2 down – 2 to go!

2 down – 2 to go!

Hi there! Greetings from the NEC. Bumped into a few friends, as you can see. A right old motley crew!!!!

Busy, bustling day on the Clarity Stand. While Paul pedals away at one end, showing off the Groovi system, I’m ploughing my way through the new bauble stamps, even did some shrink plastic with the heat-gun. Great fun!!!

Time to go out for a nice meal. There’s a great restaurant in Meridan called The Barn. Great food. Nice ambience….Taking Norma too, so we can catch up properly.

Hope you are keeping well . This 4-day show lark is hard on the neck. I’m certainly feeling the burn!!!!

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “2 down – 2 to go!

  1. Happy to hear all is going well, definitely a very motley crew there! Enjoy your meal and catch up…onwards and upwards to tomorrow xx

  2. Enjoy your meal. Hopefully you’ll have a quiet morning until the rugby is won (by England of course!). Bacon & mushroom cobs on order for 7.30am 😂😂😂

  3. Enjoy your evening and we’ll done on reaching the halfway mark. I feel tired for you! Put your feet up as soon as you can x

  4. Great photo. I can highly recommend those microwavable beanys for sore necks, I have a long one so it wraps around your neck, use a small towel underneath they are very hot to begin with, take care x

  5. I don’t know how you keep it up Barbara. Lovely to catch up but one day is tiring enough let alone 4. All the best for the remaining days. Loved Hazel’s make and take and was so pleased to complete my bauble stamp collection too. Hugs . xx

  6. Glad all is going well. Photo looks like you are having fun as well as working like crazy. Do take care of your neck, try to get a good massage to help relieve the ache.
    Hope you enjoy your meal and catch up with Norma.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  7. Hi Barb,
    Pleased everything is going well although I do worry about your poor neck! Hope you’ve had a lovely meal and that you get a good night’s rest. Great photo by the way.Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  8. Love the photo. Take care of your neck for the next two days and enjoy your meal tonight.
    I will hopefully be able to catch your eye and say hello tomorrow. I will have the rugby updating on my phone and keeping everything crossed for England. They have played so well in this tournament.
    Have a Good night’s sleep. See you on CO1 in the morning. Hugs. Annette X

  9. You were doing a grand job with those bauble stamps, I have been having a go at the things you showed us yesterday. They certainly make a quick card if that is what is needed. Hope you have a lovely evening. xx

  10. Glad you are having a good time, look after that neck though or you will be fit for nothing after. I bet everyone who sees your demos goes on to get some new stamps. Hope the next couple are good too. Xx

  11. Glad your having time for

    Some fun love the photo did make me smile. Hope had a lovely meal great time together pray your neck isn’t to painful rest it as much as can and do some stretches lots love Joy x

  12. Hello Barb, what a fun photo, great to see so many crafty pals together I am sure. Hope you enjoyed the meal out and had a good old natter. Enjoy the remaining 2 days. Take care all. Bx

  13. Great demos , lovely to see you again. I bet you are really proud of your bauble designs ( and so you should be). Every time you sprayed the water on the distress inks and got a different look you got really excited. Lol
    We stay in Meriden every year for the NEC . I did not even know the Barn existed. Will have to try it out next year. Hope you had a lovely meal. Xx

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