Wow. What a Clarity Birthday!

Wow. What a Clarity Birthday!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Haven’t drawn breathe all day. This is the first time I have had time to sit down and taken stock! What a day! It started with Leonie’s Clarity show, where her new stamps sold out in 12 minutes. Then the Fresh Cuts Weekend Wow with those wonderful new dies from our Mel blew the doors off. And finally, the Groovi floral numbers and the Groovi Floral ABC went crazy. Paul is doing the 8pm show, and I have come into our little private room/office, where we are camping out all weekend, to chat to you, and thank you so very much for supporting us.

I have to say, Janice, Yiannis, Alex and the new presenter Nicky, who all worked on the Clarity shows today, are absolutely brilliant. They really are. Just lovely, switched on, hardworking and refreshing. They make working here at Hochanda an absolute pleasure. You have to be here to get it, I guess, but they really are smashing.

I am going to go support Paul now, so forgive the short and sweet.

Love and hugs always,

Barb xxx aka TBH

Your turn! What do you think TBH stands for? Answers below please xxxx


33 thoughts on “Wow. What a Clarity Birthday!

    1. Oooooooo hopefully night shifts not the other lol, sorry couldn’t resist that joke or the floral numbers. I’ll see everyone on the naughty step, it’s going to be crowded 🙂 xx

  1. Hi Barb, glad you’ve had such a successful day, and a happy time. Really pleased for you. I’ve missed most of it sadly, but I’ve got it all recorded, so I can watch them another time. Aiming to try watching tomorrow. Hope tomorrow is even better for you, love you xxx

  2. Loved the shows today, so many beautiful things to see to watch and to buy. Looking forward to the weekend to see the other new things. I think TBH stands for Tired But Happy. XX

  3. Amazing shows that started with Tina. I wasn’t going to buy anything but I did, well with an extra 20% off voucher from Hochanda, it would be rude not to! Well done to team Clarity, well deserved success, long may it continue . X

  4. These shows certainly were a WOW. Had the shows on all day and, dare I say it, bought loads !!! Your new products are irresistable, blew the piggy bank sky high, and we’ve still got two more days to go.
    Paul is doing well this evening as usual, the pair of you make a great team.
    Hugs to all.🍒🍒🍒

  5. I think all your work is brilliant! I think the little dies are my favourite, but the artwork is outstanding! Thankyou to all of you for all your hard work.
    Can’t think what TBH stands for as I’m too tired to think! I’m sure it will make us all laugh when you divulge it! Xx

  6. TBH …… Too Bloomin ….. oh wait, tired doesn’t begin with H …… 😄😄
    A lovely day Barbara – well done all

  7. I have all the programmes recorded so will need a long session to catch up! I thought ‘totally b….y happy’ just been reading about ‘hopepunk’ so thinking positive thoughts only. Sweet dreams. X

  8. Just caught up on Leonie’s show on recording, and will need to watch the others tomorrow. So pleased for you that your birthday weekend has been so successful.
    TBH – the best hostess? Thrilled, but humbled? Totally blown-away, honestly! So many options, just like your products.

  9. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous shows today, great products. I loved the floral numbers and yes, they did manage to fall into my basket. They are such a compliment to the alphabet plates. The Design Team certainly did you proud yet again , the samples were absolutely stunning. I hope you and Paul have contingency plans for the rest of the weekend if today is anything to go by! Well done, love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Didn’t we all know that these stamps, dies and Groovi plates would be flying out the door Barbara because everything you produce is fabulous. I think someone further up said it: TBH – tired but happy.

  11. What can I say you Paul Leonie have cracked it again been out so playing catch up just love all goodies you have brought and of cause Tina yesterday just love you all and wish clarity the biggest happy birthday you are all just amazing got me through so much you care so much your not just a business but a family that I feel very much part of and think we all do and we’re has that year gone only seems a few months since celebrating 25 years could believe it’s 26 years I seem to have lost a few months time does fly anyway night night God bless you all have a well earned sleep tonight ready to do it all again tomorrow xxx

  12. You’ve done it again Barbara! Aka Tired but Happy! I managed to get just enough Internet connection to buy the dies and the Groovi numbers. I’ll have to watch the programmes on catch up as I could only watch a minute at a time before I lost connection again. But from what I saw I was happy. Well done xx

