Hochanda TV tomorrow…

Hochanda TV tomorrow…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Busy busy here. Maria and Paul are both on telly tomorrow. Maria is showcasing a brand new and beautiful trio of Fresh Cut dies and stencils at 12 noon and 4pm. I could spend my days cutting out these beautiful designs by Mel. I do love a beautiful papercut. All you need is a pack of cardblanks and a pack of Design Papers – and you’re away!

Then Paul is launching a not to be missed coloured parchment sale at 6pm. Half price coloured parchment? Barrrrginnnn! If you’re into Groovi and parchment craft, then this 24 hour offer is a must have. 130 sheets of glorious A4 parchment, two-tone colour. Pinks, greens, blues, teals, reds, oranges, purples – the list goes on – and the names are much more interesting than that! I remember sitting on a plane with Linda Williams thinking of the names for these colours. Wisteria, Iris, Cranberry Crush, Rich Plum, Willow Green, Primrose Yellow, Peach, Nutmeg, Pear Green, Petrol Blue, Midnight Blue, Sky blue, Orange Squash, Lime Twist, Pine Needles, Periwinkle Blue, Very Violet. Or was it Violent? Anyway, I just remember being parked on the runway for ages before takeoff for Slovenia with Mrs Williams, coming up with all these lovely names for colours. Far more descriptive than red green and blue!

Paul will be showing off his paper engineering skills with various Groovi templates. Like the Christmas Cracker, the Christmas Tree, the Tudor House, the Star. He’s really good at this kind of stuff. I think I’ll stick to stamping!

In other news (no, I know no more than you do about Brexit and the General Election or the Trump impeachment), but we DO have a Limerick Winner! Yep. We were able to pick a limerick from all those fabulously humorous verses. Thank you so much for joining in! I had no idea we have so many budding poets in our midst! You’re all winners really, but I can only afford one £20 gift voucher, and the general concensus at this end is that it should go to:

Angela Carr 

She wrote no less than three stonking good ones. Absolutely brilliant.

There once was a Mermaid from Rye,
Who decided she wanted to fly
With a click and a splash
She had spent all her cash
On a 5 night short break in Dubai

There once was a Mermaid from Rye,
Who decided she wanted to fly
The leap from the water
Didn’t go as it oughta
So she landed on a beach quite nearby.

There once was a Mermaid from Rye,
Who decided she wanted to flY
Without any water
To sustain and support her
Sad to say that the end now draws nigh.

You have to admit, they are pretty excellent, aren’t they! Angela, do you write poetry for a living? Because you certainly could!

So there we are, enough ramblings. I did catch a comment on Facebook the other day about our regular appearances on Hochanda and all the One Day Specials we are piling in. The inference was that now I am a member of the board, we seem to be getting all the hours. I have only this to say: The reason – and the ONLY reason – Clarity have increased their presence on HOCHANDA, is that there are lots of airtime hours in the day which need filling. Nuff said. Actually Paul does most of the shows – I just swear and shout a lot! That’s why they only let me on once a month!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

26 thoughts on “Hochanda TV tomorrow…

  1. There is so much variety with Clarity: dies, stamps, stencils, Groovi and papers/parchment that the shows are all so different. Don’t see what the problem is. Lots of variety and other companies with shows too and new ones every week.

  2. Looking forward to the new dies and stencil. Watching Maria is always enjoyable and I learn loads ftom her demos. Will be recording so I don’t miss anything. Xx

  3. Well done Angela, enjoy your prize.

    Too much Clarity on T.V??? Not for me there isnt, and all the leaders of all the political parties seem to have said during the past week that we need Clarity, ’nuff said .

  4. The dies will definitely drop in my basket, don’t know about the stencils – there are so many in my stash unused.
    The coloured parchment is also a must although since the new splashy parchments came on the scene the plain has not been used so much.
    Regarding the number of Clarity shows on Hochanda my only gripe is that there are too many lovely 😊 things to buy leaving me broke !!!
    I notice that there are some new companies on TV 📺 but wonder why more are not taking advantage of the opportunity to promote their goods. Could it be the amount of prep necessary that worries them or they are too shy or lack demonstrators? Who knows.
    Meanwhile we love seeing you and Paul, Maria and Linda on a regular basis. Now that Dee and Lou have joined Clarity on TV there is a lot of variety to suit all crafters.
    Congratulations to Angela on winning the poem competition – I picked out 3 possible candidates and this was top of my list. Clever girl.
    Hugs to all 🍒🍒🍒

  5. I agree with Cherry that you being on TV while it is great makes me spend more ! I see things advertised and think I don’t need that but then when I see the demos of what you can do with it I have to buy it.
    Keep up the good work !
    Love and hugs

  6. Having already purchased the small pack of these new parchment colors from Clarity, I can honestly say I know they will fly out the door! I’m loving them and they are perfect for forward planning some of my challenge blog DT creations for next year!

    Congrats to Angela too!

