Blog’s a slog

Blog’s a slog

Hi there,

All action here! Just had a splendid meal at Heather and Len‘s with the Clarity team. What a spread! Ate way too much and laughed till I cried with Sam Crowe.

Everything is set and ready for tomorrow‘s Open Day at Tennants; we beavered away all day, filling the racks and hooks, and figuring out the drill tomorrow – and it went like clockwork. Like a well oiled machine – that‘s us! It‘s a big operation, it really is!

Tennants Auction House is a fabulous place. Rodney Tennant too. What a pleasant gentleman he is. He was there when we arrived at 9, with a smile and a big hug, and he was there when we left at 5. no wonder Tennants is such a success story, with a boss like that at the helm. He is a canny businessman for sure, but he is also open and a straight shooter. Says it as it is, and always has time for you. I like him.

There are a couple of superb exhibitions on the at the moment: a Quilt one and a Vintage Cars one. Both fascinating. And Free to enjoy. There was also a house sale going on whilst we were setting up. Some very nice pieces came under the hammer today.

All in all, a rewarding and pleasant day.

Forgive the absence of pics. Internet‘s a bit dicky, so don‘t want to push my luck.

Do me a favour. If you read this blog, please leave a comment below, and tell me where you are, even if it‘s just a „I do. New York“

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

177 thoughts on “Blog’s a slog

  1. Hi Barbara. Glad all is set up and ready for the onslaught tomorrow. My friends from the ENGG are so excited.
    I am reading this in Montenegro. We travelled into Albania today, which was interesting. Our guide had some interesting stuff to tell us about the first 12 years of his life under strict communist rule.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs. Annette.

    1. Just managed to interpret your words, thanks to other comments! Now the “I do” you write makes sense…!!!
      I read your blog every day without fail xx

      1. I’m feeling like Billy no mates here 🙁. C’mon all my fellow Scots, don’t be shy. I surely can’t be the only Scot reading this blog…

  2. Reading blog, as I do every day and wishing I could come to a retreat or open day. This time from Troia in Portugal but usually from Suffolk. Have a great time even if it is very hard work.

  3. Hello, I read your blog every day from my sofa in Sompting, West Sussex. Keep up the good work as it gives me food for thought or creative inspiration.
    Enjoy the workshop.

  4. I’m glad everything is going so well for you. I read your blog every day and have since its beginning. I’m in Peterborough.

  5. Hi Barbara,
    My sister and I are so looking forward to tomorrow, I am from Steyning and Joan from Derbyshire. We will be there first thing. All the best,
    Dorothy x

  6. I read your blog every day, usually from Reydon in Suffolk but this time on holiday in Troia in Portugal. Wish I could join you at one of your retreats or open days. Have a great time even if it’s very hard work it will bring joy to lots of people.

  7. I read your blog most days at home in Maidstone. I particularly enjoy hearing about the pottery, which I have dabbled in in the past. Trying to get into mixed media at the moment. Have a lovely day tomorrow.

  8. Hi Barb, I read your blog every day and really enjoy it. I wish I could be with you up north but it’s a long way from my home in Haslemere, Surrey. The Parchment Retreat at The Spa next year can’t come soon enough. I have really enjoyed the last two even though the bank balance as reduced significantly! Hope all goes well at the Open Day. Love and hugs, Rachel xx

  9. Hi there from Dereham in Norfolk.
    Beautiful morning, lots of sunshine, then it rained stair rods this afternoon.
    Received the flourishes stamps and Groovi plates today and I am over the moon with them, so spent the afternoon crafting. Happy day 😀 all round.
    All that preparation, loading and unloading, setting up and so on is hard graft so it’s good to know you have a wonderful team to help. Glad all went well for you today.
    Enjoy what’sleft of the evening.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  10. Hi Barbara, yes I read your Blog every day here at home in Hempstead, Kent – sorry I don’t always comment, but I always enjoy it! Have fun at Leyburn everyone, I certainly did at the Ditton Open Days in June. Clarity Open Days are the best! So much inspiration, encouragement and friendship. Thank you Team Clarity.