  13. I have only watched a few of the shows so far but what I have seen have been brilliant. Can’t believe how quick Leonie’s stamps sold out, brilliant!! She is a proper whirlwind. Then those dies – WOW!!! What awesome samples from the DT too, so clever. Looking fwd to the rest of the shows Mrs Tired but happy!! Happy 26th birthday. Xxxxx

  14. Hi Barb, what great shows, and so much to take in and learn from and try. Loved the products, Leonie’s stamps show was brill, I laughed when she turned her head sideways and said “whaaat”. Take care all and enjoy the shows this weekend. Bx

  15. You must all be shattered AGAIN! But I know you love it. I got in early for my things so felt very chuffed all day!
    TBH – Normally, it means to be honest. In your case though, Too Bloomin Hot, as you are always having your own personal summer! 🥵 and most probably caused by anxiety! 😘 (understandable!) xx

  16. My guess would be tired but happy and who wouldn’t be what a great day. Loved the shows and so pleased to see all the sellouts guess everyone at Clarity is going to be tired for awhile

  17. A great weekend for Clarity.
    Tired but Happy springs to mind.
    I have one for you BBH – broke but happy after watching your shows!
    Hugs Nadia x

  18. Hi Barbara
    Well done Clarity – again. You, Paul, Leonie and all of those who work behind the scene are AMAZING!!!
    TBH – The Best Hostess. Tired But Happy. Thoroughly Blooming Hungry!! Totally Bloomin’ Hysterical!! Timeworn But Harmonious
    I think any of these would fit. Xxxxx
    Love & Hugs

  19. Wonderful quality and design dies as usual.
    TBH has got to be ‘too bloo @@ hot!! ‘
    My personal summer is very English…… it only comes occasionally but mainly feels like autumn. So I am happy

  20. Llongyfarchiadau on your 26 years. Splendid shows and wonderful products as usual. Just had to buy some!
    Penblwydd Hapus Clarity.🌻

  21. Hi Barbara,
    Well done to you and all the gang. I tried to buy one of the dies but it was sold out already. 😥
    So only one thing to do, BUY THE LOT!!! 😊
    I may have to go back out to work to supplement my pension.
    After watch you on the show I wondered if TBH
    Stood for “Too blimmin hot” ☀️
    Good luck with today’s shows.
    Linda X

  22. Hi Barbara,
    Really enjoyed the shows I have managed to catch. Thank you for going over the groovi grids and explaining again how to extend and get the registration areas done. I intend to try and master this but it will have to wait a little while as we are in the process of moving, I therefore recorded this mornings demo so I have it until I get the hang of it.Looking forward to the floral alphabet stamps, all the very best to you and the Clarity team,

  23. Great shows, will be eating bread and water for a while but have invested in the Groovi ‘Mega’ bundle. Loved the alphabet on first release but couldn’t quite justify it as had had a good few treats but too good a bargain to miss now. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the rest of the weekend. TBH has to be (as others have said) ‘tired but happy’ xx

  24. Fabulous shows all round & that was only Friday, there are still 3 days to go!! Hope you managed to get some sleep after all the excitement.
    aka Tired But Happy
    Too Bloomin Hungry
    Too Bloomin Hot
    can’t think of anymore
    May the Birthday celebrations continue !!

  25. I told myself I was buying nothing as I have spent so much money recently on Clarity products but I weakened. I just love the dies and as I have made good use of the tree die, I just know I will get great mileage out of these! Bought from Clarity though! Have only seen snippets of the shows as I am under a bit of pressure with work – understatement! However, all recorded and I will catch up with them eventually. Love them. My sky box is nearly full! Why has nobody found a way of deleting part of a programme without deleting the whole thing! Love to keep the demos but don’t need the rest of the show after I have seen it! Hey ho! All the very best with the rest of the weekend. No time to think of a witty TBH. Need to get back to work! Hx

  26. Hello
    Barb..aka…..The Best Hochanda rer!
    Home Of Crafts Hobbies and Arts……you have it all at Clarity!!
    Keep going Barbara and Paul…keep going!!
    Love ..Theuva Barbara xx

  27. Hello all at Clarity I have watched some of the shows but have recorded them all so when grand daughters back to school on Wednesday I forsee a mega watching if Clarity.I hope you had a wonderful and successful birthday, once again I couldn’t resist the groovi numbers. You and your team deserve every success because you are so professional but friendly just like the Hochanda channel both companies Number 1 for craft.

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