I do Blogs – Dave does Logs.

I do Blogs – Dave does Logs.

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Day of calm today, before Paul and I head on up to HOCHANDA early tomorrow morning, for the next round of TV shows! The afternoon hours are showcasing our Clarity Clubs. If you have just recently joined, then this will be an ideal opportunity to buy Past Issues of Stamps, Stencils and Groovi.

Then at 6pm, we launch a small ODS, but a very special one. Many of you will remember our dear friend Jayne Nestorenko, who lost her battle with cancer a couple of years ago. Well, she drew five wonderful winterland scenes. You may well be familiar with three of them, which we turned into Claritystamps and Groovi plates when Jayne was still with us. I remember the show as if it were yesterday, because we got Jayne on the phone in the studio, and she was so delighted with what we had all created with her designs. It was magical. Here are a couple of the tv demos I made, from that show in December 2016.

And here are a couple of pics of Jayne, her friend Helene and myself from the same week; Paul and I visited her, to show her all the art and samples properly ; I remember she cooked a delicious ham lunch for us. Insisted on it.

Well, on Sunday we are launching the last two of Jayne’s Winter Wonderland Collection, and I reckon she would be really chuffed to see what we have done with the skies. Just a clever little twist, to make the wintery landscapes really come to life. There’s one with a little bridge….

…and one with a little church.

But check out the two below. Mmmmm….That’s Monday morning 9am’s demo! Jayne would have loved this little trick.

So today is a day of rest. I just said to Dave in the kitchen, “I’ll pop upstairs and write my blogs,” and he responded with, “I’ll go outside and chop some logs”. Poetry. We are so lucky. And we know it.

Last thing before I curl up in front of a log fire then, and chillax for a couple of hours. CAPTION COMPETITION WINNER! Remember this pic?

Mel texted me the caption which made her laugh out loud:

Judy C. wrote:

Mel to Barb, “Any good at pottery slip?”

Barb to Mel, “I see you’re wearing one of my pots”

Then I looked at Mel’s hat and it dawned on me too. I curled up. So Judy C. Well done. Please email Barbara@claritystamp.com with your address, and we will get a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher in the post to you.

Thanks to everybody who joined in. I had a right old chuckle reading them all!

I’ll blog yesterday’s Telly demos next week. All the gear’s at the studios, so I can’t take pics!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “I do Blogs – Dave does Logs.

  1. Love my winter Jane stamps from a few years ago so will have to add these to my Clarity library. Hope the journey is good.
    Well done Judy. Xx

  2. Very precious memories for you. I have some of Jayne’s stamps and love them. Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows. I believe Jayne will be seeing what you are doing tomorrow so don’t think of her as missing out. Think of her as sharing in what you’re doing. Safe journey tomorrow. I’ll be home in time to see the shows in the afternoon. Have a good weekend. Off to have lunch, put the fire on and get some work done for tomorrow! Hx

  3. Good to see Jane Nestorenko’s legacy living on. Watching her demonstrations on TV was so inspiring and these stamps are gorgeous. Look forward to seeing your demos.
    Had a lovely week, my daughter-in-law took me and her mum to a workshop to make 4 fused glass coasters as our Christmas present. It was fabulous. Two lovely young ladies demonstrated and guided us. They use stencils for some of the designs but only had a few so I recommended Clarity as a source of beautiful stencils. Can’ t wait to see the coasters as we left them to be fired for 24 hours. I would like to have another go sometime. Some of the work this little studio produces is amazing – huge pieces of wall art.
    Cornwall is being battered with gales and heavy rain today, just right for wrapping Christmas presents.

  4. Have a lovely rest day. Look forward to seeing the new designs from Jayne, I have the plates – trouble is I’m finding I’ve got too many to choose from now and have gone mad with your new little tree plate – they are great for quick makes! Then I’ve got Tina’s small plates ….. Need to make some more, might get Jayne’s out later, trouble is I spend too much time wondering what to do than doing ! Enjoy your shows. You don’t have to sell the clubs to me so at least I know I’m safe there until new year of course when it will be time to rejoin. Ho! Ho! Ho! X

  5. How interesting Mary. I’ve done a couple of glass fusing courses this year and on both occasions used Clarity stencils with frit (loved it) and powder(less successful as difficult to pick up the stencil). I now have coasters, panels and hanging bits all over my house! Like you, Barbara, with your pottery, it was fantastic to do something completely different.