  11. Bonsoir Barbara from Brittany, France. I Wish you all a super week-end and as always, beautiful inspirations and créations.
    So pleasant to read your blog everyday.
    Have fun Amicalement Elisabeth Abeguile

  12. Hi Barbara. Greetings from Ely, Cambridgeshire. I always read your blog and get lots of inspiration. I especially enjoy hearing about what you are up to. X

  13. Hi Barbara

    Ruth here always read your blog just before hitting the hay. Know it’s early but working tomorrow. We are in transit at the moment was in Bagshot Surrey currently in Farnham with kind friends putting us up before house is being finished will hopefully be settled in Langport Somerset by Christmas. Enjoy Leyburn
    Ruth xx

  14. I am at Hotel at Scot’s Corner getting excited about tomorrow! Drive up from Stoke very smooth! Despite the sat nav😁😁😁😁😁!

  15. Good evening, Barbara. I always read your blog – or binge read if I’ve missed a day or two – and always enjoy it but only occasionally comment.
    I’m usually reading near Doncaster but I’m at our ‘van near Thirsk at the moment ready for tomorrow. Looking forward to another visit to Leyburn especially as I had to miss last year xx

  16. Hi Barbara. Always read your blog to see what you are up to. I have followed you for years – so many years! Now in the Isle of Thanet, after 45 years in the same house on the Sussex Coast, but very much closer to the younger members of the family. Have a brilliant weekend in the North! Jilly

  17. I never miss your blog. The new Clarity Matters is great too.
    Just wish I could make one of your open days, but it would be a bit of a hike from Massachusetts, USA.

    1. Hi Karen – I read Barb’s blog daily as I have done for years and thought I would just share with you that I am in Bedfordshire not far from the also wonderful F1 Red Bull racing team HQ – is there a bit of a theme starting here? x

        1. Have missed qualifying but have recorded it so about to watch while munching croissants with my freshly brewed coffee – Sunday treat! I guess the usual culprits are at the front of the grid.

  18. I am in wales celebrating my mum’s 90th birthday but back home to Spain tomorrow. Always hoping that one of our visits will coincide with a show sometime.!!

  19. Hi Barbara, hope you all have a fabulous time over the next couple of days – I’m sure you will. I read your blog every day here in Northampton, often it is my only link to the outside world and I so look forward to it. I don’t very often comment but that’s my issue and no reflection on the blog far from it. I still feel part of the Clarity Community and for me that’s so important – so a big Thank You for taking the time to write it. xx

  20. Greetings from Hemingfield, South Yorkshire. Really looking forward to tomorrow! Always read the blog every day. Don’t always comment but I always read it!

  21. I read the blog every day, normally near Birmingham but at the moment residing in Redmire ready for a busy Clarity weekend !! Early night tonight !! Looking forward to putting faces to names tomorrow.

    1. I do read it every day but usually from Lochgilphead in Argyll. Been a long day. Didn’t register ‘I do’ till I’d posted! You can tell it’s going be a good day tomorrow! Lol. Sleep well. Hx

  22. Hi Barb,
    I’m one of the “silent” readers. I have been reading your blog every day for years, and now of course Clarity Matters (it really does!). I’m in Burnley, Lancashire. I’m looking forward to Saturday at Leyburn.
    Liz x

  23. I do, it’s one of my 5 a day in Melton Mowbray….
    1. Enjoy porridge with my Uncle’s Clun honey
    2. Check Hochanda’s line up
    3. Check Clarity Matters Blog
    4. Check Barbara’s Blog
    5. Eat an orange
    Job done👍
    Maybe I should get out more🙊

  24. Hi Barbara – greetings from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire! I enjoy reading your daily blog – sometimes I have to play catch up, if I’ve not had chance to visit on the day, and sometimes I’ll search back through the archives for an inspirational step-by-step. Haven’t made it to any of the Open Days or Retreats (yet!) but am looking forward to Happy Stampers in Port Sunlight next weekend (though my guess is that you’ll be prepping for tv the following day and will leave this show to the Clarity Team – hope that we see you there again at some stage in the future).
    Good luck for a fantastic day tomorrow – I’m sure there will be lots of very happy people there.

  25. Hi Barbara,
    I’m at home in Warrington , Cheshire even though I wish I was in Leyburn !
    Hope you all have an amazing time xxx

  26. Glad all is well in Leyburn and that you are all set up and ready to go. I read your wonderful blog and comment most days from here in Taunton Somerset. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. x

  27. Greetings from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland in Australia! Wish I could go to your shows etc but a bit far to travel.

  28. I’m from ‘across the pond’ as the saying goes….here in Michigan! Enjoy your weekend, I cannot wait to read about it all here….

