What a result! 19-7!!!

What a result! 19-7!!!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Did you watch the rugby this morning? What a game! You had to see the English team come out of the starting blocks. It was unbelievable. They were 7 points up on New Zealand 90 seconds in! I was jumping round the living room like a nutter! Did my throat in screaming at the telly, too! What a work out! Made all the sweeter by the fact that our Mark was in the stadium and was texting his old Mum back home too! What a result. What a game.

The Grays do like a game of rugby, I must admit. My brother Steve played for the Old Anchorians 1st team for many years, and our Mark is a big rugby player. Big being the operative word! U.S. College Champion, and plays for the Olympic Club 1st team in San Francisco nowadays. They won a 10-a-side tournament in Tokyo last week, too. Yep. Travelled with their full kit! That’s what I call dedication! Sent me this pic from the stadium after the game….

Game verdict: England 19 New Zealand 7.

He is cheering Maro Itoje! Man of the Match. What a player! Camden lad. I can’t tell you how excited Mark was to get top spec tickets for this game last week. Happy boy. I love his passion for the game. It’s infectious. Let me find the pictures of him at the quarter finals stadium last week. Hang on….

Check out Mark’s trousers….
Hilarious. Especially when you consider he is 6ft 5!!!

Now England are through to next week’s final. Can Wales beat South Africa in the Semi final tomorrow? Now wouldn’t that be a game and a half! England V Wales in the World Cup Final! And we’ll be at the NEC next Saturday. Ah well. Work’s work.

Teamwork certainly made the dream work for these boys today.

So I’ve come upstairs to chat to you, do a modest downtime exercise for this excited head, and make a little tribute card for Team England. No explanation required….

Back to reality. Housework and leaves. But with a real spring in my step.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “What a result! 19-7!!!

  1. Was with you all the way Barbara, screaming at the telly. What an AMAZING match and what a fabulous time for Mark, I am not at all jealous, no not never … well maybe a lot hahahaha.
    Love the card, are you going to send it to them in Japan, so they know we are rooting for them back home, I think you should.
    Well roll on tomorrow for Wales match. No wouldn’t that be a coup for the UK. Something to celebrate finally xxxx

  2. You are not wrong, brilliant rugby from England! – We were watching it with friends at home (have done every Saturday & Sunday since the 1st match) We were working out where the nearest defibrillator was at one point! – How lucky is your Mark actually being there, I bet the atmosphere was amazing!
    I didn’t realise there was a rugby player stamp, definitely a must for my family! – Good luck to Wales tomorrow!

  3. Brilliant result all right and I’ll be cheering Wales on tomorrow. I have booked my train tickets for Friday so I’ll see you at the NEC on 1st November. Can’t miss the final on Saturday!

  4. Yes, great result. I even felt confident to stand an iron during the 2nd half, so that was a plus as it’s been hanging about for a week ! Now I’d better get on with my Groovi PTC exchange and a Halloween birthday card for grandson and a couple of 60th cards ! Never ending ! Those trousers need some thought to work out ! Very good though! Now, let’s see if Wales can do it tomorrow, one of each in this house although he’s more English than Welsh. Have a good day on this very wet one ….. x x

  5. I have been busy catering for the family later as it is Fred’s Birthday today. Got a houseful. Missed the rugby but pleased about the result. My brother used to play the game but too many injuries forced him to stop. Turned to cricket then. X

  6. Great match with hopefully another one tomorrow. Then it will be a fantastic final next week. My daughter in law is welsh so there is great rivalry in their house, but their daughter has a tiny welsh rugby shirt !! They gave it to her Mom for Christmas when they announced the expected arrival. It took her a while for the penny to drop !!
    I am sure someone at the NEC will keep you updated with the score next week.
    Love the card, might have a play this afternoon as having tidied up for visitors who have just phoned to say they are not well I have an afternoon free with no plans !!