    Hugs xoxo

  7. Well done Angela ! Great poetry. I saw that comment and had to scroll by it made me angry. There is such variety in Clarity products that each show is different and with all the different great guests like Maria and Paul each show is different. I guess some of the smaller companies would struggle to do much more as they have to develop the product demo it and in a lot of cases pack and post the orders so to expect much more would stretch them too much. I love watching sone of the small companies and buy their products but know from the experience of a relatively local paper company who went bust through the increased demands for expansion of product of tv (not Hochanda) that it may not take much to tip the scales. I think it’s great that Clarity has the depth and the capacity (through much hard work and I sometimes wonder if they are taking on too much) to fill the gaps. I trust Barbara Dave and the rest of the Clarity team to know when to say no for their own wellbeing

  8. Well done Angela, limericks are brilliant. As for too much Clarity, never, I don’t get to see it all but the more there is the better chance I have. xx

  9. Firstly congratulations Angela, and all the contributions were excellent 😊 Barbara, never never never would I say your on tv to much, even if I’m not buying I love everything I learn, just love watching you all. 😘😘

  10. Enjoy your voucher Angela – you did make me smile! As for too much Clarity…well you can please all of the people some of the time, some of the people some of the time etc! I think most of us have realised why… but others like to have a whinge, so let them after all theres always the off button if it really bothers them lol! Xx

  11. Thanks so much for your comments and thanks for choosing my limericks. Think I spent too much time watching Morecambe and Wise as a youngster. 😂

    I love Clarity and even though I don’t always buy something, I certainly enjoy watching and learning from the amazing team.

  12. Hi Barbara
    Brilliant poems and a deserved winner congratulations
    Barbara I can’t se you shouting and swearing.
    Never !
    Now an I afford to buy the papers ? Lol
    Take care T

  13. Well done Angela with your limericks. I have to agree with Linda, you can never have enough of Clarity on tele. Can’t always keep up with the buying bit, but at least we know what’s new and can buy it later. Love watching all the demos and seeing all the design teams makes, so much variety now in what Clariy sell you could never get bored.xx

  14. Congrats Angela great poems I agree could write a book or may be Barbara could make use some lovely word verse stamp with your talents. No no no can never say there is to much clarity love watching wish could buy more of your beautiful goodies but love watching and the great tented ideas helps many of us through day lots love keep on clarity- ing . Also keep getting sell outs all time so that says it all!!! . Love Joy 💕💕

  15. Hi Barbara
    Congratulations to Angels, the limericks were brilliant. The new Dies and stencils look interesting, it will be good to see Maria showcasing them. The parchment will sell like hot cakes I’m sure, I must record Paul’s show as it will be nice to have a refresh on the 3D plates. I’ve made several houses and a few owls and boxes but I’ve still to make the trees. Now we all know Clarity has stepped up to the plate to help cover some of the hours that needed filling and with all the different parts to clarity its always a fresh and entertaining show. I think the number of happy people far outweigh the moaners.
    Love Diane xx

  16. Congratulations, Angela. Great limericks! Clarity provides something for everyone – and some people like to complain! If they were that bothered, they would book a show slot. If they joined in with Clarity, they would get built up and not need to let themselves down like that. Their loss.

  17. Honestly who wrote the twaddle about clarity having to many shows. I hadn’t noticed at all. It’s not like it’s all one thing is it. Everyone has already spoken about the variety of products you bring us. Personally I don’t think you have anymore shows than any other company’s. Please ignore it “clarity team”.
    There are other companies that grew on our money and I won’t mention names that have I feel lost the personal caring touch with there customers and are now just a conglomerate money making machine business. Clarity has definitely not done this. Please don’t change. Cant wait for tomorrow’s show xxx

  18. Here they go again. Instead of moaning about clarity being on Hochanda why don’t they apply for tv slots themselves. A pity they have nothing else to do. Like all the crafters keep up the shows. Norita.norita

  19. Congrats to Angela. Had a laugh reading them all.
    Couldn’t agree more with Jans comments about some other companies getting too big for their boots and losing the personal touch. I find a lot of the bigger companies seem to produce the same things over and over, under a different guise, and so quickly. Clarity cater to lots of different talents and are excellent quality.
    I do not use any social media, who wants to splash their life all over the place and then get upset when they get negative reviews, I am talking about none trading people (who use as a platform to sell,) ordinary people, even these so called celebs. Turn it off, take it down. Who needs the hassle.
    Anyways, as you say nuff said, take care, Corinna

  20. Congratulations to Angela on her wonderful limericks, in fact everyone’s were good , I can never think of the 5th line that makes sense!!
    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow & Thursday always hints & tips to learn with out necessarily buying but we will see. There is a good mix of all the different aspects of Clarity which gives something for everyone. We can’t be all good at everything – life would be very boring if we were but I love seeing what different projects can be obtained from the same products.
    Keep up the great work Clarity. xx

  21. I saw that comment about too much Clarity on Hochanda and went on the defence. Personally, there can never be too much. XxX

  22. Congratulations to Angela – absolutely brilliant poems! Some people will moan about anything – thank goodness my cup is always half full!!! X

  23. Hello Barb, watched the show with Paul and the papers, plus the Groovi plates, gorgeous. Well done Angela, enjoy spending your voucher. Oh and Barb, ignore them! Take care all. Bx

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