  29. I do every day , although sometimes like now it’s 3am lol . I’m just down the road from clarity towers in Four Elms . Have a great couple of days , x

  30. Hi Barbara read your blog every day without fail and really enjoy listening to what you are all up to. Very faithful follower from here in Jersey, Channel Islands. Good luck at leyburn. Helen

  31. Sorry Barb – back to my comment at the top, I should have said that I normally read your blog in Milton Keynes. Somehow though, it doesn’t sound as glam as Montenegro! Back next week. Annette X

  32. I’ve been reading your blog every day. Love hearing what you’ve been doing. From a wet and windy Plymouth xx

  33. Hi Barbara, I’m reading your blog here in Champaign, Illinois USA. I hope to make it to one of your Clarity Days sometime soon. Wishing you the best this weekend!

  34. Always read your Blog Barb guilty of not always leaving a comment. Have a good time in Leyburn. I am in Pulborough West Sussex xx

  35. I read and enjoy your blog every day. I’m in Warrington wishing I was coming to Leyburn but as I’m away for the next two days on a ladies golfing break I didn’t feel I could push it by coming to Leyburn too!

  36. In Buckinghamshire unfortunately there are never any craft events in this neck of the woods. Throughly enjoy reading your blog every day. Wishing you all the best in all you do but please don’t forget us stampers.

  37. Hello Barbara
    I’m in Hamburg, Germany and I read your blog every day, usually next morning. I love it, even though I rarely comment. So much inspiration and food for thought.
    Please keep it up and loads of thanks for taking the time.
    Greetings to all the other fans and to the lovely Clarity team. The bridge to art indeed

  38. I do every morning whilst drinking my
    morning coffee in London. Have never
    commented before, this is a first for me!

  39. Morning Barbara
    I am another one who has to get the fix from your blog love it have always read them usually last thing at night, but have only very occasionally left a comment.
    Can’t wait for the next groovi retreat at The Spar Tunbridgewells.
    Enjoy your weekend with everyone.
    Lots of work but glad you have such a great team.
    As you always say team work makes the dream work.
    Love from Chichester West Sussex.
    Christine xxx

  40. Normally from Reydon in Suffolk, but today on holiday in Portugal. Wish I could get to your retreats or open days. Maybe next year!

  41. Read your blog everyday ,never miss , only being doing Groovi a few months ,totally addictive. Try to watch all your programmes on Hochanda and joined the Groovi design club . I’ve not posted any of my cards on Facebook as everyone else’s look so professional and sometimes mine are a bit dodgy!! But that’s ok it’s the enjoyment I get out of experimenting that matters!! I’m in Chepstow , Gloucestershire ,have a fun weekend xx😊

  42. Hi Barbara & Clarity Team, I read your Blog daily (or play catch up if I have to!). Always interesting and informative. I am sure Leyburn will be great. Maybe one day I will get to one of your events. I am Gloucester. Clarity rocks! Keep up the good work x

    1. Read your blog every day, but don’t comment very often.
      I live in beautiful Shropshire. Have a good time at Leyburn, wish I could get there.

  43. Read your blog every day Barbara, love your quirky way with words and your honesty,
    wish there were more people in the world like you.
    A proud londoner

  44. Sorry just catching up on blog, always read your blog, it is a must. Hope Leyburn goes well, will definitely make open days next year now I am a free agent, maybe get one for north west, my new home? Cheers heaps, keep on trucking. Karen xxx

  45. Hi Barbara, I read your blog everyday here in Dagenham. I used to see your demos at Ally Pally and loved them. It’s a shame the show has been cancelled.


  46. Reydon in Suffolk normally but now on holiday in Portugal. Having trouble posting reply so sorry if you get something similar several times. Would love to go to a training session somewhere I could get to.

