Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Want to show you a screenshot of my day….

Started out by cracking on with prep for the Sunday 2-4 show. Cherry Green’s Dragonfly and Seahorse. The more I use these stamps, the more I love them.

Then shot off to pottery, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Went on the wheel, and was supper happy with how much I remembered.

Then came back home, had a quick cuppa with Dave, and came back up here to blog, but got carried away doing more to the parchment prep for Sunday – as you do.

All in all, a brilliant day. Not worried in the least about the Sunday TV shows. In fact, really excited to be able to show off Cherry’s new designs to you on HOCHANDA, and then launch those fab picot flower dies you requested nearly a year ago!

Yes, and the TV channel is going from strength to strength. They have signed up for 24-hour Freeview now, which is great. I am hoping to have a little say in how those extra hours get used. The community is definitely growing; Hochanda is such a great fit for a little boutique design company like ours. Mmmm. Actually, not so little. But we strive to keep our feet on the ground and keep it simple.

Every so often, I experience a wave of happiness which is difficult to put into words. Wunschlos glücklich the Germans call it. Wunsch=Wish los=less. Glücklich=Happy. So roughly translated, it means Happy without a wish for anything. Unconditionally happy? How lucky and grateful am I.

Time to find Dave. He is off to Port Sunlight tomorrow, to set up at the Happy Stampers Stamp Festival on Friday for Saturday. Paul went off up to Peterborough to meet Josie Davidson earlier this afternoon. They are teaming up for the Pergamano Shows on telly tomorrow. 8am 12noon and 3pm. Check out the details on our other blog, Claritymattersblog.com

Then Paul’s heading off up to Port Sunny to join Dave, Maria and the rest of the crew. Me? I won’t be able to get up to that show, because I have TV Sunday – and you can’t do it all. Not at my age anyway! I just don’t ping back like I used to.

It’s all go, innit!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

23 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

  1. I’m glad Cherry’s designs are being made into groovi plates. They are beautiful. I shall certainly be watching you on Hochanda and probably buying them.

  2. Hi Barb, glad you had such a happy day, and it helped you to a really good place inside. Thanks for sharing your day, and the sneaky peaks, beautiful work. Yep, I had Hochanda on all night last night, my new falling asleep to telly. I had a better sleep too, the nightmares weren’t as bad as they have been recently. I’m grateful too, just to be alive, my wee pussy cat pal, a house, can afford food and heat, my volunteer, my friendships, craft, Clarity and Hochanda. Love you xxx

  3. What a fantastic creative day you’ve had, very much looking forward to watching all the shows coming up this week, sky box is all set for tomorrow as I have to go to stupid work. Have a lovely evening x

  4. Love the way you just ‘throw yourself’ into what needs to happen but glad you also had some ‘you’ time at pottery. Looking forward to Clarity Sunday, husband knows better than to try to get his hands on the remote lol! Recorder set for tomorrow’s Pergamano shows and wishing Dave etc safe journeys to Port Sunlight xx

  5. Wow what a busy day, love the look of your prep work & your pottery. Its nice when everything falls into place without any hitches.
    Safe travelling for everyone over the next few days, we are heading home tomorrow after 3 days in York. Planning next years trip north already !!

  6. Recorder is all set for Pergamano and for the ODS and your Sunday show. It will be fascinating to see how you used these stamps. Groovi plates too? Then picot flower dies?
    I may have to restrict my purchases this time as funds are a tad diminished 😪 because the OH has just bought a load of ham radio gear and is now making tutting noises every time I ooh and aah over these items.
    Your pots look great and it will be interesting to see them finished. So nice you have something to relax with (apart from Dave – ha ha) although parching does seem to grab us all into that mindful zone. Once I get going time flies – I have even forgotten to eat at times – wonderful for the waistline !!!
    Have a good evening. 🍒🍒🍒

  7. Hi Barb, sounds like you had a tiring but productive day. Love reading your blog. In fact love everything you andclarity team do.
    Recorder set for all the upcoming shows, excited I am xx🙂

  8. These designs are fabulous, recorder set for all the shows as we will be sailing up the Adriatic. My 70th birthday today, just come home from a lovely meal with my family. Can’t believe I have reached such a milestone birthday. How did that happen, I’m still 21 in my head! xx

  9. Evening Barbara! Looks like you have had a fantastic day! And productive too! I did too and happy with what I’ve done!
    Looking forward to watching Josie and Paul tomorrow then on Saturday I’m off to Port Sunlight with my mate Brenda. I will of course drop by the claritystamp stand and say hello to the team there. I have a little list of things I’d like and that I forgot to get at Leyburn.
    Then Sunday and Monday will be good to sit back and watch your demos on Hochanda… Perfect weekend I think.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Sounds like you’ve had a really productive day. Pleased your pottery went so well. The new plates/stamps look fantastic and if your samples are anything to go by, I can’t wait to see the DT’s! Hope Dave has a safe journey up to Port Sunlight. Got recorder set for all of the upcoming shows. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Sounds like you’ve had a really productive day. Pleased your pottery went so well. The new plates/stamps look fantastic and if your samples are anything to go by, I can’t wait to see the DT’s! Hope Dave has a safe journey up to Port Sunlight. Got recorder set for all of the upcoming shows. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  12. Glad you’ve had such a good day Barbara and your pottery is going from strength to strength and it obviously means so much to you to have this skill. So glad you prep for Sunday is going well too, and all the team are working so hard too with Paul and Josie tomorrow at Hochanda, and Dave, Paul, Maria and team up at Port Sunlight, and all working like clockwork I bet. x

  13. Great to hear all’s well in our crafty world. I had a lovely day crafting Christmas with a mate who’s new to crafting, so she was very easy to impress.
    Pleased to see that Hochanda TV is doing well too & maintaining their corner of the business with excellent retailers👍 Do you think there will be a day when I can record from the Virgin V6 TV box? Though with 60 day rewind I guess I can find an hour to watch by searching & casting. Here’s hoping.🤗🤗🤗

  14. Sounds lovely he a busy but pleasurable day it’s good to get out have a bit of you time must set box to record should be hone to watch but never know but always like to watch again when I can no guy night sleep well lots love Joy xxx

  15. Love your photo shots of your day . Mine wouldn’t be nearly as much fun 😄. Looking forward to the shows . Especially the picot flowers . Off to work now 😭😭

  16. Hi Barb, I wish the photos of my day would look so interesting and arty! Looking forward to the shows. Safe travels to Dave, Paul and the rest of the crew. Take care all. Bx

  17. Hi Barb Just wanted to say wow. I went to Leyburn Saturday and my what a wonderful day. Spent far to much, I will have to save up before anymore buys but … I feel that will be broken!! Thank you to everyone who made your show I hope as successful for you as it was for me

  18. All in all a most enjoyable day! I’m trying to spread a little sunshine on my holidays. Some of the group didn’t get the memo about looking for the positives, whereas I’ve enjoyed listening to the rain and thunder outside whilst I finished my book! Sunshine and a boat trip are on the cards for tomorrow!!! X

  19. I first met you at Port Sunlight…and thereby become interested in crafting.
    Now living in Cyprus, so a long way to visit, really!
    Thank you for the memories….

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