High Spirits…

High Spirits…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Woke up happy today. The sun is shining, the birds are all in the garde on the feeders for breakfast – and life is good. Paul is back from his holiday safe and sound, so I’ve got my buddy back too. Before he gets here, to help finalise the notes and prep for the shows, I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to! No pottery this week – half term. But. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through Linda’s new book, and getting to grips with the tools therein.

Usually, Linda would do all the prep, all the demos. But since she is poorly, I have had to do it. But that’s OK!! It’s been a real learning curve, figuring out how to use some of these multi-needle tools – and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

It is baffling how easy this is once you’ve got the book. Honestly! If I wasn’t sure, I just referred to the relevant chapter – and there are all the answers. And once you get in the swing of it, things just start to fall into logical place.

We look at the magnificent parchment lacework, and we think it is something only advanced parchers can achieve, but – and I quote lovely Elizabeth again – the more I do, the better I get. And the better I get, the more I want to do!! By end of play yesterday, I didn’t want to stop! Here’s a very simple exercise, using one of the Picot V tools. Very modest, but oh! The possibilities!

Now take the same tool – and do this!

Not perfect, I know. But I’m happy with my efforts so far. I found that I improved and figured things out as I went along. By referring back to Linda’s book I worked out so much! It is so rewarding! Genuine enjoyment.

I am no expert, but Linda is. And it is her book I shall be showcasing on Sunday, not my parching skills!

Must go. Want to try the Semi Square! Who’d have thunk it…

Aha! Guess what? I just went to check out the Semi Square tool, to show you what it looks like,

…and look what Linda says!

Hahaha! You heard it from the top!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

22 thoughts on “High Spirits…

  1. This looks very interesting book one we all need are bible of parchment and groovi Looking forward to the shows Need to set record. As the afternoon noon shows will be in Cambridge with Katie she moved out this week it’s so hard missing her so much but she is not fare away. Joy

  2. i got Linda’s last book and that was like having
    Her with you .
    So this one must be a must for me
    Thank you
    Linda And Barbara
    Oh And Sorry Linda Is Not Well And Hope She Is Soon Up And About

  3. Morning Barbara. I agree with you about how fantastic this new book is. There are so many hints and tips within it and I love how it’s possible to use the projects as they are done in the book or take ideas and adapt them.
    When I look back 4 years I would never have dreamt that I’d be using these pergamano tools to create projects.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your shows on Sunday.
    Today I’m getting all inky so that’ll be fun.
    Love and hugs xxx

  4. Waiting with anticipation for this book,do hope volume 1 will be on the show,love how Linda explains things,I am fairly new to parchment work,but absolutely love it, can’t already visualise items in my basket and it’s only Friday! !!

  5. Barbara, thank you so much for this, I have just started doing the cutting. I have ordered Linda’s book for my birthday so really looking forward to getting to grips with this. I have fibromyalgia and Groovi is so relaxing and helps improve my concentration, I adore Groovi. I love all the shows and videos. You are all a truly inspirational team.
    Than you all.
    Best wishes Heather x

  6. Get well soon Linda! Really looking forward to the new book and will no doubt be expanding my tool kit too. Often refer back to Book 1 and am certain that the second will be equally as helpful. Xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    I hope Linda is recovering and I send her get well soon thoughts and love. Looking forward to the shows and of getting my hands on this new “ bible”. I loved the first book and I’m sure I’ll love this one equally ( if not more). I often refer to book one and it is amazing how much I’ve learned from it. The recorder is already set for the shows. At the moment, I’m enjoying watching Leonie work her magic. Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  8. Love what you have done above, I even checked my stash & have the half square tool so am poised to see what you do with it. I am sure the 2nd book will fly as did the 1st. Its great being able to refer back to it to see what you can do with all the tools.
    Safe journey to Oundle & get well soon wishes to Linda & Tina xx

  9. Really looking forward to the shows and to seeing the book which I know I really need!! You’ve done a good job with your demos and you had a good teacher – maybe a few good teachers! Safe journey north. Hx

  10. I have been parching for 20 years and never really got to grips with multi needle tools until Linda’s book 1. I’m not piercing perfectly but am improving and looking forward to book 2.
    Question – I have most of the multi needle tools in the old blue handle version and so did not invest in the new style tools – would this make a difference to my work?
    I have bought a few of the newer tools though (like the V-edgers) so was intrigued to see how you have used them. Just goes to prove they ain’t just for edging!!!
    I hope Linda got a correct diagnosis and is now improving in health. I miss this lovely lady.
    Glad our cheeky Paul is back, he has been missed too.
    Received my folders today and FINALLY have no loose Groovi plates, stencils and stamps. OH JOY !!! I DO LOVE BEING TIDY AND ORGANISED. And no, I do not have OCD, just like to be able to lay my hands on things quickly and not double up on my purchases.
    Looking forward to the weekend shows – all on record as I am sure there will be lots of tips to remenber.
    Enjoy the rest of the day. 🍒🍒🍒

  11. Ohh Barbara
    I need this book. You have done Linda and yourself proud Barbara. Your design is perfect and I look forward to giving it a go myself.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. The semi-square is one of my favourite edging tools and it is a very well used bit of kit. I hope Linda recovers very soon. We can’t do without that lovely lady and her soft reassuring voice helping us to develop our skills. I am looking forward to getting my hands on this new book. I am also looking forward to following your example with pottery and trying something totally new, stained glass. Could be interesting. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  13. Really looking forward to seeing the new book, and although I’m sure Barbara and Paul will do a cracking job showcasing it, I will really miss Linda’s lovely calming voice and manner, so get well soon Linda, we all miss you.
    Also, just to let Barbara know, I still can’t view all the text on my iPad as the photo’s go over the text – tried some solutions posted re this problem, but it still persists for me.

  14. I hate to admit I haven’t used my 1st book of Linda’s as yet. It’s something I have to get to grips with. I have a lot of the tools including the picot V tools. I will definitely get the 2nd book too as I want to learn so much. I love all Glynis’s piercing plates and eventually I will get to use them all too. As you can see I’m a bit of a collector but I think you know that. I just need more time to use everything I have. So looking forward to your shows with Paul. Hope Linda is on the way to recovery, miss you Linda.xxx.

  15. Looking forward to Sunday, will have to record it. Not sure how much I’ll be able to see. I have a couple of the tools, but not had much chance to get far with them. Sending love to Linda. Xx

  16. Love the groovi shows, looking forward to tomorrow’s,looks like my card is going to go on overdrive again, Linda’s new book and the bauble Groovi Plates, Good luck with tomorrow’s shows, and Linda I hope the doctors can sort you out soon, you’re so missed xx

  17. Hope to be able to see Sunday’s programme , but will record anyway. My daughter from Hong Kong arrives Sunday, all three have taken turns looking after me. That’s been the good part of hurting my eye. Have

  18. Hello Barb, glad that Paul is back. Linda’s book is sure to go down an absolute storm amongst the Parching community. There are so many tools, it is daunting, but as you say practice and then practice some more. Your efforts look good. Bx

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