there, and also we did walk a fair bit of the North Downs Way just a few miles at a time at various times which we also enjoyed immensely. Your Mum and Dad will enjoy a drive out with you so much Barbara and will look forward to hearing where you went. x

  10. Hi Barbara
    Lovely artwork, the papers are amazing aren’t they. I love the autumn colours, they make the daily walks very interesting but it’s starting to get a bit slippy underfoot in some places now. The sea of acorns is interesting too! Hope the weather stays good for a trip out with mum and dad.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Great idea to take parents for a ride and lunch….make the most of your dear ones whilst you can…x
    Have a great day!

  12. I loved reading all of the comments. It sounds like you all live in a beautiful place. I live in the USA and we have many beautiful places also, but I live in Florida where we have palm trees. They don’t have leaves, just palm fronds that fall off when they die. Not so pretty. We do have the water that is beautiful though.
    Barbara, I love watching your videos, you are a hoot! You are also a wonderfully talented lady. Love the new paper. I hope to purchase some soon.

  13. Hello Barb, love the paper chosen for your little arty offering. I love autumn, there is just so much colour variation. Nature does give us so much to look at and enjoy. Bx

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