  7. You sound really elated and Mark is so lucky to have your support. Hope he likes the card.
    First husband watched non stop sport for 19 years. Since he died I’ve watched no sport at all. New hubby has only watched golf occasionally in 27 years we have been together – such a relief!!! Sport leaves me cold.
    While I know people get passionate about sport (and animals) my understanding of it is nil.
    Am I a mizzog? Probably, but then we can’t all be the same.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with those lovely Christmas bird Groovi plates. Looks like being an expensive weekend.
    Safe journey tomorrow. 🍒🍒🍒

  8. Brilliant, fantastic game, husband is Welsh, so we do it all again tomorrow and as to an England /Wales final – well……
    Love your blog Barb, sorry to say won’t make the NEC this time as moving next weekend. But looking forward to shows, recorder will be set both here and at daughters just in case sky doesn’t get set up in time. Love as always and sincerest thanks to Team Clarity, everything you do brings me happiness in my little crafting world xx

  9. Fab card our Barbara and it’s good news about the rugby too. We are F1 fanatics, so looking forward to qualifying and the race tomorrow. Those trousers are hilarious lol! Have a safe journey x

  10. I was with you all the way Barbara. I frightened my two cats with my yelling and clapping!! I’m not sure I can stand the excitement again next week for the final….. who am I kidding? Of course I can!! Looking forward to the match tomorrow, will be rooting for Wales. Lucky Mark being there for such a brilliant game. I bet it’s one he will always remember. x

  11. If I were you, I would have the rugby on your i pad on the counter at the NEC. Then I would be able to keep up to date as well, as I will be there on Saturday! Everyone should understand 😂
    I was in Johannesburg in 1995 when South Africa beat the All Blacks and will always remember the amazing atmosphere that day. I can just imagine how fantastic today must have been for Mark. Love his trousers, by the way!
    Wishing you well for the shows tomorrow. Safe travels to you and Paul. Hugs. Annette X

  12. Hi Barbara and everyone,
    Well what a game it was fab to watch, and will be watching again tomorrow.
    Your son is having a great time , must have been great watching there must have been such an atmosphere .
    Well came up to do some crafting this afternoon, as need to get some things done before i miss the post.
    Coming to Nec next Saturday, so will try and catch up with you if you are not to busy !!!!!
    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow .
    Have a blast , more sell outs no !!!! .
    Have a great day tomorrow.
    Lynn xxx

  13. I can just imagine you jumping around the living room screaming out. Your poor voice, but must have been soooo exciting. Mark must have had a super time too with all his mates. Wow!! Those trousers. Just love the card you’ve made for him, I’m sure he will treasure it along with his memories of the game. Hoping I’ll manage to get to the NEC, if not I can see a big order going to Clarity. Safe journey to you and Paul to Hochanda.xxx

  14. Good evening Barbara
    I’m not a rugby fan but hubby is and he was up early ready to watch the game and he says it’s the best game of rugby he has ever seen
    You take care and safe journey tomorrow
    Looking forward to the shows. Hugs 🤗

  15. Evening Barbara! It was a fantastic result for the team. I couldn’t watch as I was on my way to Catterick when they were playing. But heard on the news on my way home that they had played a blinder of a match!
    Looking forward to watching your shows tomorrow.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  16. Fantastic result – John was beaming ear to ear this morning. Mark’s trousers are hilarious – hope he keeps wearing them if they are a lucky charm!!!

  17. Hi Barb,
    Absolutely brilliant game today. I love rugby and will be glued to tv tomorrow morning for Wales v South Africa. England v Wales final would be phenomenal! I love the referees in rugby, the fact that you can hear everything they say and that they don’t stand for any nonsense from the players unlike football! I though it was so funny today when Nigel ( the Welsh referee) had a conversation with players and then before they could say anything said “ End of conversation, get on with the game!” Love your rugby card, Mark will love it. Looking forward to shows tomorrow. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  18. Hello Barb, what great Pics of Mark. The Rugby was superb, and so was Sunday’s game.Unfortunately S.A. beat Wales, so I have a real dilemma in the house on Saturday now. My birth country (S.A.) vs my adopted country, and an English ex rugby playing hubby. Need to divide the front room into fan zones. Enjoy everyone. Bx

  19. It was a fabulous match. We also love Rugby at the Candy house hold. Do you have stamps for rugby I could really use some?
    It must have been amazing being at that match amazing.

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