    Absolutely loved the new stamps yesterday. Xx

  6. I’ve just been using Jane’s roses stamps to make some birthday cards – what a coincidence. Beautiful designs from a beautiful lady x

  7. Just caught up on the demos from yesterday, fantastic, so just ordered the sets from Clarity, thank you for the great price. That’s my Christmas pressy sorted. Love Jaynes new stamps and what you have done with them the designs are beautiful, hope they come in Groovi too at some stage. Must get them but will have to wait a bit, must complete the sets eventually. Hope you enjoy your day with Dave, safe journey for tomorrow and Monday.xxx

  8. I have the Groovi plates of Jaynes previous scene designs so these will be a great addition. Looking forward to the 9am demo to see what the twist is with the sky!!
    Well done to Judy for her brilliant quote to go with the picture of you & Mel.
    Safe journey up to the studios later, hopefully you will miss the fog & frost that we had earlier.

  9. Flippin’ cold here today, lots of frost and fog this morning.
    I love Jane’s designs and have used the first 3 a lot in both stamp and Groovi. So glad we are getting more of her wonderful art.
    Congrats to Judy on her win, the caption made me chuckle.
    I will shortly be signing up for the design clubs for 2020 as I love the monthly surprise and newsletter.
    The log fire sounds wonderful, just the thing for a relaxing afternoon with Dave and a cuppa.
    Safe journey tomorrow.

  10. Ah, Jayne, still feels so sad that we all lost such a beautiful soul, and talented artist in our craft land. It must have been such a privilege to have known her personally. Beautiful new designs. Thank you Jayne, thank you Barb.

    Aye, very chilly here, the gardens were still as white before it got dark as they were when I got up this morning, and more frost tonight too. (Vest and furry slipper boots time…!!!) The upside of that is bright, crisp, daylight and sun. I hate how short the daylight is up here at this time of the year, and when it’s cloudy it doesn’t get to being proper daylight all day.

    And, grateful I am too, that you do blogs! And that Dave does logs, so you can be cosy!!! Hope you enjoy your evening. Looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow. Love you xxx
    Well done Judy

  11. Ah lovely gentle Jayne, still got some of her grey rubber mandala stamps…so gorgeous when all layered and glittered up! I’m sure she’ll be smiling down on you when her lovely trad winter designs are on tomorrow. I remember her phone call to studio too! Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows, recorder’s already set just in case of visitors etc. Safe journey – very frosty here this morning so take care on those roads first thing xx

  12. Two more beautiful designs by Jane in that lovely gentle style she was renowned for. I’m sure she would be so pleased to know that these have made it into stamps. Have a safe journey to the studio tomorrow, and also congratulations to Judy. Her suggested conversation made me smile too, so clever. x

  13. Lovely memories of dear Jayne. I have so many of her stamps (and a DVD too I think) so these will definitely be added to my collection as I have the first 3 it’d be rude not to wouldn’t it!! Looking forward to the shows – and the stamps!

  14. Hi Barb,
    I remember when Jayne was on the phone and it was a very special moment. She is still greatly missed and the crafting world lost a supreme talent. I still have quite a few of her mandala stamps which are wooden mounted. I used to love stamping them out, cutting them out and glittering them before decoupaging them. They looked gorgeous ( but would now cost a small fortune to post!). I’m really glad that you’ve done the last two designs and that they are the ODS tomorrow. I’m sure they will fly out of the door very quickly. I dare not buy any more craft goodies for a while. In a way I’m so pleased that you are concentrating on the past issues of the Clubs as it means I won’t have to spend any money. I loved the sentiment stamps on yesterday’s s shows for this reason as well! Hope Dave got lots of logs cut today. If it is as cold in Kent as it is in Durham , you will certainly need them. As Brenda said, the frost on the garden hasn’t melted here at all today – a bit of a shock to the system. Sending love and hugs and wishing you and Paul a safe journey and some brilliant shows, Alison xxx

  15. Lovely designs from Jayne, already added to my wish list. I have the other three older winter designs, which will be some of my Christmas cards this year. Looking forward to all of the shows. Safe journey xx

  16. Hi Barb, safe travels to the studio. Jayne was a beautiful soul and so talented, love the new designs. The caption is brilliant, well done Judy. Looking forward to the shows. Take care all. Bx

  17. Wow! Thanks for the voucher for the fun competition. I have emailed you my address.
    I remember being inspired by Jayne when she showed me how to create mandalas which were so popular at the time. Fond memories.

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