  47. Would love to join in but “down south” is far too far, and Leyburn is too far in a day. How about a day in or near Preston for those of us around here. Easy to get to, M6, M62 etc. Just a thought. Barbara in Blackpool

  48. Hello Barbara and team Clarity……welcome to the true ‘up North’……..!!I am a bit further north in sunny Sunderland but know well the Leyburn outreach from Harrogate and Ripon. I hope you weren’t held up with the Yorkshire Cycle races this week….I think they did pass through Leyburn. Have a productive weekend and I look forward to the pics…. I think I will do some poppy cards for charity today…..
    love… theuva Barbara…..xx

  49. Reading your blog on the way to Cambridge. Meeting old uni friends – 40 years since we started there! Where has the time gone? !! Have fun today. Xx

  50. Hi Barbara and the Clarity Team. I’m in sunny Liverpool (ha ha!!). Hope you all have a great time. Hugs, Diane (Cards2Di4)

  51. Hi Barbara
    Greetings from Sydney, Australia. I’ve placed another order today & eagerly await the delivery as much as your UK customers. I read your blog daily. Take care, Kay

  52. I read every day and catch up if i miss for any reason love your musings. From Dorchester Dorset hope one day to get to an open day

  53. Hi Just at home in tamworth. Do you think you could tell us what’s on at tenants in advance ,when the next open day is on and I might persuade my hubby to drive there. He would have enjoyed the classic cars while I came to the Open day.
    I always read your blog the next morning.

  54. Hi Barbara, I do, early morning, read your blog that is!
    Wish I lived nearer to one of your open days.
    Cardiff, S. wales

  55. Hi Barbara, and all the gang.
    Hope things are going well and everyone is having a good day.
    Read your blog every day , and loving your artwork when you blog.Here in Leicestershire not racing yet but weather not good for later on today.
    Lynn xxx

  56. An avid reader of Barbara’s Blog, Clarity Matters Blog and try to keep up to date with things happening in the Clarity World. Everyone works so hard for us and it is much appreciated, Thank you. Pam sending love from the Isle of Man. xx

  57. Hi Barb and all the clarity team..
    We’re currently in Northumberland on hols. Have family here..Looking out of the window to the beach and the sea. It’s beautiful here and very relaxing..
    Have fun in Leyburn and have a great weekend..

  58. Hi Barb, I’m in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Wish you would do something in the South West. Would love to visit one of your open days, but I don’t drive so can’t make it to Kent or “oop North”! Not a parcher, so not really interested in the Bristol Parchment Show. Any chance of putting Clarity on the road down ‘ere?

  59. I do, in Kidlington just north of Oxford. Part of daily routine, wash up after evening meal (tea/dinner/whatever) then have a look to see if blog has appeared yet. My reward for slaving over a bowl full of dirty crockery!

  60. Always enjoy your blog…find your pottery stories interesting too.
    I’m in Ipswich….where is everyone!!!
    Would love to get to Leyburn too!

  61. Just had a fabulous day at Leyburn with lots of lovely ladies and all the wonderful Clarity team. Learnt lots from you all. A big thank you Barbara for all your hard work. Loved every minute.

  62. Hi from Kent, just got in from a day in that there London after seeing “Come From Away”. If you haven’t seen this musical, Barb, I can highly recommend it as it’s all about kindness in the face of adversity. I laughed and cried, and loved it!

  63. Hello Barbara
    I am a day late reading your blog. Usually I read it every day in Stanwick, East Northamptonshire, but tonight I am in Catterick Garrison after a fabulous time at the Leyburn Open Day, looking forward to the workshop tomorrow.

  64. I didn’t manage to read yesterday but managed to link to the WiFi now. I’m normally reading your blog at home on Stockport but tonight I’m in the B&B just over the road from you having had an awesome day helping to run the make and takes at the open days!
    See you in the morning.
    Love and hugs xxx

  65. I’m reading your blog in Sheffield. It’s the only one I check every day. Hopefully, if my cold’s a bit better tomorrow, I’ll be reading it in a holiday cottage we’ve rented in Scarborough. Thanks for all the positivity.

  66. Been reading your interesting/enlightening/ funny/ sad/ thought provoking, daily blog for many years now Barbara. Over the last twelve months it has been usually in the wee small hours after I have got my husband settled in bed, a bit of quiet time before I settle down myself. Damn it, I have just said the Q word, our daughter, a police officer tells me I mustn’t use THAT word, as when you do all hell is bound to break loose!! Oh well it’s done now, haha. Your blog is very much appreciated, even more so when I think of you making the effort to get it out after a particularly busy or stressful day in “Clarity land”. Thanks Barb. X. Still burning the midnight oil here in Chester.

  67. Dear Barbara. I have been reading your blog for several years, since I met you at Port Sunlight. I long to get to one of your open days, but no car. I am in Bury, lancashire. Also can’t find any groups near enough. Look forward to the photos.
    Clarity spreads a long way. Not surprised , you all work so hard. Xxxx

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