Cards, gifts and all that jazz!

Cards, gifts and all that jazz!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Thought I’d pop in myself, before heading off to Clarity Towers. It is pouring cats n dogs outside! So much for “suede shoes are in this season”!! Only snag is you can’t wear them outside! And no amount of pre-wear protective spray that they try and sell you with every pair is going to keep this deluge out. Wellies. That’s the only answer. Wellies.

Anyway. Let’s make a coaster for somebody for Christmas. let’s make a lovely, simple gift. Since getting in pottery, I have really woken up to the art of making gifts, not just cards. It’s not even about the money, although I have to say, it is so much less expensive than a race round John Lewis! It’s about actually focussing on a certain person, a loved one, and then making them something special. It’s about the TIME and ENERGY spent on a friend – not the money. I know myself when I receive a handmade gift, it is really appreciated and treasured. That said, I am always grateful to receive ANY gift! I know better than most how hard it is to make time to make things. But I think you know what I mean. And, back to the blog, a coaster is a pretty simple gesture, innit!

I’m actually killing two birds with one stone here, so to speak. We are putting a new and very exciting kind of material through its paces at the moment, to see if it will do what we want it to do before we invest and move forward, and I have used it to die cut out our most intricate die. The good news is: IT WORKS LIKE A DREAM! So watch this space…it is a game changer.

In the meantime though, we can use white stencil card and Perga Glue as a replacement to make this coaster.

STEP 1. Die cut the floral flourish out of white stencil card. Using tiny dots of Perga Glue, attach the delicate white artwork to a piece of (darker is better) designer card. I went with this dramatic colourway from Rainbow River.

Our Fresh Cut nested Square dies have exactly the perfect cutout size to fit in our Pergamano coasters. Result!! Certainly more luck than judgement there! No need to use the metal shim you can see in the pic. As I say, I was putting the new material through its paces. It’s popularly known as R&D – Research & Development. How else would I spend my days???

Pop it in the coaster. Done. No. NOT TOASTER!!!

If you want to stamp the recipient’s name on the back, then the Word Chain ABC is brilliant for that too.

If you fancy making these coasters for your friends, for your club, for your festive table – both the dies I have used and the coasters themselves are on a super price drop for a week. CLICK HERE TO INVESTIGATE.

But now there’s nothing for it… I have to go get wet to get to where I want to go! Say that whilst eating a packet of crisps!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Cards, gifts and all that jazz!

  1. Lovely idea indeed. I remember one year after moving house and money was really tight I made a lot of handmade gifts for female members of our family in particular, jewellery and knitted scarves. This would make lovely gifts for the Aunties and Uncles, thanks as always for the inspiration and motivation x

  2. Great project which I could get my head around! Intriguing what this new stuff it ! I’m excited as I have a parcel (or two) on their way, I’ve been good for too long. I agree, I have a pair of blue suede ankle boots and I have to pick and choose when to wear them ! X

  3. Research and Development is where I met Fred, I worked in a laboratory at the same place. Dry here at the moment but don’t suppose it will last. Hope you new material keeps playing nicely and we all get to share. X

  4. Fine with sunshine at the moment, though its wellie wear when walking the dog, wet, muddy and puddles. Have a good day. xx

  5. Dear Barbara. Beautiful sunshine at the moment, had a few good days. I have a couple of birthday cards to finish, and I had got some things out for Christmas, but a week last Saturday I fell onto my face. Smashed my glasses, now have a dreadful face, and a very badly damaged eye . So don’t think I will get to do much. Hopefully can perhaps use the dies. I really liked the designs Maria used. Managed to watch some of her programme. So sorry Linda isn’t well, sending her best wishes. Xxx

  6. I think it is time I cleared everything off the surfaces in the kitchen and dug out my stash of blank silk scarves. They make lovely pressies, and can be tailored to suit the recipient, and I want to do some R&D myself with them using stencils and stamps. Then I might have a play with my younger granddaughters for them to create presents for their side of the family. I love making and receiving hand made gifts, knowing it is also a gift of time and love. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  7. Great idea – your coaster looks fab – and such a quick way to make a present.
    Intrigued to find out what your new material is. You are a tease.
    Finally finished sorting, tracing and cataloguing Groovi plates and find myself short of folders – again !!! It is a bad habit to tuck the latest plates in my parchment bag waiting for the initial tracing, surprising how they mount up !!! It is a foregone conclusion that many more Groovi plates will be purchased in the near future so I am going to stock up on folders in advance.
    Grey and drizzly again today, don’t like the gloomy afternoons. Roll on Christmas when the days start to get lighter and longer.
    Off now to do some painting.

  8. Love this idea, I think we need to convince Hochanda bosses to do a Clarity Christmas gifting show with your coasters, bookmarks, canvas pictures, sets of gift cards and so on. I think people would love the inspiration at this time of year. Good to know Pergamano coasters aren’t just for Pergamano!

  9. Spotted the coasters on the website before reading both blogs so the offer now makes sense as to why it is there. I made Groovi coasters a couple of years ago but love the die cut one. Must check out my stash as to which dies could be used.
    Weather wise it was cold but not wet so decided to hang the washing out for a blow. Although a black cloud threatened a couple of times nothing happened so managed to almost get it all dry. Have hung it up to air – I do love the smell of washing that has blown in the wind.
    Hope you managed to get where you needed to be without getting your feet wet !!

  10. Indeed Barbara. I treasure the little blue pottery bowl that I received for my birthday. So special because of the time and effort which went into it and the thought behind the gift. I love making handmade Christmas gifts.

  11. Poor Linda, hope they find & cure the problem very soon. Sending hugs. 💕
    I’ve made several coasters for reli’s & mates. They are a delight. I have found I can only use 1 sheet of paper for the coaster to click into place. Can you suggest a glue to use to secure it completely?(Occasionally it pops apart.)
    I’ve come back from a craft show with a new craft …..Zentangling…. using an acrylic stencil, which I’m loving. I’m going to try “tangling” with a Groovi plate too. I love crafting without borders. 🤗

  12. Hi Barb, a lovely handmade gift, at the moment I am stressing about getting my Christmas cards done, down to the day job yet again! Who knows there may be more time for crafting soon. Take care all. Bx

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