A Royal Greeter…

A Royal Greeter…

Hi there

Day 3 at the NEC, and blogging on my Phone in the middle of nowhere is proving beyond me. No internet to speak of. And my eyes keep shutting!
Another very busy day. Loads of familiar faces and old friends. Here‘s a lovely lady, who has been by the front door all week:

So much to see here! So much to admire! The knitted Queen is pretty epic!

If you had to give her a caption, what would it be? If you had to make a clever sign, what would you write? Have a think, let us know!

It’s no good. The eyes are closing as I type!

Love and hugs

Barb xx

32 thoughts on “A Royal Greeter…

  1. “The things I have to do, and to top it all I have a stitch in my side”
    Nearly there Barb, take care, Corinna

  2. I reckon the internet is falling apart round here. I keep losing it too (about 20 miles away from you). I imagine you really need the shut eye after three days and one more to go. The knitted Queen is fabulous, brilliant idea and brilliantly done. Sleep well. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  3. I am not surprised you are tired, after three full on days. It was lovely to see you today and you looked great, smiling as always.
    The rugby guys did us proud, but were up against a better team today. They can still hold their heads up with pride for the way they played and conducted themselves throughout the tournament.
    Too tired myself tonight to come up with anything close to a witty saying. Mind you, I probably couldn’t anyway! Sleep well. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Hi Barb,
    I’m not surprised that you’re knackered! You’ve been so busy lately and now the NEC – I don’t know how you do it! ‘ The Queen’ Is fabulous and very clever.
    Linda’s new book landed on the doormat this afternoon and I have to say it is fantastic! Thanks to Linda and of course Clarity.
    Have a good night’s rest. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  5. “For goodness sake, how many more times – I am not a Purly Queen!!!!”
    Good luck for the last day, not that you will need it. Big hugs. Xxxxx

  6. That knitted Queen is a work of art. Wonder what HMQ would make of it.
    My order with Linda’s book and the bird plates arrived today. She is a wonderful teacher, you can almost hear her gentle Welsh lilt as you read the pages. A great big thank you to both Clarity and Linda for giving us this wonderful resource for our parching.
    When you get back from the NEC please, please, please try to get some down time to rest and recover.
    Love and hugs and sweet dreams 🍒🍒🍒

  7. She’s saying “You may all be having fun…but we are not amused!” (Yes I do know it’s the ‘wrong’ queen for the statement…just in case anyone thinks I’ve lost the plot…lol! I can’t imagine the hours of work gone into making her..she’s fab)

    Only one more day to go, pack the van and head for home…bet you can’t wait to sleep in your own bed! Safe journey xx

  8. I bow to the talent that created such a beautiful work of art. Must have taken so many hours/days/weeks/ months! It is stunning thanks for sharing xx

  9. Well I hope your internet is good enough for you to have a laugh with some of these comments – they are sure to give you a boost! “I hope it stays dry in here, otherwise I’ll double in weight and smell like a wet corgi!”

  10. Good morning you lovely people,
    Last day, hope it’s a good one and you manage a bit of a rest soon.
    Just wanted to thank Paul so very much for allowing a total novice to have a quick go with his Christmas plate on Friday, was expecting to make a fool of myself or damage the plate but I managed a reasonable representation of a tree! AMAZED I purchased said plate, plus starter kit and the bee plate (we keep bees so no brainer for that one!) spent the evening at the hotel ‘having a go’. Also thanks to Dave for finding the bee plate. My better half (well he is now!) was so impressed on Friday evening that he stumped up for more plates, I duly returned on Saturday and purchased more, and papers etc., etc., ok, yes, I am hooked! He has also agreed to fund a year of club membership as a Christmas gift!! One very happy customer on her way home to Barnstaple. Wendyx

  11. Hello Barb, I hope you had a good nights sleep. Wow the amount of effort that must have gone into knitting Lillibet. I think the caption should be, “Let’s hope they appreciate me being here to reinforce the Royal Warrant on Crafting”. Take care all. Bx

  12. The captions already posted are absolutely brilliant. I have never been very good at thinking of something witty for such occasions. Its a good job we are not all the same. Hope by the time you read this you will be safely packed up & on your way home to a nice cup of tea & to put your feet up. Thank you for another great show at the NEC, see you in March hopefully.

  13. Hi Barbara good to see you yesterday , good to see you you looked amazing loved the dress.
    Please thank Paul and your lovely staff for looking after me when buying my items .
    I can feel a lovely holiday coming on after this show so you can rest up and recuperate .
    Love my designer papers all packed away ,and ready to start some cards today.
    All my best for the last day , i am sure it will be good.
    Lynn xxx

  14. Hi Barbara, so sorry you are that dog tired lovely lady, as Cherry T has said it’s time for some down time for you lovely lady, a lie in and breakfast in bed for a couple of days at least – yes right just I can’t imagine that!

    As for our Purly Queen “The British Craftiness has always been puzzling and always will be”.

    Have a great last day xx

  15. Glad it’s been a good four days Barbara but you must be ready for a bit of a break now I’m sure. That knitted queen is fantastic, and I think she must be saying ‘one has stood here quite long enough now, I appear to be getting a stitch and plainly I need a break’.

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