Hi there. Thanks for popping in. Spent the day with my parents – they are so interesting to be around! My Dad has such a dry sense of humour, and knows all about so much; and my Mum is as sharp as a needle – I’m pretty sure she’s phsychic! They have taught me so much in my life, and still I learn from watching them work their way through their days. I love listening to them reminisce or just speak about ordinary everyday things. Dad reads my blog every single day. He reads it out to Mum, so I like that he will read her this. All in all,

A Very Interesting, Outstandingly Loving Afternoon. Did you know that’s what VIOLA stands for? Well it does today! VIOLA. Now you know!

Sunday’s blog being a step by step, I used the new floral alphabet stamps on some design parchment on TV last week, so if you don’t mind, I shall highlight that technique today.

This is where stamping and parchment craft work together to create perfect synergy. I love stamping onto parchment and then using the stretch-ability of parchment to enhance the images. You don’t have to be a parcher to do this! If you’re interested in trying out the Designer Parchment, there are 4 pads. Indian Summer, Northern Lights, Shenandoah and Rainbow River. All beautiful actually, but Indian Summer and Shenandoah are probably the best for starters. I have asked for the prices to be lowered on our website for 48 hours, so that you can either try them out or stock pile! CLICK HERE to investigate xx

And here’s the entire floral ABC stamp set – in case you missed it.

Until tomorrow,

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “VIOLA

  1. Loving this artwork!
    So glad you enjoyed some time with your mum and dad! It’s important to treasure every moment.
    I often think of my mum and how I wish I could have one more day with her.
    Anyway relax tonight.
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. Hi Barbara. I agree with Jane that time spent with our parents is so precious. I think of my mum every day and constantly think of things I wish that I had asked her.
    Have a lovely evening and a good week ahead. Hugs. Annette X

  3. I agree unless I’m away spend every Saturday afternoon with my parents and bothers and sister if they’re around always hAve loads of laughter … Now that I work horrible early hours get to pop over in the week , every cloud ascthe saying goes , .I do like stamping on parchment as well get some great affects .

  4. Pleased you’ve had a good day with your parents and taken time to relax.
    I carried on de-cluttering today. Unearthed a couple of boxes buried under my desk and discovered a small treasure trove of embellishments, flowers and ribbons left over from my workshop days. Too nice to junk so did a load of stamping on some thin white card, dug out some small cards and Christmas papers (non Clarity), and am all set to colour and mount the cards tomorrow. This has emptied 2 boxes and 1 large drawer and gives me a start on Christmas cards and novelties for the charity shop. Better than skipping it all !!!
    Also found an unused album which I plan to use with your 12×12 papers as backgrounds for a display book for both the Nursery Rhyme and Floral alphabets which I intend to do in those long winter evenings.
    Love your Viola project. Off now to watch Youtube.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  5. Beautiful! The designer parchment is stunning and so lovely to do this technique on. Hope the rest of your Sunday is good too. Xx

  6. Barbara this is beautiful. How lovely to be able to spend time with your Mum and Dad, I know they are such a huge and important part of your life. Looking forward to getting my alphabet stamps as I think they will make perfect Christmas presents. Have a lovely evening. Xxx

  7. It’s lovely for you to have your parents still with you and great that you are making the most of them! I wish I had asked mine more questions about their parents and backgrounds, as I did a family scrapbook awhile back and so wished I had snippets of information that is now lost forever. I even more regret not being able to chat more to my grandparents about their fascinating lives as missionaries in China in the early part of last century.

  8. Very Inspirational Original Lovely Art
    Hi Barb, glad you had a good day with your parents. Sounds like the perfect weekend for you. Hope it’s helped to recharge your batteries ready for tomorrow. Beautiful artwork, thank you for sharing. I’ve not tried this technique yet, I do have some of your favourite designer parchment papers, but I’m too scared I’ll mess it up. No as cheap as a bit of paper or card to hover over the bin with it when it goes all wrong!!! I hope you have a lovely evening and a good start to your working week tomorrow. Love you xxx
    p.s. I’ve just read that another Beast from the East is predicted for January,February…

  9. Hi Barb,
    Lovely piece of artwork. I really do like the designer parchment although I haven’t stamped onto any yet – saved it all for Groovi projects and the embroidery. Pleased that you’ve had a lovely day with your parents – treasure every moment that you have with them. I so miss mine and like others have said, I wish that I had asked them more about their families, especially my mam. My paternal grandparents lived next door to us so I got to spend a lot of time with them, but my maternal ones lived in London and I only saw my grandma once in a while when we went on holiday. I never knew my Mam’s dad at all unfortunately. One day, I think I would like to trace my family tree on that side – my dad’s side has been done by a relative already. Thank you for the offer on the parchment – I’ll have to check on how much I’ve got! Love and hugs Alison xx

  10. I filmed my 93 year old uncle Jim talking about the war for the Y6’s U worked with, it is a brilliant snap shot of history and my Uncle. I urge any one to do the same, get our relatives and friends to talk about a moment in time. Wish I had done the same with my mum and dad although I have found mum’s diary of the year she had me!!!

  11. Love reading your blogs. Thankfully, I read this and ordered some designer parchment within the 48 hours. The parchment makes something so simple look absolutely stunning. Thanks for the tip.
    Hugs Tina B

  12. Wonderful to hear you speak so beautifully about what your Mum and Dad mean to you Barbara. It is great that you live close enough to them to see them regularly too, it will mean so much to them and they are obviously very proud of you. x

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