Tina today – Leonie tomorrow!

Tina today – Leonie tomorrow!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just revving up the van, which is brim full of goodies for Leyburn, but thought I’d check in before we head off, while I know I still have a signal!

Tina and Paul are already at the HOCHANDA studios, all set for the 11am Groovi Show, which promises to excellent, because the designs are just special – and so are they. Get the kettle on, turn up the heating a bit, then snuggle up for an hour of love, laughter and inspiration. If you haven’t looked at the Clarity Matters blog, the Clarity lads highlighted those new designs over there yesterday.

Then they will join us in Leyburn on Saturday for the BIG DAY!

On Friday, whilst we are preparing the hall and setting up, Leonie is about to blow you away on TV with a trio of stamps designed by our talented friend, Cherry Green. I fell in love with her Christmas shoes, (which Maria is bringing back soon – in Groovi format too), and the minute I saw these, I thought – LEONIE! These will be right up her street! They are superb. Kinda mythical, kinda funky, kinda Christmas, kinda mixed media – just kinda brilliant. Right up my street too. I would love to write a poem around these illustrations.

They are BIG stamps, too, so perfect for colouring in or canvas work too. I have set the telly to record, so I can watch what magic Leonie has in store for us on Friday at 8 am and 12noon. I have a really good idea for an arty project using the Stag – as soon as . I get time!

No wonder we’re run off our feet! What’s brilliant, I think, is that the art range at Clarity has become so diverse now. Mel, Leonie, Cherry, Linda, Tina, Dee, myself – we all have such different styles. There’s definitely something for everybody here!

Gotta go.

See you soon I hope!

Love & Hugs,



13 thoughts on “Tina today – Leonie tomorrow!

  1. Have agreat trip, wish I was coming. Looking forward to tomorrow though (my credit card is trying to hide!) Those stamps are going to be a must have! Safe Journey.

  2. Promised myself I WOULD NOT spend any more this month, then I watched Tina and Paul. Somehow these plates just jumped in my basket!!! 👍
    Will be happy to watch Leonie, fortunately these stamps are not my style so no purchase here, but she is fun to watch so feet up and enjoy.
    Plea from the money manager – please feature another product that is “not me” so the bank balance can recover. An almost impossible task I know.
    Hope you had an uneventful journey today. Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Great shows from Tina and Paul, loving the new designs but not yet ordered as have quite a shopping list for Saturday! Hope you’ve had a good journey and are settled for the night with a nice cuppa and good book before the mayhem begins tomorrow xxx

  4. Loved the shows today with Tina and Paul! The plates were a pleasure to work with…. Typical Tina!
    Looking forward to seeing you over the weekend.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  5. Hello Barb, have yet to catch up with the recorded shows. Love the look of the stamps, hope that the trip to Leyburn was uneventful. Bx

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